Best Skateboard Bearings in 2021: Buyer’s Guide & Review

As a skateboarder, whether you are a novice or a seasoned one, you should know the best features and benefits of the prospective bearings you want to purchase. That is why we are here to help you choose the best skateboard bearings available in the market today!

At Glance: Our Top Picks

Zealous bearings use a unique lubricant with nanoceramic compound that eliminates all asperities. These bearings have premium 8mm axles that are durable and corrosion-free with a micro-coating that eliminates friction over time. (Check Price On Amazon)

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings – These bearings commit to quality and style, this set of bearings come with a mark of quality as proof of best clearances, tolerances, and the use of high-quality materials. (Check Price On Amazon)

Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings – Super REDS are excellently designed from the ground up as it is the best bearings on the market given its price point. It gives better super finishing or known as surface polishing, operating as smoothly, quietly, and effortlessly as possible. (Check Price On Amazon)

Reviews of the Best Skateboard Bearings

  • Smooth and rolls steadily

  • Slow break-in

  • Require no maintenance

  • No need spacer

  • Quiet

  • Low resistance

  • Incredibly fast

  • Smooth ride

  • Smooth

  • Quiet

  • Durable

  • Affordable

  • High-quality

  • Fast speed

  • Smooth ride

  • Fast

  • Smooth

  • Durable

Zealous Bearings

(Best Overall)

Zealous skateboard bearings are made from steel but cling a green inner and outer seal to make sure that debris, thane, and dirt stay don’t stick on them. They are pre-lubricated which uses a long-lasting grease that minimizes friction and avoids the buildup of corrosion on the interiors. These bearings have speed rings and spacers that are already built-in which make them an excellent value and reasonable for the price and prevent you from losing small parts when there is a need to change the bearings or wheels.

The machined which is provisioned 8mm axle holes fit snugs on the axle reducing slop. One unique feature of our lubricant is how the nano-ceramic works. It’s the best healing option for any imminent damages or heavy use. Also, it makes the bearings smooth, which gives it the fastest rolling capacity.

The bearings are pre-lubricated using ArchoilNanoceramic Grease. This is a long-lasting grease that will break in after a session or two. The grease mainly eliminates friction over time and reduces corrosion inside the bearings. Try out a set of the Zealous Bearings before you head out to your favorite hills. The new Zealous bearings will definitely make everyone and your friends turn around when you’re beating them down the hill!

It’s the compound fills in deformations or asperities in the bearing. These deformations lead to friction and heat around them. This hardens the nano-ceramic compound to that specific area while the micro-coating is five times the hardness of the host alloy and has a molecular bond with the host metal. This is filling in all the asperities and getting rid of friction over time. The nano-ceramic compound eliminates all asperities making the coefficient of friction the lowest in the field of Tribology at 0.003% making a near frictionless surface.

Above all, this set of bearings come with one of the best prices ever. It is very affordable at a price lower than 20 USD.  The speed rings on any sets of bearings mean that no parts are lost out on when changing the wheels. These bearings also have one of the best built-in spacers that give the highest bearings capacity in the shortest time possible at any time you choose to ride on your longboard.

In addition to the spacers are .5mm inbuilt speed rings that utilize your speed and saves time when you change your bearings. With the green steel and white ceramic touch, it also gives a perfect combination of high-end materials, quality, and longevity on the first lane are guaranteed.

So, if you have the 8mm axles and want a super-fast and extra smooth ride, this eight pack bearing will work wonders for you. Now, you can fully enjoy an exciting, smooth and faster skateboarding ride every time with these skateboard bearings installed. Nothing can stop your ultimate skateboarding experience.

I can’t say any bad things about these Zealous bearings. I don’t need any spacer or speed ring to use these bearings. That’s why swapping wheels is a breeze. I’m actually using my skateboard in Afghanistan because I was deployed here. The place is extremely dusty, but these bearings are incredible and just keep rolling. Yes, it’s not super fast, but I like how it rolls steadily. While you might find the price cheap, you don’t get a low-quality product. It’s the opposite!


  • Smooth and rolls steadily
  • Slow break-in
  • Require no maintenance
  • No need spacer


  • Not super fast

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings

(2nd Choice)

Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings is known as having one of the best reputations in the skateboard industry for the past 28 years mainly because of their performance and quality. Bones Super Swiss 6 has a unique design that features six larger diameter balls of 8 mm instead of 7mm. Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack has higher speed, quicker acceleration, greater strength, and durability.

This skateboard keeps your ride smooth, fast, and sustained boosts with innovative Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings from Bones so then the design results in higher speed and quicker acceleration and greater strength and durability as well. For an additional perk, Swiss 6 precision-grade bearings have been designed with rubber shields for cleaning that has been made easy, competition-grade racing lubricant; plus, nylon ball retainers for extra speed and sturdiness.

When it comes to choosing the best skateboard bearings, you have to take important things into consideration, such as the type of skateboard you have, your weight, and the stunts and tricks you want to perform.

The bearings are Skate Rated and known for the best performance and durability possible it gives. Swiss Bearings offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. As you ride, you will know how fast they are and see the difference between ordinary and exceptional. It lasts several times longer than low-cost bearings.

Bones Super Swiss 6 Ball Bearings are different from famous Bones Swiss since it comes with 6, 3/16 inch balls instead of 7, 5/32 inch balls used in most 608 bearings. That means, the SS6 balls are 20% larger and roll fewer times to go the same distance. It is like bigger wheels on a car create less rolling friction and have a higher top speed. Nothing can stop you from enjoying your skateboarding hobby anywhere and anytime with these bearings installed.

It has a special design, and Swiss quality materials enable quicker, roll faster, acceleration, and resist the impact of skate trick landings better than standard designs. This design’s perk is higher speed, faster acceleration, greater strength, and durability. Blue on one side and cleverly engineered for skating, this set of skateboard bearings also comes with a single, non-contact, rubber shield that’s pretty much removable in case you want to clean your sets of skateboard bearings.

Since the speedball retainer is highly durable as it is made out of high-end nylon material, expect for an extensive lifespan. Bones Super Swiss 8 Pack 6 Skateboard Bearings let you enjoy one of the most unique skateboards bearing designs that you can find today as it comes with the Super Swiss 6 bearings design. They are designed to help any user to enjoy increased speed and a faster acceleration timeline. Besides, the balls are also very durable and enjoy greater strengths. They are surely reliable and will impress you with a top-rated performance any day.

Bones Super Swiss 8 Skateboard Bearings commit to quality and style, this set of bearings come with a mark of quality as proof of best clearances, tolerances, and the use of high-quality materials. Worry no more about any manufacturing defects once you receive your package as these are included in Bones lifetime warranty offer.

While I find the Bones Super Swiss 6 ridiculously priced, I have been skateboarding almost all my life and I can say that it’s worth the money! I’ve ever skated as smooth and long rolling as these bearings. They’re incredibly fast. It took me a while to break in, around 3 to 5 sessions. Since then, I’ve been 100% point. You won’t regret buying these bearings.


  • Quiet
  • Low resistance
  • Incredibly fast
  • Smooth ride


  • Quite expensive

Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

(3rd Choice)

Super REDS are superbly manufactured and designed from the ground up as it is the best bearing on the market with its price point. Super REDS are not just with REDS bearing; instead, it gives better super finishing or known as surface polishing. It operates as smoothly, quietly, and effortlessly as possible. Enjoy a smoother, faster, and better skateboarding ride by installing these skateboard bearings so that nothing can stop your dream skateboarding experience.

It has bearings that are as fast as REDS, but it is quieter making the rolls smoother, and longer-lasting. Also, it uses a black shield and laser engraving that makes it different from the original REDS. It assures better precision, speed, and acceleration. After riding on them to break in, it will spin amazingly afterward. It gives you an efficient ride that you’ll have more momentum when you either go up or downhill. Overall, the speed is absolutely commendable.

Super REDS are a superior quality bearing, using prime quality of steel races and grade balls. This leads to an excellent surface finish. These bearings have proven its quality to the best skateboarders delivers at a surprisingly low price.  It also has the single, non-contact, removable rubber shield that makes your cleaning easy and with less friction that makes it easier for you to make the bearings clean.

Another highly recommended feature of this skateboard on the market today is its 8-pc. bearing set. It is definitely a great choice if you are in search of high-quality premium bearings since they are equipped with high-quality steel races and balls. The eight ball design is much bigger than it delivers more impact to roll longer over time, unlike the six and seven ball designs. Bones Super Reds bearings are designed with a polished steel finish, which is not only fantastic but also ensures excellent durability and lasting performance.

In addition, the high-speed nylon ball retainer does greater strength and speed. This nylon crown retainer has the highest and best speed ratings of any standard retainer that aims to reduce the fluctuation in running torque. It is suitable for high speed guided by the type of the rolling elements while the retainer separates the balls, maintains the balls symmetrical radial spacing, and in most cases, holds the bearings together. It supports the proper distance between rolling elements and retains grease around the balls and raceways.

Also, the Speed Cream racing lubricant is a high temperature, low viscosity synthetic skate lubricant intendedly made to reduce friction, and instead provide a durable micro film of lubricant to protect against corrosion. This lubricant offers the best performance and durability possible. Most importantly, it doesn’t wear quickly as well. Keep them regularly maintained.

These reds are no brainer bearings that are durable and easy to clean. I bought these bearings for my daughter’s presentation, and it was superb! These bearings have a great design, and the price is friendly. You’ll run smoothly without making noises, so there’s no reason why you won’t fall in love with skateboarding!


  • Smooth
  • Quiet
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t come with spacers

Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings

Try bearings that don’t fall apart after just a few uses and no need to sacrifice performance and durability for less expensive bearing brands. It’s a high precision, high-speed bearings which are used with Skateboards, Longboards, Inline Skates, Rollerblades, Electric Skateboards, and has the highest precision in the market even higher precision than REDZ.

Yellow Jacket Bearings are durable, high performing, and most importantly it comes with an affordable price. The quality balls are designed with high-quality chrome steel for smooth gliding and optimal performance. High-speed nylon is used for the bearing cage which ensures high-speed nylon for greater strength and less friction.

The stainless steel roller cage is injected with high-speed race lube so the bearings are ready for use out of the box. Yellow Jacket Bearings give the race performance for only a fraction of the cost. These bearings have tried and compared up against all other big name brands and last longer as it glides further distances at higher speeds.

It is designed to keep out all dust, rocks, and particles that will slow your bearings down after some time.  Its patented technology is unremarkable and with the Yellow Jacket engraving, everyone knows what bearings you are rolling. Indeed, Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings are the best.

The Pre-Lubricated with high-speed Lube works for the bearings’ most impressive speeds ever seen from a skateboard or longboard bearing! With its colorful shield seals, the lubricant inside the bearing and wheel have long-lasting speed. It is definitely a must-have for skateboard or longboard users looking for high speeds.

The engraved color seal provides protection from dirt, rocks, dust, and other harmful elements that extend the life of the bearing and maintain precision. At the same time, the bright colors just look COOL!

Also, the high-quality materials utilized are made these bearings help yellow jacket stand out from the crowd. The bearings were installed with quality balls that are designed with premium chrome steel, a bearing cage built with high-speed nylon, and a stainless steel roller cage injected with high-speed race lube.

Above all, the yellow jacket bearings offer quality, low prices, and top-notch visual appeal that competes on the market. Also, it is a hassle-free money-back guarantee. It’s designed to last longer than any other bearing on the market. If you are not 100% satisfied, return your Yellow Jacket Bearings for a no-questions-asked and full refund.

Tossed these bearings straight and fresh from the box into my Penny 27″ cruiser. Surprisingly, they run very smoothly. That’s why I always get the fast speed with these bearings. I definitely recommend this product to every novice or pro skateboard riders out there! Now, it’s time to enjoy an exciting, smoother, and faster skateboarding ride anywhere with these skateboard bearings installed, so nothing can stop your awesome and unique skateboarding experience.


  • Affordable
  • High-quality
  • Fast speed
  • Smooth ride


  • Took time to adjust wheels

Bones Bearings Ceramic Super Reds Bearings

The story of Ceramic Super REDS is not complex; it is rather simple. Take the world-class steels used in Super REDS then exchange it with the steel balls for top quality grade 5, silicon nitride, hot, isostatic pressed ceramic balls then you have Bones Ceramic Super REDS. The high speed is guaranteed!

Since the balls weigh much less, Bones Ceramic Super REDS are lighter and provide faster acceleration compared to most steel bearings in the market.  It causes less friction, so it is faster than Super REDS, with or without lubricant! When dirt gets into your Ceramic Super REDS, the ceramic balls do its function to re-polish the steel races flat again and provides a self-healing benefit as ceramic balls are so much harder than steel.

Ceramic balls don’t rust, thus lengthening their life. Ceramic Super REDS use a bone colored shield with the inclusion of laser-engraved outer races for its name and identification.

Skate Rated bearings are wisely engineered and tested by Bones Wheels to hold the high and strong impacts of hard landings and the high side loads of turning. Feel the freedom of faster skateboarding!

Additionally, these bearings roll faster and last longer than bearings, which are using the ABEC rating system. Bones Skate Rated bearings have an ABEC rating that would do nothing with all the improvements Bones that have been made over the industry standard. In other words, Skate Rated bearings are specifically designed for skateboarding and not electric motors. Ceramic bearings are ultra-durable and give the fastest speed.

With the ceramic bearings which are lighter than steel bearings, rolling gets with less friction. Also, bearings also resist dirt and moisture better than steel; however, they aren’t entirely waterproof. These bearings have all the material benefits. Plus, there is an inclusion of single, non-contact, removable rubber shield that makes cleaning easy and with less friction making it easier to make the bearings clean.

Also, the high-speed nylon ball retainer functions greater strength and speed. This nylon crown retainer possesses the highest and best speed ratings of any standard retainer that aims to decrease the fluctuation in running torque suitable for high-speeds and guided by the kind of rolling elements. Now, you can enjoy a smooth and faster skateboarding ride every time with these skateboard bearings.

I love these bearings! While the retainer that separates the balls, it maintains the ball’s symmetrical radial spacing, and in most cases and holds the bearings together. It maintains a proper distance between rolling elements and retains grease around the balls and raceways. All bones bearings products include a warranty. Pick this to save some money!


  • Fast
  • Smooth
  • Durable


  • Needs maintenance to last

Bones Bearings Reds

The Bones Bearings Reds are known as the most reliable and best quality skateboard bearings because of their strength and durability. They are great for cruising along streets and moving from one place to another. These bearings come with a single, non-contact removable rubber shield which is easy to remove when cleaning. Just take it apart when you want to remove dust, grime, and dirt from your bearings.

The Bones Bearings Reds are top-selling bearings because of their great value. You can rely on your Reds to last longer than other bearings. Also, cleanup and maintenance are easy when you choose Bones Bearings Reds.


  • Bearings that are great for cruising around
  • These are the most reliable bearings in the market
  • With an easy-to-remove removable rubber shield for easy cleaning
  • The most durable skateboard bearings for different boards
  • With spacers and speed rings


  • These bearings require additional lubrication compared to other bearings
  • Always purchase genuine Bones Bearings Reds

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings are top bearings for skateboards especially for riders who want more from their rides. These bearings are cerbec ceramic balls therefore these are lightweight but hard and very durable. These will last forever and will guarantee the best performance no matter what your riding style.

The Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings are very durable and come with an ABEC 7 rating for high precision. These bearings are also pre-lubricated so you don’t need to worry about adding grease or speed cream from time to time. Meanwhile, these bearings also come with a nylon ball retainer which improves the bearing’s strength and durability.


  • These are cerbec ceramic balls thus, guaranteed to be lightweight and durable
  • ABEC 7 bearings, this is ABEC ratings for improved durability and performance
  • These swiss ceramic bearings are available in 8 pieces in a set.
  • With high speed racing lube
  • With nylon ball retainers
  • Good for electric skateboards


  • Complaints that these bearings may need time to break in.

Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings

The Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings come with a precision-grade design. These are made from chromium and thus are very durable and will last a long time. These bearings also come with a nylon ball retainer to add to the bearings’ durability and longevity. Inside the bearings’ assembly are pre-lubricated balls to ensure that these spin very well.

Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings are user-friendly. These swiss bearings are easy to install, easy to clean. The shield assembly keeps the balls clean and dust-free.


  • Made from very durable chromium
  • These are easy to clean
  • With a user-friendly design
  • With a nylon ball retainer to keep the balls clean and protected
  • Can be used on roller skates and inline skates
  • With high speed racing lube
  • Comparable to the Spitfire Burner Skateboard Bearings when it comes to quality, durability, and design.


  • Complaints that these bearings won’t last long

Bronson Speed Co Next Generation Skateboard Bearings

The Bronson Speed Co Next Generation Skateboard Longboard Bearing is strong and is able to withstand high impacts. These come with Deep Groove raceways, a feature where the balls roll inside deep into the assembly. This reduces side-impact and keeps all the ball bearings lubricated.

Meanwhile, the ball out system keeps the balls from moving towards the shields and the bearing cage. This lets you keep your speed even when there are minor impacts. These bearings also come with frictionless shields that are easier to pop open and clean. These are suitable skateboard bearings for all kinds of skateboards and riders.


  • These are perfect for beginners
  • Can handle high impacts
  • Deep Groove raceways prevent damage and bearing breakage
  • With a frictionless shield that keeps the bearing assembly clean


  • Complaints that the bearings seem loose.
  • May wiggle

Bronson Speed Co Raw Skateboard Bearings

The Bronson Speed Co Raw Skateboard Bearings are one of the best skateboard bearings that guarantee the best performance. These bearings are very durable and provide a smooth and fun riding experience.

These Bronson Speed Co Raw Skateboard Bearings are pre-lubricated and many say that with these bearings, they feel like they are gliding on air. These are available in sets of eight so you can keep some in case you need to replace your bearings soon. The packages are nitrogen-filled to prevent the bearing metal from oxidizing. Finally, these bearings don’t come with shields and these could provide you with a raw riding experience but worrisome cleaning afterward.


  • These are 100% quality products
  • These are ultrasonic solvents washed for safety
  • Pre-lubricated bearings to keep you fast on any surface
  • One of the most durable ball bearings
  • Provides high performance no matter what surface
  • Packages are nitrogen-filled to avoid rusting before they are used


  • Considered the most expensive skateboard bearings on this list
  • No bearings shields so you need to regularly maintain your bearings

esKape Abec-9 608-RS Skateboard Longboard Bearings

The esKape Abec-9 608-RS Skateboard Longboard Bearings is one of the most affordable skateboard bearings. These are best for all kinds of skateboards. These bearings come with a plastic – steel shield that keeps dust, grime, and dirt away from your bearings as you roll. You’ll be able to ride smoothly and quietly because of these durable, quiet bearings.

Every esKape Abec-9 608-RS Skateboard Longboard Bearings is infused with lubricant but you may need to add a little oil every time you clean them. These are best for people who use their skateboards to commute and to cruise.


  • These are the most affordable skateboard bearings on our list
  • Comes with a bearing shield to keep all the dust, dirt, and grime away
  • These bearings are well-lubricated
  • Will run smooth and quiet
  • Great for all kinds of skateboards


  • Not great for performing tricks

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings

The Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings are among the best skateboard bearings. These are pre-lubricated so you don’t need to add oil or grease when you install them. These are suitable for all kinds of skateboards and roller skates. You may also use them on scooters.

These bearings are for riding at top speeds. These will give you a smooth, worry-free riding experience because of their design. The Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings may be more expensive than other bearings but these can outperform other products with the same specs.


  • With a radical design
  • ABEC – 9 rated for improved precision
  • Will work quietly even during high speeds
  • Waterproof, with a nylon retainer
  • Can be used on skateboard wheels, roller skates, scooter wheels, in-line skate wheels, and longboard wheels
  • Can be used as longboard bearings


  • Complaints that these are too expensive

Mini Skater 16 PCS Silver Generic Bearing

When it comes to the most economical skateboard bearings, the Mini Skater 16 PCS Silver Generic Bearing ranks on top. These are decent bearings that will work with all kinds of skateboards. These are pre-lubricated skateboard bearings to give you a smoother ride.

Your purchase of the Mini Skater 16 PCS Silver Generic Bearing will come with extra lubricant, in case you need to maintain your bearings. Another bonus is you get these economical bearings in packs of 16 so you’ll have extra ones to use in the future.


  • The most economical skateboard bearings choice
  • Comes pre-lubricated
  • These come in packs of 16


  • Complaints that these are hard to clean
  • Not very durable

Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings

Mini-Logo Skateboard Bearings will produce the best results especially when you want economical, affordable, but high quality bearings. These are the best skateboard bearings because of their design. These come with a molded-chromium finish retainer that protects the bearing balls from dust, dirt, and rust. A convenient metal shield is also found on each side that you can use to access the assembly for cleaning.


  • These are high-speed bearings
  • With a removable shield for easy cleaning
  • Pre-lubricated for improved speed
  • With a chromium-finish ball retainer


  • With average-looking design

Neal Precision Skate Bearings

The Neal Precision Skate Bearings are lightweight, hybrid bearings made from tough ceramic. These are fast with a max spinning rate of 100,000rpm even under load. These bearings guarantee amazingly smooth performance so you’ll always be ahead on the road.

These Neal Precision Skate Bearings come in a set of 8 bearings inside an aluminum case. These are great for keeping spare bearings to be used in the future.


  • These are lightweight and very durable bearings
  • Very fast ceramic bearing
  • You can keep your spare bearings inside an aluminum case
  • Can be used as longboard bearings


  • Complaints that these bearings may bind up when tightened too much

Buyer’s Guide When Shopping Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard bearings are usually sold in sets of eight because each skateboard wheel would require two bearings. The universal measurements for skateboard bearings are 8-millimeter (core), 22-millimeter (outer diameter), and 7-millimeter (width). Regardless of the skateboard wheel size, all steel bearings have the same size, fitting any skateboard wheel.

Consider the ABEC Rating When Shopping Skateboard Bearings

Image Source

Most skateboard bearings are measured using the ABEC rating. Expect that the higher ABEC rating your bearings have, the more precise and accurate they will be. The ABEC rating system involves the following grades: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

Remember that the ABEC rating is influenced by the following factors: the load handling capabilities, materials, ball precision, hardness, noise, vibration, ball and raceway polishing, and lubricant. Because of these factors, an ABEC 3 rating of skateboard bearing can perform better than an ABEC 7 rated bearing.

Here are the details of the ABEC rating:

Image Source

  • ABEC 1 rated skateboard bearings: These bearings are the least expensive type. They are also the crudest bearings. ABEC 1 rating skateboard bearings are least accurate with poor steel quality.
  • ABEC 3 rated skateboard bearings: These are inexpensive and don’t roll quickly and smoothly.
  • ABEC 5 rated skateboard bearings: These are standard for almost all types of skateboards. Enjoy a fast speed at a reasonable and affordable cost.
  • ABEC 7 rated skateboard bearings: These bearings are very smooth and incredibly fast, but more expensive.
  • ABEC 9+ rated skateboard bearings: These bearings are extremely fast, making them great for downhill skating. These are recommended for professional skaters who want to move very fast.

What Skateboard Bearings Consist of?

While skateboard bearings are small, they’re incredibly complex. You might think of skateboard bearings as one component of your skateboard. But this is not until you have to perform maintenance on your skateboard bearings. You’ll have to split the bearings open to learning what’s inside.

There are seven smaller components of skateboard bearings which include the C-ring, the outer ring, the inner ring, steel balls, ball retainer, and the rubber seal or rubber shield. Some bearings are very durable and longer-lasting like titanium bearings.

Here are the details of the parts of skateboard bearings:

Image Source

  • C-ring: This refers to a thin ring which is fit into an external groove of the bearing, locking the bearing shields in place.
  • Bearing Shield: It is a medium-sized ring found on the side which prevents dirt and debris from entering the ball bearings.
  • Inner Ring: It refers to the smaller metal ring within the outer ring. The axles fit into the inner ring when you slide your wheel setup or bearing onto the axles.
  • Outer ring: It refers to the round metal exterior in which all of the other components fit into.
  • Steel balls: These balls usually come in a set of 6 or 7 ceramic or stainless steel balls, resting in the ball retainer. It is considered as the most important component of skateboard bearing, allowing the casing of the bearing to spin around.
  • Ball Retainer: This part of a skateboard bearing is also referred to as the Delrin crown. It holds teach ball bearings in place while allowing the bearing casing to spin.
  • Rubber seal: It is a soft rubber ring located on the external of the bearing, assisting in bearing shielding against debris and dirt.

Skateboard bearings are integral components of your skateboard. They perform at their best when all parts are functioning properly. That’s why you need to clean them regularly because dirt buildup can gradually damage and stop your bearing, so the wheel won’t turn. Clean your skateboard bearings twice as often if you skate in the streets.

FAQ Value Section

Skateboarding is fun and exciting. But for you to have a more enjoyable ride, you have to ensure you know your skateboard well. Aside from choosing a high-quality deck or board, you also have to find high-quality bearings and other skateboard components.

Check these most common questions about skateboard bearings and other skateboard matters below:

How Do I Maintain My Skateboard Bearings?

Maintaining your skateboard bearings should be done using a maintenance oil intended for skateboard bearings. By doing so, it will ensure that your skateboard bearings will last for a long time. Just make sure that there’s no water will get inside the bearings because it can cause damage and become defective which will prompt you to find a replacement.

If your skateboard bearings are damaged by water, a scraping noise will be noticed from the bearings of the wheels. That’s why you have to stick in regular cleaning and maintenance, most especially if you’re planning to skate in the streets, where your bearing can get dirt and debris for long-lasting use.

Is It Better to Use a Waterproof Skateboard for the Bearings?

Water and electronics should not be mixed, so it makes sense if you buy a waterproof electric skateboard. Also, skateboard bearings don’t like getting wet causing corrosion and damage. Remember that water and moisture significantly can affect the lifespan and performance of your electric skateboard.

Do I Need Spacers for the Bearings and My Skateboard?

Spacers or bearing spacers increase the performance and life of your skateboard bearings. The primary purpose of bearing spacers is to stabilize the skateboard bearing. These bearings reduce excess movements on sharp curves and turns. While certain skateboards use spacers, some don’t as a reliable sign of quality and craftsmanship of skateboard bearings.

If you’re an aggressive skater, making sudden stops and putting extreme weight on your skateboard, you can install spacers or purchase a skateboard with built-in bearing spacers. The primary purpose of skateboard bearing spacers is for proper alignment while skateboarding. Once installed, the bearing spacers can increase the lifespan of skateboard bearings, so you can skate for a longer period without buying or replacing spacers. Skateboarding aggressively without spacers may cause damage to your bearings during sharp turns and kickflips.

If you’re a casual skater enjoying riding longboards that don’t require sharp turns, you don’t need bearing spacers. Many longboards don’t have bearing spacers. You can opt-in if you want to securely tighten the regular bearings of your longboards. You’ll save time and money as well as decrease your chances of harming your skateboard bearings. Sometimes, spacers can prevent the bearings from rotating properly, most especially if you’ve installed spacers that don’t perfectly match the size of your skateboard bearings.

Do Ball Bearings Need Spacers?

Ball bearings are naturally corrosive and their lifespan is shortened by corrosion. The ball bearings corrosion comes from environmental elements, like rock and dirt that get attached to your skateboard bearings. While skateboard bearing spacers can increase the lifespan of your bearings, your bearings will eventually wear out due to corrosion before the skateboard bearings break down due to lack of spacers.

Why Do I Need to Be Extra Careful When Installing Anything on My Skateboard?

While it is true that skateboard spacers can help stabilize and extend the lifespan of your bearings, you have to be extra careful when you’re installing a new component on your skateboard. You can take your skateboard to a professional or licensed skate shop if you’re not confident doing it yourself to ensure safety and quality. It will avoid failure due to the instability of the trucks, skateboard bearings, and your deck.

What Are the Things I Need to Consider When Shopping Skateboard Bearings?

It’s important to consider your skateboarding skill level, style, and the type of skateboard you want to use. Of course, know your needs and preferences as well as consider your budget. Make sure to install your skateboard bearings properly to ensure a safe and fun ride!


When it comes to choosing the best skateboard bearings, the Zealous Bearings are the best. Zealous bearings are made from steel but cling a green inner and outer seal to make sure that debris, thane, and dirt stay don’t stick on them. Because they are pre-lubricated, expect a long-lasting grease, minimizing friction and corrosion. These bearings have speed rings and spacers, making them an excellent value at a reasonable price. Choosing the best skateboard bearings provides the smoothest ride with the fastest rolling capacity.

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