5 Best Longboards Review: Comparison and Buying Guide

Many people are getting hooked on longboarding every day because it is easy to learn. Whether you’re downhill racing or commuting to and from class, there’s a right longboard for you. Check the best longboards available on the market today!

At A Glance: Our Top Picks

Playshion  Longboard Skateboard Cruise It is fully pre-assembled so it’s ready-to-ride upon arrival with good control designed for cruising, sliding, curving, downhill, freeride and freestyle. (Check Price at Amazon)

White Wave Longboards It is perfect for riders who love cruising and carving. It has beautiful bamboo designs found on top and bottom which are very durable. The fast bearings, wide trucks, and big wheels all promise high-quality products. (Check Price at Amazon)

Atom Drop Deck 39 Inches Longboard The Atom all-terrain longboard gets you where you need to go and turn a few heads. It has a shorter board and slightly less drop decorated with a stylish and simple Atom logo, making the board looks great. (Check Price at Amazon)

Reviews of the Best Longboards

  • Arrived ready-to-ride

  • Smooth ride

  • Easy to learn new skills

  • Affordable price

  • Great for learning new skills

  • High-quality

  • Smooth and sturdy

  • Fast longboard

  • Smooth bearings

  • Carves well

  • Excellent grip

  • Easy to handle

  • Durable Deck

  • Good grip tape

  • Carving and cruising board

  • Suitable for beginners

  • Well-built

Playshion Longboard Skateboard Cruise

(Best Overall)

The Playshion 39 Inches Drop Through Longboard Skateboard Cruise means perfection. It is fully pre-assembled equipment, so it means it is ready-to-ride upon arrival.  It has good control which is an essential requirement for skateboarding.

The Playshion longboards skateboard has 39 inches of multi-function board designed for cruising, sliding, curving, downhill, freeride and freestyle. This longboard deck is made of 8 ply hardwood maple material, which is sturdy and has 7 over 10 as its flex. It is because it has strong 7-inch reverse kingpin aluminum longboard trucks which handle sliding easily.

Meanwhile, the Ground clearance of this longboard is 4 inches for drop through mounting technology. It is easy to break with the right foot, and easy to push. It fits newbies because of its more stable longboard, making it the best longboard for beginners.  It has SHR 78A wheels which are great for this board. They are hard enough for firm steering but soft enough for a smooth ride.

This cruiser longboards skateboard is weighing about 7 pounds, and it is lightweight to carry around. Then, carrying it with you anywhere is a hassle-free. With Playshion longboards skateboard, anyone can have the fun of using it, regardless of height.  This skateboard comes with Multi-function skate tool and an attractive sticker.

When it comes to strength, it is strong but flexible enough. The Eight Ply Maple Deck longboard can hold up to 250 LBS weight. In addition, the big soft 70x50mm PU wheels are combined with ABEC-9 Bearings for a smooth ride and built with solid 7 Inch aluminum trucks equipped with soft bushings for comfortable longboarding.

This Longboard is designed with a slight concave deck. It is the deck only with a flat and symmetrical design. This slight concave on the middle secures your feet to the board and facilitates turning.  You get to customize your riding style. Just adjust the trucks and kingpin though, to tighten or loosen. The looser trucks are better for turns, while the tighter once is better for high-speed stability.

Also, it has soft, durable and big wheels. The width of the wheels is 70x50mm SHR 78A with Polyurethane Wheels. This part is the rider’ favorite because it’s wide enough that riders have more control which makes it easy for you to handle several different kinds of road variants and gives a very nice and stable ride and picks up a lot of speed on the way.

Finally, the Abec-9 Bearings of this skateboard also comes with oil. The bearings are made of “bearing steel”. It is much harder and quieter. Plus, nylon ball cages reduce friction as the bearings are rotated. Moreover, the drop through mounting technology makes the ground clearance only with 4 inches of the board.

I was never excellent when it comes to skateboarding as a kid. I began snowboarding at the age of 12 and developed a deep passion for it. Eventually, my skills became moderately advanced. Now, this is my first crack for longboarding, and I am loving it!

This longboard offers more stability for new longboarder or beginners. While it only took me 30 minutes to get used to it, and another 30 minutes to learn my feet placement, to properly push, and make turns, learning a new skill is easy with this longboard. Be free and choose to go from one place to another with reduced carbon footprint using this longboard.


  • Arrived ready-to-ride
  • Smooth ride
  • Easy to learn new skills
  • Affordable price


  • Bearings don’t roll better than old ones

White Wave Longboards

(2nd Choice)

White Wave Longboards are the best longboards. They have machines which are conclusive for riders who love cruising and carving. It has beautiful bamboo designs found on top and bottom which are very durable. The fast bearings, wide trucks, and big wheels all promise high-quality products.

All are selected to enhance the rider’s experience.  This longboard is made out of high-quality bamboo. It has 2 pairs of the wheel which protrude out from the sides.  It is lightweight and easy for a beginner and an adult.

It is the ultimate cruising machine with its drop through trucks, symmetrical shape, and the perfect flex. The symmetrical shape aids in doing some tricks and riding switched or regular. The mild concave lets the turns more precise and make it easier for you to maneuver.

The combined nine-ply bamboo and white maple strips compose a thing of beauty and strength. The clear grip tape adds appeal to the new longboard. At the same time, it has 41 inches by 9.5 inches. The deck is built in drop down fashion with cutouts that increases turning ability. It’s built to be comfortable.

Its drop-down deck and concavity don’t give a lot of strain for the rider. Its large surface area simulates the feel of riding a surfboard. The slight curvature makes the turning and swaying much easier than with a flat deck. Since it is nearly 40 inches in length, it will give you the best downhill rides.

The White wave bamboo longboard weighs 3.5 pounds. It measures 39.5 x 5.2 x 10.9 inches in dimensions It has a very wide base and a good length.  It aids cruising and swaying at high speeds without any resistance. It is a very lightweight longboard. Bring it anywhere and experience pure fun and freedom with this longboard!

The design and strategy come with the White wave bamboo longboard are built with a drop through trucks. This means performance and optimum stability, especially when boarding downhill at high speeds.  They are 180 mm or & inch which is more than enough stability which is best for cruising with sharp turns.

For the wheels, the White wave bamboo longboard uses 70 mm x 50 mm high rebound Urethane wheels take some serious weight yet just soft enough to grip onto the ground. Since the board uses 70 mm wheels it, it promises more downhill security, so there will not be worried.

Meanwhile, the bearing used is the Abec 9 Hellion bearing that has built-in spacers. It is fast and durable.  The materials and quality are made out of several layers of high quality, fortified and sturdy bamboo and Canadian Maple. It has clear grip tape on the deck that adheres to foot just enough to secure them.

The trucks are made out of quality aluminum repels rust and impact damages. This longboard is promising a future with a long lifespan. The appearance comes with heat transferred graphics, screaming yellow wheels, and matte black trucks plus a Longboard logo printed yellow on top and bottom. It bursts with brightness and energy yellow theme and polished wood.

While there are no washers included that provide speed, this White Wave longboard is perfect for newbies. The deck has a lovely design and it feels very sturdy. I can easily carve with the trucks turning beautifully without looseness anywhere.

I love the Hellion 2 bearings which roll smoothly and silently. They are fast enough without any bearing resistance when I push off. The wheels have the right level of softness and I was able to roll over without issue in small gravel patches. The wheels take most of the impact while rolling over with a nice grip.


  • Great for learning new skills
  • High-quality
  • Smooth and sturdy


  • No washers included

Atom Drop Deck 39 Inches Longboard

(3rd Choice)

This favorite and known board, Atom Drop Deck Longboard – 39 Inch is 39 inches of 9-ply Maple laminated with a 1-4 inch drop graphic. The board comes with kingpin trucks, a 35-degree base including high-quality six inches’ aluminum hangers and still axles. Now you can enjoy longboard riding using this durable and well-made board.

Inclusions are highly durable 80 grit silicon carbide grips and 62-millimeter by 51-millimeter Atom retro wheels. The board is available in several color schemes like artisan brown, blue triangles, dark tiki, octopus, woody, and woody x. Choose from a wide array of designs and choose a design that best suits your skating style and taste.

The Atom all-terrain longboard gets you where you need to go and turn a few heads. It is very similar to the Yocaher Drop Down Longboard. It simply has a shorter board and slightly less drop. It is known for making quality longboards for beginners. This Longboard comes decorated with a stylish and simple Atom logo which gives an air of grace and makes the board look great.

The wheel cutouts prevent wheel bite no matter how sharp the turn is. It’s combined with the components of this board; thus, it functions perfectly as a stable board which is ideal for carving or sliding. Instead, the board’s perimeter shape makes wheel bite impossible.

It is a reliable board made of high-quality equipment. The trucks of this board come with 50-degree Reverse Kingpin aluminum trucks with 180 mm hangers which are designed to be used over all-terrain giving the board more riding capability.

Atom Area 51 wheels with 78A hardness comes with Abec 9 bearings which are pre-lubricated.  Plus, the board already has grip tape applied to it making it easier to have a secure foothold on the board. Also, the drop-down deck on the Atom Drop Deck Longboard gives the board excellent carving ability.

It means force tight S-turns all the way down hills with no problems in control or loss of traction is greatly possible. Also, this longboard also performs excellently. The wheels give traction to allow for tight turns, In addition, it’s the low center of gravity. It is extremely close to the ground, so if accidents occur, the impact that they will experience is less.

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard has what most riders look for in a board. It is made of high-quality material. It is safe and easy to maneuver. Above all, it is just fun to ride. For first time boarders or just for cruising, buyers should definitely give this board a second look. Finally, one thing to look forward to is how much this product costs.  It is exceptionally cheap. At the same time, it is designed to make it the perfect alternative mode of transportation.

This Atom Drop Deck is a great board! Although one of the bearings came damaged, it did not matter because I was replacing all bearings with Redz. The board has decent speed when going downhill. It is very light and very easy to use and balance.

Just loosen the trucks if you’re more experienced because they’re trucks a little tight. For beginners, a stiffer truck is more helpful to attain a good balance. My boys really enjoyed cruising using this longboard. It is well made.


  • Fast longboard
  • Smooth bearings
  • Carves well
  • Excellent grip


  • Slightly tight trucks

MINORITY Downhill Longboard 40 inches Drop Deck

Minority Longboard is intentionally built for speed. This longboard allows you to race downhill in minutes without losing your balance.  The Minority Downhill Maple Longboard 40 inches Drop Deck serves you in the best way. It is designed to offer only the maximum convenience, and safety.

It is well worth the money you spend for its finest quality and extraordinary performance. Experience, indulge and enjoy all the features of this longboard. This Minority downhill longboard is an extreme work of longboard engineering using some revolutionary technology applied. It definitely gives a smooth and joyful ride.

The 8-ply hard rock 100% maple wood deck is cold pressed that gives amazing physical performances and unsurpassed strength, strong enough that it can even hold 220 pounds. In addition, the 40 inches longboard is made with the classic downhill drop model. The low gravity construction makes it ideal for any speed you want.

Its unique symmetrical shape avoids wheel bite from any angle without you worrying at all.

Get to enjoy extraordinary maneuverability of this longboard. Meanwhile, the 7 inches cast aluminum trucks are built with carbon steel axle and kingpin which is adjustable between 45 and 50 degrees for flexible riding.

The board is at its best with around edge of 70 x 51 millimeters PU wheels and ABEC-9 precision bearings. To start with, give it a power paddle with your muscles tight then you’re all set. With the Longboard, you get to enjoy and experience nature.  Get your board, go downhill, and indulge in freedom as you enjoy the mountain view and the cool breath of air.

This longboard is made out of sustainable woods, bonded with methanal-free epoxy glue and are surely recyclable.  Thus, the side effects of the wood boards are lessened.  As you get a healthy board, you’ll surely delight in joy. Boards are designed to cater to riders needs and make them stand out from others.

When it comes to the design of the board, elaboration on art is never ignored, instead, ideas are gathered from designers of different cultures. They are designed by talents all over the Atlantic. The graphics come from strikingly vintage to avant-garde looks.  That’s why riders will find their likes here.

In fact, the bottom graphic is durable and doesn’t fade over time. Also, the Longboard has a stable cruiser with its 34-inch wheelbase, and spacious 9-Inch width deck. Plus, 45-degree trucks and shock absorbent deck. This makes the board a perfect cruiser for your hours’ comfortable ride. For a speed racing, you just simply flip trucks to 50 degrees and lube the bearings.

You will be amazed at its turning accuracy and responsiveness that always stand by for your riding trip. Above all, it is energy-efficient. With its ABEC-9 bearings and 70 millimeters high-rebound PU wheels, reach the top speed you desire within three power paddle and enjoy an unsurpassed smooth ride.

I was a skateboarder ever since I was a teenager and this is my very first longboard that brings a completely different joyful ride. It has a drop concave that locks my feet very well. This longboard has been built low to the ground for easy paddling. You’ll love every feature of this longboard and its incredible performance.

Before, I used to think that longboards are not too easy to handle because of their big size and wheelbase. My perception changed because this longboard is simply amazing, considering the 7 inches trucks and the 34 inches wheelbase. I’m so in love with my longtime hobby.


  • Easy to handle
  • Durable Deck
  • Good grip tape


  • Not for heavyweight

Quest Rorshack 34 Inches Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

The Cruiser Longboard is made of multi-ply hardwood maple and bamboo deck which includes aluminum trucks and high-quality 70-millimeter PU wheels. The extreme performance which comes in a compact-sized Longboard gives the best of transportability and stable performance.

This is the ”Crossover” of Longboards, for people who want an all Unique ”splatter” Graphic on a drop-dead beautiful Bamboo deck which gives you the right kind of attention while moving through the skateboard world on your terms. The great design makes you look cool and fashionable in the world of skateboarding and longboarding.

The 34-Inch Cruiser Longboard fits a beginner.  It is a low price and it highly maneuvers. It gives a smooth ride, and it’s durable enough for a beginner to batter around and is small enough to be convenient to be carried.  This longboard comes in a very simple graphic colored in black.

This longboard is the best longboard for beginners that is low-cost.

It is a decent board on a budget. It uses materials of good quality that survives all the knocks and bumps. The maple leaf and bamboo deck are sturdily made with aluminum trucks that withstand a hefty blow. You’ll love the design and the quality, making your longboard riding experience unique and enjoyable.

For cruise lovers, it is definitely perfect good for cruising.  It is slightly longer than a conventional skateboard at 34 inches.  The shorter length is great for transportation and cruising around; in addition, its light and small enough to pick up and carry.

Here are more of its features and specifications.

Furthermore, it has a hybrid deck material. This Quest Rorshack Bamboo longboard’s deck has a combination of bamboo and hardwood maple material. It acts as the bottom layer to add more flex to the board. In addition to that, it is lighter and stronger than hardwood maple.

Additionally, the kick tail is extremely useful for maneuvering the longboard. Plus, it features 6-inch rugged aluminum trucks that perform decently.

The ABEC 5 Rated Bearings are manufactured against a somewhat average standard. The durable 65-millimeter diameter polyurethane wheels are long-lasting. The Quest Rorshack Bamboo longboard has a wheel diameter of 65 millimeters which is smaller than the typical wheel diameter for longboards, so you’ll get faster acceleration. That means more speed when you’re riding on this longboard for a more enjoyable ride every time.

In fact, the longboard is nice despite its simple look. The deck on this longboard is concave that allows for better traction between shoes and the board. It is also suitable for many different riding styles.  Most importantly, it has an inexpensive price point. The Quest Rorshack Bamboo longboard is highly recommended to anyone who’s looking for a great starter board to get into longboarding. It is one of the best longboards in the market.

I love the 24 inches wheelbase, which is perfect for cruising and it is compatible with my riser. The deck is made of bamboo and maple. It is built very well with a good grip tape that works fine even when it rains. You can add wax shavings to the truck to stop squeaking. The wheels are soft which are the best longboard for beginners and perfect for cruising. The only complaint I have about this longboard is the bearings that have non-removable shields.


  • Carving and cruising board
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Well-built


  • Non-removable bearing shields

Buying Guide When Shopping the Right Longboard Skateboard

If you’re a newbie in the skateboarding world, a pre-assembled complete longboard is for you. If you’re a seasoned skateboard rider, you might want to create your custom longboard skateboard. Whatever you choose, a complete longboard skateboard should be built from quality parts.


How to Choose a Construction Type for Your Longboard?

The best longboards are either made out of maple, bamboo, or carbon fiber. Maple is considered as the most common material for a skateboard because it’s very reliable and durable. The maple construction has a very solid and thick set up, surpassing the hardest of skateboarding and lasts for a long time.

Bamboo skateboards are now becoming more popular because this material offers more flex as compared to maple. It is perfect for carving and cruising the streets because it’s lightweight and with lots of flex. A bamboo board is one of the best longboards which is great for transportation and thinner than maple decks.

On the other hand, carbon fiber is an expensive longboard skateboard material with a foam core. It is lightweight and helps you in pushing off the start line a lot faster, moving effortlessly around slides and turns. You’ll see experienced riders who love using carbon fiber longboard skateboards.

Types of Longboard Skateboards

There are different types of longboard skateboards. Choose from a wide array of brands and models for cruising, carving, downhill racing, transportation, and more. Check the following types of longboard skateboards.

#1. Longboard Street Carving and Cruisers

Many people are using longboards as a mode of transportation around town, which makes street cruising and carving the most favorite form of longboarding nowadays. Longboards make street carving much easier. They provide riders with greater deck weight distribution, which is focused more on transporting you from one place to another, rather than focusing on the speed.

#2. Longboard Freeriding and Slide Skateboard Decks

If you’re experienced in skateboarding, you know that downhill racing isn’t for beginners. With downhill racing, you can reach the highest speeds when boarding. Also, wipeouts are just normal. Expect that downhill skateboards are flat with long wheelbases which provide greater stability.

When you’re choosing a downhill board, it’s important to select a deck that’s stable at very high speeds and less flex. Always wear protective gear when you’re performing downhill racing. Wear protective skateboard pads and helmet.

Boardwalking is a type of freestyle skating, wherein riders can do tricks, maneuvering well on skateboard decks. These longboards measure 40 to 60 inches in length with a concave center and a nose or kicktail.

How to Buy Longboard Trucks

Longboard trucks refer to the metal T-shaped pieces mounted on the underside of a longboard deck. The size of the longboard truck can be measured by the hanger or axle width. Every longboard skateboard would require two trucks.

As compared to standard skateboard trucks, longboard trucks are different. The main difference is that the hangers are usually wider to accommodate the difference in the length of the decks. The two most common sizes of longboard trucks are 150 and 180 millimeters. Longboard trucks can be equipped with reversed or inverted kingpins.

The best longboard trucks are known for “reverse kingpin” because the axle is located on the kingpin’s other side as compared to standard trucks. Longboard trucks enable easier turning and maneuvering so they have softer urethane bushings. On the other hand, a downhill truck has harder bushing to stabilize the longboard at very high speeds.

You’ll receive two longboard trucks needed to assemble your longboard skateboard when buying longboards. Longboard trucks have different colors and sizes so you can choose depending on your personal preference.

What Size of Longboard Trucks Do I Need?

The axle of the longboard truck runs through the board hanger. The hanger width of longboards matches the width of the board. For a 9 inches deck, you’ll need a minimum of 180-millimeter hanger width. Carving and cruiser longboards are slimmer and you can get away with 150-millimeter hanger width.

The top portion of the truck is screwed to the deck which is referred to as the baseplate, ultimately affecting how a longboard handles your turns. Also, it determines the degree of deck lean and your overall turn ratio. A low baseplate angle makes the truck turn less. On the other hand, a high baseplate angle makes the truck turn more.

For longboards, the standard baseplate is 50 degrees. The 50-degree angle allows smooth carving and cruising, which also provides stability for downhill skateboard riders too. A 44-degree baseplate is usually enough for an experienced downhill skateboard rider with a 180-millimeter hanger.

Tips When Choosing and Using Longboards

  1. Spacers can be fit on the Spitfire Classic Series wheels perfect for a longboarding move. The package comes with eight bearings, one inside and another on the side of each skateboard wheel. These wheels come in 608 or normal size bearings, very good for performing tricks.
  2. The FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels fit regular skateboards and longboards. The soft wheels are good for rough surfaces, street boards, or longboards. It provides a lot of grips for rolling over pebbles and cracks. These wheels were designed for hills, cruising, longboards, smooth rides, and rough surfaces.
  3. For all downhill racing, the best longboard skateboard wheels measure 70 millimeters and above.
  4. The hardness level of skateboards refers to the “durometer” measure of the wheels. The wheel durometer determines if a particular skateboard wheel is suitable for longboards or skateboards. A durometer count of 78a to 87a is designed for cruising, longboards, smooth rides, rough surfaces, and hills. The soft wheel is suitable for longboards, rough surfaces, or streets.
  5. For beginners or someone who wants to use a skateboard as daily transportation, it is best to choose larger wheels instead. The increased diameter wheels are offering great balance and speed, which are perfect for vert skating or low-key cruising. In addition, your weight and height and weight can affect the size of the wheels that is right for you.

The wheel size of 60 millimeters and over are recommended for specialty riders who are skating using old-school boards, longboards, dirt boards, and downhill, suitable for rougher surfaces and speed.


The winner for the best longboards is Playshion 39 Inches Drop Through Longboard Skateboard Cruise. It is fully pre-assembled equipment upon arrival so is ready-to-ride. It has been designed for cruising, sliding, curving, downhill, freeride and freestyle. The deck is well-made with 8 ply hardwood maple material, that is sturdy with strong 7-inch reverse kingpin aluminum longboard trucks handling sliding easily. The wheels are hard enough for firm steering but soft enough for a smooth ride.