6 Best Skateboard Knee Pads for Your Safety

Skateboarding may be an extreme sport, but that doesn’t mean you cannot practice safety. To stumble and fall is always inevitable but we’ve got the best skateboard knee pads to keep you safe the entire ride.

Best Knee Pads For KidsSKL 3 in 1 Protective Gear Set Kids (Knee & Elbow Pads) [Editor’s Choice]

Reviews of the Best Skateboard Knee Pads

  • Durable 

  • Comfortable

  • Best for Kids

  • Durable

  • High Comfort

  • Best for Skateboarding

  • Lightweight

  • High Quality

  • Affordable

  • Long Lasting

  • Best for Beginners

  • Secure

  • Safety

  • Budget Friendly

  • Best Features

  • High Protection

  • Adjustable

  • Llightweight

SKL children knee pad

Best For Kids

SKL, a new sports gear company that has a history of 10 years commits to making durable yet fashionable protective equipment for both adults and children to make you feel best while doing sports. Aside from knee pads, they also sell skateboard, helmet, hydration backpack, and so on, you can check their official website to know more: https://www.sklsports.com/

The SKL children skate board is the first children skate board SKL sells, it becomes very popular and gains good reputation since its debut in market. This kids protective gear has an adjustable elastic band that provides two ways to wear for kids aged 2-6, 7-13. Safety gear for kids is made of a safe, high-hardness PVC casing, thickened soft sponge, durable material and breathable lining to secure the elbows and wrists of the knee. Provide a safer protection for your child’s movements.

Key Features:

  • SKL kids protective gear set has a high hardness PVC shell,thickened soft sponge,durable and tough material with breathable liner to against external pressure.
  • The knee elbow pads with wirst guards are designed for kids sports saftey protection especially for ice and roller cycling skating, Skateboard Hoverboard, biking, cycling, skating, rolling, ATV, BMX and other extrem sports
  • SKL Kids protective pads provided with 1 storage bag including 2 x elbow pad, 2 x knee pad, 2 x wrist pad, you can carry the kids protective gear set with you for bike, skateboard, skating, cycling, scooter.


  • Have 2 different measurements: small(2-6 years old); medium(7-13years old)
  • Good gift for children


  • Secure
  • Long-lasting


  • Knees feel hot under the pads

Triple Eight KP 22 Heavy-Duty Skateboarding Knee Pads

(Best Overall)

Triple Eight, a New York-based action sports gear company, started in 1996. Since then, it commits to making durable yet fashionable protective equipment to make action sports experience the best it could be. They continue to do innovative products using the new and best technology available. In the field of action gears, Triple Eight has the reputation trusted and favored by riders. Triple Eight gives the needed protection starting from the head up to the toes. One of their best gear products is the Triple Eight KP 22 Heavy-Duty Skateboarding Knee Pads.

Triple Eight KP 22 Heavy-Duty Skateboarding Knee Pads are made for athletes and beginners who require extra protection and padding. It specializes in endurance and support to help you continue and go right back after a stumble or fall. The knee pads consist of neat and responsive memory foam, and knee caps are designed in an even top stay resistant to any harsh blows. These caps are secured with strengthened rivets to make them long-lasting and stable. They have adjustable and secure straps that make them easy to fit and wear. The knee pads have five different measurements that suit kids, teenagers, and even adults.

Key Features:

  • A responsive knee cap foam
  • High resistance to harsh blows


  • Have five different measurements from a junior fit to an XL fit
  • Provides warranty for 180 days


  • Secure
  • Long-lasting


  • Knees feel hot under the pads

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

(2nd Choice)

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads is one of the best pull-on knee pads available. It doesn’t require any adjustments, so you wouldn’t have to constantly check if they are in the right fit. They hug the knee perfectly, and well, you won’t even remember you’re wearing them.

It is made of high-quality foam and a breathable cloth that makes it elastic, breathable, and dry that makes your knee and skin comfortable. Because of its comfortable material, it won’t cause any joint or muscle pain. It had a good grip that keeps it safe and intact without constant slipping off and has an ideal lightweight design.  This is a great buy for those who are into outdoor and extreme sports. It is also made of strong polyester, good rubber, and EVA.

Key Features:

  • Pull-on and easy to fit
  • Tight fit without any slip-off


  • Sizes: Small/Medium and Large
  • Polyester – 45 percent
  • Rubber – 25 percent
  • EVA – 30 percent


  • Dry on skin
  • Lightweight


  • Bulkier
  • Scratches on the skin

187 Killer Pro Knee Pads

(3rd Choice)

187 Killer Pro Knee Pads offers the latest knee pad security. It has a black color with the brand name etched on the sides for a sleek and refined look. The foam is specially formed to give the perfect soft pad and strength for any hard and harsh impacts.

The cap has a lock-in feature that allows it to be removed or adjusted to a desire position.  It is lightweight, so it is comfortable for the knee. It is also seamless, which is responsible for giving it a clean look. The design is noted to give a comfortable look fit for any rider.

Aside from those, it is also very durable and solid due to the innovative and latest materials used. The design fits well to make the rider look a complete fashionable style.

Key Features:

  • Good quality foam
  • Black and printed design


  • Available in different sizes from Junior to Extra large
  • Excellent lock-in


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fit


  • Sizing/Fitting problems
  • Bulky

Triple Eight Street Knee Pads for Skateboarding

Another product from the reputable brand, Triple Eight, is the Street Knee Pads for Skateboarding. Compared to the Triple Eight KP 22 Heavy-Duty Skateboarding Knee Pads, the Triple Eight Street Knee Pads have the choices of black and white or grey colors. Its design is also different, but both knee pads cap has the same pad design that makes the brand unique and in style.

It is also designed for kids, teenagers, and adults alike and is useful in many types of outdoor sports, be it skateboarding, biking, or longboarding. It has a molded foam and synthetic caps that are highly resistant to any harsh landing or fall. With these, your knees will remain unscratched and safe. It has an easy strap that allows you to adjust and secure the pads when needed. It is also available in different sizes from an extra small fit to a large fit.

Key Features:

  • A responsive knee cap foam
  • High resistance to harsh blows


  • Have five different measurements from a small fit to a large fit
  • Available in white or grey and black color


  • Convenient and sturdy
  • Not as bulky as others


  • Can be too tight at first

Pro-Tec Street Knee and Elbow Pad Set

Pro-Tec Street Knee and Elbow Pad Set offer one of the most reliable knee pads for any action sports such as skateboarding or cycling.

The caps extend a broad coverage and are sturdy, which can take any harsh landings and fall, thus protecting your knees better from any scratches.  The soft foam pad around the cup is also efficient in protecting the skin without scratching it. It is flexible and less bulky, thanks to the material used, such as the ballistic nylon and strong lycra. The pads are also made to keep your knees cool and dry even at extreme movements due to its breathable features.  The adjustable straps are effective in securing and keeping the knee pads in place in the right amount of tightness. It is available is a small size up to extra-large size.

Key Features:

  • Soft foam pad
  • Durable knee caps


Available sizes from small to extra-large

Made of nylon and Lycra


  • Tough
  • Adjustable
  • Fits well


  • Big sizes/ can be uncomfortable

What are Knee Pads, and why do you need them?

Knee pads are the protective pads for your knees to prevent any knee injuries when skateboarding or doing other extreme sports. It is made of stretchable, adjustable, and comfortable materials; these ensure the knee pads quality. Knee pads may sometimes come in a set together with elbow and wrist pad and a helmet; all the gear things that could protect you when doing extreme sports.

Best Skateboard Knee Pads Buying Guide

Just like all other skate gears and materials, it is best to know more about knee pad before buying them. Here are the guides to know so you can pick the perfect pair.

An excellent fit and the correct size

It is essential to know the perfect size for your knees, or else the incorrect one is just a waste of money. It is advisable to measure your knees and know your sizes and compare them with the size chart given by the brand.  Having the perfect fit means comfortable knee pads that won’t be a hindrance when skateboarding. Very tight pads can limit your movements, while very loose pads can easily slip off.


To know the quality of the knee pads, you must know what they are made of. The best used the strongest and most durable materials. Knee pads are made of different foams, rubber carbon fiber, and other elements. The quality will decide if the knee pads are long-lasting and durable enough.


Reputable brands offer excellent quality knee pads. It is worth the while to check some brands and see what they offer. They might get a little bit pricey, but the money is worth it. Reputable brands are known to be durable, long-lasting, effective, and comfortable.


Reviews can give you an honest and unfiltered comment from people who try using the products. It can be helpful to read the comments and reviews of the people about the knee pads to know if they stay true to their claims. You will get a vague idea of what you can expect about the product.

Frequently Asked Question

Do I need knee pads for skateboarding?

If you are a beginner rider, then yes. Knee pads will help and protect your knees. If you have knee pads, you will be more comfortable and braver to skate around. The knee pads will help you not get any knee scratches and pain.

How do I know my knee pad size?

It is quite easy. Take a tape measure; a cloth tape will do. Use it and measure it around your leg area, the middle of the knee where your joints are. Do this while you are standing. This will determine the measure of your knee pad. The standard sizes are; 10 inches – 12 are the junior or extra small fit, 12 inches – 14 for a small fit, 14 inches – 16 for a medium fit, 15 inches to 17 for the large fit, and 17 inches to 20 for the extra-large ones. However, this may vary according to the brand’s preference. It is better to check them out.

Do you wear knee pads over or underpants?

Knee pads are usually worn over the pants. There are bulky knee pads due to the foam and pads, so it will be harder to wear them under the pants, unless of course, if you wear baggy and very lose pants. But if you wear a comfortable and regular fit, it might be too hard. Wearing them over the pants will ensure safety and comfortability.

Where do you wear knee pads?

Knee pads are strapped in your knee part. There are instructions from the brand that will best guide you on how to position them properly. Some knee pads are designed to be put in a way that the pads could mold and protect your knees better.

Are knee pads washable?

Ys, they are. They are washable and easy to clean. Some brands will give instructions on how to best wash the knee pads. You can hand-wash or machine-wash them.

How do you wash knee pads?

Use a gentle fabric soap and water. Soak the knee pads and let them sit for a few minutes before washing them. When using a washing machine, use the gentle or the lower cycle so it won’t damage the fabric.

How can I make my knee pads not stink?

First, you need to air dry and let them out in the sun. That way, the smell will naturally neutralize. After drying, you can spray antibacterial fabric spray that would kill the microbes, which cause the putrid smell.  Wash them regularly or as recommended to avoid any stinky knee pads.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is the Triple Eight KP 22 Heavy-Duty Skateboarding Knee Pads. Not only does it come from a reputable brand, but reviews claimed that these knee pads it worth more than it claims. The knee pads offer different choices of sizes, so it will fit well with the athletes’ knees very well. It is long-lasting and secure, so you will enjoy riding safely for a long time. It has an excellent foam and cap that makes it comfortable and resistant. These knee pads are worth the hype and money.


These knee pads have so many things to offer; comfort and safety, among other things. Investing one for yourself or for your children is one of the best ways to calm your nerves and your heart. A stumble and fall wouldn’t be so bad anymore, as you have the right equipment to protect you from any mishaps and fall. With all the best brands available, you can never run out of options. There are cheap products available and even high-quality ones at a higher price. But if safety is in line, the money will never be a hindrance. So, take your skateboarding experience to the next level in a safe and comfortable way by using your own knee pads.