Top 5 Best Skimboards: Reviews and Buying Guide (2021)

We have rounded up 5 of the top skimboards to check out this year. Whether you’re water skimming or sand gliding, these awesome boards will give you a smooth and satisfying ride.

5 Best Skimboards

The following are the best skimboards for beginners and expert riders. We know you’ll find the best board for your needs.

1. Waveline Neon Wooden Skimboard

Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Best Wooden Skimboard from Waveline


  • Available in various neon colors.
  • With a sleek design.
  • Different sizes are available.


  • Dimensions: 30 x 19.1 x 1 inches, 3.05 pounds
  • Material: wood
  • Special Features: bright neon colors, sleek design, for all types of riders
  • Accessories: none

The Waveline skimboard comes in five fun neon colors: blue, green, orange, pink, and yellow. These colors won’t just make you stand out while rocking the waves but will help you stay visible in case you need help.

This skimboard is made from the best materials. It is crafted from very strong but lightweight wood which will never lose its shape and form no matter how much you use this board. It is available in a variety of sizes and is great for beginner riders as well as experts.

You can select from sizes 30, 36, and 41 inches so kids and adults can use this board. It is not as heavy as other boards so it won’t be difficult to move and use it for different maneuvers and tricks.

The Waveline skimboard is one of the easiest to handle therefore it’s recommended for beginner users. Those who are also learning new tricks and hoping to land some awesome maneuvers should try this board. Finally, choosing the right color and size is easy once you know your weight and your level of expertise.


  • Sleek and slim
  • You can select from different sizes and colors
  • Easy to handle


  • The core is made from wood.

2. Sandfish Board Co. White Foam Traction Skimboard Cruiser 40

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Best Foam Traction Skimboard from Sandfish


  • Is great for newbies and pros.
  • Lightweight and maneuverable.
  • With a grippy foam, surface so no need to wax.


  • Dimensions: 40 x 18.75 x 0.5 inches, 5.8 pounds
  • Material: foam top, wood, laminate
  • Special Features: grippy surface, lightweight materials, great for tricks
  • Accessories: none

The Sandfish Board skimboard cruiser is made from lightweight poplar wood so it’s easy to maneuver especially when you’re riding the waves and learning tricks. It is a board for beginner users as well as those still learning new tricks and slides.

It is covered with a laminate to keep the board in good shape no matter how much you use it in water or on the sand. Because of the sticky surface, you don’t need to use wax on this board. It will remain grippy and will keep you on top as you skim over sand and water. Also, the grippy exterior helps you glide smoothly and safely over water.

Aside from its grippy exterior, this skimboard stands out because of its flexible form. You won’t have to adjust to the board as this flexible skimboard will adjust to your needs and level of performance. You can use the Sandfish skimboard cruiser to move over sand and water with perfect form and ease.

This cruiser board is great for riders that have 125 to 175 pounds of weight. If you’re lighter and smaller or you’re heavier, this may not be the ideal skimboard for you.


  • With a grippy exterior for smooth and safe movements
  • Versatile beginner board
  • Easy to maneuver


  • The core is made from wood
  • The laminate surface can eventually suffer from wear and tear
  • Only for light riders

3. DB Skimboards Flex Streamline Skimboard

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Best Flexible Skimboard from DB Skimboards


  • Flexible skimboard for beginner users.
  • Is not just for water skimming but also snow surfing.
  • With a streamlined design so you can go fast.


  • Dimensions: 37.7 x 17.5 x 1 inches, 5.9 pounds
  • Material: North American Maple core, HPL surface, bottom sheets
  • Special Features: streamlined shape, flexible design
  • Accessories: none

The DB Skimboards Flex Streamline Skimboard is perfect for beginner users. It has a traditional streamlined shape and a flexible design that will let you easily tackle sand, water, and snow. It is also for users who are still learning tricks and different maneuvers. It is light, easy to move, and will hold your weight easily and safely.

This DB Skimboard is made from the toughest and the most durable materials. The core is North American Maple which is one of the strongest and yet the lightest wood used on skimboards and surfboards. North American Maple is also strong and resistant to warping and scratching. You will be riding the waves perfectly with this durable skimboard.

This skimboard is available in green/black colors and has a simple design. The neon green color makes it easier for people to see you while you’re in the water. And although this board has a bumpy surface, it needs constant cleaning and waxing so this can move smoothly and effortlessly over water or sand.

DB Skimboards is one of the most popular names in skimboards. This brand makes skimboards inspired by the best beaches, snow, and concrete skimming areas in the Northwest. With their high-quality skimboards, you can move over waves, hills, beaches and snow-covered mountains effortlessly.


  • With a traditional shape for water, snow, and sand.
  • Easy to move and safe to use.
  • Durable and resistant to scratches and bending
  • Easy to see in the water.


  • Available only in one color combination and style.
  • Available only in one size.

4. KONA SURF CO. Torpedo Epoxy Skimboard

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Best Skimboard for Adults and Kids from Kona Surf


  • Skimboard designed for beginners and adults.
  • Available in three sizes, ideal for many riders.
  • With an EPS core plus epoxy resin making it very durable and very strong.


  • Dimensions: 45, 49, and 56 inches
  • Material: EPS Core, epoxy resin
  • Special Features: offers a variety of options, hand-shaped, strong and durable
  • Accessories: none

The Kona Surf Co. skimboard is designed for children and adults. It is appropriately called Torpedo Epoxy Skimboard as it is shaped like a torpedo. You are ready to move smoothly and effortlessly over water, sand, or snow with this Kona skimboard.

The Torpedo is one of the strongest skimboards from Kona Surf Co. This is because of its unique design, made from EPS core with a flat bottom. The core is strong but flexible and thus makes a great skimboard for beginners. Newbies can practice with the Kona Torpedo over sand or water as they learn basic skimming skills and different maneuvers and tricks.

This skimboard has a teardrop shape which makes it very efficient, flowing smoothly in and out of the water. The shape makes this skimboard easier to propel towards the beach or move towards the waves.

The surface of this Kona Surf Co. skimboard is smooth, flawless, and fast. Properly wax this board and you’re ready to go in the water or on the sand. And because this is Kona, you can guarantee awesome quality and durability.


  • Fast and moves effortlessly on water because of its shape.
  • Made with EPES core, ideal for beginners.
  • Strong and very durable.


  • Complaints that it is too heavy.
  • Not designed for expert users.

5. Exile Small SuperG Skimboard

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Best Small Size Skimboard from SuperG


  • Highly-popular skimboard shape.
  • Available in 5 different colors and designs.
  • Made from high-quality materials.


  • Dimensions: small 40.13 x 17.88 inches
  • Material: polyester resin, foam core, reinforced by fiberglass
  • Special Features: strong with reinforced design, made in the USA, available in many colors and designs
  • Accessories: none

The SuperG Exile is for small riders with a weight of 95 pounds and below. This small board is one of the lightest and easiest to maneuver and because of this, it’s best for beginner light riders. It comes with a streamlined shape which is best for tackling the waves and sand.

If you want to learn new tricks and maneuvers, the SuperG is your best option. It is lightweight and perfect for awesome tricks in and around the water. You can select from five colors and designs: Cherry Red, Electric Blue, Electric Blue, and Yellow, Glow Green, and Real Teal.

This SuperG skimboard has the same construction and design as Exile skimboards. A lot of young skimboard users prefer SuperG not just because of its construction and design but also because of its different sizes and fun colors. What they don’t know is that a colorful board makes them easier to spot even when you’re in deep water, on the sand, or riding the waves.


  • Easy to maneuver because of its streamlined shape.
  • Lightweight and ideal for learning new tricks.
  • Available in different colors


  • Only for light riders.
  • Only for beginner riders.

How To Choose the Best Skimboard?

Buying a skimboard may sound easy but there’s more to it than just picking a brand or board color. You need to be very particular about certain factors especially when you’re buying your very first skimboard.

Skimboard size

Skimboards come in different sizes from XXS (extra, extra-small) to XXL (extra, extra-large). The right skimboard will depend on your weight, height, style, and level of experience. The size of a skimboard is also determined by your speed or how fast you need to run to slide or catch a wave.

Selecting a skimboard depending on your weight:

  • Extra, extra-small skimboards – these are for users that weigh less than 80 pounds. XXS boards are 45 x 19 inches.
  • Extra-small skimboards – these skimboards are for people who weigh 80 to 100 pounds. XS boards are 48 x 19.25 inches. 
  • Small skimboards – these boards are for those who weigh 100 to 140 pounds. S boards measure 51 x 19.75 inches.
  • Medium skimboards – these are for people who weigh 120 to 160 pounds. M boards measure 52 x 20 inches.
  • Medium-large skimboards – these boards are for adults from 140 to 180 pounds. ML boards measure 52.25 x 20.25 inches.
  • Large skimboards – these boards are made for users who weigh 160 to 200 pounds. L boards measure 52.50 x 20.50 inches.
  • Extra-large skimboards – these are for people who weigh 180 to 220. XL boards measure 53 x 20.75 inches.
  • Extra, extra-large skimboards – these are for heavier people from 200 to 240 pounds. This measures 54 x 21.50 inches.

Some skimboard manufacturers state the size of their boards in XXS, XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, and XXL while some place the exact size of the board. Measure your weight correctly using a scale and never approximate.

Meanwhile, the speed of a board is very important. The faster the speed, the more buoyant a board is. You can skim better and smoother with a quick and buoyant board. Meanwhile, a bigger board is more buoyant compared to a smaller board.

Most expert skimmers prefer a smaller and lighter board since these are easier to maneuver and are easier to use for tricks and techniques. On the other hand, beginner users will need a larger board that will help them remain stable as they ride. Also, larger boards can easily support weight, and thus, it’s easier to learn how to skim in water or on the sand.

Skimboard shape

The shape of the curvature of the board is also important. The term for the skimboard curvature is “rocker” which refers to the tail of the skimboard. Boards used in flatlands have a twintip, symmetrical design with the nose and the tail having the same style and shape. With a twintip, you can perform tricks in any direction. The shapes that fall to twintip styles are the streamline and the proto designs. In a streamlined shape, the board is easier to maneuver while proto boards are more stable.

Flatland skimboards are similar to skateboards as they are mostly used to perform tricks. These boards are very durable, are mostly made of wood to allow you to move better and smoother through obstacles. Skimboards with varying toes and tips are designed for wave skimming. Meanwhile, directional board designs are common in surfboards.

The rocker of a skimboard is the curvature of the nose or the tip. A steep rocker has a more bent tip that allows the board to move through waving waters however, this shape can slow you down. Meanwhile, a flatter nose is called a shallow rocker. This board design is ideal for calmer waters as you can easily gain enough speed to move quicker.

The skimboard tail is the other end and is also available in different varieties. You’ll find squash tail, pintail, rounded, and W-tail or swallowtail designs. Pintails offer great balance when in the water while square tails improve the speed of the board. A square tail skimboard allows you to move faster and more efficiently so you can perform all kinds of tricks.

Material used

There are two types of materials used in skimboards: foam and wooden boards. Foam boards are thicker, lighter, and more flexible. Foam boards are more expensive than wooden boards and are best for rough currents.

Wooden boards are heavier, leaner, and stiffer. These are boards used in inland water and also for safe sand skimming. Also, skimboards that have foam cores can last longer than wooden models.

Your location

Wave size in your location matters when it comes to choosing the right skimboard. West Coast waves are larger and stronger compared to waves found on the East Coast. The height of the waves depends on the strength and the movement of the wind.

For weak waves, you need a heavier board to improve your speed in water and sand. For larger and more powerful currents, use a smaller board to allow you to move steadily in water and perform all kinds of tricks.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about skimboards.

How long do skimboards last?

Skimboards that are used regularly or about 3 to 4 days a week will last about a year. If you use your board less frequently, it can last more than a year.

How do you skimboard on grass or in the snow?

As long as the grass is wet, you can move over it using a skimboard. Cut a grassy patch short and remove stones, small twigs, and roots. Use a hose to soak the area. Let the water flow all over to create a soft, wet spot to skim on.

In snow, you can skim over soft and slippery snow just like you would when you’re snowboarding. Look for a spot where there’s newly fallen snow with no rocks, stones, and roots that can affect your snow skimming.

Is skimboarding or skimming a sport?

Skimboarding is a water board sport that does not rely on wind or waves. You only need a simple plank of wood and shallow water to work. Skimboarding is a sport that combines water sports and athletics.

What is flatland skimboarding?

Flatland skimboarding only needs a shallow area of water that is common in lakes and flooded areas.

How much is a regular skimboard?

A regular skimboard costs around $25 to $50. Pricier models are from high-end brands or manufacturers.


From our list of the best skimboards, the Waveline Neon Wooden Skimboard and the Sandfish Board Co. White Foam Traction Skimboard Cruiser are the best when it comes to the overall design, style, and performance. These two top skimboards are also available in many designs, colors, and sizes making it easier for users to find what they need. If you’re looking for the best skimboard then you must choose according to size, shape, material, and location.