Best Surfboard Traction Pad

Surfboarding is an exciting water sport that is why a lot of people are eager to try it. However, in a sport, such as surfboarding, where balance and grip are required, having the best surfboard traction pad is a piece of important equipment. Yes, you might think that these traction pads are just simple accessories to the board, however, you will see the difference once you get the chance to try it on your pad. Noticeably, these pads can keep the back of your foot planted firmly.

If you want to perform an impressive stunt but require better stability if you stand, then you should seriously consider getting a traction pad for a surfboard. Without using one, you may often see yourself sliding while battling the wave. You can check around to look for the best traction pad available. However, you can also check on the list below to see which one could suit you best.

5 Best Surfboard Traction Pad

Finding the best surfboard traction pad can be tricky since there are quite many selections. Many would say that they are the best, but you cannot simply buy these statements without any proof. You have to be knowledgeable and wise if finding your pad.

If you have been looking for the traction pad but do not know what to choose, then consider checking this list. You can take a look at the following products and know their features as well as their limitations. It is equally important that you know their disadvantages to be certain whether you can adjust to its drawbacks and enjoy its benefits.

1. SYMPL Surfboard Traction Pad

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best Fit-All Surfboard Traction Pad


  • 2-piece pad
  • High performance
  • Fits all kinds of bard


  • Ultra-light EVA foam
  • Available in a different color
  • 3M adhesive

SYMPL Surfboard Traction Pad utilizes simplicity and style. Having an experience of this product, you can say that its performance is truly a demonstration of simplicity and style. Just as how its name implies, you cannot expect to see a lot of things happening on this product. Nevertheless, it gives intense textures cut across the back portion of the board for a seriously improved grip. The back traction kick pads support your surfing by helping you stuck in your board.

The SYMPL Surfboard Traction Pad comes in a 2-piece pad and it is very adaptable to any kinds of surfboard as well as any shapes. Its grip is made with a diamond motive improved by pinholes. This traction pad covers a wide area that offers a lot of rear foot grip.

The tailored grooves as well as the ultra-light EVA foam are particularly devised to work well in both warm and cold water. It has a soft characteristic thus not tearing your knees if you surf in boardies, yet will remain to anchor through winters if you are in a full suit. Furthermore, it features premium 3M adhesive to make sure that it will not peel off the board.

You can choose from various styles and colors if you want to buy SYMPL Surfboard Traction Pad. You can find flat traction and front traction pads without arch. Even the front foot traction can work well on skimboards, longboards, and fishes since it does not manifestly kick. This makes this traction pad very versatile.


  • Versatile
  • Available in different color and style
  • 30-days full refund


  • There is no known drawback for this traction pad

2. AQUBONA Stomp Pad Surfboard EVA Traction Pad

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Best Surfboard Traction Pad for Personalized Experience


  • Best grip performance
  • 3-piece pad
  • Creatively designed


  • EVA foam
  • 3M adhesive
  • Horizontal and vertical cutouts

The AQUBONA Stomp Pad Surfboard EVA Traction Pad takes a spot on this list as it is one of the best traction pads for a surfboard in the market today. There are four various styles for this model. Two styles are in white while the remaining two are in black.

This item is built from an inventive EVA foam. This material is quite ideal since it is lightweight and it gives the most satisfying surfing grip. Moreover, it features an excellent quality 3M adhesive which guarantees a strong attachment with the surfboard. With the 5 millimeters thickness of the EVA, you can feel very comfortable. Additionally, its measurement is 13 x 14.5 inches.

This item is also creatively designed so you can arrange them in various compositions for a personalized experience. The traction pad has many cutouts or additional depth which improves traction. Both the horizontal and vertical cutouts add more angles which work to improve the grip performance.


  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable under the foot
  • Can be arranged in various shapes


  • Some complaint about the quality of the adhesive

3. WOOWAVE Surfboard Traction Pad

Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Best Surfboard Traction Pad with Bevelled Tail Kicker


  • Can fit any kind of surfboards
  • Superb grip
  • Performance design


  • Has a dimension of 31.5 cm x 28 cm
  • 25 mm beveled tail kicker
  • 3M adhesives

WOOWAVE Surfboard Traction Pad also takes a spot on this list. This product is known to provide superior grip while ensuring comfort to the rider. It uses first-rate EVA traction pads that are cut with tiny diamond grooves. Its entire surface is hard-brushed to provide utmost grip while soothing the feet.

This 3-piece pad can also fit any kind of surfboard. It comes with a size of 31.5 cm x 28 cm. whether you are using a surfboard, fish board, or skimboard, you can always the WOOWAVE Surfboard Traction Pad. If you want a broader grip on the tail, you can simply spread the traction pads apart. Moreover, this pad has a 25 mm beveled tail kicker to improve your drive while surfing. This feature is particularly designed so that leashes will smoothly move without risking the quality of the performance.

Furthermore, it uses 3M adhesives that aim to stick your board at a maximum level. The adhesives make a permanent and strong bond between the traction pad and the board.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Improves performance
  • A strong bond between the traction pad and the board


  • There are not many choices in terms of design and color

4. Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best 3-Piece Surfboard Traction Pad


  • Premium quality
  • Supper grippy
  • 3-piece rear grip


  • 3M adhesives
  • Palm tree design
  • Full-size pad

If you prefer to get a 3-piece pad that never discounts quality, then you should choose Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction. You can hear many brands saying that they ensure durability in their products, but to the disappointment of their customers, the attached adhesives do not provide a good grip.

However, if you use Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad, you can improve the performance of your surfing since it is extremely grippy, letting you do smooth turns and cuts. This traction pad comes in full-size which can stretch apart if you prefer a broader grip on the tail. Having the center arch that firmly supports your foot, you will find it easy to maneuver your movements and get along with the waves. It is an adaptable product whose objective is to grant its users complete satisfaction out of their surfing journey.

Its powerful 3M adhesive guarantees that the traction pad does not slip the board. Its palm tree design emphasizes the tropical impressions of your board. You’ll have several selections in terms of color. This product is available in black, red, or blue. You also have the option to either choose this product with or without the White Palm Trees. Moreover, its packaging does not involve any cardboard. It simply means that this product is environment-friendly.


  • Powerful adhesive
  • Compatible with any kind of surfboard
  • 30-day return policy


  • Available only in one design

5. Shaka Pro EVA Surfboard Traction Pad

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Best Surfboard Traction Pad with Lightweight Feature


  • Superior design
  • Premium material
  • Pro performance


  • 25mm beveled kicker
  • Arch bar in the center
  • EVA foam

The Shaka Pro EVA Surfboard Traction Pad comes in a high-quality EVA pad that is known for its lightweight feature. Its powerful performance is attributed to its dimension which is 12 x 12 inches and a weight of 3oz. It also comes with a 25mm beveled kicker that helps improve your drive. There is also an arch bar in the center to support the position of the foot.

This traction pad also takes pride in the kind of material used in it. It uses a first-rate EVA foam along with a 3D cubic texture. This composition allows an easy but firm grip. It also comes with 3M adhesives to firmly attach the pad to the board. Moreover, this 3-piece pad is made with a superior design that permits adjustment as well as customization to fit any surfboard or skimboard. The Shaka Pro EVA Surfboard Traction Pad also features precise cut holes to emphasize style, lightness, and better grip.


  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Can be adjusted


  • There is no known drawback for this traction pad

Buyer’s Guide

Traction pads are available in different brands, sizes, shapes, and textures. This simply implies that the entire process of purchasing one may not be that simple. In fact, looking for the best model can be very confusing if you finally decide to buy a traction pad. Considering the numerous selection in the market, surely you will struggle. It isn’t possible to try every product in the market to find out what model is most appropriate. That is not budget-friendly and it can also consume much time.

If you do not want to do this unnecessary step, then the best solution is to get the best product there is. You will just have to consider the following factors if buying a traction pad for a surfboard:

Preferred Pieces

Although the majority of the traction boards are made to suit all kinds of surfboards, they can come in a single piece or a maximum of five pieces. Even though these pads have the same uses, it is important to know that the pieces can make a distinction.

One-piece pads are not very common nowadays since sophisticated surfboards have bigger arches. However, it is useful to impart that these pads are very durable as well as do not require complex installation, making them a great choice of traction pad. One-piece pads are most ideal for shortboards with an essentially narrow tail. Nevertheless, you should also know that these pads are susceptible to balls of air during installation that creates less adhesion compared to the other types.

Dual-piece pads are not used. These pads do not feature an arch. It can be suitable on fishboards but it only provides a gentle kick.

The most ideal traction pad for surfboarding is the three-piece. If it comes to installation, it is the easiest. It provides excellent grip, too. It is also known for its versatility as it can do well on any kind of surfboard. The five pieces pads are also considered three-piece with two tabs attached on top of the main pad.


The surface and texture of the product is also an important factor to consider since it mainly gives the grip. On the other hand, the perforations and grooves minimize the weight of the groove. You can choose from squared, grooved, diamond, and perforated textures, although the most common texture that you will see today is the diamond pattern.

It is always smart to go for high-end products over cheap ones. Bear in mind that you cannot afford to risk the quality of your item as it can greatly impact the grip and comfort.

Degree of Kick

Kick quantifies the range where the traction pad’s kick lies. The so-called kick could range from a minimal 20-degree and can reach a vertical kick.

If you get a steeper kick, you will find it more manageable to position the foot in the right placement if you are aiming to blast the wave. However, if you are an expert rider, a vertical kick or 45-degree kick is the most suitable.


The arch is one of the important traits of a traction pad. If checking the arch, you need to know the size of your foot since the variant of the arches will mainly rely on this, as well as the kind of stances you plan to carry out.

If your foot is wide, then you need to find a longer and higher arch. However, if your foot is small, then you should go for a minimal arch.


Where to install the traction pad on the surfboard?

Oftentimes, the pad is placed at the back of the surfboard, placing it in a position that is convenient for the back foot and to maintain balance. If doing the installation of the traction pad, you must sticker it from the lower part of the board. Make use of the middle line to direct it. Keep a space between every piece.

How to remove the traction pad from the surfboard?

Prepare acetone and hot water. First, soften the material of the traction pad by putting hot water. Use your potent arm to forcefully peel off the pad. After taking off the pad, you will notice traces of glue where the pad was previously attached. You can naturally remove these traces by using acetone. Pour the acetone on a paper or towel to rub off the paste easily.

How long will it take to dry a traction pad?

It takes 24 hours to thoroughly dry a traction pad. You must dry your pad first before you set your foot again on it and bring your board for surfing. You might find the period of drying quite long but that is how it should be. Try to be patient. If you insist on using the traction pad before drying, you will just end up making it move, thus, wasting your time.

What are these pads built of?

Traction pads are built from different kinds of materials depending on the manufacturer and the style. Generally, these traction pads are built from a grooved or a grippy and water-resistant foam that is structured into a textured surface to provide a stronger grip, prevent slipping, and keep balance.


Before you go out and buy the best surfboard traction pad, you have to understand that a particular surfboard can be suitable for a particular surfer, but could be not suitable for you. Picking the best traction pad can be compared to picking clothes. It means that your traction pad has to fit you, durable, and well-functioning. These products are also available in different models so you need to know what model is best. You should be particular with your preferences.

You can choose from the featured products. However, if you want to look for something else, make sure that you follow the guidelines in finding the best traction pad.