About Us

Getting the right equipment and accessories are very important. This may not necessarily be an easy endeavor, however. While you can get a lot of options from different stores selling these types of equipment these days, we do our best to stand out from the rest by offering what we have at best – our expertise. Call us your ‘skater boys’, offering our firsthand knowledge and experience to help you in making the right choice for your needs.

How We Curate Products

Way beyond the fanatic enthusiasm that usually follows after the introduction of any boardsports (skateboarding, surfing, bodyboarding, skimboarding &, etc.) equipment, ensuring quality is essential. After all, just about anybody can introduce their products really well, forgetting about the real meaning of quality. This is the reason why we want to bring something better to the table.

From professional recommendations and experiences, down to actual user reviews, expectations, and warranties, we offer specific details to each product that we review, thus allowing you to make a well-informed purchasing decision even before spending your hard-earned money. As such, we do not just highlight the good side of products, but we also honestly mention the ones that need improvement.

We can help you choose the right products for your needs. With us helping you out, you will find yourself getting the best item that fits both your needs and preferences.

Board Sports Education

If you still consider yourself as a newbie in the world of boardsports, need not worry. We have compiled our research and knowledge to provide you a plethora of content that revolves around the equipment that you need in this endeavor. We also provide some tips on how to care for and maintain your equipment.

Our Experts

Drew – Founder

With his degree in electronics engineering and enthusiasm for skateboarding, he was able to establish his own skate shop together with his father. His fascination with various activities such as surfing, skateboarding, longboarding, and cycling paved the way for this site to come into existence. This site aims to provide professional content to aspiring skateboarders and make him realize a dream–that of becoming an entrepreneur while not relinquishing his hobby as a skateboarder.


Also considers skateboarding as a hobby. More than that, he is also acquainted with the latest updates and technologies in the world of skateboarding. As such, he is the best person to provide assistance in terms of getting the best skateboarding equipment and accessories. 


Noah is an experienced Surfer and Skimboarder that have been surfing and skimboarding for over a decade.

Noah is also an excellent content writer. He is responsible for writing tips and product reviews about surfing, skimboarding, and other water sports.

What You Can Expect

Information You Need

It is our aim to offer great assistance along with helpful information, helping you to make a well-informed decision when it comes to purchasing. Other information is also available, such as a discussion on how to fix old and worn-out equipment. We help in checking all hardware parts needed, thus allowing you to effectively analyze what your needs are. 

Reviews and Recommendations

It is always best to read reviews even before making a final decision on the specific equipment to purchase. We offer reviews, as backed up by our research, knowledge, and expertise in the world of skateboarding. As such, we are in a position to offer recommendations of potential and promising products out there. We also offer a compilation of other reviews coming from other users, allowing you to weigh things out.

It is our aim to bring you the best possibilities and options when it comes to your needs. On our part, we follow the latest trends in the business of board sports, investing our time and effort in searching anything stronger and better to make your hobby much better and safer. With our experience and expertise, together with your interest and passion in these sport, you can expect an interesting collaboration.