Best Snowboard Bindings in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

Snowboarding is a wonderful recreation during the winter season. To help the legs get an exquisite grip during snowboarding, it is important to make sure that you get the best snowboard binding. Furthermore, to have the best maneuver for the board, you must use the best snowboard bindings that facilitate the best transformation of body transportability into board control.

5 Best Snowboard Bindings 

Nitro Zero Snowboard Bindings

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Best Snowboard Binding for Longer Slope Strike


  • A go-to freestyle snowboard binding
  • Snappy skate-like boot to board encounter
  • Top-performing technologies


  • Air Dampening
  • 3-degrees canted footbed
  • Board saver technology

The Nitro Zero is one of the best snowboard bindings. They are quite sensible well-designed binding that is suitable to different types of riders. They feature a lot of new mechanisms which makes them a versatile binding.

These bindings usher you in with wide-open straps. They immediately support the park pedigree through the excellent-performance skate-resembling flex, reliable cable-bolstered built, and shock-gripping Air Dampening mechanism that standstill for the solid linings to help riders take up with the slopes in a long time.

All its straps exhibit flip cams that give suitable effort to snap open so you will not need to worry about them dislodging. The heel cup shifts the inside and outside of the frame to fit various sizes of the boot. It is also disengaged with the bolts that are attached to the ankle strap. 

Moreover, the shape of the toe strap works well to suit any shape of a boot. The ankle strap is a bit tighter than the binding of this variety normally gets. However, that is a favorable thing. You can find a lot of soft bindings but with inconsiderable ankle straps that provide no reinforcement. This kind of binding offers an equilibrium of flexibility and reinforcement that rides impressively.

Nitro bindings have been around for so many years now. And you will be happy to know that they are still providing good riding now just as how they performed then. If you have never experienced contentment with the shock absorption of other brands, Nitro Zero snowboard bindings should be on top of your list.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to get in and out of the frame


  • Not ideal for beginners

Burton Cartel EST Men’s Snowboard Bindings

Star Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Best Snowboard Binding for Budget


  • Proven and tested technologies
  • A blend of performance, comfort, and all-terrain flexibility
  • Creates a soft ride


  • SensoryBED cushioning system
  • Hammockstrap 2.0
  • Smooth Glide buckles

It takes a strong character to endure the test of time. However, there is a certain time in our lives that we need to expand. That is exactly how the Burton Cartel EST Men’s snowboarding bindings have delivered, with the Smooth Glide buckles, Hammockstrap 2.0, and many years of buildup in every crank of the ratchet.

The Hammockstrap 2.0 ankle strap has a strong and obscure design, enclosing you and providing you the immediate control of the board. The toe strap features the Supergrip Capstrap that binds through the boot’s toe box and is completely thrown in to lessen waste. It also has the SensoryBED cushioning mechanism which is suitable with the EST mounting mechanism. The SensoryBED offers eminent control and a convenient attachment to the snowboard.

In terms of performance and response, Burton Cartel EST features a dual-component baseplate built that highlights two kinds of materials – one is found on the underfoot and the other is near the sidelong edges, establishing a soft ride that is harder edge-to-edge for enhanced balance. The Hinge tilts aggressively with the leg for improved foot roll, easier ollies, and less fatigue. The single-component angled hi-back built offers instant response and lets the rider control the general flex profile of the snowboard.


  • Adjustable
  • Versatile
  • Offers more control


  • Not suitable for beginners and intermediates

STAUBER Dyna Snowboard Bindings

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Snowboard Binding to Flex Despite Tension


  • Designed to be adjusted
  • Great binding to gain confidence
  • Aids to the improvement of skills


  • The aluminum alloy buckle mechanism
  • Highback angle
  • Medium flex rating

The STAUBER Dyna Snowboard Bindings are built to flex even when exposed to tension while keeping stiff to the snowboard and boots. Equipped with flexible features, these bindings will tailor to suit a particular size.

These bindings are rated an average flex and match well with a stiff-type boot. Whether you are someone who is new to snowboarding or you are a seasoned snowboarder, you will love the handling traits they produce when exposed to riding resistance. These bindings would make an impressive way to acquire confidence as a rider of the snowboard and will help in the enhancement of one’s skills.

STAUBER Dyna snowboard binding has customization features including Multiple Slop Strap Grooves, Adjustable High back, Retractable or Extendable base plate, and toe strap mounters.


  • Can be suitable for both beginners and pros
  • Has flexible features
  • Has customization features


  • Suit only to a particular size

Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best Snowboard Binding for “Butterability”


  • Pro’s choice
  • Combines the top technologies of Burton with an average-range flex
  • Used for enhanced board control


  • Dual-component EST baseplate
  • Double-take buckles
  • Medium flex

Comfort is the very essence of Burton Malavita EST. Over the years, this snowboard binding continues to impress the snowboarders making it one of the favorite picks in the market. These bindings in freestyle approach are full of cutting-edge features that could justify their prices. 

This binding is a great choice for any rider who wants a freestyle binding and something that is on the tighter side for larger features – still an average flex – but a little tighter in there as compared to other freestyle bindings. Nevertheless, Malavita EST still provides an impressive board sensation and “butterability”. 

Among other good traits, its construction is well-appreciated. Its baseplate is built from a dual-component baseplate. It is also devised with a 30% short-glass/Nylon Composite Spar. Another material that is employed during its building is the 30% short-glass/Nylon Composite Lower. Exhibiting an AutoCANT Full bed cushioning mechanism, you will love the well-padded bed. This makes the foot relaxed and quick to roll within. Furthermore, the AutoCANT system utilizes dual-density EVA foam that aims to assist the boot into the best riding position. This helps lessen fatigue and offers better control on the board during an extensive ride.

Slanted highbacks go with the natural figure of the leg, contributing to the convenience and control, while the zero forward lean provides a comfortable, spirited feel in the mountain. The Burton Malavita EST snowboard binding has remarkable strap adjustability to suit the majority of the sizes of boots.


  • Improved strength and speed
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Comfortable design


  • Only works with Burton boards

K2 Vandal Snowboard Binding

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Best Feature-Leading Kids Snowboard Binding


  • Designed while considering the young rippers
  • Excellent tool to bring the riding experience to the next level
  • Improves freestyle mobility


  • ProFusssionTM Chassis
  • Groms Tweekback
  • Flexible Power Ramp

Designed to be considerable without risking the performance, the K2 Vandal Snowboard binding is the best match for the Vandal boot and board. All-inclusive of ProFussionTM chassis, TweakbackTM highback, and 100% tool-less alterations, K2 Vandal binding is set to rip, set to start a whipping, and set for thrill and excitement. 

They come with many flexes so even the most lightweight riders can still kick back a good shape. Everything in these bindings is adjusted by hands, for no trouble suiting on the hill. The ProFussionTM chassis of the baseplate is simple, strong, and lightweight. The tool-less toe strap and power ramp adjustments work to dial in the best fit and excellent power transfer.

Moreover, the K2 Vandal Snowboard binding uses the technology of old bindings although in a grom-amicable flex to provide a contributory, strong, and fashionable kids binding that is the best partner on their snowboarding. Its nylon Profusion Chassis was tested through time and exquisitely durable. Additionally, its flexible Power Ramp drifts to fit ant boot console of the board to tailor the fit and adjust the response of the snowboard.

For a guaranteed and convenient feeling, considerate and reinforcing flex, and all-terrain reliability, the K2 Vandal Snowboard Binding is rich in technology and a feature-leading kids snowboard binding that dribbles confidence and is set to lift your grom’s improving snowboard skillset.


  • Best for beginners
  • Accommodates even the most lightweight riders
  • Everything is adjusted by hands


  • Not ideal for those with big feet

Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays, you can hear plenty of information about snowboarding. And when you are interested to learn about snowboarding, you also have to make yourself familiar with the snowboard bindings. Snowboarding bindings are essential elements when riding a snowboard. They serve as the immediate connection of the rider to the snowboard, shifting the movements of the muscle to their boards. 

You must buy snowboard bindings that are best for your snowboard and your style. When planning to buy snowboard bindings, here are some of the things that you need to consider:


It is a reality that most riders follow a certain budget when looking for snowboard gear. Putting it into consideration, you must determine your budget first before you go out and choose the best snowboard binding. 

To help you process it, consider creating a shortlist containing the traits and features that you need most in your snowboard binding. Your shortlist may consolidate things such as the price you particularly want. You might also find it practical to check whether or not the snowboard binding comes with a warranty.


Some riders have a particular choice of a brand while others choose their binding based on the referral of friends or family. Is the brand important to you? 

Figuring out how necessary having a particular brand is to help exclude the unnecessary selections when choosing your snowboard binding.

Riding Style

You should choose snowboard bindings that fit your style of riding. Generally, snowboard bindings can suit into three classifications. Aside from the fact that the binding flex needs to fit your riding’s style, you must also figure out the quantity of binding flex you need based on the flex of the boot.

There is no logic in buying an inflexible binding for a soft boot or the other way around. To make sure you align your ride to your style, see to it that the bindings match the flex of the boots.

Flex Rating

A lot of manufacturers feature a flex rating that ranges from 1 to 10 – 1 as the softest, while 10 as the stiffest. The rating of the flex can differ from every binding.


Just like how you become particular in choosing the best match for snowboard sneakers or boots, it is significant when choosing bindings to get the best match. Bindings can be small, medium, or big. You should see the manufacturer’s size chart. See to it that the bindings have the right fit for your board. 

Type of Bindings

Snowboard bindings can either be strap, rear-entry, or burton step-on bindings. You should carefully assess the features of each type of bindings and decide which one you will buy.


The last thing that you want to have when riding on a backcountry terrain is thick bindings. Control and functionality are all about snowboard bindings. You might want to choose lightweight bindings so you will have the advantage of an easier ride on the road.

Binding Compatibility

Snowboard bindings are also available with various options for installation. Snowboards have different mounting selections and hole patterns. The majority of the patterns can work with each other. However, it would be smart if you ensure that you will not be doomed with the wrong set. Fortunately, a lot of brands feature universal discs or create numerous discs to encase various kinds of mounting holes. The best thing to do is to refer to the manufacturer to check whether or not the binding will fit.


With manufacturers that are particular on the surfacing technologies, you can find bindings with features that you want. Most of the popular bindings feature canting and strapping cushioning.


Are Snowboard Bindings necessary?

Yes, Snowboard Bindings are necessary. They are responsible for the connection of the board and what promptly converts your movements.

How will I know if the Snowboard Bindings are the best size for me?

One of the most important things to remember is that it is the snow boots that should fit the snowboard bindings. You have to make sure that the snow boots would fit exactly or it may bungle the entire system. This means that the snowboard bindings are only considered the right size if they could properly fit the snow boots.

Should I replace Snowboard Bindings often?

There is no difficult and swift answer to this question. You should not replace your snowboard bindings at any time. Rather, certain conditions could lead you to the decision of replacing your snowboard binding. The first is when there is a change in the boarding style. Next is if the current binding is no longer suitable with the new snowboard. 

You may also want to replace your snowboard bindings if they are broken or damaged. Changing your aesthetic may also lead you to replace the snowboard binding.

What is the practical amount that I should be spending for my Snowboard Bindings?

This perspective is completely up to you. You should determine the important traits for you and try to check for snowboard bindings that align your budget. 

Can I put any kind of bindings on a Snowboard?

Although the majority of the bindings are considered universal, you cannot put any kind of bindings on a Snowboard. Some snowboard bindings are specifically designed to work with particular brands. For example, a lot of the Burton bindings are designed to work mainly with the Burton snowboards, thus they come with many baseplates for application with other kinds of brands. 

What kind of Snowboard Bindings is the best for a beginner like me?

Snowboard Bindings with a fluffier flex are more ideal for beginners like you since they offer enough control and stability while still providing sufficient space for improvement. Medium flex ratings are suitable for expert snowboarders, although this will still depend on one’s riding style.

How tight should I wear the Snowboard Bindings?

You should wear your boot as securely as possible but make sure that you remain comfortable with the fit. Make sure that the boots are tight enough that they do not move around your bindings. Any gliding between the binding and the boot may lead to the loss of control.

Nevertheless, the binding straps must not be very tight that they can create a grudging or annoying volume of pressure. You do not like to end up with your first run longing to detach the strap as early as possible.

How can I preserve the life of my Snowboard Bindings?

You must always check them for any traces of damages, worn or loose parts before and after every use. Do not forget to thoroughly remove the snow or ice after use to inhibit it from impacting the stability of the binding’s components. The proper storage of the board, as well as the bindings, will also help them avoid unintentional damages.


Finding the best snowboard bindings will help you improve your snowboard experience. These will give you more avenues to enjoy the snow. Each time you go out to check and buy the best bindings, pay attention to the brands that are featured above as they are known for their best performance and comfort. All of the products exhibit remarkable features which are perfectly designed to meet the needs of the riders. Take some time to choose the right one and get the greatest riding feeling when choosing the most appropriate snowboard bindings.

Your choice of snowboard binding must be strong enough to ride the backcountry, the groomers, and the park. Have careful consideration on the flex, baseplate, padding, and boot support together with the kind of materials used to build the bindings. To make sure that you will make a good decision when buying a certain snowboard binding, you must consider the various factors that could directly impact its overall efficiency and performance on your movement.