5 Best Snowboard Wax – A 2021 Review

The right snowboard wax will keep your snowboard quick and efficient on the slopes. When applied correctly, you can glide and perform better especially when you’re doing tricks and moves. The snowboard surface is naturally porous and it takes the best snowboard wax to protect it from rust, abrasion, and damage. Just like surfboard waxes, snowboard waxes are also available in different temperatures so read on for the 5 top picks for 2021. 

The Top 5 Snowboard Waxes for 2021

All season wax or average-temperature wax, which one works best for your board? Get to know the top 5 snowboard wax products available in the market to find out.

Super Hot Sauce – All Temperature Ski and Snowboard wax

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Best All Temperature Ski and Snowboard Wax from Hertel Wax


  • This snowboard wax will last a long time – one ounce for three days according to the manufacturer.
  • This is an all-temperature wax for all weather conditions and snow conditions. 
  • You’ll get extra speed without compromising safety.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.7 x 1.6 inches, 10.4 ounces
  • Amount per container: 340 grams/ ¾ – pound brick
  • Materials: biodegradable, non-PTFE, and non-fluorocarbon formula
  • Special Features: all-temperature wax, can work on all weather conditions, can be applied hot or cold

Hertel Wax is an all-temperature ski and snowboard wax that you can rub on or iron on. It is very economical and you can use only a small amount for days. One brick of Hertel Wax will help you glide on the slopes for three days. 

With this wax, you’ll be in full control as it works on all types of snow and weather conditions. You can use this wax on your board even when you’re a beginner or a professional. This brand of snowboard wax offers unmatched speed and optimum performance compared to other snowboard and ski waxes.

What this wax does is that changes the structure of snow and water to give you that extra speed boost. You can apply this snowboard wax hot or cold. You can rub it on the board or melt it with an iron and wax your board like a pro. 


  • This snowboard wax gives you enough speed but you’ll remain in control. 
  • It can be used on skis and snowboards. 
  • You can apply it hot using an iron or cold as you rub it on.
  • You can use this on different snow and air temperature ratings. 
  • It is economical and will last for days. 


  • It is unscented wax.
  • Complaints that this wax worked better in warmer temperatures. 

ZUMWax Ski/Snowboard Racing Wax

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Best Ski and Snowboard Racing Wax from ZUMWax


  • This is a universal wax that works with all types of snowboards and skis.
  • This is applicable for wider air temperature and snow temp ranges.
  • This snowboard wax will keep you on your toes, will make your board very fast.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 2.4 x 1.3 inches, 4.16 ounces
  • Amount per container: 100 grams/3.5 ounces – a single bar
  • Materials: paraffinic hydrocarbon 
  • Special Features: no fluorocarbons, high–performance, economical, for all air and snow temperatures

ZUMWax is another all-around wax for skis and snowboards. It is a universal wax made from hydrocarbon and thus, you can expect to go faster on the slopes. This works for all temperatures but makes sure to check air and temperature ranges before use. 

The ZUMWax snowboard wax can be used for air temperature range from 10 degrees to -30 degrees Celsius and snow temps of 0 degrees to -30 degrees Celsius.

This wax is also easy to apply, economical, and will work best for beginner snowboard users and owners. This snowboard wax is available in 100-gram bars which is great for many uses. 


  • This wax is a universal type of wax and will work for all kinds of skis and snowboards. 
  • This is made from hydrocarbon so it’s faster compared to other waxes. 
  • I Will work with all temperature and snow ratings.


  • Complaints that this wax will work only in higher temperatures. 

DEMON UNITED All Season Ski & Snowboard Speed Wax Kit

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Best All-Season Snowboard and Ski Speed Wax Kit from DEMON UNITED


  • This product is a kit that contains all DEMON UNITED waxes: Universal Temp (in Modified Hydrocarbon and Universal Blend), Cold Temp, and Warm Temp. 
  • This wax is designed to produce optimum snowboarding performance. 
  • This pack will last for a longer period.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 4 x 10 x 5 inches, 1.5 pounds
  • Amount per container: 133 grams
  • Materials: Biodegradable, high-tech material, polymer additive, modified hydrocarbon
  • Special Features: wax for all seasons and ski and snowboard use, with delicious fragrances, can be used with a wax iron. 

Demon United has a set of ski and snowboard speed wax that you can take on your next ski or snowboarding trip. This set is complete with a cold temperature wax, warm temperature wax, modified hydrocarbon wax, white lighting wax, and all-condition wax. 

With a complete set, you can take your snowboarding activity to any kind of slope. This is also a versatile wax as you can simply wax it on or wipe it on or you may use an iron to melt it and coat the base. 


  • This kit has all the types of snowboard wax you need.
  • You can play and move through different slope temperatures and air temperatures.
  • You can apply the wax directly to the board or use an iron to melt it.  


  • Complaints about the scent.
  • Complaints that these are hard to come off when cleaning your board.

Swix Bio Degradable Ski/Snowboard Average Temperature Wax

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Best Ski and Snowboard Average Temp Wax from Swix


  • This wax is biodegradable and won’t harm the environment. 
  • This wax is best for all types of snowboards and skis. 
  • You may use an iron to apply his wax to get the best results. 

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 1.25 x 2.5 x 6 inches, 6.4 ounces
  • Amount per container: 180 grams
  • Materials: biodegradable materials
  • Special Features: Can be used for skis and snowboards, environmentally-friendly wax, must be applied with an iron

Swix racing wax is made of biodegradable components that won’t harm the environment and your health. It is designed to work with alpine snowboarding, freeride snowboarding, and Nordic style riding as it can make you ride faster and more efficiently down the slopes.

You can use this snowboard wax on all types of skis and snowboards. You may apply this using a comb but you may also use a hot iron to melt the wax. 

This is an economical bar of wax at 180 grams of wax, an XXL bar size. One bar can last for many days which is convenient especially when you plan to ride on the slopes for many days. 


  • This is a biodegradable snowboard wax that won’t harm the environment and your health. 
  • This works best for warmer temperatures but will work on skis and snowboards. 
  • You can use an iron or wipe it on your board without heat. 


  • Complaints that it won’t last long.

Purl Ski/Snowboard Wax

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars 

Best Snowboard Wax for All Temperatures from PURL


  • This snowboard wax is an all-temperature wax and may be used with an iron.
  • This wax does not contain PFC, fluoros, and other toxic chemicals. 
  • It is a good wax for all types of wintertime sport.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 8.1 x 4.7 x 1.9 inches, 1.05 pounds
  • Amount per container: 454 grams
  • Materials: biodegradable materials with no toxic chemicals, PFC and fluorocarbons
  • Special Features: Can be used for all kinds of winter sports, for all snow and air temperatures, environmentally-friendly
  • Accessories: fine buffing pad

The PURL snowboard wax is a large chunk of wax that works with all air and snow temperatures. It is an eco-friendly wax that’s biodegradable, PFC-free, and will never emit any toxic fumes or chemicals especially when applied.

This wax works well with all kinds of winter sport including skiing and snowboarding. It is great for alpine skiing and XC skis to make you move faster and more efficiently no matter what type of snow you’re moving on.

This snowboard wax is ready to use and even comes with a handy fine wax buff pad. This tool can help you spread the wax evenly over the surface of the snowboard and to remove all excess wax right after you wax. 

PURL snowboard wax comes in 1-pound blocks and therefore you can get the best value for your money. You can bring a block of PURL with you to use for days on the slopes. 


  • This wax works for all temperature ratings and all winter sport.
  • It comes with a buffing pad to remove excess wax. 
  • It is an eco-friendly wax. Does not contain toxins or harmful chemicals. 


  • Complaints that this can easily wear off after a few sessions. 
  • Complaints that it works best in warm temperatures.

Buyer’s Guide:

Snowboards will perform better when it’s waxed using the best type of snowboard wax. Most riders agree that it’s easy to find the right wax to use but the art of waxing is a highly technical method. It takes time to wax, to make sure everything is perfect for your ride but once you’ve perfected this step, you’ll find riding on any type of snow easier and a lot more fun. 

To find the best snowboard wax, remember the following:

Snowboard waxes according to temperature

Snowboard waxes are classified according to different riding temperatures. The slope where you ride your board won’t have uniform temperatures. Some areas may have warmer and wetter snow while some areas may have colder and packed snow. Using the right wax to match the snow and air temperature will help you perform better, more efficiently, and safer over the snow. 

  • Cold temperature waxes 

Snowboard cold waxes are best for cooler and drier climates. This wax is applied all over the snowboard base to make it harder and perfect for gliding over cold dry snow. Because you use the wax on this surface, it lasts longer compared to warm and all-temperature wax products. You can easily spot cold waxes just by checking on the label of the wax.

  • Warm temperature waxes

Snowboard wax meant for warm temperatures is best for warmer and wetter weather and climate conditions. When you apply warm wax over your snowboard, the surface will be very resistant to friction so you don’t have to deal with getting stuck on wet surfaces. When you say warm snow conditions, this means wet snow. And because you will move over wetter conditions, this type of wax does not last as long as cold waxes.

  • All-temperature waxes

When you say all-temperature waxes, this is a type of wax that can work for all wintertime temperatures. This is perfect for the all-around recreational snowboarder but may not provide enough traction for a professional snowboard rider. 

Snowboard waxes based on performance

Snowboard waxes are also classified according to your level of performance: hydrocarbon wax, fluorinated wax, and racing wax. These waxes vary depending on your snowboarding style and riding performance. 

  • Hydrocarbon snowboard waxes

Almost all recreational waxes are hydrocarbon-based. This is the most common and the most economical. Many riders use hydrocarbon snowboard waxes because it is great to use as a storage wax and for cleaning. If you’re not particular about your riding speed then this wax should work fine. 

  • Fluorinated snowboard waxes

Fluorinated wax is faster compared to hydrocarbon waxes but it’s toxic and is not recommended. To apply fluorinated wax, work in a well-ventilated room or outdoors. You’ll find fluorinated waxes in low and high fluoro and are available in different forms. 

High-fluoro waxes are in powder form and are among the most expensive types of waxes. This is often used as a second layer of wax that’s applied in between snowboarding sessions to enhance speed. 

  • Racing snowboard waxes

Racing waxes are the priciest and the techiest of all waxes. There are all types of components in a racing wax but the most dominant is the fluoro component. These waxes are available in base and topcoat waxes. The base prepares the raw surface before the topcoat is applied. 

Most racing waxes come as a kit with a base and topcoat wax included. You may even get a buffing brush or applicator with your purchase. 

Eco-friendly waxes

Environmentally-friendly waxes don’t contain dangerous materials which can pollute ice and snow. Also, these won’t emit toxic fumes when you’re applying them to your board. You can apply eco-friendly waxes indoors without causing harm to your health. 

All-natural waxes are mostly soy-based and thus are 100% biodegradable. However, there are also downsides to using this wax.  The most common complaint is that this wax is very hard to remove or scrape. You may need to use a blow dryer or hair dryer to soften the wax so you can scrape the board clean. 

Rub-on Waxes

Most easy snowboard riders prefer rub-on waxes because of many reasons. First, this type of wax is very easy to apply. You don’t need to use an iron or hot wax on your snowboard. With this kind of wax, you can reapply on particular surfaces. There’s no need to wax the entire board in between runs with a rub-on wax. 

Snowboard waxes according to your base material

Snowboards vary in the type of base material. Some come with sintered bases while some have extruded bases. Both types are manufactured from P-Tex however, these have different properties. Boards with extruded bases are not porous and thus, won’t be able to absorb wax easily. Sintered boards are very porous and therefore, applying wax can be very easy. 


These are the most frequently asked questions and their answers about purchasing and using snowboard wax. 

What kind of snowboard wax to use on your board?

All-temperature waxes or universal waxes are the best types as these can be used on any air and snow temperatures and conditions. If you’re snowboarding in an area with varying conditions then an all-temp wax is best. People who don’t wax their boards often or those that prefer to ride in different geographical locations may also depend on all-temp snowboard waxes.

Is it okay not to apply wax on your snowboard?

All snowboards should be carefully waxed before any snowboarding session. If you fail to apply wax on your board, you won’t glide faster and more efficiently over snow. In time, your board will suffer from abrasions, rust, and corrosion. 

Do all types of snowboards require waxing?

When you buy a snowboard, you will notice that the surface that touches the snow is already waxed. However, this is only factory wax and thus, will easily rub off after a few uses. This is not enough to protect your board from the elements. 

Therefore, it’s best to apply a good layer of snowboard wax over the factory wax to improve the board’s gliding ability and to further protect the surface. Factory wax is just spray-on wax that can be easily removed. 

Can you use ski wax instead of snowboard wax?

Ski and snowboard waxes are the same. These have the same components, air and snow temperature levels, and more. This is why you’ll find ski and snowboard waxes in one product. But if you wish to use racing wax or technical wax, it’s best to stick to special snowboarding waxes. 

Is it safe to apply candle wax instead of snowboard wax?

You cannot substitute candle wax with snowboard wax. Candle wax is ordinary wax that can only ruin the surface of your snowboard. This can make your board slower and clumsier so it’s best not to substitute any type of wax.

Can you apply surfboard wax instead of snowboard wax?

Some surfboard waxes are also used as snowboard wax. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure. It’s also best to use dedicated snowboard waxes as these have air temperature and snow temperature ratings; surfboard waxes only have water temperature ratings. 

How long does a snowboard wax last on the board surface?

Snowboard waxes usually last for a week when used on snow. Factors like snow conditions and park features also affect the life of your snowboard wax.

Do you need to sharpen your snowboard? 

Aside from waxing your snowboard, you must also sharpen it. The older your board, the more often you need to sharpen it. Frequent snowboarders need to sharpen their boards at least once a week. 

Can you tell if your snowboard needs to be waxed?

If you feel that you’re slowing down during your sessions or you find that the base has wax coming off, then it’s time to remove old wax and reapply. It also depends on the type of wax you’re using. Some waxes will remain on the surface longer while some come off on the first few runs. 

How do you melt snowboard wax?

Some snowboard waxes must be melted first before applied to the base of your board. To do this, hold a large piece or block of wax near the base of a hot iron. Let the drippings fall on the snowboard. Then, hold the hot iron against the snowboard and let the wax melt, and move from the tail to the tip and from side to side of the board.


From our list of five best snowboard waxes, we recommend two awesome products: Hertel Waxadn ZUMWax. These two waxes are made from safe and effective components and are also eco-friendly. Hertel Wax is an all-temperature ski and snowboard wax that’s economical. You can use a small amount for days.  

Hertel Wax lets you be in full control of all types of snow and weather conditions. ZUMWax is an all-around wax for ski and snowboards but is best for air temperatures from 10 degrees to -30 degrees and snow temps of 0 degrees to -30 degrees Celsius. Both are easy to apply by hand or by using a hot iron. 

So if you’re looking for the best snowboard wax, Hertel Wax or ZUMWax will surely work best for your need for speed on the slopes.