5 Best Electric Skateboard Review 2021

Just imagine the feeling of freedom and pure excitement with an adrenaline rush while you’re skateboarding. Take your skateboarding hobby to the next level by investing in a good-quality electric skateboard! Check out these five best electric skateboards in the market today!

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for the Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H5 37 inches Electric Skateboard It is the thinnest electric skateboard among the best skateboards today. This electric skateboard is made up of Canadian maple and fiberglass that offers a medium flex for a smooth ride. (View Price at Amazon)

WOWGO 2S (38 inches) Electric Skateboard  The most important features are rooted in the deeply optimized algorithm, making its acceleration and braking more powerful than traditional skateboards and other brands of electric skateboards. (View Price at Amazon)

Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard This electric skateboard is made up of a winning combination of portability and power, wherein the boosted board is designed from the ground. It helps improve your urban transportation experience with a high and extended range. (View Price at Amazon)

Comprehensive Review & Comparison of the Best Electric Skateboard

  • Thinnest skateboard

  • Well-designed

  • High-quality electric skateboard

  • Improved battery

  • Powerful brake

  • Solid construction

  • Great for beginners

  • Wide wheels for stability and balance

  • Very flexible and easy to use

  • Incredible acceleration

  • Easy to grip remote

  • Great range

  • Durable construction

  • Fast speed

  • Intuitive controller

  • Great tail lights safety feature

Teamgee H5 37 inches Electric Skateboard

In the past, electric skateboards were bulky. That’s why electric skateboard reviews were poor and didn’t receive much attention from tech enthusiasts. But electric skateboards today are lightweight, more fun, and high performing, like the super thin and lightweight Teamgee H5 37 inches Electric Skateboard.

The Teamgee H5 37 inches Electric Skateboard measures 37 inches longboard and 8.7 inches wide and weighs 14.5 pounds. It can hold a maximum load of 200 pounds. This Teamgee electric longboard is the best choice you can find in the category of choosing the best electric skateboard.

This electric board has a sleek design. The battery is designed into the deck that looks like a regular longboard. It is made up of solid materials, so can enjoy the excellent performance with low center gravity and versatility. This board is powered by high performance 380 x2 motors, giving a range of 9 to 11 miles with a top speed of 22 mph.

This electric skateboard is made up of 10-ply Canadian maple with a combination of 1-ply fiberglass that offers a medium flex for a smooth ride. It also includes wireless remote control with an LCD screen in which it provides data when you’re changing your speed and directions and even revising.

This Teamgee H5 skateboard can blow your mind with its 15-millimeter ultra-thin deck, so you feel like using a traditional skateboard without the bulky feel because it only weighs 14.6 pounds. It isn’t surprising and exciting for many people who are looking for a lightweight electric board. The Teamgee is one of the electric skateboards that first to use a drop through the deck on an electric skateboard.

The deck measures 15 to 20 millimeters that lower to the ground than most of the skateboards out there in which it promotes a more stable and confident riding experience. The concave deck makes the turning effortless and comfortable. The bushing makes the electric skateboard super agile when you are making a sharp turn.

This skateboard comes with a durable and high-speed motor that has 760W dual motor equipment that can quickly reach the total speed of 22MPH in the fast mode. After starting it up, experience the high-speed rotation of the motor bringing a speedy experience.

I like the hidden battery feature in which the battery is hidden inside the board. I love it because it makes the visible board thinner, making it look like a traditional skateboard. At the same time, this board also uses electric energy for a high-quality experience while you are riding, bringing you so much fun and easy transporting. Now I can have the best skateboard that comes with many features. I like the high-quality performance on every ride, making me look cool in the neighborhood.


  • Thinnest skateboard
  • Well-designed
  • High-quality electric skateboard


  • Doesn’t go far on a fast mode

WOWGO 2S (38 inches) Electric Skateboard

WOWGO 2S (38 inches) Electric Skateboard is made up of solid construction materials. It is built from the highest quality premium bamboo for a more flexible and smooth ride as compared to a traditional skateboard. It loads up to 280 pounds. The WOWGO 2s has a better ESC, which is responsible for water resistance, so expect a long-lasting electric skateboard even when you’re caught in the rain.

It brakes and accelerates smoother in hills, and the braking power gradually accumulates when the rider pulls the wheel. Experience the best feeling when you are controlling the acceleration and the brake, giving you the freedom to do your tricks and stunts.

This electric skateboard has a battery indicator, speed indicator, and wireless LCD screen which acts as a remote. Now you have a better and more optimal control than traditional skateboards. Optimum skateboard control is now easier than ever, thanks to the innovative features of modern electric skateboards today.

When it comes to power while riding, you do not have to worry about running out of charge or power because this skateboard performs really well. It has a 2s electric board that has an improved battery. The battery itself and ESC are reliable, and the materials used for the enclosure are very durable with improved heat dissipation,  which is the most important for the mainboard control.

In that way, you don’t have to deal with any crack problem that usually happens in cheap plastic enclosures. It means having an electric skateboard that you can use for many years with high performance, unmatched durability, and reliability, making it one of the best skateboards in the market today.

It comes with an upgraded ESC, which is the most stable mainboard for the electric skateboard. All of the PCB electronic components are covered up and protected by a special solid glue which prevents from any damage sometimes caused by water and shocks. You can now enjoy riding with so much fun without struggling with anything else. It’s so easy to link up and to use. It will give you such a great experience anywhere you want to perform your favorite hobby.

The most important features of the WOWGO 2S (38 inches) Electric Skateboard are rooted in the deeply optimized algorithm, making its acceleration and braking more powerful and smoother than other brands out there. It has a remote feature to show you the riding mode. In that way, you’ll know if it is clear, which allows you to press the power button to access remote and check the current mode from the LED battery indicator display.

Make your ride with so much fun and exciting with exciting features of WOWGO 2S (38 inches) Electric Skateboard.  Create wonderful skateboard experiences using the best skateboard that comes with many features. It’s a perfect gift for your teenager or brother too. Enjoy every time you use it, making the best option for those who want a great skateboard that is best suited to your riding skill.


  • Improved battery
  • Powerful brake
  • Solid construction
  • Great for beginners


  • Slows down on moderate hills

Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard

The Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard is made up of a winning combination of portability and power, wherein the boosted board is designed from the ground. It helps improve your urban transportation experience with high and extended range.

You can now get around incredible speed with so much ease on the most premium and powerful electric skateboard. It is equipped with a standard range battery that can extend within 6 to 7 miles in total capacity. It’s not that hard and heavy to carry because it is light enough to transport anywhere you go and powerful enough to ride all you want.

The Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard comes with 25% hill-climbing-grade that can ride up to 22 mph top speed. It means faster ride and more excellent performance than a traditional high-end skateboard or cheap electric skateboard. It has 2000 watts of power for extra traction grip tape for ultimate skateboarding performance.

If ‘you’re looking for a powerful ride with smooth and powerful braking, the Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard is perfect for you, providing you fantastic riding experience. You can climb in a high mountain or hills without making a sweat to come over. Take full control with the brakes so you can manage the speed downhill or even stop on a dime. This skateboard allows you to accelerate and to reach exhilarating top speeds, all while maintaining perfect control.

This skateboard gives you the freedom to choose your range. You can choose between the travel-friendly standard battery that ranges up to 6 to 7 miles in total capacity or the extended battery with a range of 12 miles. The extended range is perfect if you want to travel longer distances, thus making an epic ride. Now you can do a lot more tricks and travel a longer distance for an ultimate skateboarding experience.

Skateboarding on a regular board will give you so much fun. It is more fun than choosing non-electric skateboards because you don’t need to consume your time kicking to accelerate like a motorcycle or drag your feet to stop. Now you can enjoy skateboarding using this board because it is high in quality and it comes with useful features, allowing you to ride in busy places while enjoying looking at the beautiful scenery and without worrying about the heavy traffic.

The Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard is well-designed from the ground up, which improves your city transportation experience. You can move through traffic or even fly by public transit and never to worry about waiting for a cab to arrive. With this electric skateboard, you can forget looking for a parking spot.

I love the wide wheels, giving me the balance and stability I need to do tricks and stunts. I use my Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard for transportation since our campus is only a kilometer far from my apartment. ‘I’m enjoying my university life with my best electric skateboard buddy!


  • Wide wheels for stability and balance
  • Very flexible and easy to use
  • Incredible acceleration


  • Quite noisy

BLITZART Huracane 38 inches Electric Skateboard

The BLITZART Huracane 38 inches Electric Skateboard is made with high-quality maple wood and bamboo. It has a beautiful design suitable for every rider.  On this longboard cruiser, you can reach a maximum speed of 7 MPH in total capacity, and it has a range of 6 to 8 miles if it is fully charged.

This electric skateboard has a high speed, which allows you to fly down with confidence and style. It has an intuitive remote control too. The ergonomic wireless remote controller is comfortable and easy to grip, even when accelerating or slowing down. This board has an ergonomic wrist strap which prevents it from dropping.

Charging time is about three hours. This electric skateboard is categorized into two modes, namely the beginner mode and the advanced skater. It also has a reverse capability wherein you can reverse the skateboard every time you’re stuck with something.

The 7-ply maple wood and 2-layers of a bamboo deck can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds. The 350 Motor comes with regenerative braking. When it comes to hub motor vs. belt drive, both motors are reliable. The hub motors provide an aesthetically pleasing look to the skateboards all over design.

This electric skateboard can be kicked like the traditional board, which makes it easier to use no matter where you take it. When it comes to the specifications and the quality of this Huracane board, the range and the speed of this board reach 17 MPH and can travel up to 10 miles. It is equipped with a secured 36V and 4.4 Ah Lithium-Ion battery. Fully charge the battery in 2.5 hours.

I love this skateboard because it can reach 17 MPH and I can ride 20 to 30 minutes in a full charge. I’m 220 pounds, so this is perfect for me as it holds at least 250 pounds. The genius combination of 7-ply maple and 2-ply bamboo makes the BLITZART Huracane 38 inches Electric Skateboard its best quality feature of this board.

I’m proud of riding in this skateboard, making the best moments of my life. I feel free, and I can ride even in a busy and populated city without worrying about the heavy traffic. This skateboard can be as fast as you want. I enjoy riding using this electric skateboard without any hassle.


  • Easy to grip remote
  • Great range
  • Durable construction


  • Loose battery nuts

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

The SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard measures 39 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches and weighs 19.5 pounds. This skateboard is very versatile in cruising or climbing wherein the board can cruise up to 18.6 miles with a full charge. It has dual motors that run with a speed total of 25 mph.

You’ll be amazed at its performance because it is strong enough to climb for at least 25-degree steep hill. This electric skateboard comes with durable construction. It promotes balance and stability wherein the longboard is made up of 8 layers of Northeast maple. It is durable enough to support the weight of up to 280 pounds.

The wheel of this skateboard measures 90 millimeters with 38 x 9.4 x 5.5 inches deck, providing a smooth and stable skate traveling. It comes with tail lights for safety, wherein this skateboard is empowered with two red warning taillights to ensure the safest ride while riding through dark streets.

The tail lights continually blink to warn any vehicle that is coming behind your back when you are holding the brake. It also comes with a wireless remote controller for you to easily control the speed mode and brake. Also, use the remote to monitor the battery capacity to know when you need to charge your battery.

In choosing the best skateboard, the Skatebolt offers two types of ride mode, the normal mode, and the sports mode. The SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard is the best choice of novice electric skateboard lovers because of its top speed. The mild speed is 13.75 miles/h.

The normal mode can take you on even in heavy traffic on the road, while the sports mode enables you to take the fastest speed total of 25 miles/h like you are skating on a bolt of lightning for faster transporting. This skateboard comes with 25 mph top speed while 18.6 miles is the maximum distance you can travel in a full charge.

I feel comfortable and steady when I’m riding on this Skatebolt electric skateboard. Now I can get around with the unbelievable speed of Skatebolt with its fastest speed.


  • Fast speed
  • Intuitive controller
  • Great tail lights safety feature


  • Heavy

Buying Guide When Choosing the Best Electric Skateboard for You

When shopping the best skateboard, you have to consider checking the features, specifications, and important technologies that best suit your needs and preferences.

Is the Electric Skateboard Waterproof?

You need a waterproof electric skateboard because rain is unpredictable. The last thing you want to happen is going through an unexpected puddle or being caught in the rain with your new electric skateboard. That’s why it’s crucial to check this feature before shopping any electric skateboard. Many electric skateboards don’t come with sealed enclosures, so the components inside are not protected.

Here are the other reasons why you need to get a waterproof electric skateboard:

Water and electronics do not mix, so it makes sense buying a waterproof electric skateboard.

Skateboard bearings also don’t like being wet because water and moisture can affect the performance of a skateboard.

Water exposure can ruin the skateboard’s pulley drive trains and belt. The teeth get a bit clogged up with grit and dirt when skateboarding over wet surfaces, which reduces the amount of torque transferred to the wheels noticeable during braking.

Your belts have shorter life expectancy when the teeth are clogged.

Note: It’s better to buy a hub or direct drive motor electric skateboard if you want a maintenance-free skateboard or you plan to ride even in harsh conditions. Hub motors of some electric skateboard are entirely sealed, which makes them waterproof.

Does the Electric Skateboard Come With a Comprehensive Warranty?

While skateboards have a tough life, they are regularly exposed to different terrain, moving at high speeds. That’s why wear and tear happen pretty quickly. Even your electric skateboard is well-built, there’s always a chance it can break down.

Because of the complex electric components of electric skateboards, they are more prone to breaking down as compared to traditional skateboards. That’s why you have to read the fine print of your electric skateboard’s warranty to know what exactly is covered. A 6-month warranty might mean that the company has low confidence in product durability.

You should know if any repairs will void the warranty, or if the company will send the parts. Ask the manufacturer or the seller how the return process works, and if you need to pay for the shipping, or if it is free. That’s why always check for the warranty to ensure you’re covered.

What Is the Battery Capacity and Technology Used?

The bigger the battery, the more power it can store, so you can ride further on one charge. Make sure that the battery of your skateboard is made with premium cells. Do your research to make sure that the battery can deliver the skateboarding performance you desire. Confirm with the manufacturer that it’s made of quality high-output cells.

An excellent electric skateboard battery offers close to one hour ride time and a range of 20 miles or more. Electric skateboards usually use around 10 to 15 watt-hours per kilometer. If you’re big and heavyweight, choose an electric skateboard with a bigger battery, over 300wh, because the taller you are, the more wind you need to resist and displace when you accelerate.

Larger batteries are more cost-effective because of their longer lifespan. Smaller packs have a shorter life span and always need to fully recharge. When you love traveling with your skateboard, most airlines have battery size restrictions, limiting you to carry the only 99wh.

How Do I Gauge the Performance of the Best Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards are perfect if you want to roll uphill or climb hills. You have to consider the incline percentage and your weight. Of course, you don’t want to end up wasting your money in trial and error.

Here are some tips to determine the performance of an electric skateboard:

Find some online videos, like YouTube, that clearly show the electric skateboard carrying a human load while climbing up a steep hill.

It pays off knowing the basics of electrical theory, mechanics, and physics. Both electrical and mechanical attributes determine the performance of an electric skateboard.

The current and voltage are extremely important. You can compare the power of two best electric skateboards by the wattage rating, which is Voltage X Current = Total Watts, and the higher the watts of the skateboard, the better.

While you can install a larger-diameter wheel to make your electric skateboard go faster, it will directly impact your climbing performance because of less mechanical torque output. That’s why the only way to keep a higher top speed and maintain the same torque is to feed the motors more power with more current. But this isn’t something you can do at home because modifying the voltage can permanently damage your skateboard.

Performance is subjective. The best electric skateboard for you is one that can meet your expectations. That’s why you need to research and think about it before buying one. In urban places, a max of 28mph is a sweet spot, if you are presented with clear and open space.

An electric skateboard that travels faster than 28mph tends to chew through the battery very quickly. It will render your electric skateboard inefficient with a shorter life span on parts. High-performing electric skateboards have large, powerful motors, large capacity and high voltage battery with premium cells, and electronics that high throughput current.

Electric Skateboard Care Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance of your electric skateboard is important to increase its lifespan and quality of the components. Make it a habit to clean and check your electric skateboard after using it. Use a slightly damp cloth to clean your electric skateboard. It prevents any dirt or water from entering the electronic components of your skateboard. Make sure to wipe the board thoroughly with a dry cloth.

How to Maintain Skateboard Bearings

Maintain your skateboard bearings using a maintenance oil, specially developed for skateboard bearings to ensure that your bearings will last a long time. Make sure that no water will get into it because it will become defective and would need replacement. When the bearings of your skateboard are damaged by water, you’ll hear a scraping noise from the bearings of the wheels.

How To Preserve the Lifespan of a Skateboard Battery

Make sure to connect the charger first to your electric skateboard before you plug it into the electrical wall socket. Only unplug the charger once the skateboard battery is fully charged. Charge your battery once a month even if you don’t use your electric skateboard for a while.

How to Care for the Wheels and Motor

Make sure that no water will get into the motor or engine while cleaning the wheels of your skateboard. It’s also essential to prevent sand and stones from entering the motor. Replace the wheels when it’s less than 5mm thick. Always keep the tire pressure between 35 psi and 50 psi.

How to Adjust the Bolts and Screws of a Skateboard

It’s essential to adjust your skateboard’s bolts and screws regularly. Because of a lot of vibrations released while driving, this maintenance step is crucial. You can tighten and adjust bolts and screws using a T-tool.

Electric Skateboard Safety Tips

  1. While electric skateboards are fun to ride, they’re also fast, thus requiring extra caution even if you’re skateboarding in areas where there are no vehicles or other road users. Check these safety measures to ensure a safe ride every time you use your electric skateboard.
  2. Wear a helmet at all times. A helmet is your head protection, so make sure to wear it on every ride, even if you’re “just crossing the street.” Make no excuses.
  3. Regular electric skateboard maintenance is a must. Before skateboarding, make sure to check the brake function to ensure it works. After a few kilometers of riding, use a T-Tool to tighten up the wheels.
  4. Wear other protective gear like gloves, elbow pads, wrist pads, and knee pads, most especially if you’re a novice or you prefer to ride at extreme speeds. Wear full-length clothes and body armor, which also makes you even look cool!
  5. Make sure that you are being seen by using electric board lights. Putting a light on your helmet or wearing a reflectorized upper body gear is helpful when you’re riding at night. You can wear bright colored clothes. Wearing clothes with fluorescent colors or with retro-reflective strips also help.
  6. Always be cautious by slowing down when you see other vehicles or people passing by. Make sure to give everyone the right of way. Never ride when the streets are wet and don’t wear your earphones or headset while you are on your skateboard. You might not hear the horn of an approaching vehicle and other warning signs.
  7. Practice at home or in a safe road, and avoid riding beyond your skateboard skill level. Start to ride slowly to get used to the feeling, and then gradually increase speed as you learn the tricks.
  8. Always have a backup plan, most especially for the worst-case scenario. Bringing a first aid kit with you is a good idea, as well as a card showing the phone numbers of your parents. Also, make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage.
  9. Never let an inexperienced rider get on your board. If someone will borrow your electric skateboard, make sure that he is an experienced rider and make him wear a helmet.
  10. As much as possible, don’t let young children ride if you’re still a student, most especially those who are beginners, because they have poor balance. Don’t overestimate their skills because they’re not experienced with space-distance judgment and critical thinking. Also, children are less coordinated with slower reaction times. Make sure to supervise children closely if they ride an electric skateboard. Never allow children to ride on roads and other dangerous places.


The Teamgee H5 37 inches Electric Skateboard is the winner or the best electric skateboard because of its lightweight and sleek design. The battery is designed into the deck that looks like a regular longboard. It is made up of solid materials, so can really enjoy high performance with low center gravity and versatility. This skateboard is also powered by high-performance motors, giving a range of 9 to 11 miles with a top speed of 22 mph, allowing you to move and glide with pure fun and excitement.