Best Wakesurf Board of 2021: Comprehensive Review

To make sure that you’re safe in the water, you need the best wakesurf board. Find out the best kind of board that will suit your style and size in this special wakesurf board review.

The 5 Best Wakesurf Boards

Check out our top 5 boards and choose the one that meets your needs.                                              

Hyperlite Shim Wakesurfer

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Skim and Surf Wakesurf Boards from Hyperlite  


  • With very strong DuraShell construction, lightweight board.
  • Bouyant with the feel of an expensive wakesurf board.
  • Easy to maneuver with a short profile


  • Dimensions:  19.69 x 62.99 x 3.94 inches, 10.1 pounds
  • Sizes: one size 3’9”
  • Weight Range: up to 140 pounds
  • Material: DuraShell material, EPS core
  • Special Features: the short profile, lightweight, tail channels
  • Accessories: none

The Hyperlite Shim Wakesurfer is available in easy-to-spot, cool colors: green and bright yellow. It is available in only one size: 3’9″ but it’s built for beginner wakesurfers and expert riders. It is designed for all types of quivers and offers to skim and surf wakeboarding styles. It is made from a tough DuraShell construction. This is a material that’s very durable and lightweight, features that the best wakesurfers love. Inside is a very strong and tough EPS core that helps the board retain its shape. It is buoyant and thus, works great in different wave conditions. Many who have tried the Hyperlite board say that it feels like a high-end board because of its toughness and compression-molded design.

It has a shorter profile which makes it easy to maneuver especially when you’re performing air tricks and rotations. If you’re still learning tricks and complicated maneuvers, this board will make these effortless. Underneath are small tail channels that will help you move smoother across the water. You’ll love how responsive this board is whether you’re still learning how to wakesurf or you’re already working on tricks and maneuvers.


  • Can be used by beginners and expert wakesurfers alike.
  • Offers skim and surf features, built for all types of waters.
  • The strong EPS core makes the board more durable, balanced, and great for first-time users.
  • With small tail channels for a smoother and more responsive feel.
  • Available in two stunning colors so you can be easily seen in the water.


  • Complaints that it’s too rigid
  • Only one size is available.

Ronix Koal Classic Fish Wakesurf Board

Star Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Best Wakesurf Board with a Maple Finish


  • With a classic shape and style
  • With a cool maple wood surface.
  • Weighs less than other wakesurf boards.


  • Dimensions:  15.75 x 39.37 x 3.94 inches, 12 pounds
  • Material: EPS core
  • Board Sizes: two sizes 4’6” and 5’
  • Special Features: classic design, for beginners and experts, with cool maple surface
  • Accessories: none

The Ronix Koal comes with a classic fish wakesurf design. The nose is sharp for easy movements in the water. You’ll enjoy smooth, balanced movements that won’t tick off your glide. The tail is a fishtail that can help you glide effortlessly in the water. It is easier to work with this tail compared to other styles especially when you’re still new to learning new tricks.

This board has a foam core that will keep its shape no matter how much you use or bend it. It will remain buoyant, flexible, and easy to use from smooth to choppy waters. On the top is a rough surface that will help you stay on the board. As wakesurf boards have no bindings or boots, this surface will keep you steady and balanced.

At the bottom are tri-fins that will help you buoyant and moving swiftly in the water. The fins are non-removable and thus, you can only use this board in deeper waters. Finally, you can’t deny that the faux wood surface makes the board cool. The maple top makes the board shine and look dazzling as you move in and out of the water.


  • The shape is a classic which is perfect for first-time wakesurfers and experts.
  • The tip/nose is sharp and great for slicing through the water with ease.
  • The tail is a fishtail that’s buoyant, balanced, and ready to keep you going even when you are still learning tricks.
  • The top is rough with an easy-to-balance mat, perfect for beginners.
  • The board has a lovely, stunning faux maple wood surface.
  • The tri-fin system keeps you balanced in the water.


  • The fins are non-detachable.
  • You can’t use this in shallow water.

O’Brien FX V3 Wakesurf Board

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Wakesurf Board from O’Brien


  • Moves fast, with efficient shape.
  • With a vector net to prevent breaking and buckling.
  • With 5 fin boxes so you can customize the board’s fin positions and sizes.


  • Dimensions: 58 x 22 x 4 inches, 11.4 pounds
  • Board Sizes: 54 and 59 inches
  • Material: EVA pads
  • Special Features: vector net, machined pads, customizable fins
  • Accessories: fins

The O’Brien FX V3 wakesurf board is fast and ready to take you to the next level. It has a modern design and shape which makes it easier to move through the air. It is the choice among experts as they can easily glide through the water and take spins, tricks, and maneuvers with style.

This wakesusrf board has a vector net that offers a good break and resistance. It is flexible and is the best for different neat board tricks. This board comes with carbon strips to keep it strong and very responsive. It is best for expert riders as you can move it to the brink for tough tricks and maneuvers.

The board comes with machined EVA padding that offers needed traction and precision control. You don’t need boots or bindings to stay and work for this board as aside from the padding, you have elevated arch bars plus an angled tail.

This O’Brien wakesurf board comes with 5 compatible fin sockets or boxes. With these sockets, you can customize your fin setup and move effortlessly in different activities. Your purchase also comes with 2.7” fins and two 1.3” tack fins. You may also use other compatible fin brands.


  • Fast and sleek wakesurf board.
  • Perfect for experts to perform different tricks and maneuvers.
  • Strong construction and very responsive.
  • Balanced, easy to move, and easy to learn board.
  • With enhanced features that you won’t find in other wakesurf boards.
  • With a customizable fins setup and comes with a free fin set.


  • Only two sizes available
  • No other colors and styles are available.

Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Best Surf Style Wakesurf Board from Driftsun


  • Can be used by beginners and experts.
  • Made from durable hand-finished EPS foam core.
  • With F4 quad fin design.


  • Dimensions: 4’8” x 20” x 1.5”
  • Board Size: 4’8” and 4’6”
  • Material: EPS core, wood stringer
  • Special Features: with a glass epoxy resin finish, EVA traction pads, F4 quad fin, flush fin boxes, dual concave channels
  • Accessories:  fins, fin fastening tool, and fin bag

The Driftsun Wakesurf Board is an all-around board that’s perfect for beginners and experts. It has customizable fins so you can create your own ride and make your board safer as you move through different water conditions.

This wakesurf board comes with a hand-finished EPS core that’s not just strong but durable and very rigid. It’s meant for fast and demanding movements as it has a natural wooden stringer. The top is made from glass epoxy resin which sits on top of layers of fiberglass. Traction pads line the top that makes the top waterproof to keep you balanced.

The kicktail is larger and it comes with a quad fin. You can customize your fins with Flush Futures using Futures Fins. Your purchase comes with F4 Fins; great value for your money.


  • Ideal wakesurf board for beginners and experts.
  • With very strong material, glass epoxy resin, and fiberglass.
  • With efficient fin setup. Customizable to fit your needs.


  • Available in two sizes only.
  • No other colors and designs to choose from.

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best Durable Wakesurf Board from Hyperlite


  • With a rolled edge profile.
  • With an integrated top and bottom glass design.
  • Will never lose its pop-off.


  • Dimensions: 23.62 x 59.06 x 3.94 inches, 16.8 pounds
  • Material: EVA traction pad, fiberglass
  • Special Features: rolled edges, concave body, layered fiberglass
  • Accessories:  none

The Hyperlite Landlock is designed with a rolled edge and a single concave foam body. On top is an EVA traction pad with the brand logo. This design will help you move effortlessly in water, but not too fast to make you lose your balance. The traction pad keeps you on your feet even for basic wakesurf movements and tricks.

The Hyperlite Landlock has a unique monocoque design as the top glass and the bottom fiberglass merge into one. You will have a very durable board that resists side impacts. You can forget about peeling laminates and surface peeling. This board will look brand new after years of use!

This wakesurf board is made of layered glass and is available in three weights. This board will not just look and feel the same after years of use but will also give you the same pop-off. This board has a lovely sunset design which makes it stand out no matter where you go.


  • With a rolled edge design to keep you moving smoothly and effortlessly in the water.
  • It is a durable, very strong, and indestructible body.
  • The fiberglass construction keeps the board very sturdy, won’t warp, peel or dent.
  • With a lovely, captivating design.


  • With non-removable, non-customizable fins set.
  • Too big for average-sized riders

How to purchase a wakesurf board?

Wakesurfing is a wonderful way to discover and play in the water. It’s not as fast as wakeboarding making it great for beginners. A wakesurf offers a lot of options as you can choose a board that matches your size, style, personal preference, and budget. Let us help you shop for a wakesurf board using this buyer’s guide. 

Wakesurf board shape and length

Wakesurf boards are available in different shapes to address the many riding styles and abilities. Wakesurf board shapes are from surfboards and skimboards and are available in thruster style wakesurf, skimboard shapes, and hybrids which combine the appearance and shape of the two.

Surf shape boards look similar to shortboards but are more compact, with a fish or square tail and directional shape. Surf shape wakesurf boards are available in different materials, sizes, lengths, and configurations. These boards are also larger in volume and size and offer varying fin configurations. If you want a tighter feel on the water or you want to speed up and move across waves, a surf shape board is for you. 

Skim shape boards are smaller and therefore are less buoyant. With this board, you’ll be able to maneuver better, and will let you play in the water longer. These boards have smaller fins and only a few bottom features. The board is slippery and rowdy as it can spin, slide and move in different directions whether narrow or straight.

Hybrid boards are a mix of skim and surfboards. There are many shapes to consider and skim shapes with surf fins and smaller fins are in this group. Using a hybrid board lets you be playful just like you would in a skimboard and yet faster and stronger like surfboards.

Wakesurf board rocker

The wakesurf board rocker is the shape of the board when placed on a flat surface. When checking out any board, place it on a flat surface and check the sides. If the tip and the tail rise from the surface then this is the board’s rocker.

The rocker on a wakesurf board is the same as a wakeboard, snowboard, and skis. A higher rocker creates a slower wakesurf board as it will move through the water but will work differently with the wave. A board with less rocker will make it quicker while on the wake and will produce a smoother ride.

Wakesurf board rails

The wakesurf rails are the board’s edges. The rail design and shape will affect the board’s movements as it glides through the water. The rail also affects how the board turns. A board with a thinner rail will move through the waves better and will make precise turns as well. Meanwhile, thicker rails make a wakesurf board slower and thus, more forgiving and easy to use for beginners.

Rails can also be soft, hard, or hybrid rails. Soft rails come with a rounded edge and are also called full tails. Soft rails are consistent and balanced; these are great for beginners. Hard rails have an abrupt edge and make the board more responsive and quicker. Hard rails are designed for expert riders. A hybrid or blended board has both features.

Size matters

Wakesurf boards have no strict size recommendations but you must consider your weight and height when selecting the best board. Other factors that may influence your choice are the shapes of the tail and nose, the overall shape of the board, and the rocker.

As a general rule, bigger wakesurfers need more area and float. Bigger boards are meant for bigger riders. Take note that bigger boards will move slower and thus are best for beginners. Meanwhile, smaller wakesurf boards are easy to move and will move faster. For those who want to surf in big waves, a smaller wakesurf board is best for smaller users.

Users up to 100 pounds – surf style, skim style, and hybrid styles up to 4′.

Users from 100 to 170 pounds – surf style 4′ to 4’8″, skim style from 4′ to 4’4″, and hybrid from 3’9″ to 4’8″.

150 to 200 pounds – surf style 4’8” to 5’, skim style 4’4” to 4’10” and hybrid style 4’8” to 5’3”

190 to 250 pounds or higher – surf style 5’+, skim style 4’10” and hybrid style 5’+

Size up the wake

The size of the surf wake can dictate the size of your board. If you’re headed out with a stock ballast with a few people then you’ll find it hard to ride a wakesurf board that’s made for your weight. Larger wakes can provide more push so you can ride a smaller board that’s just along with your weight limit. If the wake is along the smaller side, use more weight or use a larger wakesurf board.

Do your own research

Indeed there are standards for everything when it comes to selecting the correct wakesurf board but you must also do your research across all manufacturers. After you’ve narrowed down your search, you can now find the wakesurf board that will match your skill level, size, budget, and preferences.


The following are the most frequently asked questions about wakesurf boards.

What size of wakesurf board is right for me?

The right size of wakesurf board will depend on your preferences, weight, and needs. Here is a table to guide you:

Up to 110 poundsUp to 4’Up to 4’Up to 4’
100 to 170 pounds4’ to 4’8”4’ to 4’4”3’9” to 4’8”
150 to 200 pounds4’8” to 5’4’4” to 4’10”4’8” to 5’3”
190 to 250+ pounds5’+4’10”5’

As a general rule larger wakesurfers should get a larger board while smaller wakesurfers should use a smaller board. If you’re new, a larger board is best as it’s slow and easy to use. If you’re an expert, use a smaller board as it’s faster and is easy to maneuver.

Is it easy to use a wakesurf board?

A wakesurf board is easier to use than other types of board. Even someone who has never wake surfed before can start right away. You can use a temporary wakesurf board if you just want to try the sport out but if you want to learn more and perform all kinds of tricks and maneuvers, you should get a good quality wakesurf board.

Which is harder: wakesurfing or water skiing?

Wakesurfing is easier than water skiing. Wakesurf boards don’t come with boots or bindings which means your feet are not attached to the board. Some find it easier to move through water without heavy boots and bindings. Also, wakesurf boards are less complicated to use compared to water skis.

Can you use a regular surfboard for wake surf?

You can wakesurf using a regular surfboard but the board will be slower and harder to maneuver. Wakesurf boards are designed with the best interest of the user in mind. These boards are available in the right sizes, styles, and shapes to help you remain buoyant and smoothly gliding over the water.

Can you wakesurf using any kind of boat?

Only inboards can drive wakesurf boards. This type of board includes V-drives and direct drives. Do not surf behind an outboard or stern drive boat because you may be putting yourself at risk of moving under the boat and hitting the propeller. Also, wakesurfing behind an outboard boat places you close to the engine’s exhaust system.


When it comes to choosing the best wakesurf board this year, two brands come to mind: the Hyperlite Shim Wakesurfer and the Ronix Koal. Both boards are perfect for beginner wakesurfers and experts because of their impressive designs and styles. The Hyperlite Shim is designed for all types of quiver and offers to skim and surf wakeboarding styles. It is made from tough DuraShell but it’s still lightweight and thus works for basic movements, tricks, and difficult maneuvers.

Meanwhile, the Ronix Koal classic fish wakesurf design is impressive and captivating. You’ll enjoy smooth, balanced movements plus, you’ll glide effortlessly which is great if you’re still new to learning new tricks. This board is strong, will keep its shape plus has a rough surface that will help keep you balanced and buoyant.

If you’re searing for a good wakesurf board, we guarantee that the Hyperlite Shim Wakesurfer and the Ronix Koal wakesurf board are great deals.