Best Roller Skate Wheels for 2021 – Top 5 Reviews

If you are looking for a sport that can grant you a fun and exciting experience, then roller skating can be a great choice. The good thing about this activity is that you can still acquire satisfaction by doing solo. Or you can also do it with your friends to gather more thrill and inspiration. Another thing that you will love about this activity is that you have the option to perform it indoors or outdoors where your surroundings can get more refreshing and lively. It is also an effective way of exercising.

Whether you are new to roller skating or a seasoned one, it is always recommended that you use the right gear. Just like the other equipment in any sports, roller skates demand proper maintenance to make sure they retain their efficiency. Through time, the wheels of your roller skates wear down and will require replacement. If you want to enjoy the excellent performance of your roller skates, then you have to buy the best roller skate wheels to swap with your old and worn-down wheels.

In this article, we will provide a list of very reliable roller skate wheels that you can use as spare wheels or replacement to the wheels of your roller skates. We will also discuss the buyer’s guide so you will have better knowledge on how to choose the best wheels for your roller skate.

5 Best Roller Skate Wheels

Atom Pulse Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best Roller Skate Wheels for Outdoor Use

  • Best for outdoor use
  • Exceptional wheels
  • Lowel level of hardness
  • Hybrid wheels
  • 78A hardness
  • 65mm x 37mm

If you enjoy skating on rough surfaces, you need roller skate wheels that can withstand the pressure of this road condition. One of the best roller skate wheels that can give you satisfaction for this kind of use is Atom Pulse Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels. These exceptional wheels are built from a softer material and they exhibit a lower level of hardness that is 78A.

Atom Pulse Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels are the best option for outdoor skating, specifically if you are heading your roller skates on uneven terrain or rough roads. The softness of the material gives it the advantage to absorb bumps and shocks to well-cushion the rider. Each wheel measures 65mm x 37mm which gives a broader base and consequently enhances stability.

These wheels are available in 8 colors. Moreover, you can use these wheels for any custom style you enjoy doing. However, you must remember that these wheels are quite expensive and each set is only composed of 4 wheels. Thus, buying 2 sets is recommended to cater to both your skates.

  • Suave rolling
  • Manage cracks and bumps
  • Sticky enough
  • A bit expensive

RollerBones Team Logo Recreational Roller Skate Wheels

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best High-Rebound Indoor Roller Skate Wheels

  • Innovative roller skate wheels
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Easy to ride wheels
  • Medium-hard
  • Advanced technology
  • 57mm and 62mm diameter

RollerBones Team Logo Recreational Roller Skate Wheels are high-rebound indoor wheels that are uniquely created for innovative and recreational skating. These roller skate wheels exhibit medium hardness which allows the rider to experience a tuneful ride. Wherever you plan to skate, these roller skate wheels provide impressive grip. These wheels can do well in any skating style and are best for both indoor and outdoor settings. Moreover, these wheels are best for aggressive skaters.

This item has been created in a way that it can endure rough surfaces. It has a diameter of 57mm and 62mm while its hardness is 98A and 101A. You can buy these wheels in black, white, blue, or pink. One set of this product is composed of 8 wheels.

  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Impressive grip
  • Some complaints that these wheels are not perfect for outdoors

NICODASHEN Roller Skate Wheels

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best Roller Skate Wheels without Battery

  • Smooth ride for great skating
  • Designed to improve the speed
  • High-quality wheels
  • 32mm x 58mm
  • 82A hardness
  • Bright light

NICODASHEN Roller Skate Wheels deserve a spot on this list. These wheels are operated by centrifugal force which means that they do not require any battery to run. The higher your speed gets, the brighter the lights are. The lights automatically come on after you start spinning the wheels. They simply look great and at the same time helps with your safety whenever you are skating outdoors. These wheels measure 32mm x 58mm and they feature RGB light colors which make them look cool and captivating.

The wheels are also used durable urethane which ensures a long-lasting grip whether you are running on a street, sidewalk, or rink. Moreover, these wheels diminish friction and boost speed on different surfaces. You will feel that these wheels are rolling smoothly which enhances the level of comfort each time you ride your roller skate.

  • Eye-catching
  • Works well on smooth to semi-smooth surface
  • Fun to use
  • Some complaints that they are very wide that it becomes hard for them to bring the nut back to the axle

Light up Roller Skate Wheels

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Roller Skate Wheels in Luminous Lights

  • Flashing roller skate wheels
  • Versatile wheels
  • High-performance skate wheels
  • 32mm x 58mm
  • Available in white, blue, red, and yellow
  • Hardness of 82A

Light up Roller Skate Wheels of Suwjelany is radiantly flaring roller skate wheels that look good in your roller skates. They can give skaters an incredible visual experience. Whether in concrete, indoor tile, wood, or any other surfaces, these wheels can do well. They are also compatible with double-row roller skaters.

Furthermore, Suwjelany Light up Roller Skate Wheels is known for its versatility. These wheels smoothly roll to help you achieve a new level of comfort while you are enjoying skating. Just like the other prominent roller skate wheel brands, these wheels are designed to reduce friction and intensify speed while riding on different surfaces. Whether for competition or just a typical casual indoor skating, Light up Roller Skate Wheels are the best choice.

The wheels measure 32mm x 58mm and they are available in different colors. You can choose from blue, white, yellow, and red. These high-performance wheels are also built from an excellent quality PU material exhibiting a hardness of 82A as well as a resilience of 80 percent. With the 608RS bearings, these wheels can demonstrate extreme grip and faster speed.

  • Suitable to any occasion
  • Superior quality
  • Uses a high-quality material
  • There is no known drawback for these roller skate wheels

Tanzfrosch Roller Skate Wheels

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best Roller Skate Wheel in Cool Light Combination

  • Created to speed up
  • Great wheels for your roller skate
  • Light up your skating adventure
  • 32mm x 58mm
  • Polyurethane material
  • Wear-resistant

Light up your adventure when riding your roller skates with the Tanzfrosch Roller Skate Wheels. These wheels look great in green, blue, and red lights combination. These lights will automatically come on after you spin the wheels and the faster your speed, the brighter the lights become. These 32mm x 58mm roller skate wheels are suitable for double row skating.

Featuring polyurethane polymer material, water-resistant, non-slip, 4-wheel PU shock absorption, and good pressure resistance, the Tansfrosch Roller Skate Wheels offer more comfort when skating. It is suitable for numerous occasions such as outdoor, indoor, parks, and asphalt roads.

It uses 608RS high-speed rotating bearing, thus, you can expect that these wheels are reliable enough. It creates a fast and smooth rotating speed. The wheels are also created with a special anti-stick compound which works to reduce friction and provide a consistent and smooth slide throughout.

  • Suitable for numerous occasions
  • Provides consistent and smooth slide
  • Reliable enough
  • There is no known drawback for these roller skate wheels

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best roller skate wheels is necessary if you want to ensure the quality of your skating and achieve a smooth and fun adventure. For new skaters, buying the right wheels can be challenging. Hence, it is suggested that they collect information on how to choose the perfect item. Here are some things to remember when looking for the best roller skate wheels:


The hardness of your roller skate wheel is an essential thing to consider as it tells the application of the wheels. For slippery floors and outdoors, it is recommended that you buy wheels with a hardness that ranges from 78A to 89A. However, if the usage of your wheels is likely on sticky floors and indoors, you may want to buy harder wheels that have a hardness that ranges from 90A to 103A. The lower is the range of the hardness, the softer your wheels are.


The diameter of the wheels is another crucial thing to consider as it tells the height of the skates. In turn, the diameter stirs the acceleration, speed stability, roll time, and weight of the roller skate wheel.

For freestyle and artistic use, find a wheel with a diameter of 45mm. For speed, derby, and jam, it will be ideal to use wheels with a diameter that ranges from 57mm to 62mm. For long-track speed, find a diameter ranging from 65mm to 70mm.


The weight of your wheels takes a big part in the overall weight of your skate. In fact, your wheel’s weight can be half of the weight of your skate. Thus, weight is a significant thing to consider when buying a roller skate wheel.

Heavy roller skate wheels provide more traction. However, these wheels can exhaust your legs faster compared to the lighter ones. Lighter wheels can give you the advantage to move faster and easier. You can also do quick movements if you are using lighter wheels, however, these wheels may make you feel like you are losing some stability.

The majority of the average to advanced skaters prefer lighter wheels. Nevertheless, if you are new to skating, heavier wheels are recommended as they can assist with stability and at the same time make you more grounded.


The lips are the edges of your wheel and they can stir its overall grip. Square lips exhibit more grip and maximum contact patch. Rounded lips, on the other hand, have minimal traction and offer more cruise ability, thus making them ideal for the outdoors.


The inmost part of the wheel is recognized as the core. The core is also the place where the bearings snatch in place. Commonly, these are built from nylon which makes the item more affordable but less rigid and light. The aluminum core is the most rigid and strongest and does not offer a lot of traction. A hollow core is notably light and offers good acceleration.

Color and Style

Depending on the purpose of your skating, the color and style of the wheels can be essential factors for you. Some may think that this is absurd, however, if you are in rink or jam riding, color and style do matter.

It is true that colors neither affect the quality of the wheel’s rolls nor affect its speed. However, many skaters value the look and style of their wheels. After all, a lot of us enjoy skating mainly because of how cool it appears and how it makes us feel each time we wear the skate.


Well, the price of the roller skate wheels is always essential. Nowadays, wheels are sold in different price ranges. You can find very affordable wheels, however, you should understand that you will get benefits that are equivalent to the amount you paid for the wheels. If you have the budget, you might want to consider investing in the wheels of your roller skate and choose expensive ones. Nevertheless, it all relies on how you intend to use your roller skate wheels as well as how significant the overall quality is to you.

Even the best roller skate wheels are also subjected to deterioration. Thus, you will eventually replace them. Remember these things when choosing a roller skate wheel as your skate’s performance will rely on these.


Is it okay to use any kind of wheels for my roller skates?

You should find wheels that are particularly made for roller skate to ensure that the wheels will fit and function properly. Nevertheless, it will be good to point out that some wheels can also be employed for other usages. For instance, a lot of skateboard wheels are also utilized as roller skate wheels.

Can I use outdoor wheels for my indoor roller skates?

You must get roller skate wheels that are appropriate to your skating style, although few skaters swap their wheels and utilize them for both indoors and outdoors. Compared to outdoor wheels, indoor wheels have a harder durometer. Nevertheless, it is not recommended that you use outdoor wheels for indoor roller skates. Doing so may lead to damaging the skate shoes and impede the skating experience.

How long will the roller skate wheels last?

It will totally depend on your skating style as well as how you maintain your wheels. If you want to lengthen the lifespan of your wheels, then you might want to consider rotating and cleaning them. You have to be dedicated to maintaining your wheels.

Will the size of the roller skate wheel matter?

Definitely, yes! Size matters in roller skate wheels. Smaller wheels are friskier, making them preferable for speed and immediate maneuvers. Bigger wheels, on the other hand, do not act immediately and take time to roll, however, they can roll longer and are ideal for keeping speed through distances.

How to maintain my roller skate wheels?

It is recommended that you regularly check your wheels to ensure that they are still working well and are not worn. If you notice that your wheels are deteriorating, you have to use heavy ones to replace them. Likewise, if you find that your roller skate wheels are accumulating dirt, you should consider taking them off and clean them with water.


You now have an idea about some of the best roller skate wheels today. The products that are featured in this article came from reputable brands and all of them are proven to exhibit impressive performance and excellent quality. The aforementioned products are sturdy and overall usable. Nevertheless, you should know that the frequency of replacing your roller skate wheels will always depend on your kind of usage as well as your initiative to perform regular maintenance.

If you are interested to discover more options when it comes to the best roller skate wheels, you can explore the market to check for other alternatives. We are not discouraging you to look for products other than those that are featured here. However, just make sure that you exercise the guidelines of effective buying. Additionally, do not be enticed with very cheap wheels as they may not give you satisfaction and could even cost you higher in the future.