The Best Snowboard Helmets: Our Best Picks for 2021

It cannot be denied that numerous instinctive risks arise when stripping down the hills, regardless of your skills and experience.

What are the best snowboard helmets? Check out our updated product reviews for 2021.

Top 5 Best Snowboard Helmets

Retrospec H4 Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Snowboard Helmet with Cheap Price


  • Designed for intensive use
  • Keeps you comfortable on the slopes
  • Designed for an easy coast


  • ErgoKnob dial
  • Easy gliding vents
  • Shock-absorbent EPS lining

The Retrospec H4 Ski & Snowboard Helmet can back you up to whatever landscape you are riding. It has a ventilated BreezeBar that keeps you warm in fortitude. You can easily glide the vents according to your likeness with an obscure lever for excellent airflow, a smooth coast, or utmost insulation.

The Retrospec H4 features an easy-to-alter dial and a completely personalize 9-vent breeze bar mechanism into an economical package, making it one of the most affordable snowboard helmets in the market. It is also built from EPS plastics and ABS and is available in four fashionable shades to match the personal taste of every snowboarder. 

You will also love the easy adjustments when wearing this helmet. You can ride in trend with the ABS shell exterior and the strong, shock-absorbent EPS lining. It also features the ErgoKnob dial that helps you acquire a cushy and stable fit. Although it does not provide the more liberal protection that is available in MIPS helmet, the Retrospec H4 Ski & Snowboard Helmet is the best selection for beginners who enjoy joining low-shock winter sports.


  • Ideal for a long-day trip
  • Easy adjustment
  • Stable fit


  • It may not be very suitable for expert snowboarders

TurboSke Ski Snowboard Helmet

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best Value for Money Snowboard Helmet


  • Built to last
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Designed with the highest standard


  • Detachable earpads
  • Solid adjustment dial
  • Google strap clip
  • The adjustable airflow ventilation mechanism

The TurbpSke Ski Snowboard helmet protects the riders. But what is even more pleasing about this helmet is that it does not cost as expensive as the other leading brands in the market. It meets both the European and American safety standards and is available in five colors.

Loaded with an adjustable ventilation mechanism, a detachable liner, and a fast twist size adjustment dial, it incorporates many of the practical features that are seen on expensive models. You can be assured that wearing this helmet can get your job done. Compared to renting a helmet at a certain resort, the price of the TurboSke Ski Snowboard helmet is quite more affordable, depending on how long you intend to use it.

After the skip trip, you can detach the earpads for warmer weather physical activities. The snaps of your earpads are sometimes deceptive, and there is no storage bag for it. However, TurboSke Ski Snowboard Helmet is the best value for money.


  • Value for money
  • Detachable earpads are useful during warmer temperatures
  • A detachable inner liner which is convenient for washing


  • Storage bag is not available
  • Earpad snaps is sometimes hard to fasten

ILM Ski Helmet Snowboard

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Snowboard Helmet with High Comfort Inside the Helmet


  • Designed for different snow sports
  • Meets the safety standards
  • Packed with great features


  • EPS internal foam layout 
  • 17 vents available
  • Anti-slip pad

The ILM Ski Helmet Snowboard is one of the best snowboard helmets in the market with a kind of building that is incomparable to other models in the market. It exhibits an EPS internal foam layout that offers additional protection to the head. It also helps take in high-impact during a fall. Furthermore, its built is supported by the ABS shell and adequate earpads that meet the safety standards of the ASTM.

Moreover, this kind of snowboard helmet offers the typical airflow coming in and out of the head – all because of the 17 vents that are present in this helmet. You will certainly feel the ultimate comfort when wearing this helmet as it possesses an adjustable feature that makes you easily adjust the size according to the size of the head.

The ILM Ski Helmet Snowboard also comes with goggles that inhibit UV lights. The brackets which are found at the back portion of the helmet also helps the goggle to stay in place. The anti-slip pad that comes with a hook and loop works to bind the immediate release straps for convenience. Liners are washable and detachable.

This helmet can be worn in different outdoor activities such as skateboarding, sledding, ice skating, and other kinds of winter sports.


  • Quick-release straps
  • Available in five colors
  • Hook for goggles


  • Size chart may be incorrect
  • Goggle clip isn’t up to the mark

PHZ. Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best Snowboard Helmet to Suit with Audio Devices


  • Best for any type of snow sports
  • Safety certified
  • Adaptable helmet


  • Ease of adjustment
  • Shock-absorbing EPS
  • Removable inner liner

The PHZ.Ski Snowboard Helmet can suit with the audio devices so riders can enjoy their favorite music while having fun on the ice. It can work with goggles to guarantee complete protection and clear visibility when snowboarding in various regions. It is an adaptable helmet that can suit various people since its fitting can be adjusted. You will also love the removable inner liner for easy washing and cleaning. You can also wear this helmet during summer since it features vents that provide access to breathability.

This excellent quality helmet is fitted with a reinforced ABS shell and shock-absorbing EPS, thus implying safety and comfort. Moreover, it provides lifelong protection against falls, knocks, and abrasions. The 14 vents on the front and rear part surge in cold air and ventilates if the top allows the hot air to break away for utmost comfort. Moreover, the size adjustment dial lets you tailor your fit.


  • Soft and warm ear flaps
  • Stylish
  • Padding throughout the head


  • Can be a bit expensive

SPIX Ski Helmet

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best Snowboard Helmet for the Scalp


  • Safety certified
  • The best protection against light and heavy impacts
  • High-quality helmet for winter sports


  • 14 vents
  • Removable earpads and padding
  • Shock-absorbing EPS

The SPIX Ski Helmet meets the safety standard of the ASTM F2040. It features an excellent quality shock-absorbing EPS foam and ABS hard shell that offer a double layer of protection. It also has a size-dial feature that offers a solid and convenient fit which keeps the helmet away from rolling on the head.

The 14 separate vents work to deliver air in the helmet, eliminating excess heat and moisture. This is something you will really love about this helmet as it can keep the scalp cool as well as the goggles from fogging.


  • Incredible quality
  • Solid built
  • Useful features


  • The Size-adjusting dial is not that unique

Buyer’s Guide

You would naturally want to look good and impressive while you are stripping down the hills. However, you must understand that there are more important things to consider when looking for the best snowboard helmets.

Finding the best snowboard helmet can be constraining if you are clueless about what to check for. For a snowboard helmet, the most important thing to consider is safety. However, aesthetics along with the other features are essential too depending on how you intend to use it. If you are having a hard time deciding which snowboard helmet to buy, reviewing the following buyer’s guide can help.


The ultimate purpose of the snowboard helmet is to secure the head while in high-speed activities. Thus, you should see to it that you pick a helmet that conforms to the standard safety requirements. The safety certifications for snowboard helmets are provided by the two agencies – one in Europe and another one in the US. Make sure that one of these ratings is available in your chosen helmet if not both: the Europe-based CE EN1077 or the US-based ASTM F2040 certification.


The size of the snowboard helmet is the most important thing to consider when checking the market to buy a new snowboard helmet. Buying a very loose helmet will not help in protecting the head. Likely, buying a very tight helmet will not be convenient for all-day-long wearing. 

To make sure you get the right size for a helmet, you should first get the circumference of your head. Try to be systematic when getting the measurement. Keep the measurement around one inch over the eyebrows and ears to help fit the helmet’s circumference.

Although this may already give you an idea of what size to choose, you can confirm the accuracy of your sizing by trying it on and doing the shake test.


The best snowboard helmets provide overall comfort, security from the affecting factors, and protection from the distinct kinds of impacts a rider may experience when descending in the snow. 

MIPS protection is an essential characteristic that can essentially improve the efficiency of the snow helmet and dwindle the rocking forces in the brain while in a slanted fall. 


A lot of the helmets nowadays are built with a high-imprint plastic outer shell created to extend energy from a blow over a bigger area while securing from objects that could spike. The outer shells are usually built from ABS, which is likely to be heavier and stiffer but more affordable, making it an economical material. It can also be built from a polycarbonate which is quite more adjustable and light.

The head protection is mostly performed by the inner liner as it acts to take in energy to reduce the quantity of kinetic energy that establishes the path to the head while in an impact caused by impaction. The inner layer is commonly built from EPS foam made to take in energy expertly. Other materials like Koroyd can also be used.

Rotational Impact

Although snowboard helmets are built to protect from linear concussions, it is usually the falls that make the head move or spin that can cause significant damage. Putting that into consideration, you can find a lot of newer snowboard helmets employing technologies that aim to lessen the injury from impacts that occur at an angle. These modern technologies include Koyord, MIPS, SPIN, and WaveCel, among others. 


Snowboard helmets can work excellently if worn together with a visor or goggles since these are made to make sure that your vision is not flawed for more secure movement. A lot of helmets are designed with a clip to make sure that the strap of the snow goggles remains in place while in a run to guarantee a nice fit.

Moreover, it is essential to make sure that the pairing of the helmet and google will work efficiently to prevent any spacing between the upper part of the helmet and the upper part of the goggles to lessen fogging and airflow. Another features to check out for when buying the best snowboard helmet is a good fit system made to quickly make an adjustment on the size for different head coverings while in a colder climate.


Should I wear a snowboard helmet?

Helmets are applicable for your safety while downhill snowboarding. Since there is the least risk for a head accident when snowboarding, wearing a snowboard helmet is not a requirement when joining in the sport. However, it is normally a smart thing that you wear a helmet during snowboarding. Although the terrain is relatively smooth and even, cross-country snowboarding may still involve insignificant slopes and you want to make yourself ready for some uncertainties.

How should my snowboard helmet fit me?

A good snowboard helmet must fit adequately to your head. However, it should not be extremely tight that it becomes uncomfortable for long-time wearing. You can check the fit of your helmet by simply putting it on and shaking the head from side to side. If you notice that your helmet moves while doing this, you might consider getting a smaller one.

Is there a distinction between a ski and snowboard helmet?

Whether you are striking the hills on a snowboard or skis, the main purpose of the helmet is to guarantee the protection of your head. Although some manufacturers particularly market helmets for snowboarders and others for skiers, there is no real distinction between snowboard and ski helmets.

Should I change snowboard helmets often?

Obviously, it can get costly if you change snowboard helmets often. And while you want to keep your gear to last longer, you cannot expect your snowboard helmet to last forever. But with a quality snowboard helmet, it can last for several seasons before you reach the point of replacing it. Nevertheless, every manufacturer will have their own views when it comes to the ideal usage of the helmet they made.

On average, many manufacturers suggest replacing the snowboard helmet after 5 years, or anytime it gets involved to a serious impact.

Are snowboard helmets unisex?

Although there is a distinction between the snowboard helmets for men and women, this gear is commonly unisex. Since the size of the head does not significantly differ by gender, a lot of snowboard stores introduce men’s snowboard helmets are unisex snowboard helmets. On the other hand, although women’s helmets exhibit more feminine shades and patterns on the shell, they are just the same as the men’s helmets. Hence, you can purchase whatever style suits you best and offers the most protection.

How much should I allocate when buying a snowboard helmet?

It all depends on your budget. However, it is good to point out that it is not smart to buy a very cheap helmet without securing its quality. Buying a durable snowboard helmet can be a bit expensive, however, it can give you the best protection against head injury. Other than the quality, some snowboard helmets may also differ in price based on style and artistic appeal. How much you choose to spend on the exterior of your helmet to demonstrate your personality depends on you. However, you must not risk the quality of your helmet to save a little amount of money.


When you are striking the hills, the only thing that you want to do is to have fun. However, you must realize that there are more important things to consider than having a great time in the snow and that is to ensure your safety and protection.

Thus, you must make sure you are wearing the best snowboard helmet. And with the list of best helmets discussed above, it will be easier for you to decide which snowboard helmet to buy now. You can also refer to the common things you should consider when buying a new helmet. By buying the best snowboard helmet, you can be assured that you are well-protected while keeping a stylish and awesome look while tearing power to the satisfaction of your heart. 

Regardless if you are snowboarding or skiing, a reliable helmet is a significant element for your kit. The best snowboard helmets are adjustable, comfortable, and should competently offer protection against rotational forces and impact. Other than the necessities, you may want to use higher-end helmets that provide more insulation and convenient-based traits that are worth spending on.