Best Skateboard Wax

If it is just your first time trying skateboarding, you may think that all you need to secure is only a skateboard. However, if you want to protect your skateboard from being your investment, it is important that you also get the best skateboard wax. The wax will also be necessary if you want to perform all kinds of special slides and hops.

The best skateboard is applied on boards and rails. It is the trusted companion of skateboarders. Moreover, these waxes are the best solution for both beginners and professional skateboarders. However, if you plan to buy a skateboard wax, you have to choose the best one. Skateboard waxes do not only enhance your performance but also give safety.

5 Best Skateboard Waxes

Although most skateboard waxes initially perform the same task, they may still differ in many ways. These differences can differ from quality, packaging, design, extra features, and more. To help you find the best skateboard wax, here are some popular products that you can choose from:

1. Bones Rat Skateboard Wax

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best Skateboard Wax in Compatibility


  • Perfect choice for street skating
  • High density
  • Blends to the surface


  • Round shape
  • Has 60 grams of paraffin wax
  • Compatibility feature

Bones Rat Skateboard Wax deserves a spot here. Having 60 grams of rancid paraffin wax, Bones Rat provides more slide-ability and is proven to be of excellent quality. This wax can also last for several months.

Physically, this wax is specialized. It comes with a round shape which makes it easier and more efficient to use. When it comes to its application, you will surely be impressed with its incredible blending to the surface. The compatibility of this wax is its remarkable feature. It can do well on plastics, metals, concrete, and timber. Apply it to whatever surface and you will see how efficient it is. It is commonly used to improve the waterproof-ability of the board and eliminate the stridulous trucks.

This wax does not melt easily, too. A little amount of it can already go a long way so you know that a single piece of it can last long. It also emanates a good smell so it does not give you an annoying experience each time you apply it to your board.

Overall, the Bones Rat Skateboard Wax is the perfect choice when looking for wax for street skating. This wax is high-density, making smashing on rail and curb amazingly easy!


  • Does not melt easily
  • Eliminate stridulous trucks
  • Smells good


  • There is no known drawback for this wax

2. CCS Skateboard Wax

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best Skateboard Wax in Terms of Affordability


  • Universal applicator
  • Simple wax
  • Focuses on performance


  • Soap-bar shape
  • Available in blue color
  • Weigh four ounces

If you want something that is not extravagant but is good enough to carry out the task, then you can never go wrong with the CCS Skateboard Wax.

CCS Skateboard Wax is definitely one of the best skateboard waxes today, not to mention that it is one of the most affordable in the market, too. This wax will never disappoint you as it provides similar impressive performance with other popular brands. It is mainly because of its durability, consistency, and affordability why many skateboarders love to use it.

Although this wax comes at a low price, it does not jeopardize quality. Opting for effectiveness over cheap prices could save you more money and it somehow implies less inconvenience. It is nearly a viable choice because of its ability to stamp out waste, enhance efficiency, and promotes value-priority ventures.

Moreover, the CCS Skateboard Wax is only available in blue. Although it only comes in one color, this does not discount the reliability of this wax. After all, simplicity is beauty. The manufacturer of this wax had held to simpler procedures. The simplicity of this wax demonstrates clarity. This wax is made in a typical soap-bar-like structure. This shape has made this wax a universal, very manageable applicator for any kind of ramp or curb.

Furthermore, this wax is quite hefty compared to other waxes. It weighs around four ounces which are bulky enough to last for several months of usual usage. However, because of its relatively big size, you might find it a little hassle bringing it to your skateboarding field.

The CCS Skateboard Wax does not include any further flavoring. Rather, its manufacturer has given much concentration on how its product performs. Hence, making the CCS Skateboard Wax superb when filling up the slightest imperfections that are seen in curb surfaces. A thoroughly waxed-up surface can create a frictionless surface for the skateboard to rub or glide on easily. Additionally, for safety reasons, this was has a blue dye to label the areas where it was used, ensuring that other skaters are informed about the condition of the surface.


  • Durable
  • Effective
  • Long-lasting


  • No pouch is included so you can store the wax in case you will not use it

3. Pig Head Raised Curb White Skate Wax

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Best Skateboard Wax with Creative Look


  • Minimizes friction
  • Last longer
  • Smoothen surfaces


  • Weigh four ounces
  • Pig head-shape
  • Easy-to-use

Pig Head Raised Curb White Skate Wax is a simple but efficient skateboard wax. It can keep the rails and curbs slippery and waxed. When you buy this wax, you can tell that you are set to be hog wild. No more dull rails, hubbas, curbs, and ledges because of this simple helper. Since this wax can turn any surface slippery again, your tricks and stunts will feel smooth and nice again.

Using this wax can also minimize friction which can damage your skateboard. Simply apply it straight onto the rail and curb until you have completely covered the surface.


  • Works efficiently
  • Looks great
  • Affordable


  • There is no known drawback for this wax

4. Shake Junt Skateboard Curb Wax

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best Skateboard Wax in Longevity


  • Formulated to last long
  • Provides shiny finish
  • Smoothens rough terrain


  • Odorless
  • Non-cracking
  • Green and yellow color combination

You may also want to try the Shake Junt Skateboard Curb Wax. This wax is odorless and non-cracking. You will also love its nice color scheme as it looks great in the green and yellow combination. More importantly, this wax is also formulated to last long just like the other prominent waxes in the market. You will find it very easy to use and once you are done with the application, you will love its shiny finish.

If you are a skateboard enthusiast, you will find this wax an amazing present. It is wrapped in plastic and you will find it easy to rub the surface of your board. In fact, both professionals and beginners love to use this wax. You will appreciate its ability to smoothen rough terrain and minimize fractions. It can help you get a faster speed while you glide on a hard surface. Moreover, this wax can help carry out the gleaming action while maintaining the fluidity in the body.

The Shake Junt Skateboard Curb Wax can prevent action lag. It keeps rails and curbs smooth for grinding. Its longevity is incredibly noticeable. You can never question its efficiency as it performs the task easily.


  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Decent size


  • Underrated commodity

5. Independent Kurb Killer Curb Wax

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best Skateboard Wax with Slippery Characteristic


  • Curb wax
  • Used by the professional and experienced skaters
  • Provides excellent sliding performance


  • 6 ½ inches in length
  • Approximately 16.5 x 2 cm
  • Pleasant smell

The Independent Kurb Killer Curb Wax is an amazing pro-skateboard wax that is commonly used by professional and experienced skaters. This wax is formulated with an incredible composition so you do not have to apply a great amount of it to provide excellent sliding performance. This wax is particularly made to minimize friction on grinding platforms such as curbs, ledges, or rails.

The size of this wax is good enough for its price. You will even love its pleasant scent. Overall, this wax is a dependable skateboard wax. Furthermore, with its current price, its value for money is incomparable. The Independent Kurb Killer Curb Wax is widely known for being one of the slippiest skateboard waxes today.


  • Made with incredible composition
  • Dependable
  • Affordable


  • May break after several uses

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best skateboard wax is easy if you know exactly what to look for. However, if you are uncertain about which one to buy, then it would be helpful if you know the essential things that could concern the practicality and usability of the wax. To help you trim down your current selection, take a look at the following factors and make sure you consider them when buying your skateboard wax:


The good thing about buying the best skateboard wax is that you will not spend a big amount of money. Frankly speaking, you should not want to pay for the odds for features that are worth it during this age. These waxes come in excellent quality and although you might find the price quite high for just a wax, you should know that this is not like ordinary candle wax.

Skateboard waxes have various prices. Obviously, you cannot expect outstanding quality from a very cheap product. Skateboard waxes formulated by credible manufacturers are commonly at a higher price and of excellent quality. Thus, they are suitable for daily application. You do not have to aim to get an excellent quality wax if you only intend to use it occasionally. Thus, you can choose to get a mid-range product.


The brand of the skateboard wax is also an important factor to consider. Look for reliable brands that develop high-quality products. Moreover, to achieve the best outputs, its performance and quality are critical. Prominent brands have a reputation to secure. Thus, you will have more confidence that they only offer quality products.

Color and Flavors

If you are particular with colors and flavors, then you must check these characteristics with your choice of skateboard wax. Some waxes come in different colors and flavors, emanating scents like lemon, apple, cherry, and blueberry. These waxes will most likely impress the beginners who are trying to build a good impression with their friends.


Wax is made to really break down and it is instinctively not durable. Nevertheless, when it comes to the varieties of the wax, the skateboard wax is notably durable and it is also made to rack up pleasantly and can be stripped or taken off.


You should always check the quality of the skateboard wax. Many waxes are suitable for expert skaters because of their excellent-quality capabilities. You can find a wax set that can be bought at an affordable price.

Additional Features

The color, as well as the size of the skateboard wax, will not essentially help you improve your skateboarding skills. However, it can assist when grinding and keeping the bottom part of the board from being scraped a lot. It will be more convenient if you get a wax that is compact size. You want something that can be easily carried or kept in the pockets. Handy waxes give you the advantage of bringing them whenever and wherever you need them.

Product Rating

Generally, if the skateboard wax gets a rating equal to or higher than 3 out of 5, it is seen to be a reputable product and is expected to give you satisfaction. It will also be helpful if you go through the details from the opinions of the customers so you can be certain that the product can meet your requirements.

Customer Experience

You may also want to solicit information based on the past experiences of the customers. You should know the thoughts of the customers as they are likely to give neutral comments. By reviewing the comments of the customers, you can learn every aspect of the particular skateboard wax.


You can also trust products with high demand as it is an indicator that it is a good one. High demand means more customers trusting the brand. These customers are likely the people who had past experiences with the product and want to purchase again.


Are skateboard waxes the same as candle waxes?

The formulation of skateboard waxes and candle waxes involves the same elements. Nevertheless, a skateboard wax is particularly created for skateboarding and it exhibits a few traits that differentiate it from the candle wax. Candle wax may work similarly but they are seen as harmful to the skateboard.

Is it still possible to grind on rails or curbs if I do not use a skateboard wax?

Technically, you can still grind on rails or curbs even if you do not use a skateboard wax. However, that is not an ideal thing to do. Grinding on metal pipes without wax is quite more feasible. However, insisting to grind on a cement curb without using wax may lead to serious consequences.

Is there a standard rule when applying the skateboard wax?

There is no specific rule to follow when applying the skateboard wax since you are just likely to apply it on surfaces where you want to grind on. However, it would be important that you let the other skaters near you that you applied wax on the surface to prevent accidents from happening.

Is it reliable to use deodorant as wax?

To some extent, yes. Some may find it weird, however, deodorant can also be utilized as a low-quality wax as an alternative. However, its coat should be used right away after the application as it is essentially weak on keeping its potential.

It is ideal to use soap as an alternative wax?

Yes, you can also use soap to reduce the friction on the surface. But we find it relevant to point out that it is not ideal to use it as it does not last long. Moreover, soap is known to be very slippery and may likely trigger an accident.


Overall, if you are searching for the best skateboard wax to bring with you while you are skateboarding on your favorite surface, then you should understand that there are some factors that you have to consider before purchasing. This is because a lot of these waxes have the same characteristics, aside from their color.

Skateboard wax is necessary for skateboarding. Using the best kind of skateboard wax can smoothen your longboard and prevent stumbling. You can also buy this item as a gift for your friends or children. Do not forget to consider the overall characteristics of the wax so you will know what to get in the future. Although the capabilities of these waxes are somehow similar, you should find the best one to help you get on the surface. To find the best choice, consider referring to this review and get yourself the best match.