Best Snowboards of 2021: Updated Review

The option in choosing the best snowboards in 2021 entirely depends on you, as it boils down to personal needs and preferences. To help you make a good purchasing decision, however, we have rounded the best options currently available. A buying guide is also prepared to help you reach a wise purchasing decision. Enjoy reading!

Top 5 Best Snowboards

SportsStuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 130 cm
  • Weight Capacity: 80 to 150 lbs.
  • Material:  Double hardwood construction

Product Description

This entry-level snowboard includes a number of amazing features. This includes the use of loop bindings and an easy-adjust hook, offering effortless and easy access with a secure fit. It is built with quality in mind, featuring multi-layer, durable hardwood construction which can handle even the toughest slopes in different seasons.

  • Ultra-Smooth Bottom

As an entry-level snowboard, the Snow Ryder is recommended for young snowboarders. As the little rider is enjoying the pace, picking up speed, this board’s slick, wooden and laminated bottom offers an even, smooth finish that is fit for all skills, ages, and even comfort levels.

  • Designed to Last

This board uses multi-layer construction, using machine-pressed wood layers. As such, it creates an ultra-strong composite board that easily stands out from the rest. With its super-duty strength and durability, there is no doubt that this snowboard can also handle different seasons and riders of different backgrounds.

  • Easy to Adjust Bindings

These bindings are easy to adjust, featuring heavy-duty web with a simple hook and look enclosures. This design gives the assurance that the shoes or boots of the rider are fastened securely on the board while enjoying a slide down the slope.


  • Durable construction
  • Easy adjusting hook
  • Ideal for beginners   


  • Not for resort use  

Rossignol XV Sashimi Snowboard

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: Range – 90 to 170 cm
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 210
  • Material:  FSC Certified L.I.T.E. Wood

Product Description

  • RadCut Shape

This type of shape comes in a traditional sidecut in between inserts, fusing several reverse sidecuts into the tail and tip. This design offers real-time adjustment for the sidecut during the ride, delivering the best cut all the time. It is also available in different versions, with each design customized for individual styles of riding. The more aggressive blends offer livelier and quicker turns, while the smoother ones present a more relaxed and fluid ride.

  • Durable Construction

This snowboard is made out of L.I.T.E wood CBF. This is the standard core wood used by the manufacturer that offers a single kind of wood that is laminated vertically, giving you comfort and durability without unnecessarily emptying your pocket. This 100% wood board was harvested from sustainable forests. The sidewalls are also constructed using ABS sidewall, offering improved durability while making sure that the cores are kept away from moisture.

  • High Quality Laminates

This snowboard uses L.I.T.E. Frame technology, which is the first in the industry to offer visible innovation while integrating a urethane strip surrounding the board perimeter. This offers full-length shock absorption that ensures overall improved playfulness, maneuverability, ultra-smooth control of the ride.

It also features glass fiber in its laminate, delivering tailored flex with enhanced stability and torsional resistance. At the same time, it also uses TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which combines good flexibility in low temperature and high tensile strength.


  • Effortless carving
  • Amazing stability
  • Durable construction   


  • No magnatraction feature  

Jones Snowboard

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size:
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Material: 

Product Description

  • Decent Powder

This snowboard offers better powder compared with other aggressive all-mountain boards out there. This is made possible by the camber profile which offers more rocker. In terms of the offer, it sits between the aggressive all-mountain and the all-mountain category. The setback is decent enough, with its directional shape and long nose.

  • All-Poplar Core and Biax Fibreglass

With the all-poplar core and biax fiberglass features used in this snowboard, users can expect a mellower ride compared with its turbocharged counterparts. If you are interested in finding a snowboard that offers better torsion control, this is the board that you can take into consideration.

  • Intermediate to Advanced Riders

This snowboard features a directional shape that also uses camber underfoot, with a rocker in its tail and nose. As a result, it offers this snowboard the needed stability at a speed and enough float in the board’s powder. It also comes with a high-quality base. When waxed up, it easily glides fast, thanks to its case that is designed with an amazing torsional response.


  • Mellow magne-traction
  • Nice and stable speed
  • Good flex underfoot


  • Not that aggressive  

Rossignol One LF Snowboard

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: Size chart available
  • Weight Capacity: Weight depends on the size
  • Material:  L.I.T.E wood

Product Description

  • One-Quiver Snowboard

This snowboard is ideal for those who are searching for a one-quiver snowboard. You can use it to ride the park, the groomers, and the backcountry, allowing you to ride depending on your style. It leans toward the freeride style than a freestyle though you can bring it to the park, as it is ideal for jump lines. The preferred rider of this snowboard is someone who loves riding in icy/hard conditions.

  • Flex and Powder

The manufacturer of this board provides a rating of 7/10 when it comes to flex, though they still tend to be stiffer compared to boards from other brands. It is also softer on the tail and tip, which means that buttering is quite easy though still stiffer in between the feet.

The float of this board in powder is also amazing. With a powder, this snowboard feels similar to that of a freeride board, being available with softer flexing and more forgiving.

  • Turning and Carving

This snowboard offers an amazing combination of being able to do a good carve, though it can also be forgiving in a way that you can still perform skid turns as you need to. It offers features of an all-mountain snowboard, easy to ride and forgiving, while still giving you an amazing carve going.


  • Value for the money
  • All-mountain snowboard
  • Awesome float in powder   


  •  Quite heavy compared to others

Ride Machete Snowboard

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: Sizing chart available
  • Weight Capacity: Depends on size
  • Material: 

Product Description

  • Quadratic Sidecut

The addition of a quadratic sidecut in the features of this snowboard enhances edge grip, turn initiation, and exit. With its Carbon Slimerods 1.0, carbon for pop is also present, along with a slime-core that smooths out the landings. It also features Carbon Array 3 which offers extra pop without unnecessarily boosting stiffness. It is a mid-flexing twin that is ideal for all levels of riders doing freestyle.

  • Carbon Slimerods

This board uses carbon slimerods, giving an extra boost to the playfulness and liveliness of these boards. This easily sets these boards from other models. It implements strategic placement on the tail and/or tip, adding pop without stiffness, which is usually common among snappy boards. This part of the board is constructed using flat carbon boards, wrapping a urethane slime-core, ensuring a smooth landing.

  • Carbon Array Laminates

This technology in power distribution offers complete board control in all stance locations. There are widespread carbon stringers that are located at the binding zone gathering input out of any stance width, along with all pressure angles. The rider input is channeled into the other contact point, ensuring optimized board control.


  • Mid-flexing twin
  • Quadratic sidecut
  • Carbon slimerods   


  • Not for beginners 

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Snowboards

You may have also noticed that there have been tons of information currently available when it comes to choosing the best snowboards. At times, it can be somewhat overwhelming. If you are a beginner, the following factors are among the things that you can take into consideration. As you continue to become familiar with it, you will be able to determine the best one that fits your personal needs and preferences.


The length of the board highly depends on the bodyweight of the rider, including the riding type that you are planning to do. Before, traditional sizing requires standing next to the board, with the top of the board hitting your chin. This could be a good gauge, but other things also need to be considered.

For instance, if you plan to do mostly freeriding, a longer snowboard will do good as it will offer more speed and stability. If freestyle snowboarding is what you are aiming at, a smaller board will be easier to maneuver and spin. Also, if you are above the average weight, a longer snowboard is also good. Beginners may want to use a shorter board that fits the size range.


Among the factors that may be considered when it comes to determining the type of snowboard that you can get include the type of terrain, ability level, as well as personal preference. The following are among the most common types of snowboard out there.

All-Mountain Snowboards

These types of snowboards are specially designed to do well in different terrains and snow conditions. They are ideal for use in park runs, groomers or powder, and are famous because of their versatility. If you are not sure of what you need, getting an all-mountain snowboard is a safe choice.

Freeride Snowboards

A freeride snowboard is designed for a rider who usually spends time grooming run and in a wide variety of terrain. They usually come with a stiffer flex and comes in longer sizes compared with freestyle options. These snowboards usually come in a directional shape which is designed to optimally perform in a single direction.

Freestyle Snowboards

Freestyle snowboards are also known as park snowboards. They are a bit shorter in terms of length. They usually come with an asymmetrical or true twin shape and are usually preferred by those who love riding at a terrain park. Another variant of a freestyle snowboard is the all-mountain freestyle, which is more versatile in terms of combining the fun nature of a freestyle snowboard and the versatility of an all-mountain board.

Powder Snowboards

Powder snowboards are designed for the deep stuff, intensifying fresh conditions. In terms of design, they usually have a tapered and narrower tail and a wider nose. They also have binding inserts that are set back for steering and flotation on the back foot. They also offer a generous rocker, which is an element wherein the tip rise begins farther from the back, helping the rider pivot and float quite easily.

Level of Ability

Another thing that has to be taken into consideration is the ability level of the rider. The good news is that there are snowboards that are designed for every level of ability, with each of them focusing on the specific needs of riders. Shape, flex, construction, design, materials, and purpose of use are essential when it comes to crafting a board for a specific ability level.

Make sure to be realistic enough in evaluating your ability. Getting the best snowboard for your personal needs, ability included, will help in making your experience in snowboarding more enjoyable, thus speeding up your progression.


There are many options on snowboard shapes these days. Even though some models can work in every terrain, there are some that are particularly designed for making the most out of particular conditions. Before purchasing a board from a certain brand, you may want to take a look at the shape guide for details.


The amount of flex produced by a snowboard significantly varies from one board to another. The ratings are not standardized in the industry, which is why a medium in a certain brand may be different from another. Some brands even give number ratings.


How many snowboards a rider should have?

For most riders, two snowboards are already more than enough. Some have more, depending on their personal preferences. Generally, it is good to have one snowboard which can work well in most conditions, and another that is specific to your favorite type and terrain.

What is the recommended snowboard size for a beginner?

If you consider yourself a beginner in snowboarding, the recommended snowboard size for you is 155 to 157. On the other hand, if you have turned into a dedicated free rider in snowboarding, then you might want to take it a notch up to 162 to 164.

Is a longer snowboard an ideal option for beginners?

Generally speaking, a shorter snowboard is ideal for beginners, depending on the size range. Aside from ability, you also need to consider the terrain where you will mostly be riding. If you are mostly riding powder, all-mountain or freeriding, then a longer snowboard is a recommended option.

How long do snowboards last?

A snowboard will typically last an average of 150 to 200 days. If you take care of your snowboard quite well, not grinding the base on the rocks, then you may be able to experience around 100 days high quality riding out of a new snowboard. The next 50 days will still be enjoyable, though not as good as the first 100 days.

Which is cheaper – skiing or snowboarding?

The prices for season or day pass in a site are pretty equal, though the basic equipment in skiing is more expensive since other equipment may also need to be prepared, including not just the skis, but also poles, boots, and bindings. On the other hand, snowboarding only requires either buying and renting the board, boots, and bindings.


In this review, you are presented with 5 of the best snowboards currently available on the market. Now, you are in a better position to find a snowboard that matches your personal requirements. Each of the models comes with its own set of pros and cons. You can take them into consideration while evaluating them with your preferences, and you can come up with the best one for your needs.

Snowboarding is fun and entertaining, allowing you to enjoy time outdoors even at the coldest time of the year. Whichever snowboard you choose; you are guaranteed satisfaction because they all offer a high-quality snowboarding experience for you.