Best Anchor for Paddleboards in 2021 – A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

There is nothing more refreshing than being engaged in your favorite water sport, just relaxing on the water, exploring new areas and paddling around, accepting new challenges, and enjoying a good and intense workout. While all of these are worth your time, there will always be that time when you just wish to stay in a single place and you are out on the board, particularly if you do paddleboard yoga or just swimming. This is where an anchor for paddleboards comes in. 

An anchor is designed to keep your board secured in place, allowing you to practice those yoga poses, take photos, or just enjoy the entire experience without the need to worry about being carried off into the sea. There are several styles and types of anchors that you can choose from, with these anchors being designed to allow you to easily and quickly drop anchor, securing your board and intensify the entire experience. This review will highlight the best anchor for paddleboards out there. Take a pick and take your paddleboarding experience a notch up!

Gradient Fitness Marine Anchor – Foldable, Compact Design

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 12” x 3” (folded)
  • Color: Green 
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs.
  • Material Used: PVC flotation buoy

Product Specifications

  • Foldable and Compact Design

This anchor comes with a weight of 3.5 pounds, in a foldable and compact design. As such, it is an anchor that is very easy to transport. It can be folded to a size of 12 x 3 inches, easily fitting inside your storage bag. It is also padded heavily, designed to protect the board surface. 

  • Rust Resistant Materials

This anchor is made out of rust-resistant materials. It also features 25 feet of marine-quality rope which is designed to prevent rot and growth of mold. The rope also comes with a size of 7 millimeters thickness. 

  • Built-In Floatation Buoy

The built-in floatation buoy that comes along with this anchor is made out of PVC. At the same time, the hooks are constructed using stainless steel which allows for easier and faster connections on the terrain that surrounds them. As such, this anchor is ideal for fishing, SUP yoga, and others. The color is also a bonus, as it is easily visible on the water surface.

  • Easy to Store

This anchor is also easy to store. It comes with a padded drawstring storage bag that is ideal for people who love outdoor activities, and those who are always on the go. The design of this anchor is convenient and compact for easy transport. 


  • Foldable design
  • Marine-grade quality
  • Designed for outdoor activities
  • Easy to store  


  • Not ideal for saltwater use

Skog Å Kust SandSåk – Best Anchor and Dry Bag Combo

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 20L
  • Color: Green and Yellow
  • Weight: ~
  • Material Used: PVC

Product Specifications

  • Multi-Purpose Use

This complete package is a smartly designed set that can be used as personal watercraft and can be used for activities that involve the use of rafts, kayaks, floats, and of course, paddleboards. It can also serve as a 20-liter waterproof dry bag where you can keep your clothes, personal stuff, and devices dry and safe. 

  • Buoy and Rope Included

This set also comes with a 12-inch long braided floating rope. It also features 2 pieces of 316 clips made of stainless steel. A buoy is also included to complete the package. This means that you have everything that you need for that ideal paddleboarding experience. 

  • Heavy Duty Construction

This anchor set is made out of heavy-duty 500D PVC with HF welded seams for overall quality, d-rings, UTX clips, and a convenient-to-use bottom strap that allows for easy and fast emptying. 

  • Visible Design

The manufacturer of this package uses customized and highly visible green and yellow colors. This enables these pieces to stand out and be seen easily, even in darker environments while paddleboarding. 

  • Functional and Durable

This sand anchor and dry bag package are constructed out of durable and strong 500D PVC. The use of these materials makes them durable and functional, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking at using something that will remain useful for all-weather conditions. The goal of the manufacturer is to come up with a simple, unique, yet very functional gear. 


  • Designed for saltwater and freshwater
  • Can double up as a dry bag
  • Made of 500D PVC material  


  • Not for rocky bottoms

BeGrit Small Boat Anchor Kit – Best Small Boat Anchor

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 7” x 1.77” x 1.77”
  • Color: Stainless steel + orange tow rope
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Material Used: Carbon steel galvanized material

Product Specifications

  • Sturdy Material

This anchor kit is made of sturdy material, giving the assurance that it can last a long time. It is also ideal for smaller boats, being an anchor that comes with a size of 7” x 1.77” x 1.77” when it is closed. With a weight of only 1.5 lbs., or 0.7kg, it is very easy to carry around. The durability of this anchor kit is made possible by the use of carbon steel galvanized material which does not rust easily. 

  • Ideal for Various Environments

With the anchor kit’s 4 fluke grapple design, it becomes ideal for different types of environments, including weedy, sandy, or rocky bottoms. It is also a preferred option by boat types that are often used in these environments, including kayaks, boats, dinghy, canoes, paddleboards, and others. 

  • Easy to Use

The anchor kit is very easy to use. All you need to do is to lift the collar of the grappling anchor, folding the four flukes, and sliding the collar back down to lock it right into place. You can also use as much rope as needed to produce the best drag horizontally on the bottom surface of rivers, ponds, oceans, or lakes. The kit is complete with the accessories needed. It includes a grapnel anchor, a buoy ball, tow rope, and a storage bag.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Long-lasting durability  
  • Carbon steel galvanized material


  • Not ideal for bigger boats

Extreme Max 3006.6714 Mushroom Anchor Kit -Best Mushroom Anchor Kit

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size:  8 x 8 x 6.5 lbs. 
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs.
  • Material Used:

Product Specifications

  • Effective Design

This mushroom anchor kit is ideal for securing boats up to 10 feet in length. This includes inflatables, canoes, skiffs, as well as other smaller boats. It is also ideal for use on protected inland waters with silt, mud, or even weedy bottom surfaces. The kit comes with everything that you need in these rides, including an 8-lb., mushroom anchor, marker buoy, and a 25’ anchor line. 

  • Durable Material 

This anchor is constructed using durable vinyl coating which protects both the boat and the anchor. As such, there is no need to worry about the overall durability of this kit, as it is designed with longevity in mind, allowing you to enjoy a lot of time doing your favorite water activity.

  • Ideal Use

This anchor kit is ideal for use in protected inland waters, especially those that feature weedy, silt, or muddy bottom surfaces. The buoys are also an amazing addition as they are easy to see where the anchor is. 


  • Durable marine-grade foam buoy
  • Storage bag included
  • Ideal for different bottom surfaces  


  • Short rope length

Obcursco PWC Anchor – Best Multi-Purpose Use

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 20 L
  • Color: Yellow bag with green rope
  • Weight: 1.68 
  • Material Used: High-density PE material 

Product Specifications

  • Multipurpose Use

This kit features a portable design for its anchor, which serves its purpose of use. At the same time, the 20-liter dry bag can also be used storage to ensure that your stuff remains dry. The set also includes a detached anchor rope that also goes into the dry bag. 

  • Easy and Smart Design

The design of this set is easy to understand. You only have to fill sand into this durable and quality 500D-PVC dry bag. To turn it into an anchor, it just needs to be rolled up to do its job. 

  • Extra Accessories

Among other accessories that are included in this set are a highly visible connection line and a marker buoy. The colors make these items visible, featuring a green and yellow combination. The rope is 12 inches long, and a buoy design that is hassle-free to locate.

It also features a durable connection rope, which is made out of high-density PE material for the anchor rope that offers a maximum weight capacity of 2200 lbs. tension. This capacity is enough to carry the anchor while perfectly stabilizing your boat. 

  • Convenient Design for the Empty Sand Strap

The use of a convenient empty sand strap design in this set is also a bonus, featuring a convenient bottom strap that can easily and quickly empty the sand that is inside the dry bag. Overall, this 2-in-1 dry bag and anchor serve their use. It is lightweight, easy to store, and very convenient to use. 


  • 500D PVC Waterproof
  • 2-in-1 Products
  • Durable and Strong   


  • Requires work to fill up the bag

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Anchor for Paddleboards

Getting the best anchor for paddleboards can turn out to be a challenging task if you consider yourself a newbie to SUP. This is particularly true if you are not sure of the location where you want to paddle or if you opt to use your SUP for other reasons aside from recreational tours. To make a wise choice, several factors need to be taken into consideration. Here are some of them:

Materials Used

Most anchors are made of similar types of materials, typically including galvanized steel which does a huge thing in preventing rust. The anchor clips need to be made out of stainless steel to ensure stronger connectivity. A marine rope that is made out of nylon makes sure that the rope will not break in or fray even in tough water conditions. At the same time, it also does a great job in preventing mold and rot growth.


A four-prong anchor is named as such because it looks like a four-prong fish hook. In terms of type, it is considered as an option that offers the best versatility. The prongs dig into the ground, securing your board more effectively in different bottom terrains. 

Design of the Anchor

A lot of people love to spend a lot of time on the water, simply paddling around and enjoying the signs. However, without an anchor, there might be some limitations with the things that you can do, and the locations you can go, particularly if you love paddling around on fast bodies of water. If you do not want to be surprised with a current swoop, having an anchor can turn out to be the best solution for you. 

An anchor is designed to keep your board secured in place, preventing it from possibly floating away. You may find yourself in situations where you want to engage in activities on land or water. You no doubt would not want your board escaping away as you try to enjoy your time. These anchors will also help you have more freedom to explore your surroundings even better. 

Purpose of Use

An anchor is easy to use. Most anchors are wound around nylon ropes that extend to a specific depth. Determining the approximate depth of water is valuable as this will allow you to make sure of the right rope length depending on the application. A rope length of about 20 to 30 feet is typically sufficient. 

When it comes to an anchor’s purpose of use, there is a need to ensure that the hooks are ready for use even before attempting to drop them in water. In case you observe that the board continues to drift, there may be a need to reposition the anchor. Some designs do not come in a hook base, such as those of an anchor bag. Make sure that they can be altered with ease. 


Taking into consideration the shape of an anchor is also important. This is based on the bottom of the surface. For example, if you love boarding in rocky areas, you may want to have an anchor that comes with huge hooks that easily latch on the surrounding rocks. 


As a general rule, a heavier anchor assures that your board will not go anywhere and will stay in place. As such, it is important to choose the weight of your anchor according to the paddleboard size, and the amount of gear that you are planning to bring. This is because the more you carry, the heavier your anchor needs to be. 

Other factors that you need to consider are the weight limit of the board, taking into consideration your weight, the weight of the board, the weight of the gear, and the actual weight of the anchor. 


1. Can you anchor a paddleboard?

Anchoring a paddleboard is quite simple. It is often recommended to ask a carabiner to hook the rope of an anchor to the back of the board. Among the things that you need to take into consideration include the area where you want to anchor, the wind direction, and the current. 

2. How heavy of an anchor do you need for a paddleboard?

A general rule of thumb is to use a half-pound anchor for every 100 pounds of weight. This means that a 3-to-10-pound anchor is enough to anchor a paddleboard effectively.

3. What is a corkscrew style of paddleboard anchor?

The corkscrew style of paddleboard anchor poses some limitations because it cannot be used effectively in deeper waters. It needs to be screwed in the sand, enabling you to secure the anchor towards the shoreline. This only means that you will not be able to drop the anchor easily when you are in deeper waters. 


As you may have observed from this guide, the options available are designed for specific board weights, terrain types, and even water conditions. Some are more durable and powerful than others, and others are more capable of handling different water conditions. Some models are ideal for securing your board in shallow waters. 

If you are not yet sure of the type of anchor that will best suit your board or the specific features that you need to look for, the guide above on the best anchor for paddleboards will help you reach a wise purchasing decision. Take some time to check the features out, and choose the best one that will meet your specific requirements.