Best Roller Skates for Toddlers in 2021 – A Complete Parents Buying Guide

Part of growing up is learning how to skate. If you’re shopping for a new pair of skates for a young child, you need one that’s made from durable materials, with an efficient and safe design. You need the best roller skates to help your child learn basic skating moves and tricks. So before you head off to a local shop or visit online skating sites, read on for our exclusive review of the five top roller skates for toddlers for 2021.

The 5 Top Roller Skates for Toddlers This Year

Don’t worry if this is your first time purchasing a roller skate for a toddler. Let us help you shop for the best and the safest skates with our top 5 online picks

Otw-Cool Adjustable Roller Skates for Kids

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Best Adjustable Roller Skates for Girls from OTW-Cool


  • These roller skates are available in different sizes from small to large girls sizes.
  • These come with illuminating wheels; no batteries are needed!
  • Comes with very durable ABEC-7 bearings and very strong 100% urethane wheels.


  • Dimensions: 15.6 x 12.2 x 4.6 inches, 5.2 pounds
  • Skate Sizes: US sizes only, from small to large
  • Material: urethane wheels, polymer plastic boots, PU wheels
  • Special Features: with illuminating wheels, soft padded collars, lined boots, safety ratchet, power strap plus laces
  • Accessories: none

The OTW-Cool adjustable roller skates are bright, shiny, and fun. It comes in US girls sizes from 10 to 13 and a medium fit for kids with shoe sizes 13 to 3. These are adjustable with just a press of a small button at the back. Parents can adjust this easily to fit the foot size of their growing child.

This pair has illuminating wheels that light up once you start to roll. You don’t even have to use batteries to light these up and these will run for a long time. These skates are very durable with ABEC-7 bearings and 100% PU wheels. The boot is also made from very strong polymer plastic and PU so these will keep their shape even with regular use.

These OTW – Cool roller skates are very comfortable with padded collars and lined inner boot sections. It is also safe with a ratchet buckle, easy-to-use power straps, and lace-up closure systems. These boots are great for young children and are available in three color combinations.


  • Made from very durable materials.
  • With illuminating roller skate wheels.
  • Comes with very strong and durable bearings, wheels, and boots.
  • Safe to use, easy to adjust.


  • The adjusting knob is too easy to access; a child can easily adjust the boot.
  • Limited sizes for children.

PlayWheels Disney Princess Glitter Convertible 2-in-1 Skates

Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Best Convertible 2-in-1 Skates from PlayWheels


  • These are tri-wheel skates designed for girls.
  • These may be converted from tri-wheels to inline skates when your child is ready.
  • Comes with rear brakes for safe stopping or when slowing down.


  • Dimensions: 11.02 x 3.15 x 9.44 inches, 3 pounds
  • Skates Sizes: Junior Size 6 to 9 only
  • Weight Capacity: 60 pounds
  • Material:  Plastic, PU wheels
  • Special Features: tri-wheel design, converts to in-line skates, thumb screw to easily adjust the size, four-position toe caps, rear brakes, and binding straps
  • Accessories: none

The PlayWheels Disney Princess adjustable and convertible roller skates are tri-wheel skates made especially for beginners. This converts from a tri-wheel to inline skates as your child progresses to more advanced roller skating.

This comes with a convenient, easy-to-use thumb screw so size adjustments are easier and faster. It has rear brakes instead of front brakes so it’s easier to slow down or stop. Your child’s feet are secure and comfortable thanks to its easy adjustable binding straps from the instep and in the ankle. The wheels are very strong, the bearings are durable, and will last for many years of use.


  • Tri-wheel design for an easy transition to in-line skates.
  • With easy to use thumb screw for size adjustment.
  • Allows you to stop or slow down easily and safely.


  • Complaints about sizing.
  • Complaints that the fastening system is too easy to unfasten.

Trac Star Youth Girl’s Adjustable Roller Skate

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best Adjustable Roller Skate for Youth from Roller Derby


  • These roller skates are available in three different color combinations.
  • You can adjust these up to 4 sizes in just one press.
  • Comes with real trucks, may be used indoors or outdoors.


  • Dimensions: 10.63 x 4.72 x 16.54 inches, 4.41 pounds
  • Skates Sizes: medium and large sizes only
  • Material: PU wheels, plastic
  • Special Features: adjustable up to 4 sizes, real trucks
  • Accessories: none

The Trac Star adjustable roller skates are easy to use and adjust, ready to let your child have fun for many years to come. It is adjustable for 4 sizes with just one press of a button. You can select from medium sizes to large sizes making it great for all young riders.

These skates have real trucks to allow your child to turn more efficiently. These quad skates will let you ride smoothly whether it’s indoors or outdoors. It produces just the right amount of grip and the best bounce especially when it’s used over pavement or skating rink.

These have a high-cut boot design with durable straps and buckles and come with three different fun designs


  • These skates are adjustable up to 4 boot sizes.
  • It is easier to adjust with just the press of a button.
  • These come with real trucks, for authentic quad skating.


  • Complaints about sizing.
  • Complaints about durability.
  • Complaints about overall comfort.

VERENO Roller Skates 4 Size Adjustable for Kids

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Best Adjustable Illumination Roller Skates for Boys and Girls from VERENO


  • These skates come with light-up wheels with no need to use batteries.
  • These come with high-performance PU wheels for enhanced speeds and safety.
  • These are equipped with smooth and very durable chrome steel ABEC-7 bearings.


  • Dimensions: 15.08 x 12.99 x 4.41 inches, 5.29 pounds
  • Skates Sizes: US medium and large sizes only
  • Material: PU wheels, plastic
  • Special Features: light-up wheels, ABEC-7 bearings, safety buckle, braking system. adjustment button
  • Accessories: none

The VERENO Roller Skates are adjustable, stylish, and fun. It comes with illuminating wheels that light up no matter where you go. These roller skates are available in only two sizes: small and medium but are adjustable to fit your child’s feet size for years to come.

The wheels light up but won’t need any batteries. These bright wheels are very durable and come with very strong, reliable ABEC-7 chrome-steel bearings. These skates are well-made with easy to use and safe buckling system. 


  • Adjustable up to 4 sizes, your kids won’t outgrow this pair of roller skates.
  • Light-up wheels add to the fun.
  • Comfortable to use with laces to secure the skates well.
  • With front brakes for a safer and more efficient stopping or slowing down.


  • Complaints of missing roller skate adjustment tool on purchase.
  • Problems with sizing.
  • Only one design/color available.

4-Pejiijar Adjustable Roller Skates

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best Adjustable Roller Skates for Boys and Girls from 4-Pejiijar


  • These roller skates come with rear-wheel double-brakes for easy stopping and slowing down.
  • These come with a high-top boot design.
  • These come with breathable flannel liners, no shoelace, easy to clean.


  • Dimensions: 16.06 x 10.2 x 5.43 inches, 4.83 pounds
  • Board Sizes: US extra small and small sizes only
  • Material: PU wheels, plastic, flannel lining
  • Special Features: ABEC-7 bearings, double brakes, high-boot design, flannel lining, washable, easy to clean, adjustable
  • Accessories: knee pads, elbow pads, training cones, adjustment tools,

This pair of roller skates have a three-point style so kids can balance and learn fast. These are made from very durable materials with strong PU wheels that light up and ABEC-7 bearings for safety.

These skates have a high-cut boot design to provide support for your child’s legs and ankles. Inside is a layer of breathable flannel so your child’s feet will feel comfortable even with prolonged use.

Your purchase adds value for your money because these skates come in a set for beginner riders. It comes with knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, a carrying bag, safety cones, and adjustment tools. Young kids who are yet to learn to tie their shoelaces will love these skates as it comes with a lace-free style.


  • With a safe three-point style.
  • Wheels are very durable and bearings are smooth and strong.
  • Ideal for beginner riders and young riders.
  • Comes in a set; good value for your money.
  • The wheels light up making it fun to use in the dark.
  • No batteries are needed to illuminate the wheels.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • Complaints about the sizing.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying the right roller skates for children starts with getting to know the two types of skates available in the market: quad roller skates or traditional roller skates and inline skates. These vary greatly in design, style, and expertise.

Choose between quad roller skates or inline skates

Quad roller skates have four wheels, two at the front and two at the back. These are traditional roller skates that are commonly worn indoors or in roller rinks. Quad skates are recommended for beginner skaters and young children as these are easier to balance than in-line skates.

Also, take note that young kids don’t have the leg strength that older riders have which is why quad skates are much better for younger children.

Inline skates may be difficult to use for beginners and for young children. But if your child already knows how to ride a quad skate or has previous experience skating then inline skates would be the next level pair.

Some roller skates are hybrid inline and quad skates with two wheels at the back and two aligned wheels at the front. This style helps steady the rider and stop or slow down safely as well. There are also some roller skates that allow your child to transition from a tri-wheel to in-line skates. With just a few adjustments, your child can safely learn how to ride an in-line skate.

What’s the right size roller skate for your child?

Roller skates designed for toddlers and young children come with boots that conform to the size of the rider’s feet. This design guarantees that your child is confident and stable.

To find the right size roller skates, buy one that’s a size bigger than your child’s footwear. Don’t go for a smaller size or two sizes bigger as these will be uncomfortable to use. Large skates will slip off your child’s feet while smaller skates will only rub on his skin. Follow the sizing charts of the roller skate brand you wish to buy. Just like regular footwear, roller skates’ sizes vary depending on the manufacturer.

Roller skate material

The type of material used to make the skates tell a lot about how durable and flexible the skates are. The skate body must be made of strong but comfortable material preferably with a soft lining to wick moisture and sweat. The chassis and brakes are usually made from hard PU plastic while the frames that hold the roller skate wheels may be made from aluminum or carbon fiber.

Children will eventually outgrow roller skates but these should be durable and good enough to use for a few years.

All about wheels, bearings, and brakes

The roller skate wheels should be made from tough PU and must not be too slick or too hard. Softer wheels will grip the pavement better and will be safer for younger riders. The bearings must be strong, smooth, and reliable which is why most roller skates are equipped with ABEC-7 bearings.

The braking system in roller skates is a basic rubber toe stop and this must be prominent in roller skates for young children. A young rider must not just learn how to balance and ride but also apply the brakes properly when slowing down or stopping.

Comfort and style

Because your child is still learning how to ride, it’s very important that he picks a comfortable pair of roller skates. Check for a soft inner liner to cushion your child’s feet. A high-cut boot design is more comfortable and protects the ankles and feet in case of a fall. Meanwhile, there are so many roller skate styles to choose from. You may find skates with your child’s favorite cartoon characters, colors, and interests.

Roller skates set

Some roller skates come in a set which is great for beginner riders. Aside from the skates, these sets have knee pads, elbow pads, safety cones, and carrying bags. A set gives you more value for your purchase but considers the quality of the skates included in the set.

If you wish to get roller skates set, check the different components of the package and find out if these will fit your child’s size and age.


Here are the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers regarding buying and using roller skates for children.

Can you teach a 2-year old to ride a roller skate?

You can teach a two-year-old how to skate but he should start with a safe and easy-to-use quad skate. Quad skates are traditional skates that allow you to balance even when you’re motionless. These are easier to handle and maneuver for beginners and young riders as well. Most roller skates for two-year-olds are traditional quad skates because these are safer.

Are there roller skates made for toddlers?

There are roller skates manufacturers that make skates for toddlers. These are mostly boot-type roller blades with four wheels (quad blades) so that toddlers can easily balance and ride. You may find a wide variety of skates for toddlers but these are mostly quad skates.

What is the best way to buy the right size roller skates for my child?

Buying a roller skate is like shopping for regular footwear. You must choose a size larger but never a size smaller or two sizes larger. A very large roller skate can easily slip off your child’s feet and this can be dangerous. Meanwhile, smaller sizes can cramp the feet and scrape the skin.

Usually, roller skates manufacturers offer a size guide that helps customers easily find the correct size for their child. If you find a size guide, use it.

What type of skates are the best for beginner riders and young children?

The best type of roller skates for beginners and young riders are quad skates. These come with two wheels at the front and two wheels at the back. With this design, you will find it easier to balance and provides stability and safety in case you want to slow down or stop.

Are children better off with quad skates or roller blades?

Young children and toddlers who have no skating experience may learn safely and effectively using quad skates. But for children with skating experience and who have mastered the art of skating using quad skates can progress to in-line skates or rollerblades. There are hybrid roller skates designs that combine the safety of quad skates and the form of in-line skates. These are tri-wheel skates with two wheels at the back and one or two in-line wheels at the front. This type of roller skate can help a child or a beginner transition from traditional skates to in-line ones.

What is the difference between rollerblades and in-line skates?

Rollerblades are kinds of in-line skates. These come with a larger boot, wider and more durable wheels, and are heavier than in-line roller skates. Meanwhile, in-line skates have taller and thinner wheels. These are faster than rollerblades.


From our list of the five best roller skates for young riders, we choose the OTW-Cool adjustable roller skates and the stunning PlayWheels Disney Princess adjustable roller skates. These two skates are great for young children as they are made from very durable materials and components. These skates are designed for comfort and safety, things you’re definitely looking for in a good roller skate for your kids.

The OTW-Cool roller skates are fun as it has illuminating wheels and a lively design. Too bad it has limited sizes to select from but once you find the right one, your child will surely love using this anywhere. These skates are made to last with durable ABEC-7 bearings and 100% PU wheels. The boot is strong polymer plastic and PU to keep its shape despite constant use.

Meanwhile, the PlayWheels Disney Princess roller skates are adjustable and convertible making these safe for toddlers and young children. These skates convert from a tri-wheel to inline skates so your child can gradually and safely progress to a more experienced skating style.

These colorful roller skates come with a convenient thumb screw for easier and faster size adjustments. It has rear brakes so slowing or stopping is safer and easier. The wheels are also PU and the bearings are very strong ABEC-7, standard in high-quality roller skates.

We recommend the OTW-Cool and PlayWheels adjustable roller skates. These are the best roller skates for toddlers available online so don’t forget to check these skates out before you purchase.