The Best Skimboard Wax – Our Top Picks for 2021

Skimboarding is one of the famous water sports. If you love skimboarding, you may have seen your co-skimboarders waxing their board. This is regardless of their expertise level. But have you ever wonder why they were doing that? Just to make it clear, we are not talking about the common waxing that you get when you visit a salon.

Waxing the board makes you stay longer in your board once you get into the water. When you fail to wax your board properly, you might see yourself often falling off the board after several seconds of climbing on it.

The best skimboard wax is used on skimboards to obtain adequate traction when in the water and it also helps you get a firmer grasp on the board. These two elements are very crucial especially if you want to be effective in skimboarding. Skimboard wax serves as the protective layer of the board and it prevents you from falling off when conquering a wave. The good thing about these waxes is that they are not very expensive.

Best Skimboard Wax

The best skimboard wax plays an important role in your safety and applying one on your board will surely bring your skimboarding experience to a higher level. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned skimboarder, knowing what kind of wax to choose is necessary if you want to get its long-term benefits. To give you an idea, here are some of the best skimboard waxes in the market today:

ZUMWax Surfing and Skimboard Ultra Performance Speed Wax

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best in Agility and Speed


  • Employed for high-speed applications
  • Excellent performance
  • Improves speed


  • High-Speed Nanotechnology
  • Quick-blazing applications
  • Entirely safe composition

ZUMWax Surfing and Skimboard Ultra Performance Speed Wax is an incredible sensation. This wax employs a high-speed Nano formula technology which makes you enjoy the best results without too much rubbing. Certainly, this brand provides a remarkable result as it gives quick-blazing uses with excellent performance.

One coating of this wax is already enough to turn your speed-egg into a beast. You will love the significant improvement in agility and speed after you applied this wax. You will also observe better drifts, whether in the water or the sand.

ZUMWax Surfing and Skimboard Ultra Performance Speed Wax also exhibit an entirely safe composition. It does not develop any corrosion or yellowing. Ensure that your skimboard is utilizing a credible product since ZUMWax Surfing and Skimboard can endure weathering and guarantees its lastingness.

However, just like other brands, it requires special approaches to achieve the best results. The application of ZUMWax should be done smoothly on the bottom of the skimboard and wait for two minutes to let it dry. Once it dries up, you can immediately climb onto your board for a dazzling wave drifting session. However, if you wish to get some additional stickiness, you may add an extra topcoat.


  • Pocket-friendly size
  • Improves the lastingness of the board
  • Improves performance


  • Can only be bought in the United States

Sticky Bumps Skim Board Wax

Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Best Skim Board Grip


  • Specifically made for ultimate grip on Skim Board
  • Durable formulation
  • Impressive performance


  • Skim warm/tropical
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Non-toxic

If you are looking for the best wax for skimboard, then you should seriously consider trying the Sticky Bumps Skim Board Wax. It is specifically made for ultimate grip on Skim Board. It can manage water temperature over 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses all-natural ingredients. Thus, making it non-toxic and biodegradable.

Many users have expressed their satisfaction with this wax by saying that this product is truly durable and can last the whole day without deterioration. It gives an ample amount of grasp and offers enough time for entertainment.

With the Sticky Bumps Skim Board Wax, you can expect that you are using the first-rate wax and it can surely help you reach the peak performance level. This wax does not need any special skill to carry on with the application since it is practically easy to use – even your kid can do the application. This wax can last longer. Moreover, it is economical and perfectly sized to fit in your beach bag.


  • Works great
  • Easy-to-use
  • Economical


  • A bit expensive

Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best for Warm Water


  • Popular American brand
  • Best for topcoat or base
  • Great for skimboarding, hockey, drums, and surfing


  • Consistent quality
  • Comes in four water temperatures
  • Comes in four scents

Promoted with its captivating name, Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax is the invention of Frederick Charles Herzog, who is popularly known as Mr. Zog. The name of this brand why some customers do not like keeping a stock of this product. However, after it was recommended by prominent surfers and skimboarders, it instantly became a hit. This skimboard wax is popular throughout the world because of its invariable quality.

Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax is smoother compared to other competing brands and it is specially made for warm water. Because of this, you can use this wax in other activities such as hoops, ice hockey, and sword dancing. Its smoothness made it the best alternative for either topcoat or base coat. When applied to a surface, you will notice the firm grasp it creates.

Depending on where you intend to skimboard, you can choose a variety with the appropriate water temperature. This wax has a particular variety designed for cool, cold, warm, and tropical water. Each temperature exhibits four different fragrances including coconut, pineapple, grape, and strawberry. You can also choose the combined scent to get one of the four various fragrances picked for you.

This wax can deal with the warmest temperatures and can keep its smell and shape without manifesting any problems. You may leave this wax without worrying that it might lose its scent or be melted. It simply implies that there is no special instruction when storing this wax. Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax is definitely one of the best skimboard wax in terms of durability, ease of application, and flexibility.


  • Lasts long
  • Smooth wax
  • Can survive in hot temperatures


  • May lose its shape once exposed to the sun
  • Melts away after several hours of application to the board

Sticky Bumps Tour Series Surf Wax

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Best Sticky Formulation


  • High-quality
  • Meets elite-level action
  • Adds more grip


  • Cool/cold formula
  • Bump-building structure
  • Banana scent

Add more grip to your board by applying the Sticky Bumps Tour Series Surf Wax. This wax is thrice the stickiness of the original formulation and tough enough to meet with the elite-level action. This cool/cold formula provides essential tackiness but with a remarkable bump-building structure.

The Sticky Bumps Tour Series Surf Wax is available in banana scent. It uses all-natural ingredients which make them non-toxic and biodegradable. It can manage a water temperature of 69 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Thrice sticky than the first formulation
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable


  • Only available in one scent

Mrs Palmers Unisex Surf Wax Cold Five Pack

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best Skimboard Wax in Terms of Flexibility


  • Incredible formulation
  • Guarantees thrilling performance
  • Efficient


  • Available in four types
  • Flexible composition
  • Specially formulated, Bali-Brew

Mrs Palmers Unisex Surf Wax Cold Five Pack is one of the most efficient and trusted waxes in the market today. Right after you apply it to your board, you will understand why this brand had made it to this list. Its incredible formulation made this item manage to give a remarkable extent of durability.

This wax is offered in four types, namely; cool, cold, Bali Brew, and warm. It guarantees maximal traction during the entire session of skimboarding. Cold wax will be ideal for people who intend to conquer some waves in not more than 59 degrees Fahrenheit water. Concurrently, for temperatures that range from 59 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, choosing cool wax will be more appropriate to enjoy a continuous excellent performance.

Moreover, if you want to skimboard in 78 degrees Fahrenheit water, then you must choose the warm wax. This variety will give you the best grasp without any issues. You may also use the Bali Brew as it is specially formulated for an average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, making it best for recreational skimboard in a tropical country.

If you are looking for the best skimboard wax that is both affordable and flexible, Mrs Palmers is one brand to consider.


  • Suitable for elite and beginners
  • Numerous variants
  • Sticky formula


  • Can only be bought in Australia

Buyer’s Guide

Just like the other products, there are some things to consider when buying the best skimboard wax. The following will guide you on how to choose the right wax for you:

Water temperature

Before you proceed in buying a skimboard wax, it is important that you check first the temperature of the water you are planning to skimboard in. You must realize that it is one of the deciding factors when choosing a skimboard wax that could handle an existing climate. There are five categories when checking for the water temperature. Cold (being the coldest), cool, warm, tropical (being the hottest), and base coat (being appropriate for any kind of weather.

You must understand that not all brands have a specific wax for each range of water temperature. Thus, it can be confusing when finding the right wax. One thing that you can do is to get softer waxes when exploring colder waters while harder waxes when exploring the hottest water.

Basecoat or Top Coat

You should also decide whether you will need a basecoat or a topcoat. A basecoat wax is classified as a hard wax and it does not easily melt off. It also gives a base layer for the main wax. Applying a basecoat to your board will give a foundation layer. You will see that this layer is thick, tough, and can handle hotter temperatures.

Topcoat wax, on the other hand, is used after the basecoat. It is characterized as the thinner layer of the wax that grants plenty of grip on the board. Unlike the basecoat, this wax is stickier and softer. This layer gives the primary grip. Since it is naturally thinner, it can melt easily. If you apply a basecoat on the board, you do not have to apply it often, however, you will have to apply it more often on the topcoat.


Depending on your style of skimboarding, you may want to decide whether you will use the traditional skimboard wax or the sticky wax. Obviously, sticky wax is stickier. It is a tacky and soft wax that offers more grip.


After figuring out what kind of wax is needed, you then have to consider the grip. The best skimboard waxes are used to provide a firmer grip on the board. Without getting a very strong grip on the board, you can never execute any tricks in the water. Choose the wax that provides the highest level of grip.

Traction and Stickiness

When buying a skimboard wax, you must find the one that gives the perfect balance of traction and stickiness. The most suitable wax gives you just a good level of stickiness so your feet can have a solid grip on the board. It should also give you sufficient room to keep optimal traction when conquering the waves.

If the wax is too sticky, your movement can be confined that you cannot move through the waves. Some waxes can provide optimum traction whether in hot waters or cold waters.


Skimboard waxes can protect and offer you security when skimboarding. The fact that you are given protection could give you more confidence to explore and perform at your best. Hence, you must never hesitate to invest in the best skimboard waxes.


You must be considerate enough that you must make sure that the wax you are using is environment-friendly. Any wax will eventually be washed away when exposed to water. If you use a wax that contains harmful ingredients, you can pollute the water and injure the underwater creatures, too.

Find a wax that gives the least impact on the environment and at the same time gives you the best performance. Checking the ingredient would be helpful. You will want your skimboard wax to be harmless. It would be best if you get a skimboard wax that uses natural ingredients.


Some brands come with freebies like wax combs. You might want to avail this freebie as it helps roughen the wax once used on the board. Name tags can also do the same function. However, if you want something that guarantees value for money, it would be smart if you choose the one that includes some extra.


When should I put additional wax on my skimboard?

When you begin to notice your board getting slippery, that’s the time that you put more wax on your board. Applying more wax to your board will give more weight to it. This will however alter the manner of your skimboarding.

When should I remove the wax?

The moment your board acquires excessive wax and you lost traction, you should consider removing the wax. Also, if there is any work that has to be carried out on your board, you must take off the wax. Get some warm sand and scrub it through the board. The roughness of the sand will take off the wax from the board.

Should I get a basecoat for my skimboard?

Basecoats can be helpful as they make it more manageable for you to acquire the little bumps of wax necessary for adequate traction. You can save plenty of wax if you will opt to apply a basecoat first, since conventional waxes may not properly adhere to greasy decks.

When to use a wax comb?

If you notice that there is still a thick layer of wax on the surface of your board, you can use a wax comb to thrust through the wax and turn your board clutching again.

What is skimboard wax composed of?

Skimboard waxes are often developed from paraffin. Others are also developed from petroleum jelly and beeswax. They can also include some scents to enhance their appeal.

What makes the skimboard wax sticky?

Skimboard waxes are sticky mainly because of their formation. Some involve a chemical composition that comprises a bulky string of fatty acids. Essentially, they come in thick structures and can stick more to surfaces.

Is skimboard wax harmful to the environment?

It depends on the materials used on the wax. Skimboard waxes that are formulated from unrefined sources such as animals and plants are likely not to create adverse effects on the environment. Waxes that utilize petroleum-based sources as the ones harmful to the environment.


Comfort and safety are two things that could make your skimboarding experience truly unforgettable. Getting the best skimboard wax is certainly an important investment. Regardless of your expertise, getting a wax that meets your requirements will help you improve your skills.

Skimboarding isn’t only about riding and conquering the waves, you must be very dedicated to this sport and should always come equipped before starting the adventure. Waxing your board and performing a regular cleaning is vital to ensure that your board is in good condition.

Buy a skimboard wax that is most appropriate to your needs. Make use of the list above to determine the best item. You can also check around the market to look for more options. However, always consider the important aspects to guarantee efficiency.