The 5 Best Powder Snowboards: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide for 2021

If you’re a snowboarder who prefers to ride in deeper powder snow then you need the best powder snowboard. This board is unlike regular snowboards as it’s designed to plow through deeper snow and more complex paths. Powder snowboards are shaped to work better in rougher and tougher environments plus, it’s flexed to make them more versatile. Most of the best powder snowboards have a rocker that helps enhance flotation for a better and more enjoyable ride. Let’s give you a hand as you shop for the top powder snowboard in the market this year.

The Top 5 Powder Snowboards Available for 2021

New to buying a powder snowboard or are you looking for something new this 2021? Here is our list of the five top boards with the best specs. You’ll surely find the one that’s right for your needs here. 

DC Powder Killer Men’s Snowboard

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Best Men’s Powder Snowboard from DC


  • This powder snowboard was previously known as the HR, one of the best in the market.
  • This snowboard has an exaggerated taper, wider nose to enhance flotation. 
  • Comes with a snow camo top for stealth movement as you move across powdery snow.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 67 x 12 x 3 inches, 12 pounds
  • Board Sizes:  one size only
  • Material: Fiberglass core, sintered deck top
  • Special Features: uniquely shaped taper, wider nose, directional shape, snow camo top, 6/10 flex rating, rounded sidewalls
  • Accessories: none

The DC Powder White Snowboard was once known as HR and was renamed by the manufacturer. It still has the features that most users love in a high-performance powder snowboard. 

This DC board has a unique, exaggerated taper plus a wider nose with a directional shape. These make this board snappier and more responsive which is needed by powdery snow riders. It comes with an S-camber shape to produce the best float needed for powdery snow. It is fast but will remain in control. 

The top of this DC board is a graphic snow camo design for easy and stealth movements in soft, fluffy new snow. This is a flexible board at a 6/10 flex rating making it best for tricks and easy maneuvers for different terrains. 

You will also find this very durable and efficient as this board comes with a fiberglass core, BiaxSintered deck top, and rounded sides. This board may be on the heavy side as it weighs 12 pounds but it is efficient, easy to move, and great for powdery snow movements. 


  • This is designed to provide the ultimate performance on powdery snow.
  • It comes with an exaggerated taper and wider nose; with a directional shape.
  • Offers improved control as you float over fine snow.


  • Complaints that the snowboard is not flexible enough.
  • Too heavy to carry anywhere. 

YES. Optimistic Snowboard

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

Best Powder Snowboard from YES


  • Designed with a directional shape, very flexible and effective.
  • With a modern camber profile, great for professional riders.
  • With a stealth color for added security as you move in the slopes

Product Specs

  • Dimensions:  7.47 pounds
  • Board Sizes: available in different lengths 151, 154, 157, and 161 cm
  • Material: bamboo and poplar wood
  • Special Features: aggressive edges, Underbite technology, lightweight, wider, high-performance board
  • Accessories: none

The YES Optimistic Snowboard is a highly-rated powder snowboard available in different lengths (151, 154, 157, and 161 cm boards). You’ll certainly find the right length that will accommodate your needs and level of experience. 

This board has a directional shape with a modern camber design. With this style, you’re guaranteed to have a lively ride and enhanced responsiveness. This is also why cambered powder snowboards are best for experienced riders.

This YES snowboard is possibly the most flexible as it has a rating of 9/10 flexibility on the YES scale. The edges are very effective and this remains for all lengths of snowboards. The top has a radical design while the back has a dark material top.  


  • This snowboard is available in different lengths. 
  • This comes with a modern camber design for enhanced versatility.
  • This board has a directional shape to let you carve in quick speeds. 


  • No other designs are available.
  • Complaints about sizing and length.

Ride Warpig Snowboard Men’s

Star Rating: 4.9 out of 5 

Best Men’s Snowboard from Ride 


  • This powder snowboard has a directional rocker and tapered side cut.
  • With a sintered and stone-ground base for added stability and durability. 
  • With a powerful, high-performance core. 

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 10 pounds
  • Board Sizes: 142 cm
  • Material: carbon array, aspen, bamboo, paulownia wood
  • Special Features: with a stone ground base, bi-radial sidecut, high-performance core, roll-in construction, double-impact plates, topless top, medium response
  • Accessories: none

The Ride Warpig powder snowboard is developed with a male rider in mind. It comes with a directional rocker that makes this best for beginner and expert riders. This has a tapered bi-radial side cut which allows you to move lightning fast over powder snow.

It is made from the strongest material; with a stone-ground base and sintered material layers to provide utmost durability. The core is high-performance material which makes it the best for all types of riders. 

This board is called a warpig for different reasons. It’s very durable and will last many seasons of snowboarding. It is battle-tested and will last for all types of riders and terrains. It is a tapered directional rocker with a medium response and is made from the best materials like aspen, bamboo, and paulownia. You can guarantee great versatility, durability, and responsiveness. 


  • This board is quick but will help you control how fast you can go.
  • This comes with a high-performance core, made from very durable materials.
  • It is a strong but light board. 
  • It is easy to maneuver because of its weight, great features, and durable materials.
  • This is for beginner and experienced riders. 


  • Complaints of the board’s responsiveness on packed snow.
  • This board is made only for men.

Capita Spring Break Powder Racer Men’s Snowboard

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Racer Men’s Snowboard from Capita


  • This powder snowboard has an updated design.
  • Made from high-quality materials: fiberglass, cork, and top sheet.
  • With enhanced top sheet with Magic Bean resin.

Product Specs

  • Board Sizes: 151, 154 and 157 cm
  • Weight Capacity: 151 and 154 cm boards for 120 to 170 pounds, 157 cm board for 140 to 200+ pounds 
  • Material: fiberglass, cork, flax, etc. 
  • Special Features: with cork inlaid core, powder drive base, technora, and flax boosters, full abs sidewalls. 

The Capita Spring Break Powder Racer was created specifically for powder snow riders. It starts with a very durable, well-designed board with layers made of PLT top sheet, Holysheet Triaxial fiberglass, cork inlay hover core and Technora plus Flax Boosters. The sidewalls are made from ABS1000 material which keeps the board in tip-top shape in any terrain and riding condition. 

This is a directional snowboard with a continuous arching tail and tip developed from the best surfboard designs. You’ll get a flat from the inserts and smooth tip and tails. Examine the board and you’ll notice a gentle low angle which promotes enhanced flotation and control.

The Spring Break is available in three lengths 151, 154, and 157. It is versatile, very efficient especially in powder snow, and an elongated nose to help you float and fly.


  • This is made from enhanced materials. 
  • This board comes with an improved design that promotes movement, float, and safety in powdery snow.
  • This is supported with steel inserts, ABS sidewalls, and steel edges.


  • Available in one design.
  • Available only in three board lengths.
  • No counterpart board for women.

Gnu Hyper Kyarve Men’s Snowboard

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Men’s Snowboard from Gnu


  • This is an all-mountain, free-ride powder snowboard.
  • Made from very strong materials: balsa, aspen, and paulownia woods.
  • With enhanced camber and rocker designs for enhanced precision, control, and float.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 67 x 12 x 3 inches, 12 pounds
  • Board Sizes: 154, 157, 160 and 159 cm
  • Material: balsa, aspen and paulownia wood
  • Special Features: with sintered knife-cut base, UHMW sidewalls, bio beans top, enhanced control, float and precision, improved camber, and rocker designs. 
  • Accessories: none

The Gnu Hyper Kyarve is a snowboard designed for men. It is an all-mountain freeride board with a directional design. This powder snowboard offers enhanced flotation, better control, and quick turns. 

This Hyper Kyarve snowboard is great for big mountain terrain to backyard snowboarding sessions. It is made from three of the best and the lightest materials: Aspen, balsa, and paulownia. The glass is Tri-ax – Biax plus a Bio Beans top.

This powder snowboard offers enhanced control, float, and precision. You’ll love its rocker/camber hybrid style which can move over anything, from light to heavy-packed snow. You can use it on parks, resorts, and backcountry snowboarding terrains. It is for intermediate to advanced users. 

This board has a medium to firm flex and requires waxing for maximum effects. This is available in different lengths from 154 to 160 cm. This snowboard is made in the USA so it’s guaranteed to have the best quality.


  • Ideal for all types of terrain from parks to backcountry use. 
  • It is a versatile and flexible board.
  • This board is made from the toughest and yet the lightest materials.


  • This board is only for men.
  • This is not for beginner riders. 

Buyer’s Guide

Powder snowboards are designed to help you move through powder snow safely and more efficiently. Powdery snow is untouched snow and hence, it’s powdery-soft. Most snowboarders prefer to move through powdery snow because it’s soft like a pillow. It’s also easier to perform all kinds of tricks and to try faster moves on freshly fallen snow. 

Powdery snow also has its challenges. Most riders agree that it’s more difficult to control your speed when moving across powder snow. Once you try to slow down abruptly, you may sink and will have to dig your way out of the snow.

  • Consider the powder snowboard length 

There are many sizes of powder snowboards and you can certainly find one that will match your needs. To find the right length, take note of your height and weight as well as the type of snowboarding activity you will do. 

Before snowboarding became very popular, you would select the correct length by letting the board stand on its tail to size it up based on your height. If the board’s nose reached your chin and nose, it’s the right length. This method is still used today but most snowboard manufacturers prefer to base it on your weight.

Here is a standard chart of the corresponding rider weight and snowboard size.

Rider’s Weight in PoundsSnowboard Size in Centimeters
110 to 120128 to 136
115 to 130133 to 141
125 to 135139 to 147
135 to 145144 to 152
140 to 155149 to 157
150 to 165154 to 162
160 to 175159 to 167
170 to 185160 or higher
180 to 195160 or higher
190 to 205160 or higher

The length of the board also depends on your level of expertise. Fast and highly experienced riders will require a longer snowboard. Those who prefer to use their boards for stunts, twists, and jumps may need a smaller or shorter board. This size of the board is easier to maneuver than longboards. 

  • The type of terrain you will use the board 

Powder snowboards are recommended for gliding on deep powdery snow. It is designed to allow you to safely and efficiently move over light, newly fallen snow and transition to packed snow. Eventually, powdery snow will become packed snow as riders move over it. You need a snowboard that can move on all types of snow safely and effortlessly.

Other kinds of snowboards include all-mountain boards for all kinds of terrain, freestyle boards for park use, freeride boards for ungroomed snow, and split boards for backcountry snowboarding. 

  • Take note of the camber and rocker

The snowboard rocker and camber are essential parts that you should always consider when shopping for the best board. As you place a snowboard on the ground or a flat surface, check it from its side. You’ll immediately notice that there is a particular shape. 

Some boards have a higher middle part, a middle portion that rises off the ground or snow while some have middle parts that touch the snow. The middle part determines the differences between the camber from the rocker.

A camber-style snowboard offers a stable yet lively ride with a certain pop and enhanced responsiveness.  This is evident in hardpacked snow and when you’re turning. Most of the time, experienced riders prefer cambered snowboards.  

Flat snowboards or those with no camber boards allow riders to turn quickly. This type of board provides the best feel and at the same time helps you improve flotation. 

The rocker or the reverse camber snowboard allows you to create upturned tails and tips and is the best one for powder snow. Rockered snowboards are softer than camber boards and have the same feeling as a surfboard. Because of this, this type of board is very popular among beginner riders. 

The camber/rocker snowboard offers the features of these two powerful boards. You’ll get a board with an enhanced edge hold which is an advantage of camber boards and the ease of turning and the flotation of a rocker board. The camber/rocker board was created by snowboard manufacturers to create boards that address different riders’ performance. 

Another type of snowboard is the flat/rocker where there is a flat middle for enhanced hold especially on packed snow and rockered edges (tips and tails) so you can turn easily and float on newly fallen snow. 

  • Consider the snowboard width

Snowboards are available in varying widths. Use your snowboard boots to check the best fit. You’ll know that you have the best fit when your boots are located slightly over the edge of your board. This should be at least 1 to 2 cm on every edge of the board. This will be enough to let you turn effortlessly and safely. 

The board is too wide when your boots don’t overhang from the edges. A wider board is harder to turn from each end. But if the board is too narrow, your boots (the heels and toes) will overhang and will only drag through the snow. This is dangerous and could lead to accidents. 

  • The snowboard shape

Select the snowboard shape that matches your riding style. There are three common snowboard shapes: directional, true twins, and directional twin.

Directional snowboards are meant for riding in one direction and are great for carving at high speeds. Most freeride boards and all-mountain boards are examples of directional boards. 

True twin boards are symmetrical and offer no difference whether you ride it from the tip of the tail (forward or backward). True twin boards are popular among pipe riding or park boards. 

Finally, directional twin snowboards are those that ride on any kind of snow or surface and can work for park riders as well.   

  • Take note of snowboard materials

Snowboards are usually made of polyethylene or PE. There are extruded base PE boards that are affordable, low maintenance, and are very easy to repair. However, this type of board can easily warp. The other type of board is the kind with sintered bases that are stronger, quicker and at the same time, lighter. This kind of board is also very expensive and needs waxing to provide the best performance. 


The following are the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers about buying and using a powder snowboard. 

  • Is a powder snowboard worth it?

Powder snowboards are worth every penny especially when you’re planning on riding on fresh snow that’s deeper than 10 cm. This type of board provides a larger surface area than its nose than the tail and thus, you can place more weight on your front foot. You won’t have to worry about sinking in powdery snow or diving head-first into fresh snow.

  • Should a powder snowboard reach your chin? 

If you have an average weight compared to your height then your snowboard should be in line with your chin and nose as it’s standing on its tail. But if you have a heavy set body type then the board should extend above your nose. 

  • Is it harder to ride over powder snow than packed snow?

Powder snowboarding is comparable to flying because you’re gliding over smooth and fine snow. The board is not even touching the snow and thus, you need to learn how to control the board. Most people agree that powder snowboarding is not for beginners as you need the expertise and patience to fall and get up on fine snow several times.

  • What is the ideal weather for snowboarding?

The best weather for snowboarding is when there is a fine layer of newly fallen snow. Thick layers of hard snow provide the best grip especially when you’re turning and can provide a good cushion when you’re falling. 


From our list of the best powder snowboards, we choose the DC Powder White Snowboard and the YES Optimistic Snowboard. Although these have different designs, they have many similar great characteristics. One, the DC Powder White has an excellent design that makes it very responsive, snappy, and safe. 

The DC Board has an S-camber shape to produce the best float for powdery snow. This board is very durable with its fiberglass core, BiaxSintered deck top, and improved rounded sides. This board is heavy at 12 pounds but this is efficient, easy to use, and will work best for light snow riding.

Another great powder snowboard is the YES Optimistic Snowboard that’s available in different lengths (151, 154, 157, and 161 cm boards). It has a directional shape with a modern camber design making it very responsive which is best for experienced riders. 

Both snowboards are flexible, easy to use, great for all kinds of terrains and riders. If you’re looking for the best powder snowboard, we know that you’ll find any of the two the best ones for your riding experience and needs.