What is the Best Skateboard Backpack for You?

Skateboard backpacks are one of the essential things a skateboarder can have. It helps you carry both your skateboard and your stuff. If you want to be prepared and always on the go, these best skateboard backpacks will greatly help!

Reviews of the Best Skateboard Backpack

  • Durable

  • Works well with different types of skateboards and longboards 

  • Zipper closure

  • Easy to clean, washable

  • Lots of storage places

  • Massive compartments

  • Well-built and durable

  • Durable

  • Long-lasting

  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps

  • Padded back panel for support

  • Sternum straps

GoRide Electric Skateboard or Regular Skateboard Longboard Backpack Bag

(Best Overall)

GoRide Backpack is a great choice for everyday use, whether going to work or school and even when on a trip. It is made specifically for electric skateboards, but it fits fine with both regular skateboards and longboards as well. 

It has a universal design composed of a laptop bag and extra storage. The extra storage is composed of two bottle holders and side pockets, which are good for camera or battery storage. It has padded and comfortable straps good perfect for longer use without hurting your back or straining your shoulders.  It is also made of excellent quality, with additional foam padding to keep things inside safe and protected. It is great when aiming to look stylish and comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Unique and sharp aesthetics
  • Hidden laptop compartments up to 17″ laptops
  • Double bottle holders great for travel and hiking


  • Supports skateboards and electric skateboards up to 20lbs
  • Regular skateboard/longboard size up to 10″ wide and up to 41″ long
  • Electric skateboard/longboard size up to 10″ wide and up to 40″ long
  • Backpack dimensions of 20″ x 12″ x 6″


  • Works well with different types of skateboards and longboards 


  • Weight distribution needs improvements

Element Unisex Mohave Skateboard School Backpack

(2nd Choice)

Element Unisex Mohave Skateboard School Backpack is a great choice for everyone, especially those who need extra space for things. Not only can it carry a lot of things, but it also has the necessary tools to protect everything inside. 

This bag also has sufficient padded space for the laptop or any essential things. This is an all-purpose bag that’s great for all types of skateboards. It is easy to clean since it is made of washable materials and with zippered locked pockets. It consists of a zipper closure that helps secure the insides. It has side pockets for added space, as well as an additional buckle for added help and relief. Its strong structure makes it long-lasting. 

Key Features: 

  • Secure, Zippered Main Compartment
  • Padded Laptop Sleeve
  • Adjustable Straps for Functional Comfort


  • Measurements: 46 x 28x 21 CM
  • Volume : 30 L 
  • 13’’ To 15’’ Padded Laptop Sleeve


  • Zipper closure
  • Easy to clean, washable
  • Lots of storage places


  • Some find it small for books
  • Grip tape tears 

Eastsport Double Strap Skater Multipurpose Backpack 

(3rd Choice)

Eastsport Double Strap Skater Multipurpose Backpack is made of Polyester fabric, which gives it the strength to survive the tear and hustle of skateboarding. It has a smart design and straps, which gives added support and sturdiness. There is no fear of the things falling off the bag because of its engineered designs. The skater can maneuver and do tricks with the bag stabled and safe. 

Its big main compartment allows extra storage for a laptop and other things. The double Velcro confining bands help fastens the skateboards tightly. On each side are mesh pockets intended for a bottle of waters, and the back has the cushioned for extra relief and solace. It is a has a regular backpacking specialty that works well beginners or professional skaters. 

Key Features: 

  • MSRP $50; Limited Lifetime Guarantee
  • Oversized Main Zip Compartment
  • Dual Front Velcro Straps for Skateboard


  • Dimensions: 19″ by 13″ by 8.5
  • Durable Polyester Construction


  • Massive compartments
  • Well-built and durable


  • Minimal pockets
  • Velcro is not flat enough

RVCA Men’s Curb Skate Backpack

RVCA curb backpack offers a perfect fit and great comfort. With a generous capacity of 27 liters, the curb backpack has the essential features to keep your equipment in place. It features a tough abrasion-resistant bottom panel combines with durable 600 D fabrication, which gives it the strength and durability to have it unbothered by anything thrown into it. 

The adjustable shoulder strap and sternum strap are responsible for the perfect fit and comfort to the skater. The skate straps keep the board secure and in place. A laptop can fit inside, with a unique feature of three zippered compartments and organizers, which makes it convenient. It has a simple and minimalistic design, which gives it a classic and stylish look. It is also available in wide varieties of colors 

Key Features: 

  • Internal organizer
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Three zippered compartments


  • 600 D Fabrication
  • Volume approx. 27 L
  • 95 % polyester, 5 % PVC


  • Durable
  • Long-lasting


  • Might look too simple compared to some other skateboard bags

RVCA Men’s Voyage Skate

RVCA Men’s Voyage Skate is another bag from RVCA. Made from the same tough 95% polyester and 5% PVC, which gives durability and long-lasting feature. Rolling down the street can never be out of style with this backpack. 

Its features include a total of five compartments. One is a large compartment fit for any laptops of other necessities, a top-load entry compartment, a stealth side compartment, and more. Another great feature is the 15″ laptop sleeve that is padded for added security and placed at the outer side compartment for easier access. The movable straps fasten your skateboard in place.

Comfort wouldn’t be a worry with its adjustable padded shoulder straps. The back panel is padded as well, and a sternum strap seals the deal. With compression straps on the base and two water bottles side pockets – nothing could go wrong with this backpack. 

Key Features: 

  • Main compartment with an internal organizer
  • 100% Polyester lining
  • 14″ shoulder drop
  • Hand Wash


  • 19.5″ X 11.5″ X 6″
  • Volume approx. 25L capacity
  • 95% Polyester, 5% PVC


  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Padded back panel for support
  • Sternum straps


  • Stitching in the top pocket easily came undone
  • Water bottle pockets easily ripped and fell apart

Why do you need skateboard backpacks?

Holding and carrying your skateboard may sound very tiring to you. It would also be exhausting to hold your skateboard and all your other things together. That’s why skateboards backpacks are there to lessen the burden. It offers a convenient way, like a two-in-one bag for your essentials and skateboard. These backpacks also offer great and extra compartments and pockets for your laptop and other basic things. Skateboards backpacks are a great buy.

Two types of Skateboard backpacks

Skateboard backpacks are available in two basic designs.

One is the skateboard carrier style, which is a bag shaped like a skateboard. It has one strap, and the skateboard is placed inside. You can easily slide your skateboard inside the bag.

Second is the universal backpack style. They have the same features as a regular backpack but have special board straps that place your skateboard securely on the outer part.

What to look for when buying skating backpacks?

There are a lot of great backpacks in the market, and it could be very frustrating to pick the one. To lessen such a burden, it is very important to know what you are looking for. Here are your basic guides to consider what and how to choose. 

The correct size backpack with skateboard carrier

Choose the correct and perfect size for you. It is very important to check the dimension of the backpack to know how big or small it is. Considering the size of the backpack will be easier for you to estimate how heavy the backpack could be. It is recommendable to use a lightweight one, so it won’t be too heavy once you put your essentials inside the bag. You wouldn’t want to carry a bag that’s too heavy even with the padded straps.

When thinking of the right size, also think of the purpose of the bag to you. Are you going to use the back for school? Does it have a place for your laptop? Can you use it when you go camping or traveling? These questions will give you a general idea of what size to buy and choose. 

Skate backpack pocket and other components

There are a lot of backpacks that have multiple small pockets and organized compartments. This will help you secure your tools and belongings easily. This is essential when you carry little things, or when you needed a safe place for your bearings. A hidden pocket can keep your precious belongings while you skate. This is generally helpful for the students and those who need a lot of space to put everything in place.

Padded shoulder straps strength

One of your main reasons for buying a skateboard backpack is for your skateboard. Choose a bag that has the right and strong strap which can carry and support your skateboard. Take note of the weight of your skateboard and see the backpack’s specifications if it can handle it. It would be a waste to have shoulder straps that easily break.

Skate backpacks durability

You wouldn’t want to invest money in things that will easily break. Find a reputable brand or ask an expert on which backpacks are the best when it comes to durability. Sometimes, a durable bag may not come at an affordable price. So, if you are willing to spend a bit more, then you are good to go. Yet, if you want to invest at a lower price, wait for some brands to go on sale. Expensive good quality products last long, so technically, you will save more money.

Comfort, waist belt

Look for backpacks with mesh padded straps and backs. It gives great comfort, especially when carrying heavier skateboards or essential things. You wouldn’t want a backpack that won’t hurt your back and shoulders. Comfortable backpacks are best and recommendable.


Your backpack can experience a lot of tossing and turning around. High-quality zippers will ensure safety and security. If your main reason is to look for a backpack good for storing your important things, find one that has durable and trustworthy zippers. Avoid backpacks that use buttons, for they are not very secure and effective.

How do you carry a skateboard on your back?

If you don’t have a backpack that’s built to carry a skateboard, you can use an ordinary backpack or a simple backpack. Take note of these techniques:

Place the skateboard at the front of the backpack vertically

Most backpacks come with extra-long shoulder straps that are used to connect the compression straps to the bottom pocket or bottom part of the bag. Most of the time, you tie these straps in a knot so you won’t be bothered as you place the bag on your back. But these may be used as straps to tie the skateboard to the front of the bag.

Position the board so that the grip tape faces the bag and the wheels are at the front. Use the straps to tie the board from the trucks. Tie the board vertically so you can safely move without hitting anyone.

Place the skateboard at the front horizontally

If you have a smaller board like a cruiser board then you may tie this horizontally at the front of the bag. Use the straps for the compression straps as well to tie the board grip tape or deck facing the bag.  Remember, you can’t tie a long skateboard horizontally as you’ll hit other people as you move around.

Pack the skateboard at the back of the backpack

The grip tape is at your back while the wheels are at the top and at the bottom of the backpack.

Place the skateboard inside the backpack main compartment

If you don’t have anything inside the main compartment of your backpack then might as well place your skateboard inside for maximum protection. To further protect the trucks, add some padding like clothes, a jacket, or a towel to cushion the trucks and wheels. Remove all hard items inside the main compartment and transfer these to the smaller pockets of the bag.

How do you carry a longboard or a skateboard?

For shorter distances or you want to hold your skateboard or longboard as you cross the street, carry it the following ways:

  • Hold the board from the middle with the grip tape facing your shirt or clothes. The board is on your side while your hands are in between the trucks. This is the best way to carry a longboard but be careful as the grip tape can ruin your clothes.
  • Hold the board from the middle with the wheels facing your body. The board is also on your side but the wheels are facing your body. This will help protect your clothes from the rough grip tape but you’ll risk touching dirty skateboard wheels.
  • Hold the longboard or skateboard from its tip. This technique is used when you just need to lift the board for shorter distances like from the car to the pavement or from out the building to the bus. Also, this method may work for lightweight boards and not for very heavy longboards and skateboards.
  • Place the skateboard at the back of your head. You may have seen cool skaters do this in the movies or while doing a photoshoot but this is actually one of the best ways to carry a skateboard. Lift the board and place it at the back of your head with the grip tape outwards and the wheels facing you.

How do you not carry a skateboard?

We’ve mentioned four ways to correctly carry a skateboard or longboard and now, let’s tackle how not to do it. The most common mistake that most beginners do is to hold their skateboards from the trucks.

Although it seems to be the most obvious way to carry a skateboard because the trucks easily fit your hand, it’s not a good way to do it. First, you’ll end up loosening your trucks when you carry your board this way. Loose trucks can be very dangerous and may lead to accidents especially when you’re working on routines, tricks, and stunts.

Holding the board by the trucks will also make you touch the wheels and the trucks which are two of the dirtiest part of a skateboard. Finally, holding your skateboard this way makes you look like a faker. No skateboarder will ever think of holding their skateboards this way!

How do you carry an electric skateboard on a backpack?

It’s easy to see how a skateboard or a longboard can fit in a backpack but for an electric skateboard, it could mean another thing. Electric-powered boards are heavier, bulkier, and may have many parts that need to be protected. But it does not mean you can’t carry an electric board in a backpack. Here are some ways to do it.

  • Use a designated backpack for the electric board – most electric skateboards come with a backpack designed especially for the board. Follow instructions on how to load the board in.
  • Use an ordinary backpack – since this is not a backpack designed for the board, you must make sure that your skateboard is secure. Place the board at the back of the backpack with the grip tape facing your back. Remove the battery and place these inside the backpack along with other accessories like your skateboard remote, charging cables, safety gear, etc.
  • Place the skateboard inside a spacious longboard backpack – you don’t need to remove the battery. Just place the entire board inside the main compartment. Make sure that the backpack has a sturdy bottom as it needs to support the weight of a heavy electric skateboard.

Can you wear a backpack while skateboarding?

We don’t recommend skating with a longboard backpack as this will only affect your movements and may hinder you to perform basic moves, tricks, and avoid obstacles. But if you’re only using a board to commute or to move about, you may wear a skate backpack without a worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a skateboard fit inside the backpack?

It depends on the kind of backpack you use. There are single skateboard carrier styles and universal backpack styles. The choice will depend on your preference. The universal backpack styles are multi-purpose and offer compartments and spaces for other essentials.

Are skateboard backpacks expensive? 

The cheapest one would cost you more or less 20$. If you want to focus more on the quality and brand name, the price could go higher as much as 200$. The prices depend on the backpack’s quality and durability, and brand. 

Can I use the skateboard backpacks even without the skateboard?

When you buy the universal backpack style, yes, it is a multi-purpose bag that has spaces for your laptops and additional pockets and compartments for your things.

Can women have skateboards backpacks too?

Yes. Most of the backpacks are designed for both men and women. Some brands offer backpacks with different designs and colors. There are backpacks suitable for everyone. 

Are the best skateboard backpacks waterproof?

There are brands that have waterproof skateboard backpacks suitable for any weather. Other features also include wear and tear resistance. 

Check out other awesome skating backpacks including the Dakine Mission Backpack, Mohave Skate Backpack, Eastsport Skater Backpack, Everest Griptape Backpack, Ronyes Skateboard Backpack, Burton Kilo Backpack, and Penny Backpack.

Our top pick

Our top pick is the GoRide, a multi-purpose skateboard backpack. Considering its key features, which offer great compartments and extra spaces for things, as well as the specifications, it can be concluded that this backpack is one of the best in the market. It is even best for skateboards and longboards. This purchase will be worth your money.