Can skateboard wheels be recycled

Can Skateboard Wheels Be Recycled? Here’s How!

Can skateboard wheels be recycled? This is the most common question we get from skaters who have quite a ton of skateboard wheels at home.

The average lifespan of skateboard wheels is up to 3 months. But if you ride regularly and perform tricks and stunts, you may find yourself changing your wheels more often. Also, consider that you can’t just change one wheel. It would be best if you changed all your skateboard wheels regardless of the condition of each wheel. Doing so will ensure that you’re getting a smoother and safer ride.

And as you change all your wheels every other month, you’ll be gathering at least 24 wheels a year, 48 wheels in two years, and so on. Yes, you can upcycle skateboard wheels! And we have a few of the best ways to recycle skateboard wheels that you can do at home.

Before Recycling Skateboard Wheels, Consider…

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Skateboard wheels are the dirtiest parts of a skateboard. It would be best to clean your skateboard wheels first before you recycle or upcycle them. Cleaning skateboard wheels for crafts is no different from maintaining them while on a skateboard. You need the following:

  • Dishwashing soap and water – you need soap and water to remove grime and dirt on your skateboard wheels.
  • Soft brush – you need a soft brush to gently scrub your skateboard wheels. The brush can reach the inner parts of the wheel quickly.
  • Tweezers – a pair of tweezers can pick tiny bits of dirt or sand in the skateboard wheel polyurethane.
  • Paper towels or soft clean towels – you need paper towels to dry the skateboard wheels before you start your craft.
  • Skateboard tool – a skateboard tool helps remove the axle nut and bearings.


Cleaning the skateboard wheels is necessary as the wheels tend to be dirty with sand, dirt, dust, grime, and mud along the wheel assembly. Here are the instructions on how to do it.

  1. Remove the wheels and the bearings from the deck using a skateboard tool.
  2. Remove the bearings from the wheels.
  3. Clean the wheels using soap and water. Scrub with a soft brush, stubborn dirt, and grime.
  4. Dry the wheels completely using paper towels.
  5. Inspect the surface of the wheels for stuck dirt, sand, and stubborn foreign material.
  6. Use a pair of tweezers to remove stuck dirt.
  7. Rewash the wheels and dry them thoroughly.
  8. Now you have your wheels ready for recycling.

Use as Wheels for Other Equipment

Skateboard wheels are among the most durable wheels, and even if a wheel has been retired, you can still use it as a wheel for other equipment or furniture. And if you were to repurpose old skateboard wheels as wheels for a cart, table, or any piece of furniture, you must first check if there are cracks, pits, or holes on the wheel surface.

Use only intact wheels. Don’t worry; you can use your worn-out wheels in other projects we have in this guide. We will install old skateboard wheels on a small cabinet, desk, or table, and here’s what you need:

  • Four old skateboard wheels – use intact skateboard wheels for this project; the polyurethane should be in good shape.
  • Caster wheel fork and other components – a caster wheel assembly already comes with wheels, but if you can remove this and use your skateboard wheels instead. Make sure to use the correct caster wheel fork for your skateboard wheels.
  • Drill – you need a drill to make holes at the bottom of your cabinet or table where your caster wheel assembly will be installed.
  • Screwdriver – you need a screwdriver to fasten the caster wheel assembly on the cabinet or table
  • Grease – you need grease to make your wheels run smoothly. You can use any kind of grease or bearing grease for this project.


  1. Take apart the caster wheel assembly to remove the caster wheel. Use a screwdriver to remove the bolts and pry open the fork.
  2. Remove the caster wheels and replace these with the old skateboard wheels.
  3. Tighten the nut of the caster wheel assembly. You may use your skateboard tool.
  4. Use the caster wheel plate to find out where to drill screw holes.
  5. Drill the holes.
  6. Install the caster skateboard wheels with a screwdriver.
  7. Apply grease on the wheels to keep them smooth and seamless.
  8. Your moving furniture/cabinet is ready.

Cabinet and Furniture Handles

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Skateboard wheels are rigid, and just the right size for furniture handles or drawer pulls. For this project, we recommend using small to medium-sized wheels as these are the best sizes for furniture handles or pulls.

It does not matter if your skateboard wheels are damaged or come with pits and cracks, as you’re not going to use them as wheels. But you must ensure that these wheels are free from dirt and small rocks as these can cut your hands as you use them. For this project, you need the following items:

  • A few skateboard wheels – the number of wheels you need will depend on the furniture or cabinet you will work on.
  • Long wood screws – you need screws that work through the skateboard wheels.
  • Drill – you need a drill to create holes for your skateboard handles or pulls.
  • Screwdriver – you need a screwdriver to install the screws on the furniture.


  1. Remove the old handle or drawer pull from the furniture you want to update.
  2. Drill two to three screw holes in the furniture or cabinet.
  3. Drill holes on the skateboard wheels as well.
  4. Install the skateboard wheels by positioning them on the cabinet or furniture and attaching these with some screws.
  5. You now have skateboard wheels as your drawer pulls or furniture handles.

Racks Out of Skateboard Wheels

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Skateboard wheels are great as racks, but you need to install them on a baseboard. You can use any kind of skateboard wheels for this project. You can use any wheel, big or small, intact or cracked, but ensure that these are free from sharp surfaces as you’ll be using these as clothing racks.

When you look up projects that turn skateboard wheels into clothes racks, you’ll find many inspirations. For this tutorial, we will make racks with skateboard wheels installed on a wooden base plate. We will assemble the wheels creatively so that this project won’t just be helpful but also artistic. Let’s begin with the things you’ll need for this project:

  • Seven skateboard wheels – we will make clothes or hat rack with seven hooks. The skateboard wheel hooks will be arranged alternately to allow plenty of room for your clothes or hats to hang.
  • Long wood screws – you need long wood screws to attach the skateboard wheels to the baseboard.
  • Drill – you need a drill to create holes where your screws will push through.
  • Screwdriver – you need a screwdriver to install the screws from the wheels to the baseboard.
  • Wooden baseboard – you need a durable baseboard at least 1.5′ x 2.5′ to 3′ in size. You can use any kind of wood as long as it’s stable and intact.
  • Strong glue – if you don’t want to use screws, you can use strong glue to stick the skateboard wheels on your baseboard.
  • Wood paint or varnish – it depends on your preference. You can paint the baseboard any color you wish or apply varnish or stain if the wood has lovely grains to show.
  • Sandpaper – if you plan to paint or varnish your baseboard, sand the surface first to remove any imperfections. Vacuum the surface or use a brush to remove all dust before painting or varnishing it.


  1. Take the wooden baseboard and decide where to place the skateboard wheels. We recommend alternating the wheels to create more room.
  2. Prepare the baseboard. If you plan to paint or varnish it, this is the time to do it.
  3. Sand the baseboard to create a smooth and seamless area where you can apply paint or varnish.
  4. Apply paint or varnish. Check the paint or varnish drying times and follow these to the T.
  5. Wait for the paint or varnish to dry before drilling the holes for your skateboard wheel hooks.
  6. Use the drill to make holes on the baseboard and the skateboard wheels.
  7. Install the wheels on the baseboard with the long screws.
  8. Use strong glue if you don’t want to use screws. We recommend using screws instead of glue as your skateboard wheels will hold items like clothes and hats.
  9. Install the baseboard clothes hook on your wall.
  10. You now have a rack made of upcycled skateboard wheels.

Clock Made From Skateboard Wheels

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Skateboard wheels are colorful and exciting, something you would love to look at the time and again. This is why these wheels would make impressive clocks.

This project is not about turning a skateboard wheel into a clock but about designing a clock face with skateboard wheels. You need 12 wheels to represent the different hours. We recommend using different colors and brands of wheels for this project.

Also, we don’t need wheels to be perfect, as even wheels with pits, cuts, and cracks may be used in this project. Let’s start with a list of what you will need for this project.

  • 12 skateboard wheels – we need a dozen wheels, one for each hour. You can use wheels of different colors, sizes, and brands.
  • Clock components – you can purchase clock parts from any hobby shop or hardware store.
  • Wooden baseboard or plate – you can use any wooden plate, but we recommend a baseboard with a thickness of ½ an inch.
  • Drill – you need a drill to create screw holes on the baseboard to install the clock and the skateboard wheels.
  • Screwdriver – use a screwdriver to install the screws.
  • Hand saw or power saw – use this tool to cut the baseboard according to your desired size.
  • Strong glue – you can use glue if you don’t want to screw the skateboard wheels.
  • Paint or varnish – you can use paint or varnish on the baseboard before installing the clock and skateboard wheels.
  • Sandpaper – sand the wooden baseboard first before applying paint or varnish.
  • Pencil and ruler – use these to draw markings where your skateboard wheels will go on the wooden baseboard.


  1. Test the clock assembly first. Use a battery to check.
  2. Cut the baseboard. Make sure the space is enough to hold the 12 skateboard wheels on the clock face.
  3. Sand the baseboard carefully. Remove all imperfections on the wood.
  4. Apply paint or varnish on the wood. Wait for the paint or varnish to dry before you proceed.
  5. Use a pencil and ruler to mark the places where your skateboard wheels will go.
  6. Drill holes in the middle where the clock assembly will go. Make sure that the hole is enough to accommodate the clock assembly components.
  7. Drill holes for the skateboard wheels. Don’t forget to drill holes in the wheels as well.
  8. Install the clock assembly by following the instructions on the product packaging.
  9. Install the skateboard wheels; use long screws for the installation.
  10. You may choose to glue the skateboard wheels on the clock face if you don’t want to use screws, as these can destroy the face of the wheels.
  11. Place batteries on the clock.
  12. You now have a skateboard wheel clock you can hang in your bedroom, receiving area, office, dining room, or playroom. 

Wall Art From Skateboard Wheels

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Skateboard wheels make impressive artwork you can display in your home or office. Now there are many inspirations to use to make skateboard wheel art. You can arrange your skateboard wheels randomly on a wooden baseboard or create unique patterns.

We don’t have specific ideas for you, but one thing is for sure, you’re saving the environment as you use recycled items. A few ideas that we picked up from the web:

Rainbow skateboard wheels display

Skateboard wheels come in various colors and designs, and if you have a lot of old ones that still have their color, then you can use these to make a stunning skateboard wheel rainbow display.

You can make a curved rainbow across a wall but make sure you have enough colors and wheels to go about it. You can also make a rainbow pattern on a smaller piece of wood or wall if you don’t want to make such an extravagant display.

To create this impressive display on a wall, use a wooden baseboard where you will attach the skateboard wheels. You can opt to screw the wheels to the baseboard or use strong glue to connect them. Before you attach the wheels, make sure to cut and clean the baseboard first and paint or varnish it the color you want. Gently sand the surface to remove any dirt and imperfection before applying paint or varnish.

We recommend painting the different baseboard colors as well to match the skateboard wheels. After a retouch, allow the baseboard to dry completely for at least a day. Once dry, use a pencil to draw points where you will attach the wheels.

Install the wheels on the baseboard. Once done, give your wheels some shine by applying acrylic gloss over them. This will protect the wheels from deterioration brought about by temperature and humidity changes. Also, these will protect your wall art from scratches and marks. You may now install the baseboard on your wall.

Skateboard wheels, fish fins

This is a cute skateboard wall art that your kids will love to have in their playroom, study, or bedroom. It’s similar to the rainbow wall art, but its baseboard is shaped like a fish.

For this project, draw a large fish with complete fins and large eyes. We need a large drawing, as big as a standard pillow, to emphasize the different skateboard wheels’ colors and designs.

Once the fish is ready, get your wooden baseboard and draw the figure. Use a circular saw or table saw to cut the image on the wooden baseboard.

Prepare the baseboard by sanding it. Remove imperfections, dirt, and grime. Afterward, paint the baseboard according to the color you wish. We will place the skateboard wheels on the fish’s body only, so you need to paint the head, fins, and eyes. Use black paint and a fine brush to create the outlines.

Allow the paint to dry for at least a day. Attach the skateboard wheels with screws or glue. Use a rainbow pattern on the fins. You may use one color of wheels, like blue wheels in many shades for the fins.

Afterward, apply acrylic gloss over the fish body, head, and fins. Allow the acrylic to dry, and then mount your cute artwork on the wall.

Skateboard wheels as tabletop design

Get several skateboard wheels and arrange these on top of a table or desk. You can place these randomly on the table or create a cool pattern. Depending on the shape and size of the tabletop, you can fill every inch with skateboard wheels.

There is a detailed way to use skateboard wheels as an artistic tabletop, and this is by using acrylic material. To do this, use some plastic panels to create a wall as thick as your skateboard wheels along the edge of the table or desk. Use hot glue or strong tape to install the panels.

Once done, place the skateboard wheels inside the panels and create your desired design. When you’re done with the design, pour the prepared acrylic mix over the tabletop. Everything must be submerged.

Allow everything to be dry, which could take days. Then, remove the plastic panel walls along the table’s edge and use a grinder to polish the acrylic. Buff the acrylic to create a clean and clear surface. You now have a cool retro skateboard wheel tabletop on acrylic.

Skateboard wheels as headboard décor

Instead of a table, place skateboard wheels randomly all over your bedboard. You can also create a design if you wish. Use a thick piece of wood that measures well with your bed.

Before attaching the skateboard wheels, clean the wood and sand it. If you’re going to fill the bed board with wheels, then there’s no need to paint or varnish it. Just clean and sand it to remove any imperfections.

Attach the wheels using strong glue. Make sure all the wheels display the colorful brand and not the plain side. Once the wheels have covered the bed board, apply acrylic gloss all over them. Allow the gloss to dry at least a day or two before installing the baseboard on your bed.

Skateboard wheels mirror frame

You need a few skateboard wheels to make this cute mirror frame. Use wood pieces with a 2″ width for the frame. Construct the structure using nails or screws. Make sure to sand it before applying primer and some paint. You may also apply gloss or varnish over the wood.

Screw the skateboard wheels in place. You can attach these wheels randomly or have a color pattern for the frame. You may also use strong glue to attach the wheels. Again, apply gloss over the wheels to keep these in great shape. If you’re using the frame for a bathroom mirror, humidity can change the shape and consistency of polyurethane wheels. It’s best to protect these with acrylic gloss. Let the gloss completely dry before hanging the frame on your mirror.

Skateboard wheels countertop

Instead of a table or a desk, you may use skateboard wheels as a countertop design. The instructions on how to make skateboard wheels tabletop are similar to making a countertop. But, you must ensure you have enough wheels and acrylic mix to pour onto the countertop.

Grind and buff the acrylic when you’re done. This is going to be a great kitchen and dining area centerpiece.

Final Words

Don’t throw away your old skateboard wheels. Even worn-out, scratched, pitted, and cracked skateboard wheels are helpful. We recommend these creative ideas to transform these old wheels into loved and admired pieces for your home.

Do you have another skateboard wheels recycling project in mind? Share these with your skateboarder friends!

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