Top 5 Best Grip Tape in 2021

You need the best grip tape to keep you on your board and help you skate safer. Grip tapes have evolved from the simple sandpaper-like surface on one side and very sticky surface on the other, to tapes with durable aluminum oxide, a material that keeps in shape and sharp even when used for a long time. 

Reviews of the Best Skateboard Grip Tape

  • Lasts longer than other grip tapes.

  • Bonds to your skateboard deck for a long time.

  • Available in rolls and sheets.

  • Very grippy skateboard grip tape.

  • It takes a very long time to wear.

  • With a cool Grizzly logo on the top. 

  • The surface will never form bubbles

  • Thick and will never peel in hot or cold

  • Trim to fit and clean

  • Will keep you safe and secure on the road.

  • Available in different designs

  • Available in single sheets and rolls

  • Will adhere very well and will never form bubbles.

  • Will work with standard skateboard sizes. 

  • Will remain grippy in temperature extremes.

Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet 

(Best Overall)

The Jessup Skateboard Griptape is available in a variety of sizes from the smallest 10 inches x 60 feet roll to a 12 inches x 60 feet roll. This is a long-lasting tape that offers solid bonds to the surface of the deck. No bubbles or air gaps that will only ruin the deck surface. This is a professional skateboard grip tape. 

With the Jessup grip tape, you can land your tricks with pure confidence. The surface of this tape is a silicon carbide grip that will adhere aggressively to your sneakers or any footwear. This guarantees ultimate riding control on any surface such as skate parks or the street.  Meanwhile, the adhesive at the back is made from the solvent, and thus this will easily stick to your board and remain on the board for ultimate safety. 

Key Features

  • Longer-lasting skateboard grip tape
  • Conforms to all types and sizes of skateboards
  • Rough surface made from silicon carbide 
  • The solvent adhesive on the other side
  • Black grip tape
  • Measures 10 inches x 60 feet
  • Available in different sizes, available in rolls and sheets


  • Measures 9.7 x 6 x 5.9 inches  (roll)
  • Weighs 6 pounds (roll)
  • Silicon carbide grit 
  • Solvent-based adhesive 


  • Lasts longer than other grip tapes.
  • Bonds to your skateboard deck for a long time.
  • Conforms to all kinds and sizes of skateboards.
  • The silicon carbide surface lasts for a long time.
  • Easy to stick to the deck but impossible to peel off.
  • Available in rolls and sheets.
  • It offers maximum riding control on any surface.
  • It offers high traction needed during tricks and moves.  


  • You must be very specific when sticking to your board because it’s hard to peel off.
  • Will slightly scratch the underside of your sneakers

Grizzly Grip Stamp 

(2nd Choice)

One of the most popular grip tapes in the market is Grizzly. Many skateboarders prefer Grizzly because of its impressive quality and durability. Those who have used Grizzly grip tapes admire its strength despite the wear and tear of daily use. This particular tape is black and blue with just the name of the company in blue at the center of the tape; this means a more safe space to stand and move on. This measures 9 x 33 inches, and thus you’ll have enough tape to work with. 

Key Features

  • Measures 9 x 33 inches
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces
  • A single sheet of grip tape only
  • In blue and black color
  • Very rough surface on one side, very sticky on the other


  • Measures 33 x 10 x 0.1 inches
  • Weighs 7 ounces
  • A single sheet of grip tape only
  • Model Number – Deck
  • Distributed by Diamond Supply Co. 


  • Very grippy skateboard grip tape.
  • It takes a very long time to wear.
  • Easy to stick on the board and will stick for a long time.
  • Grip tape size will fit most skateboard decks (longboards and mini boards).
  • With a cool Grizzly logo on the top. 


  • Too rough on the soles of your sneakers/footwear.
  • Can scratch and wear the soles of your footwear.
  • Very hard to remove.
  • You must accurately set it the first time because it’s hard to remove.

BooTaa Skateboard Grip Tape 

(3rd Choice)

The BooTaa Skateboard Grip Tape is a very large sheet measuring 45.2 inches x 10.6 inches and thus is ready to fit any board deck size. This is the only skateboard grip tape with a lifetime warranty because it will literally stick to your board and will never fail you for a lifetime. On the surface of the BooTaa grip tape are very small perforations that let air escape so you can apply this without worrying about bubbles and incorrect application. 

This skateboard grip tape is very strong and is 1.5mm thick. The surface is made from silicon-carbide, and this won’t easily wear out even when you use your board daily. At the back is a very sticky adhesive layer that will never peel off even when it’s very cold or very hot outdoors. 

The BooTaa skateboard grip tape is also waterproof and tear-proof. It is a versatile grip tape that’s ideal for all skateboard brands like Phoenix, Lucky, Micro, and Razor. It is also for kids skateboards, electric, gas, kick, or scooter boards too. 

Key Features

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Tape is bubble-free 
  • Will fit all kinds of skateboards including kick, slide plate, scooter, and roller boards
  • Made from high-quality and very strong silicon carbide 
  • Very sticky adhesive – will remain on the board no matter what temperature
  • Trim to fit 
  • Waterproof and tear-proof backing


  • Measures 45.2 x 10.6 inches or 115 x 27 cm
  • 1.5mm thick 
  • Silicon carbide grit
  • Super sticky adhesive 
  • Made for all kinds of scooters 
  • Multifunctional grip
  • Grips rolled by hand


  • The surface will never form bubbles
  • Thick and will never peel in hot or cold
  • Trim to fit and clean
  • Waterproof surface and tear-proof
  • Multifunctional and designed for all types of skateboards and scooters
  • Enhances safety with better grip
  • Flat packed, so these grips arrive in good condition


  • Will scrape the underside of your shoes.
  • You need to be certain about the fit, or else you won’t be able to tear this off.
  • Very hard to remove when you want to upgrade. 

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet 

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheets are black and are 33 inches long and are 9 inches wide. It is easy to install and will never form bubbles, no matter what happens or what type of skateboard you have. 

This package will have two sheets of grip tape with each tape 9 x 33 inches. These are perforated grip tapes that are easy to install and will never move out of place once installed. It is even very hard to attach to the board because it is too sticky. You need to make sure that the tape is at the right place before you finally stick it to the board. 

Finally, the top grit of the tape is very rough and thus will be safe to use no matter how much you ride your board in a day. It is one of the most popular grip tapes available in different designs, including multi-colored designs (but the dark surface is still very dominant), black with an orange flame, black with a destroy logo, and black only color. 

Key Features

  • This order comes in two sheets of grip tape
  • With a perforated surface
  • Sticky back


  • Measures 33 inches x 9 inches
  • Weighs 9.6 ounces (for the two rolls) 
  • Surface made from very strong grippy material while the back is very sticky


  • Ideal for standard skateboard sizes. 
  • Will fit other types and sizes of skateboards.
  • Easy to install, needs a razor, cutter, or a pair of scissors to trim.
  • Will stick to the surface of the board and will never form bubbles.
  • Will remain on board and will never move no matter what temperature it is.
  • Will keep you safe and secure on the road.
  • Available in different designs
  • Available in single sheets and rolls


  • The back is too sticky, and so you must be sure of the position of the tape. 
  • Very difficult to remove even with glue-removal products.
  • Will lightly scratch the bottom of your shoes or footwear.

Mob Grip Kosmos Grip Tape 

Ride to the skies with the Mob x KRUX Galaxy Skate Grip Sheet. This is a part of Mob’s colorful skateboard grip tapes, but as you can see, even if it’s colorful, the black remains a dominant part of the tape. The black portion of the tape is the grippy area where your feet have to stand to keep you safe on the board.

This is a 9 x 33 feet grip board that keeps you safe and is compatible with almost all types of skateboards, including kickboards, motor or electric-powered boards, scooter boards, and kids’ skateboards.
Installing this on your board can be a problem which is encountered even by the most professional skaters. This is because the Mod grip tape is very sticky. Any mistake is going to cost you, as it is very hard to remove from the surface of the board. This is why; you must be very careful and just stick with simple installation. 


  • This is a part of Mob’s colored tape collection 
  • With a perforated surface
  • Very sticky back


  • Measures 33 inches x 9 inches
  • Weighs 6.7 ounces
  • The tape surface is made from very strong grip material 
  • Back is made from solvent adhesive for strong and permanent adhesion


  • Will work with standard skateboard sizes. 
  • Will fit all types and sizes of skateboards, motorized skateboards, kids’ skateboards, and more.
  • Easy to install and requires only a razor, cutter, or a pair of scissors to trim and fit the board.
  • Will adhere very well and will never form bubbles.
  • Will remain on the board surface and will never move or change shape. 
  • Will remain grippy in temperature extremes.
  • It will keep you safe as you ride on a skate park and on the streets.


  • The back is very sticky, and so you must be careful when installing on your board.
  • Very difficult to remove when you make mistakes.
  • Will lightly scratch the bottom of your shoes or footwear.

Other grip tape brands

There are so many runner up grip tape best brands. Check out high quality tape products from Pro Grade Grip Tape, Zuext Grip Tape/Zuext Skateboard Grip Tape, Mob Grip Tape, Junt Spray Grip Tape, and Black Diamond Sheet/Black Diamond Grip Tape. Just like the products we’ve reviewed, these are unlike other tapes because of their excellent qualities and features.

Skateboard Grip Tape Buying Guide and FAQ

You might think skateboard grip tapes are the same, but there are some very obvious differences. Here are some tips on how to buy the perfect skateboard grip for your board.

What to look for when buying skateboard grips

Size matters

Most brands of grip tape offers 9 to 10 x 33 inches and thus will work with all kinds of skateboards and sizes of boards. If you have an extra-long board or a differently-sized board, then consider measuring it before you buy any kind of grip tape. After taking the precise measurements, add an allowance of one or 1 ½ inches on every side to ensure that this will fit your skateboard.

Rolls vs. sheets 

It’s often better to buy grip tape rolls rather than sheets to avoid excess tape. The reason for this is that sheets are susceptible to folds during delivery and storage. Tapes in sheets will remain intact and ready to use, free from creases and folds. there must be easy, bubble free application and superior durability.

Grit material and quality

Don’t settle for anything less than the best materials because this is the grippiest and thus will ensure that you’re safe on your board. Also, insist on the best quality grip tape with a coarser grip, not a mellow grip because this means the grit surface will be better and more secure. 

Sticky back aggressive adhesive

The adhesive on the back of grip tapes is mostly solvent adhesives. These are very sticky, and once it touches the surface of the board, it will be hard to remove. Although this is a horrific thing during installation, it is a blessing when riding your board. A sticky back adhesive simply means this will never move or change shape or tear when the skateboard is used and for any kind of temperature. 

Any warranties or guarantees

Take BooTaa grip tapes with a lifetime guarantee on their products. This adds more value for your money and ensures that you are getting only the best kind of grip to take your money can buy. 

What’s the best type of grip tape?

Skateboarding grip tape is essential for any skater who wants to perform flip tricks, ride bowls, and engage in vert skating. Grip tape helps skaters hold onto their boards for all kinds of flip tricks. Without grip tape, skaters will lose traction and will find it hard to perform different flip tricks and moves.

It’s therefore a must to use only the best type of grip tape. There are three types of grip tape for skaters: Regular or standard grip tape, specialized grip tape, and non-abrasive grip tape. Of the three, the best type is specialized grip tape.

With a specialized grippy grip tape, your board surface will be stickier, grippier, and safer. Grip tapes like the Mob Grip offer specialized products with a lower grit grade or level. Their formula promises a perfect balance so that your foot stays on the board but will release when needed.

Specialized grip tape is not just available in dull black but also in many fun and exciting colors. Some brands have customized artwork, some are clear grip tape sheets, and some have glow-in-the-dark specialized grip tapes.

What grip tape do pro skaters use?

Pro skaters use the grip tape that works best for their skating style. They may use regular or standard grip tape or specialized tapes if they are looking for a grippier deck response.

Some skaters may use a unique kind of grip tape called non-abrasive grip tape. This kind is something new as it offers a grippy surface but won’t damage your shoes unless you’re wearing specially designed skater shoes. This is a new product that provides the same advantages as standard and specialized grip tape.

Some examples of this type of grip tape include the DKL non-abrasive grip tape. The surface of this tape is unlike any other because the material is quite similar to the ones used on the surface of ping pong paddles. The science behind this grip tape type is molecular adhesion or the plow effect using silicon-carbide and aluminum oxide.

Non-abrasive grip tapes will never wear because it won’t damage your footwear. Also, the surface will always look just like new. Also, non-abrasive tape will only need a damp cloth to clean the board’s surface. No need to use a grip gum or cement pickup to clean the grip tape.

Does grip tape affect skateboarding?

Grip tape is an essential component of skateboarding and in fact, this is the first thing that you need to inspect and replace. You need a good quality grip tape to provide traction from your board to the underside of your shoes.  Some tricks require you to hold the board with your feet and this is impossible to do without grip tape.

Also, grip tape helps you remain on the board for cruising and longboarding. It can help you remain balanced and safe as you move about. Take note that some skateboards come with grip tape while some don’t have grip tape. Sometimes, you’ll find a really good board, good shape, the right size, and great hardware, but, the grip tape is not so great. You may always replace the grip tape to provide the best traction.

What are the different grip tapes?

There are three different kinds of grip tape, each type has different features, pros, and cons.

  • Standard grip skateboard tape – standard grip tapes is traditional grip tape that are grippy and thus, are mostly used by regular skaters and pros. This grip tape is affordable and have standard quality, as expected of what grip tapes should be. You’ll find standard grip tapes in most skate shops everywhere.
  • Specialized grip tapes – specialized tapes are tapes that are more expensive than regular types because these are grippier, stickier than regular skateboard grip tape. These tapes use industrial grade glue. If you want a skateboard that will work best for tricks, slides, grinds, and other tricks, you need a specialized grip tape with a very coarse grit on your deck for maximum control. Specialized tapes are mostly available in high end skate shops and only from online suppliers.
  • Non-stick grip tapes – the most expensive type of skateboard grip tape and the newest evolution in the grip tape industry as these are non-stick grip tapes. This kind is the answer to skaters’ problems as their shoes become damaged because of the very grippy tape. Non-stick tapes will remain sticky so you’ll get the traction you’re looking for but will never damage your shoes or footwear. The surface of non-stick grip tapes are similar to ping pong paddles and thus, are easier to clean. This best skateboard grip tape will last longer compared to regular grip tapes plus, cleaning is a breeze.

How do I customize my skateboard grip tape?

A good grip tape is available in many colors, not just black or gray. There are many tapes with artistic designs, cool patterns, and interesting pictures. Also, tapes come in a large sheet, enough to fit a large skateboard or a long board. Usually, users cut the grip tape to size.

They first take the old tape off and clean the deck. Then, they lay the new grip tape on the board and use a flat tool to ensure that there are no bubbles or air in between the board and grip tape. Next, they cut the excess grip tape using a blade or sharp knife. Once done, they use sandpaper or a file to remove any uneven edges.

How do you remove Griptape adhesive?

A good grip tape is very sticky so you must remove old skateboard grip tape to make way for the new one. You need to remove not just the surface but also any remaining glue or adhesive before the new one is installed. To remove old tape adhesive, consider the following techniques:

  • Use a blow dryer – it’s tough to remove very sticky adhesive but you can soften the glue so you can remove these easily with a flat tool. Use a blow dryer to soften the adhesive. Do this before you lift the old tape from the deck. Place the blow dryer on medium setting and apply heat all over the grip tape surface. You will notice that the skateboard grip tape will lift slightly so all you need to do is to pull it out piece by piece.
  • Use a blade or knife – once the skateboard grip tape has been removed you can still use the blow dryer to soften any remaining glue bits. Use a blade or a sharp knife to lift these bits and remove from the surface of the skateboard.
  • Use soap and water – for very stubborn glue bits, or scattered glue remnants, use a bit of dishwashing soap and water. Use an old rag, dipped in the soapy solution and wipe the surface of the board. Concentrate on the part with the adhesive and follow up with a knife or blade. Don’t forget to completely dry your board before applying new grip tape.
  • Use alcohol – for extra-stubborn adhesive, use a small amount of alcohol on a cotton ball. Rub this on the glue and remove with a knife or blade once soft.
  • Sandpaper – Sand the old glue off if the adhesive just covers a small part of the deck. Use high grit sandpaper to remove the glue from wood.
  • You may also use a grip cleaner to guarantee mess-free and bubble free application


What is the rough grit surface of the grip tape made of?

The top surface of the skateboard grip tapes looks and feels like sandpaper. Cheap tapes with questionable qualities may simply be made of the same material as sandpaper, but high-quality ones are made from silicon carbide, which will never wear no matter how much you use your board. There may be other materials used for the tape grit, but these are the most common ones in the market.

How do you correctly install grip tape?

Measure your board against the tape and use guide marks to correctly take the size of the board. Add a small allowance on the tape to make sure that the board is correctly positioned, and there is enough tape on all sides of the board. Now, peel the backing off the grip tape. This will expose the sticky part of the tape. 

Stick the board face down the sticky part of the tape. Use a flat tool like a heavy piece of wood or a T-square ruler and remove all air between the tape and the surface of the board. When you’re sure that everything is set, turn your board upside down with the wheels up in the air. Cut the extra parts of the tape using a razor blade, a sharp cutter, or a pair of scissors. Your board is now ready to roll. 

What is the best footwear for skateboarders?

As you want your skateboard to remain safe and secure as you use it, you must also wear special footwear made for skateboarding or other similar activities. Just some of the top skate shoes are the Adidas Men’s Lucas Premiere, the DC Wes Kremer 2 S Skate Shoes, and the HUF Men’s Choice –M. These shoes are the best because the soles are flat and are made of rubber or polyurethane. The material found on the upper part of the shoe should be sturdy and must have double or triple stitch panels. 

How to remove grip tape on your skateboard?

Use a hairdryer set to the highest temperature and heat the grip tape surface. The heat will be too much to melt the adhesive that’s bonded to the surface of the board. You may now peel the old tape off. If there’s resistance, use a strong knife to gently pry it off the board. If you still find it hard to remove the old grip tape clean, as a professional skateboard repair center for help. 


From the five top skateboard grip tapes, the Jessup Skateboard Griptape sheet is our best choice, and this is because of many reasons. First, it is available in a variety of sizes, and so you don’t need to compromise on a small or very large tape. You’ll find the right tape size that will match your needs. It is long-lasting that creates a solid bond on the surface of the deck. You won’t find bubbles or air gaps that will only ruin your skateboard’s surface and may even affect your safety while riding your board.

The Jessup grip tape will help you perfect your tricks with pure confidence. It has a silicon carbide grit that will stick aggressively to your sneakers. This is perfect for skate parks or the street. Also, it has a solvent adhesive and so will easily stick to your board and remain on the board longer. We recommend this skateboard grip tape to all skateboarders from professional skateboarders to novice riders. 

And if you think that the Jessup grip tape is just the right kind of grip tape you need, check this product out from this site.