The 5 Best Snowboard Bibs of 2021 – Reviews and Rank

The slopes can be unpredictable. You’re gliding on soft powder one minute, next you’re hitting on wet snow! But when you wear a good pair of snowboard bibs, you’ll be ready for anything. The best snowboard bibs are made from the most durable materials that can repel water, mud, and dirt. These are breathable and flexible so you can still do tricks, stunts, and moves. The best bibs can get you through many amazing seasons but make sure to find the one that fits you well. Here are five of the top snowboard bibs you should try this year. 

Top 5 Snowboard Bibs this 2021

Only experienced snowboarders will understand the importance of using a good quality snowboard bib. Let us help you find the best one so you can perform your best and keep safe as you ride.

Volcom Roan Bib Overall Snowboard Pant

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Best Overall Snowboard Pant from Volcom


  • This pair of snowboard bib is available in many awesome colors. 
  • This snowboard bib is made from strong 100% polyester with oxford layers.
  • This comes with a modern and relaxed fit. 

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 26 x 14 x 4 inches, 2.2 pounds
  • Available Sizes: extra small to xx-large
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Special Features: buckle closure, 2-layer shell, breathable lining, taped seams, modern and relaxed design, can connect to tech pants and jacket 

The Volcom Roan Bib is a snowboard pant that’s available in many colors to fit your preference. It is one of the most durable, made to withstand heavy rides in wet or dry snow. This is made from versatile polyester which keeps its shape and appearance even when you use this daily.

It has a buckle closure which makes it easier to wear and remove. The buckles are tough and will never corrode or rust even when you wear these longer outdoors in wet snow. 

These snowboard pants come with 2 layers of V-Science material and stretch oxford fabric that will keep the pants in perfect shape no matter how much you use them. Inside is a breathable lining system that prevents locked warm air to accumulate inside the pants. This minimizes discomfort especially when you’re sliding down the slopes all morning. 

These pants come with fully-taped seams to keep wind and snow from moving inside the pants. It has a modern relaxed fit so you’ll find it easy to move in and out the slopes. Those that perform stunts and tricks will also find this pants/bib very comfortable. Meanwhile, an easy zip tech pant-to-jacket interface allows you to connect any compatible jacket. 


  • This is made from very durable, good-quality pants that you can wear for different winter sports.
  • With easy to use buckle closure; you can easily wear this or take it off.
  • It is machine washable so it’s easy to maintain.
  • With stretchy, breathable fabric. 
  • With fully-taped seams to block water and wind.
  • Comes with a pants-to-jacket interface system.


  • Available only in a relaxed fit.
  • There is no pants/bib for women.

Burton Gore Reserve Bib

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Best Men’s Bib from Burton


  • This men’s bib comes in different colors; all with a relaxed fit. 
  • This is made from durable and waterproof GORE-TEX material.
  • This bib comes with a Living Lining material that regulates body temperature. 

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 19.9 x 18.8 x 4.6 inches, 2.15 pounds 
  • Available Sizes: xx-small to xx-large
  • Material: GORE-TEX material, Living Lining
  • Special Features: with hook and loop closure system, with a relaxed style, well-taped seams, GORE-SEAM tape 

The Burton Men’s Gore Reserve Bib is made from 100 percent fibers and enhanced with GORE-TEX material that’s waterproof and windproof. It comes with a handy hook and loop closure system that’s strong and very easy to use. 

This snowboard pants/bib is the best hand washed to preserve the natural features of the GORE-TEX fabric. And aside from this amazing fabric, this Burton snowboarding bib also has a Living Lining, a layer of material that can regulate your body temperature. You need this bib as you go through quick temperature changes as you move down steep slopes. 

Meanwhile, you won’t let snow, water, and wind pass through because this bib comes with a GORE-SEAM tape. This keeps the elements locked so you’ll remain comfortable. This is available in different sizes from xx-small to xx-large but make sure that you pick a size larger than your regular pants for maximum comfort.  


  • This is available in different colors and sizes.
  • This is made from the most durable, breathable, and waterproof materials.
  • Comes with a safe and efficient hook and loop closure system.
  • With a relaxed fit so you can move easily. 
  • With well-sealed taped seams to keep water, ice, and wind out. 


  • Complaints about sizing.
  • Complaints about the style.

Helly-Hansen SOGN Waterproof Bib Pant

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Best Men’s Waterproof Ski and Snowboard Bib from Helly-Hansen


  • This is a waterproof yet breathable men’s snowboard bib. 
  • With adjustable suspenders, vent zippers, and boot gaiters.
  • With a regular fit, can be used for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions:
  • Available Sizes:
  • Material:
  • Special Features:
  • Accessories:

The Helly-Hansen waterproof snowboard bib pant is designed especially for men. It is the perfect pair if you want to keep water, ice, and wind off your snowboarding outfit because it’s extremely waterproof. The fabric is also durable yet breathable which makes it a good bib for all wintertime sports and activities.

The seams are sealed, DWR treatment is guaranteed. The material is a 3-ply fabric that’s very strong and will never wear or tear. It comes with impressive features like a beacon pocket, easy-to-adjust suspenders, vent zippers along the back thigh, and boot gaiters with durable silicone grippers. 

This bib has enough pockets with a dual cargo pocket equipped with a D ring. It’s easy to wear with an adjustable waist and water-resistant zippers. This comes with a regular fit that is not slim or not too loose. You can use regular clothing underneath including paints with a traditional inseam. 


  • This pants/bib is waterproof but breathable. 
  • Made from very durable materials.
  • Comes with plenty of pockets, vents, boot gaiters, and D-rings.
  • With a regular fit.


  • No pants/bib for women.
  • Available only in a few sizes. 

DC Brigade Bib Snowboard Pants

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Best Men’s Snowboard Pants from DC


  • This pair of snowboard bib is made from very durable nylon ripstop fabric.
  • This comes with full-taped seams for maximum water and wind protection.
  • This is available in many sizes from extra-small to 2x extra-large.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 1 inches, 3 pounds
  • Available Sizes: extra small to xx-large
  • Material: 100% nylon ripstop
  • Special Features: fully-taped seams, mush-lined leg vents, elastic suspenders, with adjustable buckles, easy jacket to pants attachment, articulated legs, boot gaiters, zippered pockets

The DC Brigade Bib is for men that are designed for a nice time over all kinds of snow. It is made from a unique material called Sympatex that provides maximum weather defense. It protects you from extremely low temperatures, wind, and rain. With well-taped seams, you’ll always stay warm and dry no matter where you snowboard. 

Aside from the Sympatex, it is also made from nylon ripstop material so it’s very strong. You can swoop through obstacles, fall, and land on snow or any rough surface and still have great-fitting pants!


  • Comes with easy-to-use buckle closure.
  • With amazing weather defense.
  • Made from very durable materials that will stand the test of time.
  • Comes with mesh lining on knees and top bib, soft taffeta on the seat. 
  • With well-taped seams 


  • Complaints that the pants/bib is too heavy.
  • Complaints that there are areas where there is single stitching.

Oakley Bib 15k/ 3l

Star Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Best Men’s Bib from Oakley


  • This men’s snowboard bib is very durable, waterproof, and adjustable.
  • With zippered ventilation systems and pockets.
  • This is available in many sizes and colors.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 12.52 x 6.61 x 4.41 inches, 1 pound
  • Available Sizes: small to xx-large
  • Material: FN DRY 15K fabric
  • Special Features: hydrophilic lamination, water-repellent, warm and moisture-free, articulated knees, adjustable waistband, watertight pockets, and zippered vents

The Oakley Men’s Bib is designed to provide the best protection in all weather conditions. This pair is made from FN DRY 15K fabric plus hydrophilic laminate to keep the bib waterproof. It is warm and will prevent any moisture build-up.

This snowboarding bib also has articulated knees which enhance your mobility and flexibility especially when you’re doing stunts and tricks. It also has an adjustable waistband which helps you feel more comfortable. Finally, it has zippered cuffs so it’s easier to take it on or off.

If you need to carry anything as you ride, you can place these inside different pockets. You’ll be organized and your stuff will be safe even as you ride all day. Oakley is one of the most popular brands of snowboarding and other wintertime accessories. This pair of snowboard bibs is the product of Oakley’s impressive quality standards. 


  • This is made from the best quality materials.
  • With a durable waterproof laminate.
  • With an adjustable waistband so you can’t go wrong.
  • Comes with zippered cuffs and easy-to-use snow gaiters.
  • Has watertight pockets and zippered vents.


  • Complaints that this is too warm.
  • Complaints about the sizing.
  • Complaints that it is too heavy.
  • No snowboarding bib for women.

Buying Guide

Whether it’s your first time buying a snowboard bib or you’re looking for a replacement, consider the following guidelines when you shop.

  • Snowboard bib waterproofing

Shopping for snowboard bibs considering waterproofing is similar to buying a good pair of ski or snowboard pants. The waterproof rating ranges from 5,000 to 20,000 or 5 to 20K and the higher the number, the more resistant your fabric is. 

Take note that some new fabrics don’t come with waterproofing ratings such as Gore-Tex and a material called eVent. Some pants feature also affect the waterproofing. Choose pants with fully-taped seams or pants with taped critical seams as these keep water and snow out of the pants. 

Some snowboard pants come with a soft-shell material that’s stretchy and very comfortable but these are not as waterproof compared to hard shell snowboard pants.

So how waterproof should your snowboard pants be? The answer depends on where you’ll be riding on. If you’re snowboarding in Oregon or Washington where the slopes are wet and warm, pants or bibs with higher waterproof rating plus fully-taped seams will prevent wet snow from getting in. 

If you’re snowboarding in Colorado or Utah where snow is dry and flaky, pants or bibs with lower waterproof ratings will do just fine. As the waterproofing rating increases, the more expensive a pair of pants become. 

  • Warmth factor

Snowboard bibs or pants with uninsulated construction come with a type of shell with lining to provide comfort and warmth. If you have legs that don’t easily become cold then you would prefer pants that have a lighter base layer but those who get cold easily may need to wear additional layers. 

You may find unlined snowboard pants or technical pants designed for backcountry snowboarding and skiing. These pants are very light and thus, allow breathability which is important if you’re trekking over terrains with varying environmental and temperature conditions.  There are also insulated snowboard pants with light, synthetic insulation which adds additional warmth. 

  • Check for built-in gaiters

Ski and snowboard pants come with gaiters. These are located under the pants’ cuff and are used to keep all the snow from entering y our boots and legs. Some gaiters come with hooks that connect to buckles or laces while others have hook and loop systems at the sides. Also, some come with zippered cuffs that can make them easier to wear and remove. 

  • Vents are essential

Most snowboard bibs and pants come with zippered vents. You open these to allow you to remove heat and to enhance air circulation inside the pants especially when temperatures become hot or humid. Vents are mostly located along the inner inseam of the thighs and come with mesh lining to avoid snow and dirt from seeping in.

There are technical or ski mountaineering pants that come with full-length zippers on the sides to enhance ventilation. You don’t need to remove your boots to keep you cool. 

  • Jacket-to-pants connection

Some snowboard bibs and pants come with a special feature that connects them to your winter jacket as long as these are compatible or from the same brand. With this feature, snow and wind won’t penetrate your clothing. If you’re riding in deep snow or wet snow, it’s best to use this type of snowboard bib.

  • Pockets and cuffs

Snowboard bibs have more pockets than ordinary pants. Most come with zippered pockets on the sides and extra pockets at the chest area. These pockets are mostly lined with waterproof material to keep your electronics, phones, and other valuables dry and safe. 

Meanwhile, cuffs should be reinforced usually with stiff and very durable fabrics to prevent wear and tear. Usually, these are placed inside the pants to avoid any contact with the skis or crampons. Pants that are used for snowboarding may have cuffs at the back. 

  • Snowboard bib style and overall fit

The snowboard bib-style may not be as important as other features but a good style will help you stay efficient, safe, and flexible on the slopes. There’s no right or wrong style but you must consider foremost is the fit.

Snowboard bibs are available in different fits:  slim, loose, and regular fit. Differences are evident from brand to brand so make sure to use a measuring tape to make sure you’re buying snowboard pants with the best fit. 

  • RECCO units

RECCO is an updated feature in some bibs. This is a small unit sewn inside the body of the pants which matches a RECCO transponder. Resorts and rescue units use this transponder in the event of rescue due to an accident or an avalanche. Some pants and bibs have RECCO units while some come with other types of safety features. 

  • Women’s snowboarding bibs

Most snowboarding bib users know how hard it is to pee or to use the bathroom when you’re wearing a snowboarding bib, especially for women. They have to strip off the bib before they can use the toilet and this is very inconvenient. 

This is why some bibs designed for women come with special openings at the front or back so they don’t need to remove the bib and pants. So when you’re buying a snowboarding bib, specify whether you need pants for men or women. 


The following are frequently asked questions and their answers about buying and using snowboarding bibs. 

  • What size of snowboard bib do I need?

The size of the snowboard bib varies from manufacturer to manufacturer so it’s a good rule to check the size chart of the brand you want to buy. Pick a size larger than your street pants. This way, you’ll have extra room to wear layered clothing in case the weather turns colder. And when the temperature is warm, that extra space will help you move easily. 

Take note of the size chart and if possible, use a measuring tape to make sure that you get the best fit no matter what brand you buy. 

  • Is GORE-TEX a good material for snowboarding bibs?

GORE-TEX is a waterproof material that will keep you dry and safe out on the slopes even with annoying wet snow. But aside from being waterproof, GORE-TEX is also breathable and hence you won’t have to worry about that warm feeling inside your suit. 

GORE-TEX is a very efficient material to use for all kinds of wintertime sports apparel but the biggest downside is that it is very expensive. 

  • What kind of clothing do you wear underneath your snowboarding bib?

Most professionals wear a thick winter skiing attire underneath which provides added protection from the cold and wet weather conditions. Choose a winter jacket and pants that provide good insulation but not too thick to make you feel hot and uncomfortable.  You should wear clothing under your snowboarding bib because this will help you feel warmer. 

  • Are snowboarding bibs better than snowboarding pants?

Many say that snowboarding pants are enough but for those that play in backcountry areas where snow is heavier then you may need a good pair of snowboarding bibs.  Snowboarding bibs are great, however; you will have to consider toilet breaks that could be a challenge to accomplish if you wear this kind of snowboarding pants. 

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of snowboarding bibs before you choose a good pair of the best snowboarding bib. 

  • Do you choose fit or lose snowboarding pants/bibs?

This depends on your preference, the type of material that the pants or bib is made of, and the size of the pants. If the material is stretchable enough and you selected a size larger than your regular street pants then you can wear a fit bib. A loose bib is for riders who want to perform stunts and tricks aside from just moving down the slope. 


From our list of the 5 top snowboard bibs of 2021, we recommend the two best products: the Volcom Roan Bib and the Burton Men’s Gore Reserve Bib. Both are made from good quality materials, are designed to provide the best protection from snow, water, and wind, and are packed with excellent features. 

The Volcom Bib is available in many colors and is made from polyester so it’s durable and will never lose its shape. It has a strong buckle closure and is designed with 2 layers of V-Science material and stretch oxford fabric. Inside the pants are a breathable lining system and fully-taped seams. This snowboarding bib has a modern relaxed fit so it’s comfortable in and out the slopes. 

Meanwhile, the Burton Men’s Gore Reserve Bib is from durable fibers and GORE-TEX material which makes this waterproof and windproof. It has a hook and loop closure system that’s very strong and reliable. It is also designed with a Living Lining, a layer of material that regulates your body temperature plus GORE-SEAM tape to keep away the elements. 

These best snowboard bibs are available in different sizes and colors so you’ll surely find the best one for your needs. If you’re shopping for the best, choose Volcom Roan Bib or the Burton Men’s Gore Reserve Bib for snowboarding.