50 Best Skateboard Brands You Should Know

Whether your goal is to hit some skateboarding tricks or just want to use your skateboard for a smooth ride, then there is a perfect skateboard that will fit your preference. Thanks to the skateboard brands that keep on innovating to produce quality skateboards to satisfy skateboarders from around the world.

We have listed some of the best skateboard brands that are available right now so you don’t need to stumble from one place to another just to find them. This list will be updated as soon as we find new brands that deserve a spot here. All the brands mentioned here are listed in no particular order.

Girl Skateboards

Girl Skateboards is one of the skate brands offering boards with edgy designs and prints. Girl is distributed by Crailtap and is headquartered in Torrance, California, USA. Products made by Girl are available all over the world thanks to their large following online and also offline.

All boards made by Girl Skateboards offer the best quality and the latest style thanks to their top female skateboarders like Canadian pro skateboarder Breana Geering. Also part of the Girl team are Sean Malto, Andrew Brophy, and Cory Kennedy. And aside from the latest boards, Girl Skateboard also has skateboarding merchandise including shirts, socks, pullovers, caps, jackets, and shorts. Other skateboard companies don’t stand a chance with Girl Skateboards brand.

Santa Cruz Skateboards

Almost all skateboarders agree that boards from Santa Cruz Skateboards are of the best quality. This brand is known for its edgy, psychedelic designs as well as very durable boards and accessories. Santa Cruz offers complete decks or flight deck-only products, cruzer skateboards, wheelsets, and reissued boards. These boards are perfect for commuting, skate parks and on any surface.

One of the popular skateboard brands, Santa Cruz Skateboards are made for beginners and professionals alike. These are available in many shapes, sizes, and uses. Aside from edgy and colorful boards, this brand is also big on merchandise with shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, tees, sweatshirts, and more. You can shop for men’s wear or women’s wear depending on your preference. 

Element Skateboards

One of the standout skateboarding brands is Element Skateboards with hundreds of skateboard designs and styles to choose from. You can also purchase your skateboard accessories from Element; available are skateboard wheels, trucks, grip tapes, flat bars and rails, and many more. 

Element Skateboard, one of the best skateboard companies, excels in creative skateboard designs. You’ll love their different themes like their current Peanuts x Element Skateboards and Star Wars themes. And if you’re new to shopping for boards, Element has a convenient tool to help you find the right size and category. You can shop for skateboards, flight deck only, and skateboards from Element’s official site or from local skate shop retailers.

Baker Skateboards

Baker Skateboards was founded in 2000 by pro skateboarder Andrew Reynolds. This is a brand known in the skateboarding world for skateboards, decks, accessories, and skateboard wheels. Baker takes pride in its wide collection of boards including collections from Ty Segall, Toon Goons, and Fried. 

Baker is one of the go-to skateboarding brands for many popular skateboarders and pro riders because of its impressive skateboarding accessories collection. There are fashion accessories (belts, socks, backpacks and jewelry, mugs, license plate frames, flags, stickers, and much more. Needless to say, Baker is not just a skateboard brand but also a fashion and lifestyle company.

Creature Skateboards

Of all the skate brands, Creature Skateboards is the brand for high-quality, edgy skateboards, accessories, and apparel. This brand is known for its neon green and black themed boards plus updated designs season after season and year after year. Find the Creature skateboards that fits your size, skill level, and ideal shape from their large catalog.

Their fall 2021 collection is out with their Quickstrike boards and shirts. These products are available currently from their official Creature Skateboards site. This brand is more into skateboards and decks and lacks accessories such as wheels, grip tape, hardware, and trucks.  Meanwhile, Creature has stickers and slider rails to jazz up your board.  

Braille Skateboarding

Braille Skateboarding is an international skateboard brand and media company with millions of followers in various social media outlets. Braille’s mission is to help beginners get into skateboarding using the best skateboards, accessories, and video tutorials. 

One of the most popular skateboard brands, Braille offers skateboards and decks as well as accessories and parts such as the best skateboard truck brands, wheels, bearings, grip tapes, wax, and rails. You will fall for their creative deck designs including the Dreamer Series, I Heart collection, and Ninja Sword collection to name a few. Braille also offers skateboarding tools for easy, seamless adjustments and repair and protective gear. This brand is also behind the best skateboarding accessories including jackets, hoodies, socks, hats and beanies, shoes, backpacks, and women’s apparel.

Sector 9

Sector 9 is the best choice for top-quality skateboard decks as well as accessories like wheels, tools, trucks, and more. It is also the name for safety gear and skating apparel. You’ll find a wide variety of boards available at Sector 9: there are cruiser, carving, freeride, commuter, downhill, and park boards. You’ll surely find the right board that will match your needs. 

Compared to other skate brands, Sector 9 has unique high quality boards. There are complete bamboo boards, exotic wooden boards, maple boards, and more. Use the Sector 9 board selector to get the best results. Meanwhile, Sector 9 also offers clothing apparel for men including the best quality t-shirts, tees, and fleece shirts ideal for stylish street skateboarding or skateboarding events.


Powell-Peralta is a skateboard deck company based in the U.S. started in 1978 by George Powell and Stacy Peralta. It is one of the earliest skateboarding companies popular for its angsty designs and styles. Get your Powell-Peralta complete boards made from the best quality materials. If you want to build your board, you may also choose from different decks, wheels, and other accessories for all street skating boards.

Powell-Peralta also has accessories available for skateboarders including wallets, drinking glasses, pins, koozies, air fresheners, and many more. This company also has apparel such as hoodies, shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and sweatpants.   

Zero Skateboards 

Zero Skateboards is a California-based skateboard company created by pro skateboarder and businessman Jami Thomas in 1996. Zero Skateboards was a clothing company but started to venture into a skateboard brand. This brand’s skull trademark is found in almost all its decks, boards, accessories, and merchandise. You can choose from updated skull board designs with Zero’s Living Dead, Iron Maiden, and Brockman collections. 

One of the best skateboard brands, Zero’s large collection of skateboard apparel is unbelievably simple compared to their ruthless boards. You’ll find shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and pullovers in standard black, white, grey, red, and dark blue colors with either the Zero logo or their favorite skull image.  

Blind Skateboards

Founded in 1988, Blind is a prominent skateboarding company with decades of providing the best boards and accessories for all types of riders. Blind Skateboards is known for its top-notch, quality boards now with the Reaper series available in Resin 7, board only, and complete boards. You can easily choose skateboards in different sizes plus beginner and pro boards. 

All Blind skateboards are created by its formidable team of pro riders, tech experts, and designers so you’re guaranteed to get the best value. Whether you’re new or a pro, you’ll find the right board with the best design when you go Blind skateboards. 

Toy Machine

Toy Machine skateboarding company started in 1993 by Ed Templeton. It is known for its cartoonish designs with the red monster as its mascot. You’ll get different kinds of decks designed and developed by popular pro skaters like Myles Willard, Leo Romero, Jeremy Leabres, and Daniel Lutheran. Other contributors are legendary riders like Blake Carpenter, Ed Templeton, and CJ Collins. 

Toy Machine is also home to some of the best quality accessories and high-quality skateboards parts. You’ll get wheels, completes, hardware, apparel, tees and sweatshirts, socks, and more. Toy Machine updates its products and accessories every season so be in the know by subscribing to their newsletter today. 

Penny Skateboards

Penny is one of the best skateboard brands from Australia and offers the best quality surf skateboards available in a multitude of colors and designs. This is also the brand for versatile and durable skateboards in different styles, shapes, and designs. Penny has 22-inch skateboards, 24-inch skateboards, 29-inch surf skates, 32-inch skateboards, and 36-inch longboards. All of these are great for fun street skating.

 All Penny Skateboards are built to last with enhanced trucks for better control and balance. All wheels are spin smoothly to give you that high-speed run and ride no matter what surface you’re riding on. These boards are light and are made for ultimate speed for all types of terrain. 

Welcome Skateboards

Welcome to the world of professional skateboarders with Welcome Skateboards. This skateboard brand was launched in 2010 to promote skateboarding culture. You’ll find a variety of boards in many creative and satirical designs including the works of Nora Vasconcellos, Chris Miller, Ryan Townley, and Evan Mock. 

Get ready to shop top quality orb wheels, grip tapes, rails, completes, and more. Meanwhile, Welcome also supplies awesome apparel with tees, shorts, polos, pants, fleece, and jackets. There are also so many skateboarding accessories to choose from including hats, socks, water bottles, stickers, buttons, and beanies to name a few. 

Real Skateboards

Just like most skateboard brands, Real Skateboards designs were conceptualized by top artists and pro riders. Works of Todd Francis and Harry Lintell are available at Real with decks made from the finest and the strongest materials. You can choose from classic oval styles and designs in different sizes. The Oval series is the most favorite among Real Skateboards fans because of its classic colors and versatile hardware. 

Other Real products available are risers, stickers, logos and so many more. If you’re looking for something new, head to Real Skateboards with twin tailboards, redux series, tropical dream oval series and so much more. And of course, match your Real board with exclusive apparel including shirts, sweatshirts, and hats.

Zoo York

Zoo York was founded in 1993 in New York, USA. One of the best skateboard brands, this is a skateboarding company that also markets skateboarding apparel including shirts, hoodies, hats, fanny packs, and windbreakers. The name Zoo York was derived from the NYC skate crew “Soul Artists of New York.” 

Zoo York is the name behind the all-maple wood Chapman deck with a camo pattern, seamless shape, and the right size. This board matches Zoo York apparel such as long-sleeve t-shirts, jerseys, dad hats and so much more. Zoo York offers quality, a great style that works with beginner skaters and professionals.

Plan B Skateboard

Plan B Skateboards started in 1991 in San Diego, California, USA. This brand was founded by Danny Way, Mike Ternasky, and Colin McKay and is known for premium skateboarding materials, hard goods, and fashion apparel. You can select from the brand’s many board series: the Team Foil series, Monsters art by Sean Coons, Monument Series, Neon Series, and many more.

Plan B also has durable grip tapes, wheels, and other accessories. Get complete skateboards too with all kinds of designs including basics, textured, patches, and many more. And just like other skateboard brands, Plan B is also active in social media, supporting fans all over the world who love to skate.

Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoi Skateboards started in Los Angeles, California in 2000. Created by Marc Johnson, its main products include skateboards, accessories, and clothing apparel. Enjoi is popular for its boards in cartoonish designs. Aside from boards with the whitey panda logo, you’ll also get body slam decks, flashcards decks, Weekend at Louies series, and so much more.

One of the best skateboard brands, Enjoi is also the best place to shop for unique accessories including bags, mugs, rails, and DVDs. It’s also the place for apparel such as shirts, jackets, long-sleeved shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, belts, fanny packs, and hats. All of these take your riding to a whole new level.

Primitive Skateboarding

Shop the coolest deck designs at Primitive Skate. This brand means business with its colorful contemporary designs including boards created by Spencer Hamilton, Paul Rodriguez, Frankly Villani, and Robert Neal. These boards are crafted from only the best materials to match your distinct style and taste. 

Primitive offers decks in many standard colors and sizes ranging from 8 to 9.1. Also, a part of Primitive’s large collection is apparel including shorts, tees, and dad hats. A size chart is available so you can order clothes in the best sizes to match your needs.

Birdhouse skateboard

A company started a skateboarding company called Birdhouse skateboard in 1992 and now, it is one of the most popular brands. Birdhouse offers a large collection of decks, completes, apparel, and skateboarding accessories, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for. You’ll get completes and decks available in many designs and styles. There are also exclusive Tony Hawk decks which are the favorite among riders and Tony Hawk fans. 

Birdhouse Skateboards is the best when it comes to skateboarding apparel. You’ll be the envy of all with your Birdhouse Skateboards tee, sweatshirt, and t-shirts graced with the Birdhouse logo. All apparel is made from the most durable materials to match demanding skating environments.

Polar Skate Co.

Polar Skate offers a wide selection of skateboarding apparel that you’ll surely find comfortable to wear as you ride. Choose from sweaters, jackets, tees, pants, shorts, and hats all durable and easy to care for. Polar Skate also has accessories including jewelry, bags, and footwear.

When it comes to top skateboard brands and decks, you’ll be overwhelmed with different designs, sizes, and levels of use. Be sure to order grip tapes, skateboard truck brands, and wheels to maintain your top-quality Polar Skateboards. These products are designed by Polar’s top team of pro riders and experts. You’re sure to get the best value and performance from Polar Skate. 

Krooked Skateboarding

Krooked Skateboarding, known as one of the best skateboard brands, gives you boards and decks with krazy designs created by Matt Gottwig. You’ll immediately fall for his creative style and of course, love their boards. Check out the Krooked Katalog available at their official site where you can browse their 2020 collection and new Spring and Summer 2021 products.

Krooked will shower you with all kinds of boards and decks each with inspiring, colorful and fun designs. It is also where you can buy risers, wheels, and apparel. Choose from hats, tees, hoodies, socks, bags, bottle openers, and fun stickers to make skateboarding exciting and a lot more fun.

Almost Skateboards

Almost Skateboards, one of the best skateboard brands, is made for all types of skateboarders from novice skaters to pros. Their skateboard decks are available in a variety of construction including Resin 7, Impact Support, Impact Light, and Impact series. You can choose from inspiring designs available in left and right board varieties. Their pro boards are in many sizes inspired by professional riders and designers like Rodney Mullen, Sky Brown, and Youness Amrani. 

And Almost won’t be complete without its classic apparel collection. You can choose from premium tees, long-sleeve tees, and hoodies available in black, grey, silver, white, and squash. The brand promises more designs to come so, to keep up with the latest designs, news, special offers, and skateboarding giveaways

Chocolate Skateboards

Another name for quality skateboards and skateboarding apparel is Chocolate Skateboards. This brand has the most impressive skateboard decks with the coolest designs thanks to Chocolate’s pro team led by Vincent Alvarez, Kenny Anderson, and Justin Eldridge. You’ll get boards in different shapes, sizes, and user levels to suit your distinct taste and riding style. 

Aside from skateboards with unique designs, you can dig into Chocolate’s best brands top apparel including hoodies, long sleeve shirts, comfort tees, pocket tees, shorts, and crew shirts. All these are available in many sizes, for men and women alike. If you like more Chocolate, subscribe to their newsletter to be the first to get their cool decks in colorful designs.

Globe Skateboards

Globe, one of the best skateboard brands has a superb collection of boards available in different categories, sizes, colors, designs, and price points. If you’re looking for skateboards with cool, captivating, and inspiring designs then Globe is for you. You’ll get to choose from complete skateboard, cruiser boards, and longboard brands. Globe also has skateboard components like wheels, trucks, and grip tapes so there’s no need to look elsewhere. 

And if you’re shopping for apparel to match your new board, Globe has these too. Check out new tees, fleece, shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, and boardshorts. Accessorize with Globe with hats, bags, and socks. Shop by collections such as the Monster Children & Globe collection and fun Rhubarb Collection, all available online.

Quasi Skateboards

Quasi was formerly called Mother Skateboards one of the oldest skate companies, but the quality remains unsurpassed. Their skateboards are made from the toughest yet flexible materials with designs that will surely impress any beginner or pro skater. Quasi pros Bobby De Keyzer and Dick Rizzo guarantees that their boards are among the best so you can give your best performance.

According to skateboard brands reviews, Quasi is one of the great skateboard brands. It is also one of the most popular skate brands for its clothing apparel with shirts, hoodies, sweaters, shorts, and pants made from high-quality materials guaranteed to last a lifetime. Not all skateboard brands offer accessories like beach towels, hats, and beanies. Also, new products are updated at the official Quasi store.

Flip Skateboards

Flip Skateboard is a U.S.-based company founded in 1991 by Jeremy Fox and Ian Deacon. This brand is popular for its stunning, true-to-life deck designs created by the best artists in the industry. Flip offers designer decks but won’t fail to impress with their skateboards. 

You’ll also love Flip’s accessories store with its colorful shirts, grip tape, sliders, and many more. Flip Skateboard has a large following online because of its clean and fun designs. If this is what you’re looking for in a skateboard deck then Flip may be the brand for you.

Darkstar Skateboards

Darkstar Skateboards is not just about fun and exciting deck designs but it’s all about being a sustainable skateboard company, improving their manufacturing practices for the good of the planet. One of the best skateboard brands., Darkstar boards are designed to please all kinds of riders from beginners to professionals. 

Currently, design series like Darkstar x Felix the Cat, Luke Pelletier x Darkstar and the Inception Series are the most popular. You can also shop the best collection of accessories including wheels and tapes at the Darkstar official site. And aside from their official site, you can also order Darkstar products from countless retailers online.

Black Label Skateboards

Black Label is one of the top skateboarding companies founded by John Lucero in 1990 in Costa Mesa, California, USA. This brand is known for its stunning and colorful decks that are also very strong and durable. Black Label is the brand among professional skaters as well as beginners because of its high-quality standards. 

Select the Black Label collection that fits your needs. There’s the 2020 Spring Drop 2 highlighting the season’s top picks, the Elephant Sector in various colors, the Vulture Curb Club, and the exclusive John Lucero Racing Stripe series. All these will surely amp up your skateboarding style and performance.

Dogtown Skateboards

Dogtown Skateboards or Dogtown Wheels is considered one of the best skateboard brands. It was established in 2014 by Jim and Mike Muir. It features boards of varying sizes, styles, and designs including classic boards, longboards, cruiser boards, rider decks, and so much more. These decks come with the Dogtown logo in varying designs and styles including artworks by top designer Mark Gonzales.

One of the top ten skateboard brands, Dogtown is also the name for skateboards plus parts like trucks, wheels, and hardware. You’ll also get exclusive merchandise such as clothing, headwear, stickers, and popular accessories such as mugs, bandanas, koozies, belts, lighters, billfold wallets, keychains and so much more. 

Habitat Skateboards

Explore Habitat’s huge catalog of the finest skateboards, pre-built skateboards, and skate parts and accessories to find what you need. Habitat has fresh, slice-of-life designs that freestylers will surely love. These boards are made from the best and the most durable materials which guarantees long hours of use. 

One of the best skateboards brands, Habitat also has pre-built skateboards, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and wax. All you need to give you the best riding performance. And to match your riding style, Habitat also has soft goods including shirts, sweatshirts, headwear, pants, and many more. Dive right into their exclusive collections featuring NASA Array, Smokey the Bear, and Harper National Park to name a few

Alva Skateboards

American skateboarder Tony Alva started Alva Skates in 1977. After more than 45 years, the brand continues to inspire skaters young and old to work hard and skate harder. Alva offers boards from different eras including Alva’s popular 1978 Lost Model and 1979 Tri-Logo. Aside from exclusively designed boards, you can also purchase other skateboard parts and accessories like wheels, rockers, stickers, and many more. 

One of the most famous skateboard brands, Alva Skates is not just for skateboarders but also surfers. Shop surfboards with the best designs and shapes. All these products are available from Alva’s official site and also from countless retailers online.

Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien Workshop is one of the best skateboard brands. It is a skateboarding company founded by Chris Carter, Neil Blender, and Mike Hill in Dayton, Ohio in 1990. This brand manufactures the strongest and the most versatile boards as well as complete, pre-built boards. You’ll love their alien-inspired deck designs especially their Spectrum and Visitor boards, made for tough sessions.

Alien Workshop is also home to the top skateboard accessories including trucks, wheels, bearings, tapes, hardware, and wax. You’ll surely agree their soft goods and accessories are the best there is with alien-themed shirts, sweats, pants, beanies, hats, and all kinds of accessories such as bags, mugs, and stickers.

StrangeLove Skateboards

Wild, fun, and exciting, are the best words to describe StrangeLove Skateboards. This brand offers colorful and electrifying designs you won’t find anywhere. Also available at StrangeLove are accessories and merchandise you need to keep you in tip-top form. Shop for foot sheaths, stickers, shirts, hoodies, and other skateboarding apparel.

A great skateboard brand, you’ll also find a link to a blog about the sport from the StrangeLove site. This is something you should consider subscribing to to get the latest in the world of skateboarding. StrangeLove was created out of the founder’s love for skateboarding. If you feel that indescribable love of skating then you’ll fall for boards, and merchandise available at StrangeLove Skateboards.

Antihero Skateboards

Expect incredible deck artwork when you check out good skateboard brands like Antihero skateboards. This is one of the best skateboard brands because of their quality decks and their impressive “Threads and Extras” such as accessories, fashion apparel and so much more.

It’s hard to find the best designs when you have artists like Brian Anderson, Austin Kanfoush, and Robbie Russo to choose from. Other series that have left skaters in awe is the Local No.18 mini-series, It’s a Sign mini-series, and the McNett Totems pro series. And of course, the Eagles series, decks available from mini to long sizes.

Bamboo Skateboards

Bamboo Skateboards is one of the top names in the industry with headquarters in San Diego, California. The company recommends bamboo as the best material for skateboards because of its many impressive qualities. Bamboo Skateboards offer a variety of boards including skateboards, longboards, and cruiser boards. If you need accessories, you’ll find all the best options including trucks, wheels, bearings, and hardware. 

One of the most popular skateboarding brands, Bamboo Skateboards offers a variety of skateboard designs. You may also build your board to get the best-fitting, most efficient skateboard that works with your skating style. Shop with your skating level and needs when you shop at Bamboo Skateboards.

Mystery Skateboards

Pro skater Jamie Thomas established Mystery Skateboards in 2003 and started with only a handful of boards and accessories. Now, this is one of the best skateboard brands with a large collection of skateboards available in different series. Check out Mystery’s top series like Family Portrait Series, Warriors Series, Black Heart Series, and Horror Series. Most designs are extraordinary while some are weird and mysterious, like what the brand’s name suggests. 

Good skateboard brands like Mystery Skateboards don’t sell accessories, clothing apparel, and merchandise. You can’t buy complete skateboards either but the different weird and wonderful deck designs attract more and more customers. 

WKND Skateboards

WKND Skateboards feature unique, highly artistic quality decks made by some of the most creative minds in the industry. You can shop for different kinds, sizes, and styles of skateboards. These are made from only the toughest materials, versatile and easy to use, made for high performance in any environment. 

One of the oldest skateboard brands, expect the same quality in WKND’s headwear, apparel, and accessories. Check out WKND’s hardware set, a complete set of all the accessories, and a mini tool you need to maintain your skateboard. And don’t forget a variety of merchandise including tees, hoodies, long-sleeved shirts, shorts, pants, and even underwear.

Foundation Skateboards

Foundation Skateboards, one of the best skateboarding brands, is a San Diego, California-based skateboarding company known for its logo skateboards and cartoonish designs. Expect creative and clean designs, nothing angsty or horrific about Foundation decks. These are decks made from the most durable materials, perfect for beginners as well as pro-skaters. 

Foundation takes inspiration from top pro skaters including Aidan Campbell, Corey Glick, Dakota Servold, and Dylan Witkin. And aside from their popular decks, you can also find tough wheels, hardware, completes, accessories, and clothing apparel exclusive from Foundation Skateboards. 

Quest Skateboards

Quest Skateboards are not just for skateboarders but also paddle boarders, snowboarders, and more. Quest is one of the best skateboard brands for beginners because not only do you get to choose from different boards, you can select one to match your body dimensions, skating experience, and the skating activities you want to indulge in.

Choose from amazing skateboards, longboards, cruiser boards, dance boards, drop through and drop down boards to match your style. Meanwhile, Quest does not sell hardware, wheels, trucks, and other accessories. You won’t find any merchandise and clothing apparel from this brand as well.

Landyachtz Skateboards

Landyachtz is one of the best skateboard brands and is very popular for their trendy longboards. These boards are best for exploring any terrain. Choose from different deck styles and designs to match your needs and style. Aside from longboards, Landyachtz also offers cruiser boards, dance boards, downhill freeride boards, racing boards, surf-skate boards, and kiddie boards. 

Landyachtz lets you shop for the top-quality board using its helpful shopping category. You can shop according to the features you’re looking for, the type of terrain, length and width, and the design and color. This brand is also popular for its deck collections plus impressive apparel for adults and teens.

Meow Skateboards

Meow Skateboards is a skateboarding company from Norwalk, California with a large collection of skateboards, apparel, parts, accessories, and gear. Meow has a team of pro skaters and designers behind their stunning skateboard decks. These board decks are made from the most durable and versatile materials designed to last a lifetime.

Considered the best skateboard brand, Meow’s collection of apparel will add color to your collection. You can choose from tees, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, and tank tops, all with the Meow logo and resident orange cat design. You can purchase Meow decks and skateboarding accessories from its official site or partner retailers. 

Pizza Skateboards

Pizza Skateboards is a small skateboarding player but has amazed local customers and riders with its impressive lineup of decks. Pizza has fresh and new ideas for decks and it shows from its clean, retro designs. But aside from their decorative decks, Pizza also offers collabs with other artists like Pizza x Cookman, Pizza x Free Wi-Fi, and Land Wolf by Matt Furie. 

You’ll surely love other Pizza products including clothing apparel, headgear, outerwear, and skating accessories. From stickers to face masks, grip tapes to air fresheners, Pizza Skateboards has them all.

Slave Skateboards

$lave Skateboards is popular for its political, highly influential deck designs. It is one of the best skateboard brands. You will love the graphics in every deck as every board has its story to tell. All $lave products are made from high-quality wood and manufactured using high-quality processes compared to other brands that only import their products.

Select from $lave’s edgy series such as Sign of the Times, All Together, Fish Out of Water, and Econo$lave. Each series have corresponding merchandise and accessories including shirts, tees, and long sleeves in vibrant colors. $lave Skateboards is among the top skateboard brands and products are available from its official site and also from online retailers.

Street Plant Skateboards

Street Plant is an independently-owned skateboarding company in Des Moines, Iowa offering a wide variety of skateboard decks, wheels, skateboard apparel, and hundreds of accessories. When it comes to decks, this best skateboard brand has colorful, edgy, and brightly designed decks created by top graphic artists in the industry. It’s also a distributor of top-quality skateboard wheels including the Street Scoundrels brand.

Street Plant also excels in street skating apparel with colorful tees, hats, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, pins, and stickers. These products are perfect for all types of skaters, everyone who loves to skate, and those who want to learn how to aggressively skate.

Punked Skateboards

Punked Skateboards offer a wide variety of skateboards and longboards for beginners and professionals alike. You’ll love their colorful, edgy, and stylish decks sure to fit your lifestyle and needs. But if you don’t want to put a board together, you can always take advantage of Punked complete, ready-to-use skateboards.

All Punked boards are made of 9-ply maple making these very durable and strong. These boards come with gel wheels for maximum performance in the all-terrain. Meanwhile, Punked longboards are made of very durable and versatile bamboo, ideal for commuters and city riders. Punked is a respected skateboarding brand all over the world with products sold from their site and also from many online retailers. 

Heroin Skateboards

Heroin Skateboards is a legend in the skateboarding industry with its out-of-sight graphics and impressive following. Heroin’s bestsellers include their Chris Pullman series, Mr. Kinoshita series and Mutant Egg series, and of course, their fun and exciting apparel collection. 

Get your special Heroin Skateboard apparel collection with shirts, caps, socks, stickers, and more. Your favorite Heroin series also come with corresponding apparel, to match your deck as you ride. And don’t forget exclusive Heroin skateboard parts and accessories such as glow-in-the-dark stacks and raisers, and bro sticks to make your board shine even while riding in the dark. 

Blood Wizard Skateboards

Blood Wizard is known as one of the best skateboard brands. It has been around since 2008 and has created a thirst for the most stylish and edgy skateboard deck designs online. This brand offers a fantastic collection of decks including their Spell Caster series, Nolan Miskell series, Jack Given series, and exclusive Blood Wizard designs. 

Known as the best skateboard brand, Blood Wizard boards are constructed from durable and top-quality materials, that will give you the edge in any environment. Get Blood Wizard’s merchandise including shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and other apparel. With these top products, everyone will know you’re riding on one of the best skateboard deck brands.

Gravity Skateboards

Gravity Boards is a skateboarding brand founded by Michael Bream in 1994 headquartered in Diamond Bar, California, USA. This brand is best known for its complete skateboards ideal for people who don’t want the hassle of building their boards. Gravity is also popular for its gel skateboard wheels, one of the toughest and the most versatile in the industry. 

Gravity Skateboards also sells deck-only products with unique and striking designs. Expect to find Gravity brand trucks, tapes, and other accessories when you check out their official site. All Gravity products offer the best results and are suited for all riders beginners and professionals alike.

Maxallure Skateboards

You should check out Maxallure Skateboards if you’re looking for simple, easy-going deck designs. Their professional deck models are great for the spirited skater, those who love and appreciate nature. The brand also offers skateboarding accessories including grip tape, stickers, and wheels. 

All Maxallure products are guaranteed to boost your skateboarding style. Choose from their wide variety of shirt styles, designs, sizes, and colors to match your team’s color. These awesome clothing apparel, decks, accessories, and parts are available only from the Maxallure official site.

Yocaher Skateboards

Yocaher Skateboards is one of the best skateboard brands. It is a celebration of art and style with impressive longboard and skateboard decks. Check out their latest Samurai Longboard Series with edgy samurai girls designs, one of the most popular deck series online. Choose from lowrider boards, drop down, drop-through, fishtail, pintail, kicktails, and slim kickboards, to name a few. 

Yocaher Skateboards are also available in different designs, shapes, and styles. You can also purchase all kinds of board hardware including trucks, ABEC 7 bearings, stickers, and wheels. Don’t forget Yocaher’s longboard combo set a complete set of board accessories, risers, wheels, trucks, and bolts for beginners and pros alike.  

Rimable Skateboard 

All Rimable Skateboards are made from fresh material with aluminum trucks and urethane-cored wheels for a smoother, seamless ride. No deck designs here as Rimable boards are standard boards with a textured top and well-supported undersides. Other Rimable products include folding scooters, 22-inch boards, and longboards. 

Rimable is one of the best skateboarding brands. This is a skateboarding company based in China and offers other sporting equipment like fitness gear, protective equipment and so much more. All Rimable products are made from the best materials to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction and are available from many retailers online and offline.

SKL Skateboard


SKL is a sporting apparel brand that also manufactures skateboards and skateboard parts, accessories, and apparel. This brand offers complete skateboards for kids and adults. Their boards are made from the most durable and versatile Canadian maple wood, the best for all kinds of terrain.

Don’t forget safety as you ride your board. SKL has a wide variety of safety gear and apparel best for all types of riders. Get durable skateboard helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. And to train for your next event, let SKL prepare you with the best equipment including marking cones and flags. All completes come with standard tools for installation and adjustment.

Important Factors and Features to Consider When Buying Skateboards

Skateboards come in all shapes and sizes, so, understandably, it could be quite confusing and challenging. It is better to be fully knowledgeable of the important features to consider when buying so you won’t have any regrets after.

Type of Skateboards 

There are a lot of types of skateboards available in the market, and flashy ones can be tempting. But the first thing you need to know is the kind of type that you would get. This would depend on how you want to skate, the tricks you want to learn, and your level of skating expertise. From this, you can limit the choices and narrow them down to your additional preference. 

Skateboard Deck 

This is one of the essential features of the skateboard. Decks can be made from different types of materials. There are skateboard deck brands made of plywood made from maple. These plywoods are laminated with glue. Some skateboards have seven sheets of wood (7 -ply) or eight sheets (8-ply) laminated together. These decks are durable and offer good stability. Some also use fiberglass, aluminum, and other artificial materials.


Wheels are also one component to be taken into consideration. Wheels vary in sizes, and it also depends on the kind of rides. If you prefer a faster speed, big wheels will help. Smaller wheels are best for a casual stroll around the sidewalk or park. 

The wheels’ hardness is also relevant. Less hard wheels are easy and comfortable, while hard wheels are durable and speedy.


Trucks sizes should match the deck size, and they should complement each other perfectly. Heavy trucks offer stable rides, while light trucks are suitable when learning different tricks. 


If you are a beginner, start with a conventional shape. This will be a good starting point. This is good for basic practice. It will also help you get acquainted with skateboards better. Once you have accumulated and experience enough skateboarding and want to try other shapes, you can buy a new one. 


The flashiest and most colorful skateboards may get your attention, but it doesn’t matter. Over time the graphics will fade away. Take notes of their specification to get better quality.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the recommended skateboard size?

The recommended skateboard size is 7.5″ wide, and the length should be within 28″ – 32″.

Is skateboarding unsafe? 

Skateboarding is a sport with great risk, but it is not more dangerous than other sports. Still, it is advisable to always be careful when skateboarding. 

How long should a skateboard last?

With good quality skateboards, they should last for six to twelve months. Some parts can be replaced or adjusted, so they will last longer. 

Is skateboarding hard? 

Just like any sports, skateboarding will require a lot of practice. It would also help to start on your balance and on how to ride correctly. From then, you can start learning basic techniques. 

Do skateboards break easily?

Skateboarding is a tough sport, so it can be very intense sometimes. When doing the trick, skateboarders can break their skateboards.


Let your adventurous character rule and have the ride of your life. Pick your skateboards and feel the wind on your face and the world in your arms. Skateboards offer a whole world of rush, excitement, and fun. The different brands of skateboards offer excellent quality to keep the skateboarders’ passion for extreme sports continue to fire. Your stroll in the park or commute will never be the same with the skateboard’s help, and your idea of extreme sports will completely change your life. Still, it is very important to be skate responsibly and mindfully. Enjoy the ride, but make sure to look left and right.