The Best Balance Board for Surfing in 2021 – A Comprehensive Review

Using a balance board can help you in so many ways. The best balance board can help strengthen your core and improve balance. You’ll also get a full-body workout plus, it helps you get ready for tougher and more demanding activities. And the best balance board for surfing is not just a board and roller. These should be durable and can accommodate your weight. Balance boards for training must be cushioned to avoid damage to your floors or furniture. Haven’t used a balance board for surfing before? Let us help you find the right board for your needs in this comprehensive review.  

The top 5 best balance boards for surfing this year

Whether you’re shopping for a new balance board or you’re looking for your first board, we know you’ll find the right one from our new 2021 list.

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Star Ratings: 4.8 out of 5

Best Balance Board Trainer from Revolution Balance Boards


  • Is made to last and carry up to 400 pounds.
  • May be used on any kind of surface and with or without shoes. 
  • This is compact, you can use this on any kind of surface, anywhere. 

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 30 x 12 inches
  • Weight Rating: 400 pounds
  • Material: composite construction, with a Durasoft Grip
  • Special Features: compact size, for different kinds of sports training and fitness training, with a cushioned grip. 
  • Accessories: roller 

The Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer is a balance training equipment that will help you enhance your skills, stability, and coordination as you train or work out. This is made from very strong materials that are sure to last a long time. 

It is lightweight, despite the heavy-duty composite construction, and can handle weights of up to 400 pounds. The top has a Durasoft grip which makes it very comfortable to step on with or without any footwear. The roller is also padded so it won’t mar or scratch your precious floors. 

This balance board is great for any kind of surface. You can use this safely on hardwood, cement, tile, or natural stone floors. It is mostly used to improve skills, strengthen the core, and boost stamina in various water sports, winter sports, martial arts, yoga, and many more. 


  • Will enhance your core, skills, and balance. 
  • Made from very strong composite wood that can handle up to 400 pounds.
  • This is a compact balanced board that you can use anywhere. 


  • Complaints that this is best used on a carpeted floor.
  • Too small for adult users.

Yes4All Balance Board Trainer

Star Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 

Best Balance Board Trainer with Adjustable Stoppers from Yes4All


  • Available in different colors and designs.
  • Perfect for balance training and improving posture.
  • Made from premium hardwood with an anti-slip surface.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 29.53 x 11.22 x 5.12 inches
  • Weight Rating: 350 pounds
  • Material: hardwood board, solid wood roller, PEVA surface
  • Special Features: roller with TPE cover, removable stoppers, can be used in different kinds of sports and fitness activities
  • Accessories: removable stoppers

The Yes4All Balance Board Trainer is a wooden board equipped with easy-to-use adjustable stoppers. You can train more efficiently with this board as you can change the stopper distances from 11 to 22 inches. 

Use this balance board to enhance core strength, coordination, posture, and visual acuity. It is made from very durable hardwood and a non-slip PEVA surface that will secure your balance especially when you’re a beginner or learning new tricks.

This balance board can hold up to 300 pounds of weight so it can work for young users and adult riders. The roller is made from wood with a safe TPE cover that prevents scratches and marks on your carpet, concrete, wood, cork, and other surfaces. You’ll get two removable stoppers so you can easily adjust your preferred distance from 11, 16 to 22 inches. You can use this balance board for surfing as well as other activities like snowboarding, skateboarding, and more. 


  • This board works well for balance training, posture, and core strengthening among others.
  • This is made from very strong hardwood but has a non-slip surface. 
  • It will protect your floors because of its wooden roller covered with TPE.
  • Comes with adjustable removable stoppers so you can easily learn how to balance. 


  • Complaints that the stoppers were not very durable.
  • Complaints that the roller is too small.

Bear KompleX Wooden Balance Board Trainer

Star Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Best Wooden Balance Board Trainer for Men and Women from KompleX 


  • This is a portable balance board trainer and is very convenient to use anywhere.
  • With a very durable and non-slip top; you can train on any kind of surface including tile, carpet, and wood. 
  • This board is for beginners and expert users.  

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 30 x 12 x 5.5 inches, 10.25 pounds
  • Board Sizes: 220 pounds
  • Material: very durable hardwood, anti-skid surface
  • Special Features: improved responsiveness, high weight capacity, durable board, non-slip surface, you can train anywhere, with convenient handles on each end
  • Accessories: roller

The Bear KompleX is a wooden balance board that you can use to train your body and your mind before you indulge in extreme sports. This can help enhance your core, improve balance and coordination. It is very portable and convenient; you can train anywhere as it’s so lightweight to carry.

People use the Bear KompleX balance board to work out at home, at the gym, or outdoors. It is made from very durable materials with a non-skid surface so you can use it confidently. Use it on any surface like wooden floors, tile, cement, natural stone floors, and carpets. 

The Bear KompleX balance board is one of the best athlete-approved boards. It is not just for beginner users but for professional athletes as well.


  • Can help boost coordination and balance.
  • This is a very portable, convenient-to-use board.
  • This is made from very durable materials with an anti-skid surface for added safety.
  • May be used by professionals and beginners alike. 


  • Some complaints that the board is too narrow.
  • Complaints that the roller is too large/too small.

MYLTAWISH Wooden Balance Board Trainer

Star Ratings: 4.9 out of 5 

Best Adjustable Wobble and Balance Board from MYLTAWISH


  • Can be used together with different exercises and sports training.
  • Made from the best quality materials, cold-pressed Maple Wood.
  • This is a portable wooden balance board that you can take anywhere you want to train. 

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 22 x 14 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
  • Material: 10 layers of maple wood for the board, rollers are made from PVC and soft fabric
  • Special Features: with anti-skid pads, portable and functional, versatile design
  • Accessories: roller and anti-skid mat

The MYLTAWISH wooden balance board trainer is a balance or wobble board that you can use to train for different sports and activities. It can help improve core muscles, coordination, flexibility, balance, and agility. Just like other balance boards, you can use this to keep fit and get ready for skating, hockey, skateboarding, surfing, and many more. 

This wooden balance board is made from 10 layers of maple, cold-pressed to withstand 350 pounds of weight. At the top is a lovely, non-skid surface that keeps your grip secure with or without footwear. It comes with a roller-made PVC with an outside layer of fabric to avoid scratching your precious hardwood, tile, or natural stone floors. 

This balance board is similar to what athletes and professionals use at the gym. It is easy to carry anywhere, is lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble. You can use this to work out at the office, gym, at home, at the park, at the playground or beach; anywhere you want to train, indoors or outdoors. 


  • This is a versatile balance board you can use anywhere, for any sport. 
  • This is made from many layers of maple, cold-pressed to support huge weights. 
  • This is portable, ready to go anywhere. 
  • This is easy to assemble, best for beginners and professionals alike.
  • Easy to keep when not in use.


  • The roller catches a lot of dust, lint, and dirt.
  • Complaints that the roller is too small.

Vivitory Balance Board Trainer

Star Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Best Balance Board Trainer with Handle from Vivitory


  • This balance board is very durable made from 10 layers of cold-pressed birch wood. 
  • This is one of the strongest boards as it can carry up to 400 pounds.
  • Can be used to train for all kinds of sports and physical activities. 

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 30 x 12 x 6 inches, 7.95 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 440 pounds
  • Material: birch wood 
  • Special Features: cold-pressed birch wood, for overall fitness training, portable and convenient
  • Accessories: roller

The VIVITORY Balance Board Trainer comes with adjustable stoppers so you can learn how to balance and strengthen your core muscles even if you are a beginner. This board is made from cold-pressed 10 layers of birch wood. This material is very tough and will never lose shape. This board can handle up to 440 pounds. 

This balance board has a non-slip surface that will ensure your safety as you train. You can wear your training shoes or use this barefoot. This is a portable balance board that’s easy to take anywhere or keep when not in use. It can easily fit inside a duffel bag or a gym bag to take anywhere or stash under your bed or closet.

This balanced board can be used indoors or outdoors. It won’t scratch your floors as the roller is covered with a felt-like material to protect tiles, wood, or stone floors. 


  • Provides a dynamic workout, can help strengthen different muscle groups.
  • Made from 10-ply birchwood for maximum strength and toughness.
  • Will help improve your skateboarding and surfing skills.
  • Can be taken anywhere as this is very portable, easy to carry inside your bag.


  • Complaints that the balance board is hard to adjust.

Buyer’s Guide

New to buying a balance board? Consider the following buying factors to find the best balance board for surfing.

The different types of surf balance boards.

Surfing requires the rider to maintain your balance, keep your center of gravity grounded and make sure that you’re in a stable and upright position. The surfer should know how to squat from the waist using only minimal effort. 

Bending at this level should be maintained as you stand on a moving board. This requires pure concentration and not to mention, stability, balance, and pure core strength. You must also learn how to shift your weight properly and efficiently from one foot to another. There are many kinds of balance boards and some are great for beginners while some are made for experienced riders. 

Rocker-roller balance boards

The rocker-roller board is one of the most difficult to use as it tilts from left to right along with a wheeling movement. Usually, it’s very hard to stay on this kind of board. 

Basic rocker boards

The basic rocker is a piece of wood with a curved base and therefore, these are not as versatile compared to other balance board systems. A rocker board can only move from side to side or the front and back and thus, are perfect for beginner users. 

Foam or inflatable cushion boards

Some balance boards come with a cushion to help the roller stay steady as you balance on the board. The cushions are mostly made from EVA foam but some are inflatable cushions. Inflatable cushions are very durable and adjustable. Deflate the cushion to create a more stable, easy surface. As you become more efficient and improve your core and balance, you can inflate your cushion so the deck can become sturdier and higher from the ground. A hard cushion makes balance training more challenging.

Balance board sets

Balance board sets have a board, roller, rocker, and a cushion. Most sets have many balancing options making it the best choice for all kinds of surfers/users. This is a cheaper option if you don’t want to buy a new one for more challenging training sessions. 

Balance board construction

The board’s overall construction matters a lot as this determines how durable the board is. Most boards are made from wood or plastic however wood is a more preferred material if you’re looking for a durable, efficient board. 

Plastic boards are the easiest to maintain as those made from wood can easily become damaged when they are kept in a humid environment. Plastic balance boards are lighter and thus, are very efficient and portable. 

Your weight

Balance boards have maximum weight limits. So before you purchase, check the maximum weight and select one that can handle your weight + 50 pounds more. Most balance boards in the market come with 250 to 300 pounds maximum weight capacity.

Level of experience

Some balance boards are easy to use while some are harder and to balance and meant only for expert users. However, your goal in using a balance board is not to use an easy one but to challenge your skills. If you’re new to balance boarding, you also don’t want to use a board that’s meant for professional users. 

It’s very important to purchase a board that will match your level of experience and at the same time challenging to use. After mastering a beginner balance board, it’s time to upgrade to a board with more difficult features. 

Most balance board models are versatile and thus, you may use these for beginner training until the time you’re a pro. But if for some reason who end up buying a board that’s more difficult to handle, you can always use this near a wall so you can prop yourself up and maintain balance. 

Balance board durability

Cheap, low-quality boards are prone to breaking so always make sure that you’re using a balance board that’s made from very durable materials like wood or thick plastic. The thicker your balance board, the sturdier and more durable it will be. 

Balance board sizes

A beginner needs a balance board that’s larger and has more room to balance on top. Narrower balance boards are not as easy to balance for first-time users and are best for experienced surfers. A wider board offers a better, especially for beginner users. 

Balance board roller lengths

Rollers may be short or long and longer ones offer more stability. Shorter rollers are for advanced balance board users and longer rollers are recommended for beginner users. 

Balance board stoppers & anti-slip surface

Balance board stoppers are found in some rolling systems. These keep the roller in the middle of the board and prevent it from rolling towards the length of the board. Stoppers provide stability and thus, these are best for beginner users. Board sets that come with stoppers are adjustable and have two to three stopper settings underneath the balance board. 

Some balance board sets come with an anti-slip mat or surface. Beginners need this mat to provide a better, safer, and more challenging training session. You can focus more on your balancing movements if you use a set with an anti-slip mat.

Roller diameter

Rollers come in different diameters. Narrower ones can provide a challenging training session while wider rollers are more stable and are great for beginner users. Meanwhile, some brands come with two rollers with different diameters so you can choose the one that matches your level of experience.


The following are the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers regarding buying and using a balance board for surfing.

Will a balance board work for surfing?

A balance board is great for surfing especially when the waves are flat. Professional athletes and surfers use balance boards to help them enhance their stamina, strength, and balance. 

How to choose the right balance board?

The deck of the balance board should suit your height. Taller people will work better with decks that are wider and longer. Meanwhile, shorter riders will work best with decks with a narrow width. 

Is it worth buying a balance board?

Balance boards are not just for training how to become a good surfer but it’s also used in avoiding against falls. Another benefit of a balance board is enhancing coordination and balance. This can help improve the strength of lower leg muscles most especially the peroneals. 

Are balance boards for surfing good for your joints and knees?

Using balance boards as training for surfing and other water sports can greatly help your knees and joints. This tool can also help rehabilitate patients after suffering from injuries. You can also prevent injuries by improving your balance and stamina. 

Can you burn calories balancing on a balance board?

You can burn calories when you use a balance board because you are engaging your various muscles including your core, leg muscles, and lower back. A balance board can help you burn up to 100 calories/hour. 

How do you stand on a balance board?

To stand on a balance board, stand with your feet apart based on your shoulders. Look forward but don’t look downwards. By doing these, you’ll be able to maintain your balance. Simply hold your head plus your shoulders upright to enhance your balance. 


From our list of the 5 best balance boards for surfing, we recommend two products: the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer and the Yes4All Balance Board Trainer. These two boards are great for enhancing balance, coordination, stability, and core strength. These boards will also help you prepare for various activities and sports like surfing, skateboarding, skiing, wakeboarding, martial arts, yoga, and much more. 

These boards are adjustable, with a non-slip surface, and will work great for beginners and expert users. These boards can hold a lot of weight because they are made from very strong and durable materials. The rollers are made from wood with a cover that prevents scratches and marks on your carpet, concrete, wood, cork, and other surfaces. These balance boards for surfing are compact, easy to carry, and lightweight. You can train anywhere at any time, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.