The Best Snowboard Pants: 2021 Review

Whether you’re a professional or still learning the ropes, you need the best snowboard pants to enjoy this thrilling sport. We have rounded up five of the top snowboard pants of the year to help you make the best shopping decision.

Top 5 Best Snowboard Pants

Here are five of the top snowboard pants of 2021 selected for their good craftsmanship, material, design, and size availability.

Arctix Men’s Snowboard Pants

Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Best Snow Cargo Pants from Arctix


  • Available in more than 20 different colors.
  • You can select from so many sizes to suit your needs.
  • Made from the toughest, lightest, and warmest materials.


  • Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 3 inches, 2.2 pounds
  • Available Sizes: Small to 4x large
  • Materials Used: polyester, ThermaTech Insulation, 600 Denier Ballistic material
  • Special Features: lightweight, low bulk, adjustable weight, reinforced ankles, hem guards and scruff, boot zippers, boot gaiters with grippers

The Arctix Men’s Snowboard Sports Cargo Pants is designed for all-around winter sports use. This is available in more than twenty colors and sizes with camo designs to choose from. These pants are waterproof and warm as they are made from 100% polyester. You can wear these for longer periods in cold or in wet conditions.

To keep you dry and warm is 85 grams of ThermaTech Insulation but you won’t feel heavy at all. You’ll be able to walk, ski, use your snowboard, and even perform tricks. You can use this pair in -20 to +35 degrees temperatures. Along the scuff is 600 Denier Ballistic material which reinforces the scuff, hem, and ankles. You won’t have to worry about regular wear and tear.

The waist is completely adjustable and will give you a comfortable fit. You will also get boot zippers to help you get in and out of your pants with ease. There are large cargo pockets plus O-rings to hold your keys and gloves. Finally, boot gaiters equipped with grippers help integrate your pants with your boots to keep you warmer and to prevent moisture from getting inside your clothes.


  • These pants are warmer, drier but lighter.
  • Lightweight snowboard pants
  • With reinforced ankles, hems, and scuffs
  • With adjustable waist
  • With more pockets and O-rings
  • Integrates with your boots
  • Easy to wear and clean
  • With plenty of sizes to choose from


  • Complaints that the crotch area is too low
  • Problems with sizing. You should be careful when selecting your size.

Special Blend Anti-Gravity Snowboard Pants

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Anti-Gravity Snowboard Pants from Special Blend


  • Available in different sizes.
  • With easy to wear button closure system.
  • Adjustable along the waist tabs, with vents along the sides.


  • Available Sizes: small
  • Materials Used: 320d Taslon fabric, Thermalock TM insulation
  • Special Features: long-wearing, breathable, waterproof, windproof, refined fit, easy to clean, dual-button closure, cargo pockets, boot gaiters, leg vents, articulated knees

The Special Blend Men’s Anti-Gravity Snowboard and Ski Pants may only be available in three colors but are perfect for all kinds of winter sports. These are pants for men with dual button closure so you’re secure no matter how much you move.

It comes with adjustable waist tabs and articulated knees. These also make it easier to move so you can glide seamlessly over snow and ice and perform all kinds of tricks. And despite these movements, your pants will keep from regular wear and tear.

These pants have zippered cargo pockets where you can place your things so there’s no need to bring a bag or a backpack on the slopes. Finally, it comes with boot gaiters and reinforced cuffs so you’ll always be warm and comfortable no matter how cold and wet the slopes will be.

These snowboard pants are available in limited sizes; only 2 to 5 sizes are currently available. You must order a size larger than your regular pants size to allow a comfortable fit.


  • With dual button closure so these won’t fall off.
  • With adjustable tabs along the waist and articulated knees so you’ll move comfortably.
  • With cargo pockets for all your stuff.
  • Will keep you warm with reinforced cuffs.


  • These are snowboard pants designed only for men.
  • With only a few sizes and colors available.

TSLA Winter Snowboard Pants

Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Best Winter Snow Pants for Men from TSLA


  • Available in more than twenty different colors and designs.
  • Made from layers of very durable fabric; resists snow and wind.
  • Reinforced leg guards, made for all kinds of winter sports and activities.


  • Dimensions: 12.91 x 8.54 x 2.01 inches, 2.01 pounds
  • Available Sizes: small to 3 times extra-large
  • Materials Used: 3-layers Dratex Fabric
  • Special Features: with elastic boot gaiters, reinforced leg guards, front enclosure, uses Velcro, for all winter sports

The TSLA Men’s Winter Snow Pants are insulated ski pants available in more than 30 colors and designs. These are true to size pants but we recommend selecting a size higher than your actual pant size.

These are made from 3 layers of Dratex Fabric which helps prevent heat loss and block out snow and high winds. It comes with elastic boot gaiters with snaps for ease of use and improved leg guards so wind and snow won’t easily move inside your pants.

The front closure is easy to access with Velcro. You can use these pants for all types of winter sports including hiking, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobile riding. You can choose from 10 sizes from extra-small to 3 times large.


  • You will surely find the color you want from more than 30 colors available.
  • There are many sizes to choose from.
  • With triple layers of fabric for warmth and reduced heat loss, wind, and snow.
  • With reinforced leg guards and elastic gaiters to keep snow and wind from moving inside.
  • You can use this for different types of winter sports.


  • True to size, but you must pick a size larger than your regular size to make sure.
  • Complaints that these were too baggy and loose.

Burton Snowboard Pants

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Best Men’s Cargo Pants with Regular Fit from Burton


  • Available in more than twenty different colors.
  • Just the right fit, not too tight and not too loose.
  • Made from breathable and waterproof fabric.


  • Dimensions: 19.69 x 11.01 x 1.57 inches, 2.01 pounds
  • Available Sizes: XX Small to XX Large
  • Materials Used: Dryride two-layer fabric, taffeta, mesh
  • Special Features: with a zipper enclosure, regular fit, waterproof, breathable, Living Lining

The Burton Men’s Cargo Pants comes with a regular fit so it’s not too tight and not too loose/baggy. It comes with a zippered enclosure so it’s easy to get in and out. It is made from DRYRIDE, a two-layer material that’s waterproof and warm but breathable. This material is made especially for severe cold and wet weather conditions.

These pants are mapped with Living Lining, a material made from mesh and taffeta that helps promote body temperature. This will help you adapt easily to drastic temperature changes as it gets too cold or too warm.

You can select from more than twenty different colors but the sizes are limited to 6 so you must be careful when choosing the size that fits your needs.


  • Available in different lively and natural colors.
  • With zippered closure for easy wear and removal.
  • Made from very comfortable, breathable yet waterproof fabric.
  • Living Lining that easily regulates body temperature. 


  • With limited sizes available.
  • Not for large users.

Volcom Snowboard Pants

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Men’s Relaxed Fit Chino Snowboard Pants from Volcom


  • Available in different colors and sizes.
  • With a 2-layer shell and stretch material.
  • Comes with a modern and relaxed fit.


  • Dimensions: 25 x 14 x 4 inches, 1 pounds
  • Available Sizes: small to extra-large
  • Materials Used: V-Science Stretch Oxford, breathable lining, 100% polyester
  • Special Features: with zippered enclosure, taped seams, zipped pants to jacket interface

The Volcom Men’s Relaxed Fit Snowboard Pants are made from 100% polyester so it’s waterproof, easy to clean, and will resist wear and tear. These pants come with a zippered enclosure so you can easily wear and remove them. It has a 2-layer V science oxford stretch liner which helps keep you warm and comfortable.

These pants have taped seams which also help keep snow, wind, and water from coming in. The fit is modern and relaxed and is designed with a jacket interface. However, there are only 8 colors to choose from and only a few sizes to select from.


  • Made from very comfortable and durable materials.
  • Will keep you warm and dry.
  • With breathable lining and taped seams.
  • With a relaxed fit and jacket interface.


  • Only a few colors to select from.
  • Only a few sizes to choose from.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re choosing your first pair or you’re shopping for something new, you must remember the following when buying a good pair of snowboard pants.

Just like buying any article of clothing, you must take time to find out the best fabrics, styles, features, and designs. You must consider your level of experience when it comes to snowboarding, skiing, or other winter activities. Consider the following as you shop.

Waterproofing for your snowboard pants

One of the most important buying factors is waterproofing as you need to ensure that you’re dry, warm, and safe while you’re engaging in any kind of winter sport. Most snowboard pants come with a waterproof rating of 5,000 to 20,000 or 5 to 20K. Take note that the higher the number, the more resistant to water the fabric is. Take note that there are top-quality fabrics that don’t have ratings such as eVent and Gore-Tex.

So how waterproof should your snowboard pants be? The answer depends on where you’re going to play on. If you’re in a warmer area like Washington or Oregon, you need a pant with high waterproof rating plus fully-taped seams to avoid wet snow from entering. Meanwhile, dryer areas like Colorado or Utah need pants with lower waterproof ratings.

Another thing to consider is the price of snowboard pants increases as the waterproof rating increases and the number of seams is taped. Therefore, if you engage in winter sports like skiing or snowboarding only a few times a year then an inexpensive one will do. But if you’re planning on spending a lot of time on the slopes where there’s wet snow or harsh cold conditions then you should go for pants that will keep you dry, warm, and safe.  

How warm the snowboard pants are

Another important factor when buying snowboard pants is how warm the pants are. Snowboard pants with an uninsulated design come with a shell with a lining for improved warmth and overall comfort. If you have legs that don’t get too cold, you can wear snowboard pants with a light baselining for the rest of the winter season. However, if you easily get cold then you may prefer pants with several layers to prevent your legs from freezing. Consider that the number of layers will vary depending on the weather and thus, shell pants are a good option for enhanced versatility.

You may also find unlined snowboard pants which are designed for backcountry skiers. These pants are lighter to allow enhanced breathability which helps you with longer treks in varying weather or temperature conditions.

You will also find snowboard pants with insulation but are lighter. These are low-profile insulation using synthetic fibers that provide additional warmth. Take note that the warmth on the legs is not as important as your core warmth this is why pants have minimal insulation compared to winter jackets. Usually, it will feel very cold during your first few minutes outdoors but as you start moving (walking or trekking) your legs will soon become warm.

Check for built-in gaiters

There are many features of snowboard pants and although not everything is important, you should keep these in mind when choosing pants according to your preference.

Gaiters are common in ski and snowboard pants. These are located under the cuff and are used to keep snow out of the boots or from your feet. There are different gaiter designs. Some come with hooks that help connect to your laces while some come with buckles or hook and loops from the sides.

As long as you wear these correctly which are over laced-up or bucked-up boots, these will work efficiently. Never wear these inside your boots! Also, there are some snowboard pants with zippered cuffs which allow you to fix the gaiters faster and much easier.

Zippered vents

Vents are also common in ski and snowboard pants. These are usually zippered vents that allow you to remove heat and enhance air circulation should it becomes too hot. Usually, vents are located along the inner thigh seam and come with mesh lining to avoid snow from getting inside the pants.

There are pants with zippered vents at the front or on the outer seam.  You’ll also find technical ski mountaineering gear with full-length zippers for improved ventilation and easy removal without the need to take off your boots.

Pockets and jacket-to-pants

Some snowboard pants come with a system that connects the clothing to your ski jacket especially when the two garments are compatible. With this feature, you have a snow-proof piece of clothing that will stop snow, wind, and water from moving through your clothes and pants. You need this kind of snowboard pants if you are going to ride in deep, soft, and wet snow.

Another feature you must consider is pockets. You need pockets to keep small essential items like your mobile phone, money, keys or any small thing that you need to bring during your trip. Pockets are practical since you don’t need to carry a backpack or a bag as you engage in skiing or snowboarding.

Reinforced cuffs

Most snowboard pants will have reinforced cuffs. There is a stiff or durable fabric that protects the pants from tears. These are usually found inside the pants to keep against any contact from skiing edges. If the pants are specifically for snowboarding, the band is found at the cuff located at the back.

Bibbed snowboarding pants

If you want the best protection from snow from your back with protection from the wind at the front minus any discomfort from tight waistbands, snowboard pants with bibs could be the best option. These are heavier and more expensive than regular pants. And since wearers might have problems when going to the bathroom with bibbed pants, you might want to check out pants with zip flys for men or a zippered drop seat for women.

RECCO Rescue System

Some bibbed pants come with a RECCO unit. A RECCO Rescue System works with a RECCO transponder, a large unit that resort operators and rescuers use during search and rescue operations. Rescuers have RECCO detectors and look for RECCO units during accidents, avalanches, and other conditions. Pants with RECCO systems are generally more expensive compared to plain snowboard pants.

Snowboard pants size

Most snowboard pants come in different sizes. Some brands offer general adult sizes from extra, extra small to extra, extra-large sizes. Some have men’s sizes and women’s sizes while some offer children’s sizes as well. Make sure to choose the correct size according to your level of comfort, experience, and type of winter sport you want to engage in.


Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers when it comes to buying and wearing snowboard pants.

How to find out what size of snowboard pants for you?

Choosing the best snowboard pants that fit can be a challenge as there is a wide range of sizes and styles. A good rule is to buy one size larger than your regular pants as this allows you to add more layers of clothing during very cold temperatures. Also, larger snowboard pants offer more room to let you move easily.

Is there a difference between snowboard pants and skiing pants?

Skiing pants are usually form-fitting and snug while snowboarding pants are baggier and loose. Snowboarders need to wear clothing that will help them move freer and easier so they can jump and perform all kinds of tricks.

Why are snowboard pants baggy pants?

Snowboard pants should not be too loose or too tight. These pants should be baggy to allow users to move easier across the snow, over rocks and logs, and to perform tricks. Tight pants can restrict movement and affect his flexibility in the snow.

What are alternatives to snowboard pants?

If you don’t have snowboard pants, you can use wind pants, rain pants, fleece pants, or sweatpants. However, these lack the warmth and the versatility of snowboard pants. So if you plan to learn how to snowboard and to remain in the snow for longer periods, invest in good quality snowboard pants.

Can you wear jeans underneath your snowboard pants?

Yes, you can wear jeans or sweat pants under your snowboard pants especially if you easily feel cold on your legs. But choose a pair of jeans that are flexible, not too stiff, or hard which can restrict movement.


We recommend the Arctix Men’s Snowboard Sports Cargo Pants and the Special Blend Men’s Anti-Gravity Snowboard and Ski Pants because of their outstanding features to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.

The Arctix Men’s Snowboard Sports Cargo Pants is for all-around winter sports and is available in many colors and sizes. These pants are waterproof and warm as they are made from 100% polyester and 85 grams of ThermaTech Insulation. You can use these in -20 to +35 degrees temperatures. These come with pockets, O-rings, adjustable waist, and boot gaiters to integrate your pants with your boots. 

The Special Blend Men’s Anti-Gravity Snowboard and Ski Pants are only available in three colors but are great for all kinds of winter sports. These have a dual button closure, adjustable waist tabs, and articulated knees so you can move seamlessly over snow and ice. You’ll have zippered cargo pockets where you can place all your stuff. It has boot gaiters and reinforced cuffs so you’ll always be warm and comfortable.

The Arctix Men’s Snowboard Pants and the Special Blend Men’s Anti-Gravity Snowboard Pants have the best features skiers and snowboarders are looking for. These should be a part of your best snowboard pants shopping list.