Best Skateboard Helmet: Reviews (2021 Update)

Skateboarding is an extreme sport and pastime that requires skill and talent. It’s a must for a skateboarder to consider his safety. Here’s a complete list of the best skateboard helmets in the market today!

At A Glance: Our Top Picks

With a high-impact ABS body, the Pro-Tec Classic is a skateboard helmet that complies with industry standards on quality and safety. With adequate vents, adjustable straps, and locking buckle, this might be the skate helmet for you. (Check Price at Amazon)

Aside from its tough ABS shell, the Triple 8 Sweatsaver has a stink-free, moisture-proof liner. It can also be used for rollerblading and roller skating. (Check Price at Amazon)

The Punisher Pro Series conforms to dual safety standards. This is available in nine different colors, with quick-release buckle and removable foam pads for an easy fit. (Check Price at Amazon)

Reviews of the Best Skateboard Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

(Best Overall)

The Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet is a durable, high-impact helmet with an ABS shell that will protect your head from bumps and falls. An ABS shell is a basic protective material that ensures that your head is protected no matter what extreme sport you engage in. It is an indoor or outdoor helmet with a basic design and a lot of room for customizations in case you want to design your own gear,

Use the Pro-Tec for skateboarding, in-line skating or rollerblading. You can also use this for basic head protection for extreme games, watersport games, and outdoor activities. This is designed for maximum protection according to ASTM F1492 standards. It has adjustable straps to fit perfectly on your head and prevent unnecessary movements. The locking buckle is secure, easy to fit and easy to remove in case you want to take off this helmet fast.

The most common complaint of skateboard helmet users is that they find their gear too hot to wear. Consider that extreme sports like skateboarding and skating are very stressful and wearers can sweat a lot. This has been considered by the designers of the Pro-Tec Classic which is why it comes with an improved design inside and out.

You’ll stay cool with this helmet’s 11 vents. No matter how much you perspire, you’ll still be comfortable and still perform your best. Aside from the vents, it has compression-molded liner pads for enhanced comfort even when you wear this for longer hours.

And no matter what your favorite color is, you’ll find what you want from Pro-Tec’s 13 different colors. This skateboard helmet has a classic design. It comes in one size (extra-large) which may not be a good idea if you have a larger or a smaller head.

The Pro-Tec Classic has gathered 4.4 out of 5 stars online. Many agreed that this skateboard can protect your head from serious injuries. The ABS shell is a basic material for sporting helmets, therefore, this one is strong, efficient and can withstand pressures of different extreme sports.

Many users also agreed that the classic style is a turn on. The large surface is also perfect for decals and stickers of your brand. Aside from all these impressive features, there are also some disadvantages.

Some say that the inner lining is not as comfortable as advertised. They also found out that sweat can destroy the inner liner; when wet, the glue that holds the Velcro will loosen up and this causes the foam to fall out of the helmet.

Still, many agreed that the Pro-Tec Classic is far more comfortable than other skateboard helmets and these flaws may be reduced by adjusting the helmet straps. All-in-all, we recommend the Pro-Tec Classic to beginner and professional skaters. It may have some disadvantages but it remains to be a reliable and safe helmet to use for extreme sports. But if you have a bigger or smaller head, you might be better off with helmet available in varying sizes.


  • Strong ABS shell
  • Classic helmet style
  • Adjustable strap
  • Ample ventilation slots
  • Comfortable design
  • Available in different colors


  • The inner liner may be destroyed by sweat

Triple 8 Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet

(2nd Choice)

The Triple 8 may have one color combination but it boasts of good features which you will surely find interesting in a skateboard helmet. First of all, this is a classic skateboard helmet with a round, slightly square-shaped form with a very strong ABS shell.

This helmet is available in different sizes, therefore, you will find one kids, adults and youth sizes. No matter what extreme sport or activity you’re in, you can count on the Triple 8 for comfort and safety. The strong ABS shell provides good protection from falls and bumps and may be used for roller skating, in-line skating, skateboarding, and roller derby.

You may also use this for outdoor safety in extreme outdoor activities, kayaking, and other water sports and activities. The very basic design is perfect for all kinds of sports and the fact that it has a simple design you can post logos, decals and many more may be placed on the helmet surface.

What’s remarkable about the Triple 8 is the Sweatsaver liner which is a removable liner which prevents sweat and moisture from accumulating inside the helmet. You can remove this so you can wash it after use. And you can reattach this liner back using a secure hook and loop tape.

The Sweatsaver liner feature is not just about wicking moisture but it also prevents smells and unwanted odor usually caused by dried sweat. Meanwhile, large vent holes are evenly distributed all over the helmet which improves sweat and moisture accumulation.

You also have a secure helmet and chin strap. This is adjustable and has a very easy yet secure design. Just lock the straps in place and you’ll be ready to safely skate or use your board.

There are mixed reviews regarding this Triple 8 skateboard helmet. Many users recommend this helmet because it is sturdy and can withstand crashes, bumps, and falls. Your head will be protected as you skate. Users also say that they liked this because its lightweight compared to other helmets that are too heavy to wear.

Some users admit that they find this helmet comfortable compared to helmets with thick liners. The Sweatsaver liner worked for most users saying that they were happy that they can remove it for washing. Because of this, they were able to avoid the smell of sweat and grime.

One of the most common issues that users have is the strap especially the end which connects to the chin strap. Some users complain about the fibers being noticeable and this happens after just a few days of use.

And going back to the advantages of the Triple 8 skateboard helmet, many loved it because they were able to select from several sizes. This helmet is available in six sizes extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large and double-x large.

Despite the flaws of this Triple 8 skateboard, we still agree that this is a good helmet to try. Therefore, we recommend this to people who would like to wear a skateboard helmet minus the smell and the grossness of sweat and dirt.


  • Sweatsaver liner prevents the smell
  • Sweatsaver liner removes sweat
  • Adjustable strap
  • Strong ABS shell
  • Available in different sizes


  • Strap not too strong

Punisher Skateboards Pro Series

(3rd Choice)

The Punisher Skateboards Pro Series is a certified skateboard helmet that was created for bikes, skateboards, and skates. Available in nine different juicy colors, this may be one of the most colorful skateboard helmets to wear. Take note that almost all the colors are neon colors which makes this easy to see even in the dark.

First of all, this skateboard helmet brand is certified and meets strict standards of quality and safety. It conforms to the ASTM F-1492 as well as the CPSC-1203 safety standards. It can protect your head from bumps and falls and is comfortable to wear anytime or even for a longer time.

The Punisher Skateboard comes with 13 vents, two at the front part of the helmet and more at the top and back. These vents ensure that the wearer is comfortable, sweat-free and will also keep odor at a minimum. The vents also help make the helmet more tolerable especially when you need to use it for longer hours (while biking, skateboarding, etc.).

The body of this helmet is an ABS shell that offers efficient protection on the head for extreme sports and activities. The ABS shell ensures that you are safe and secure and will survive falls and bumps. This shell is virtually indestructible.

Underneath the ABS shell is an EPS impact absorption liner, a layer of foam that will further protect your head from crashes, bumps, etc. It may look like a thin layer of foam but it offers better protection compared to other helmets which only has a sweat-wicking liner. There are three heat-sealed removable pads made of foam that will allow you to adjust it from small to large sizes.

The foam inserts are easy to use and install but some users find this a hassle. And because of this foam insert feature, this skateboard helmet does not come in different sizes. As instructed, you need to use three foam inserts for small head sizes and only one or none for larger head sizes.

The Punisher Skateboards Pro Series also comes with an easy turn-lock strap. This secures the helmet on your head and prevents unnecessary movements. You’ll be able to move effortlessly and safely in any sport when the straps are secured.

This skateboard helmet is sparkle metallic paint-coated and thus will never fade even when frequently used under the sun. The manufacturer claims that it is one of the highest quality paints and thus will last for a long time.

According to users, this skateboard helmet fits well due to its three-foam inserts. These users were children and adults and they had no complaints about fitting the inserts to wear the helmet comfortably. However, most users wished that the manufacturer could create helmets with varying sizes instead.

Another thing that users liked about the Punisher Pro Series is the metallic neon paint that sparkles when under the light. It works well especially during low lighting conditions for biking and skateboarding.

Meanwhile, some users found this helmet inefficient because the tightening mechanism broke after just weeks of use. It is not certain if this is due to failure of the helmet part or abuse of the user but definitely, this is something you must consider when choosing the best helmet. But aside from this, the Punisher Skateboards Pro Series is a good skateboard helmet to check out.


  • Strong ABS shell
  • Durable and comfortable liner
  • Adjustable strap
  • With a high-quality painted surface


  • Complaints with the tightening mechanism
  • Not available in different sizes

Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

This is another Triple Eight skateboard helmet, the Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet with moisture-wicking Sweatsaver lining. Being a Triple Eight helmet, this comes with an ABS shell that can withstand punishing uses. This tough shell can provide you with head protection from falls, bumps, and crashes on your bike or skateboard.

This helmet is Dual Certified by the U.S. CPSC Bike and the ASTM T-1492 Skate safety standards. You’ll be safe and secure with this durable helmet on your head. The manufacturer recommends this classic helmet for biking, skateboarding, riding your scooter, BMX, playing roller derby and also for commuting.

Under the hard shell is an EPS foam layer which adds protection. And under this layer is the Sweatsaver lining which reduces moisture, improves comfort as well. As mentioned before, the Sweatsaver lining may be removed and washed. You can wash this after every use of this helmet so you can eliminate smells and grime.

The Sweatsasver lining firmly attaches to the helmet using straps. You won’t find this falling off the helmet even if you wear this for a longer period. Finally, it has adjustable chin straps with a side-release buckle to make the helmet easy to wear and easy to remove once your ride ends. The straps are completely adjustable therefore you’ll get a good fit each time.

This Triple Eight skateboard helmet is available in different sizes. You can select from extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large helmet sizes. Triple Eight gives customers more value for your money because this comes with a 180-day warranty

Those who have used this Triple Eight recommend this helmet for its durability and safety. Most recall times when the helmet saved their lives. These users wore this helmet in different sports and activities and had mishaps unfortunately but they suffered no injuries on the head due to this helmet.

Some users recommend this helmet because of its classic design and cool colors. The colors are just too hard to resist! Even the straps come in different colors which adds to the fun of using this helmet.

When it comes to the disadvantages of using this skateboard helmet, most did not appreciate the sizes available saying that the small size is too small while the large and extra-large ones were just too big. This makes it very hard to choose the ideal size that will fit your head.

However, it seems that one can easily avoid problems with sizing if they only followed the helmet sizing guide. There are specific measurements for each size like 19.7 to 21.5 inches for extra-small and small sizes, 21.5 to 22.75 inches for size small to medium, and 22.75 to 24 inches for large and extra-large sizes.

Many users appreciate the 180-day warranty of the manufacturer because this adds value to their purchase. This is one of the reasons why some users prefer the Triple Eight over other skateboard helmet brands.

Overall, we recommend this Triple Eight skateboarding helmet despite its flaws. It has good features, tough design and different sizing options making it a good helmet to use. This might be the skateboard helmet that will fit your skateboarding or biking safety needs.


  • Available in cool colors
  • With a classic design
  • Available in different sizes
  • With Sweatsaver liner
  • Durable shell


  • Problems with sizing

Triple Eight Tony Hawk Signature Model THE Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

Skateboarding champ Tony Hawk collaborates with Triple Eight to create this Signature Model THE-certified helmet. This is designed for skateboarding but it may also be used for skating, biking, in-line skating, and other extreme activities.

This Tony Hawk edition skateboard helmet has an ABS shell that’s tough and very durable. Inside the shell is very strong, impact-absorbing EPS foam that will absorb shock and reduce unnecessary movement.

It comes with moisture-wicking liner Sweatsaver which will absorb moisture and keep the scalp and hair dry. As mentioned before, the Sweatsaver liner is a removable piece of absorbent fabric that can absorb sweat and moisture and afterward, may be removed and washed. It connects to the helmet with secure straps to prevent this from falling out the helmet.

An advantage of the Sweatsaver liner is it can prevent ugly smells from developing inside the helmet. Bad odors are caused by bacteria that can remain in the liner. Washing the Sweatsaver liner regularly keeps your helmet smelling fresh and clean.

This helmet comes in a variety of sizes: extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large sizes are available. The straps are adjustable, will fit most users and has a strap buckle that can be removed easily and secured easily as well. The straps are made from very durable material which can withstand frequent use. This exclusive edition helmet comes with a 180-day warranty so you’ll get more value out of your money.

When it comes to user reviews, this helmet has received high ratings from users. Most agreed that it is a tough helmet because it is made from high-quality materials. It has a thick foam lining that further protects the head. Some say that it sits high on the head because of this foam lining but still most think that this fits well compared to other helmets.

Some users prefer this helmet because it’s recommended by Tony Hawk. They say that if a skateboard helmet is recommended by a famous athlete skateboarder then this might be one of the best products yet. Take note that not only is this popular for Tony Hawk fans but also for people who are not following Hawk as well.

Those who are new to using this kind of helmet say that the sizing is incorrect. Some say that the smallest size is too small while the largest size is too large. But just like the previous helmet, this may be easily remedied by measuring your head for the perfect fit. To be able to get the best-fitting helmet, it’s best to have your head measured according to Triple Eight’s standard measuring guide. Never just rely on the basic sizing guide.

But despite this flaw, we still think that the Tony Hawk and Triple Eight collaboration skateboard helmet should be checked out. We recommend this to people who want more protection and safety when indulging in extreme sports and activities.

This is also for Tony Hawk fans. If you love the champion skateboarder and follow his career, then you should try out his helmet creation.


  • Recommended by experts
  • Durable liner
  • Strong shell
  • Adjustable straps
  • Good fit


  • Not available in other colors

Buying Guide/Value Section

What do you look for when buying a skateboard helmet?

Look for the following important features when buying the best skateboard helmet!

Choose safety and industry certified skateboard helmets

One of the most important things to take note of is safety. Manufacturers of high-quality skateboard helmets certify their products under strict safety and quality guidelines. Safe and high-quality helmets are CPSC certified as safe for bike riders while the ASTM T-1492 guarantees that the helmet is safe for skateboard use.

You can easily find these certifications from the manufacturer’s website or the product site online. Certification stickers are also found inside the helmet and you can read when it was certified and what group has provided certification.

And if the product is not certified then you might as well shop for another skateboard helmet. Take note that certifications are not mere numbers or letters but guarantees that the product is safe to use and is made with the highest quality.

The material used to make the skateboard helmet

A large number of skateboard helmets come with an ABS shell. This is the most preferred because this is a strong and durable material and will last for a long time. ABS shell can resist bumps, scratches, and marks due to pressure or temperature extremes. Also, ABS is a cheaper material this is why more helmets are made from it.

Never buy a helmet made from plastic. Even if the manufacturer states that their products are made from hard plastic, this is not reliable. Although these helmets are more affordable than ABS shell-type helmets, these won’t last. Your head won’t be protected therefore, there’s no use wearing this kind of helmet.

Also, parents beware. Most kids’ helmets for bicycles, skateboards and roller skates are made from cheap hard plastic. This won’t do. Kids are more likely to meet an accident than a novice adult user. Kids may also ride their bikes and skateboards unsupervised and this can also lead to accidents. As soon as your child gets his first bike or skateboard, use an ABS shell-type helmet to provide the best protection.

The ventilation features of the helmet

The most common way to add ventilation inside a skateboard helmet is to have vents. The more vents are the better. As you can see, the helmets we have featured on our list have minimum 11 vents (two vents at the front and nine vents on top) while some helmets may have up to 13 vents (additional two vents at the back).

Vents provide improved ventilation inside the helmet plus prevent strong odor and sweat. Therefore, pick a helmet with more vents than a solid one.

Any additional inserts for improved protection

The most common material used as inserts in skateboard helmets is Styrofoam. This layer cushions your head in case of bumps and falls. This layer will also ensure that the helmet fits well and will not have unnecessary movements.

Some helmets use inserts to adjust the head size. Although this is an efficient method, some users prefer helmets with varying sizes to get the most appropriate size.

Sweat and moisture-wicking

Most high-quality skateboards come with moisture-wicking material to prevent moisture and sweat accumulation. This is a very good feature so as much as possible, this should be in the helmet you want to buy.

Sweatsaver liners are removable moisture-wicking liners that can be removed, washed and reattached. This kind of liner can prevent strong smells and usually, this is attached using a strap so this won’t fall off when the skateboard helmet is in use.

Adjustable straps

An adjustable strap made of nylon is the most common type of strap used to attach helmets. A good helmet has adjustable straps, easy to secure and remove the buckle and must have an adjustable knob at the back (or any kind of adjustment component).

The straps must not be too thick which can scrape the skin and it must not be too thin to easily break off. Some straps are soft while some are very hard. Every wearer has his preference and there are several helmets that you can choose from.

Where to buy the best helmet for skateboarding?

Skateboard helmets are usually multi-purpose helmets which may be used for different extreme sports and activities. You can buy this kind of helmet from sporting goods shops and also from online shopping sites like Amazon and local skateboarding accessories supplies shops.

High-quality skateboard helmets are usually very expensive ($60 to $75 or even higher) These helmets come with the most updated features and made from only the best materials. From moisture-wicking liners to high-impact layers, newer and better features are now available.

But if you have a limited budget, a more affordable style, and brand may be purchased ($30 to $40). These skateboard helmets are made from less-expensive yet durable materials and may not have the most updated features.  There’s nothing wrong with using an affordable skateboard helmet but when it comes to safety, you must invest in the best quality as much as possible.


Of the five skateboard helmets in our list, we find the Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet the best. There are many reasons why this helmet is the top of the list and one of these is its high-impact protection feature which has received ASTM F1492 certification.

The Pro-Tec Classic is made from durable ABS shell,  several air vents to reduce moisture and sweat, adjustable straps and secure buckle so the helmet stays on your head and to avoid unnecessary movements.

This skateboard helmet has an EPS liner which is present in only a few helmet models. This lacks a moisture-wicking liner but despite this, the large vents help enhance ventilation. And when it comes to style, the Pro-Tec Classic claims the throne with 13 different colors and different strap color combinations. This is why it’s a favorite among stylish skateboard riders.

Compared to most skateboarding helmets, the Pro-Tec is more comfortable due to its compression-molded pads. And despite some flaws, we recommend the Pro-Tec Classic. We think that it is worth checking out especially when you’re looking for a durable, strong, stylish, and safe skateboarding helmet.