Top 5 Best Wakeboard for Kids – Our Top Picks for 2021

There are different ways in which people unwind after a stressful day. One of them is wakeboarding. These days, wakeboarding is no longer just for adults, but also for kids. Children are beginning to enjoy this activity because it is both pleasurable and challenging at the same time. 

If you are a parent who loves wakeboarding and are encouraging your child to love the sport too, getting an exceptional wakeboard will enhance your kid’s skills in this sport. Choosing the best wakeboard for kids, however, can be somewhat challenging. There are a lot of options that are currently available. To help you out, we have rounded up the best options out there. Along with this list is a guide that will help you make a wise purchasing decision at the end of the day. 

RAVE PV1802677 Sports Impact Wakeboard – Best for Beginners

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Length: 122 cm
  • Weight Capacity: 125 pounds

Product Specification

  • Effective Design

The design of this board has been updated for the year. It is a forgiving board that features continuous rockers that ensure the stability of the board while making it easy to control and predictable. With its design, it is also known to provide softer landings. It comes with a length of 122 cm and is ideal for riders that are less than 125 pounds. 

  • High-Quality Materials 

The Impact wakeboard is made out of high-quality materials. This results in the creation of a strong yet lightweight, flexible, and built-to-last wakeboard. It also features a foam core that offers extra buoyancy.

  • Removable Fins

The two fins of this wakeboard are removable, thus ensuring easier storage and transport. Also, there is an option to ride without using the fins, which is ideal for those who are learning to use the rail better for edge control. 

  • Reinforced Edges

This wakeboard also features side rails that are resistant to impact. They run through the entire edge of the wakeboard, giving protection to the foam core. This part of the design also ensures additional durability. 

  • Adjustable Boots

Boots that use lace-up bindings are also included, making it easy and fast to slide foot in, cinching it up snug. The bindings can be attached to the wakeboard using mounting screws, screwing in and out fast so that riders can also freely adjust their forward foot. 


  • Incredible design
  • Adjustable boots
  • Reinforced edges    


  •  Some issues with durability 

Hyperlite Franchise Jr. Wakeboard – Best Durability in Construction

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Length: 128 cm
  • Weight Capacity: ~

Product Specification

  • Layered Glass Construction

This wakeboard is made out of layered glass construction. It uses fiberglass that is available in 3 different weights, depending on the wakeboard. Through time, normal woven glass fibers tend to separate, but with the use of layered glass in every Hyperlite deck, riders can expect the same pop off its double.

  • Biolite 3 Core Material

One of the main reasons for the popularity of this board is the use of Biolite 3 as core material. This is the best in the industry and is used in high-end models. This is the lightest and most durable material used in the creation of the core of this board. 

  • Continuous Rocker Design

With the continuous rocker design of this board, fluid and speed are given priority. It also results in achieving a predictable pop which defines this rocker design. This board is also designed to execute amazing speed into the wake with a minimum amount of drag while generating a longer trajectory and a similar pop each time. 

  • Monocoque Construction

The monocoque construction of this board integrates the upper glass with the bottom glass in a single construction. This results in a more durable wakeboard, handling side impacts pretty well, thus preventing delamination. 


  • Continuous rocker design
  • Durable core material
  • Layered glass    


  • Single design availability

Connelly 2021 Surge 125 Kid’s Wakeboard – Amazing Rocker for Great Pop

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs

  • Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Length: 125 cm
  • Weight Capacity: 130 pounds

Product Specification

  • Easy and Stable Board

If you are searching for a wakeboard that is easy and stable for children, this is the option that you can take into consideration. It is designed with beginners in mind. It features a 3-stage rocker that gives that extra lift. 

  • 4×4 Molded-In Fins

Wakeboarding with this model is very easy, thanks to its use of 4×4 molded-in fins that offers an amazing surface for edging. This is also ideal for children who have already learned the basic skills and would like to take their wakeboarding experience to the next level. A removable middle fin can easily be ejected. 

  • Full Spine

This wakeboard is ideal for those who want to learn the basics of this sport, offering confidence to young ones, while making sure that they will end up loving the sport. With its full spine design, the wakeboard displaces water right to the edge of the heel and toe of the wakeboard, thus ensuring softer landings. 

  • Base Shell with Laminated Nexus

The use of a base shell, combined with a laminated Nexus will also make sure that this board will be protected against the harmful UV rays, making it not just durable, but also lightweight. 


  • Ideal for learners
  • Amazing balance
  • Strong core    


  • Not suitable for tricks

CWB Factory Blemish Woodro Wakeboard – Best in Performing Stunts

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Length: 140 cm
  • Weight Capacity:

Product Specification

  • Paulownia Wood

One thing interesting about this wakeboard is that it is made out of 100% Paulownia Wood. As a result, this board is relatively softer than others. It is ideal for executing stunts as they can be done easily. Transitions edge to edge can also be performed quite easily. The landing impact is also reduced because the material is not too hard as it hits the water. 

  • Additional Protection Features

CWB utilizes Ti Base to ensure fluid motion when performing obstacles. As such, this guarantees long-lasting durability. It also uses Abs sidewalls running along the edges of the entire board, giving protection to your deck against dings. Several channels are also running close to the edge of the wakeboard, adding to the wakeboard grip. It also features prime sliding capacity which is real-estate free, giving a clean and catch-free ride. 

  • Smooth, Natural Flex

The Woodro wakeboard is designed for kickers, rails, and other surfaces you like to ride on. The use of Paulownia as the wood core of this model creates a smooth and natural flex pattern that ensures effortless and easy landings. With its ABS sidewalls, riders can grind, slide and boot for a long time. 

  • Continuous Rocker Design

Another interesting feature of this wakeboard is its continuous rocker design. As a result, it gives a nice and maximum pop. Expert riders will surely love this design because it helps in executing stunts. Light weight and high grip serve as an amazing combination for an ideal ride.


  • Independent channels underfoot
  • Natural Flex Core
  • Ti Base    


  • Not that Firm

O’Brien Fremont Wakeboard – Best Entry Level Flex Board

Obrien Fremont Wakeboard

Rating: 4/5

Technical Specs

  • Skill Level: Intermediate / Pro
  • Length: 138 cm
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs.

Product Specification

  • Progressive Rocker

This board features an expanded delta base which helps in removing water fast out of the tail of the board. As such, the board helps in smoothly moving the board forward without worrying about the hassle of friction. With its progressive rocker end binding, combined with the use of molded fins, it offers continuous and effective pop. 

It also uses J-bars right at the middle of the board, creating soft landings, while helping in keeping heel hold. On top of that, it is designed in a way that features easy control and handling. 

  • Durable and Strong

One reason that makes this board durable and strong is the use of a base that is slick and strong, making the ride quite safe. At the same time, it is very light, decreasing the overall weight of the board and the rider on the water surface. It is wide and short, thus increasing durability and strength. There are also other access bindings used, such as Strobel, and an open toe design which offers more flexibility. 

  • Fast Speed and Firm Balance

Because of the fast speed and firm balance that is offered by this wakeboard, riders feel very comfortable. It is ideal for performing tricks, making it very fun to use. The weight limit of this board is 220 pounds, which means that it is expected to perform so long as the rider is within this limitation. 


  • Lightweight
  • A fast and clean shape
  • Easy and comfortable to use    


  • Basic graphics

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Wakeboard for Kids

Choosing the best wakeboard for kids is a challenging endeavor to take, particularly if it is your first time to get one for you or your child. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when buying a wakeboard that is well-suited to your kid’s skill level. Here are some of them:

Rocker Line

A wakeboard’s rocker line is an important factor to take into consideration when purchasing a board since it can help in improving your overall stability and balance as you continue to work on your skills. The following are the most common types of rocker lines that you can consider:

Three-Stage Rocker

This type of rocker is what other pro wakeboarders choose because it allows for an aggressive ride. It features a flat spot in the middle, breaking the curve of the board. One thing about this rocker, though, is that it is not as stable as wakeboarders that feature a continuous rocker line. The best feature of this wakeboarder is its amazing hang time with more pop. 

Continuous Rocker

This type of rocker features a smooth curve, offering a ride that is predictable, along with smoother transitions and exceptional speed. This rocker type also offers a steady pop, depending on the speed of the board. The movement agility produces the lift, making it highly suited for freestyle boarding. 

Hybrid Rocker

A hybrid rocker that is also preferred often by professional wakeboarders. It combines together a three-stage and a continuous rocker, making it an amazing option in order to keep the agility of the board. Note, however, that this type of rocker line is not readily available, unlike the other types. 


When purchasing a wakeboard, it is also vital to consider the edges or rails. They need to be on the toe, and the side of the heel if you want your wakeboard to move right into the wake. Note that ones with sharper edges tend to be less forgiving, but they generally offer more aggressive rides. Beginners work well with a rounded one as they prevent falling off the board. 

Weight and Size

The size of the board is very important because it highly depends on the weight of the rider. The length of the board is measured starting from the tip right into the tail. Check the following measurement:

  • 40 kgs or less – 120 cm
  • 40 – 50 kgs – 125 cm
  • 50 – 60 kgs – 130 cm
  • 60 – 70 kgs – 135 cm
  • 70- 95 kgs – 140 cm
  • 95 kgs and more – 145 cm

Base Design

The base of a wakeboard is another important factor to take into consideration since it has something to do with the overall feel of the board on the water. If the board is flat without channeling, it will offer a loose feeling. When the board features more shaping and channeling, it boosts traction while providing softer landings. 

The best design for the base for beginners should have deep base channels, along with a complete length for more grip and stability. 


Fins also play an important role in ensuring the speed of your wakeboard. Generally, two types of fins are available:

Center Fins

Center fins offer amazing stability, which is something needed by beginners once the wakeboard begins to pull the rider. They serve as training wheels, which is why installing one on your wakeboard is very important. 

Edge Fins

Edge fins offer amazing grip on the heel and toe edges, which is ideal when executing wake spins and jumps.

Tip and Tail

Most wakeboarders tend to ignore these factors. When looking at the tip and tail of the boards, it is important to determine what really suits your skill level. The following are the main shapes available:

Square Shape

A square-shaped tip and tail offer a better pop, though the landings are generally less forgiving. These are generally preferred by intermediate to professional boarders, and ideal for executing tricks. 

Rounder Shape

This type of shape offers soft landings, combined with a lesser pop. This is the shape that is ideal for beginners. 

Diamond or Swallow Shape

This shape offers maximum performance, particularly with a longer board. Even though it offers a lesser pop, tails that are diamond-shaped provide a softer landing. Tails with swallow shape offer an extra pop, though the landings are not really good enough. 


1. Is a longer board ideal for beginners?

The length of a wakeboard highly depends on the weight of your kind. This is the only way in which he or she can execute well. If the board is either too long or too short, stability and balance may be compromised. 

2. Is it good for a child who does not know how to swim to start wakeboarding?

Since we are dealing with water activity, it is recommended that your child knows how to swim. Still, if he or she doesn’t, there is no need to worry since riders will wear a vest or a buoyancy aid. In case your child falls off, he or she will easily float in water. 

3. Is it really possible for children to do wakeboarding?

Children can also experience the fun associated with wakeboarding, given that they are provided with the right board type. Beginners usually need a smaller wakeboard that is easy to use. This will allow them to enjoy the initial learning process. A ride that is controllable will give them the motivation to continue. 


Wakeboarding has easily turned into a trendy water sport, attractive not just to adults, but also to kids. Aside from the fun that it offers, it keeps them healthy and entertained. If you are planning to encourage your child to enjoy wakeboarding, then getting the best wakeboard for kids is a good place to start. The list of options mentioned above offers the best options to take into consideration. In order to know which one works best for you, note which features meet the needs and preferences of your kid.