5 Best Bodyboards for Kids – Reviewing Our Best Picks for 2021

This type of activity is supposed to be safe and fun, which is why it is very important to choose only from models that are of high quality and designed for kids.

With the help of this review, you will be acquainted with a list of the best options out there, including some that will narrow down your selection.

South Bay Board Co. Squid 48” Inflatable Bodyboard

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 48 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Material Used: 2-layer military-grade PVC shell

Product Specification

  • Extra-Long Size

The Squid bodyboard is extra-long in size, with dimensions at 48 x 23 x 4 inches. This size makes this bodyboard amazing for all levels of riders. It also features a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It is designed by none other than actual surfers and influenced by the most innovative and best bodyboard shapes available.

As a matter of fact, this bodyboard is the very first of its kind, with a remarkable body that is amazingly ideal for all sizes of riders, and durable in terms of design. The shape of this board, built-in twin fins, and crescent moon tail ensure that the rider will experience speed, comfort, and control.

  • Hybrid Board

This bodyboard is hybrid in terms of design, also doubling up as a skimboard. This extremely buoyant inflatable board makes it easier to catch waves and is designed to withstand a good amount of beating.

  • Durable Material Construction

This board is made out of a 2-layer military-grade PVC shell, combined with a dual drop-stitch core, making this bodyboard un-snappable and rigid when inflated. It also features a pre-installed smooth IXPE for the top deck traction pad, thus ensuring secure wave riding.

  • Easy Steering and Control

This board is 48 inches in length and features pre-installed fins that help in making sure that steering and control are easy. It is also designed to last. Both beginners and seasoned riders will no doubt enjoy this model, thanks to its fingertip texture no-wax grip deck which also makes it easy to maintain while offering added stability.


  • Extra-long board
  • Ideal for all level riders
  • Comfortable and fast to you   


  • Pricey   

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 41 inches
  • Weight Capacity: ~
  • Material Used: HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

Product Specification

  • Lightweight and Rigid

This bodyboard is lightweight and rigid, featuring an EPS core, combined with heat lamination technology, offering optimum strength and durability. Because of this design, it offers increased strength and speeds, with more maneuverability.

  • Durable Construction

This bodyboard uses HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) super slick bottom, with a crescent tail and channels. This allows for a compact feeling, and water resistance across all types of wave conditions. Its 60/40 rails also allow for more skills and maneuverability.

  • Stylish Design

This board is stylish in design, with bright color options available. This will allow you to enjoy the color that will best represent your personality. This provides the assurance of real fun whether you are in the river, beach, or water park.

  • Safety Features

To make sure that the board is attached safely to the body of your child, this bodyboard comes with a leash, as well as a wristband, keeping the board near to the wearer. This can prove to be a good feature especially since children tend to lose their boards because of too much-having fun in the water.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

The manufacturer of these boards, Bo Toys, offer a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. This means that if you are not satisfied with the product that you have purchased, all you need to do is to let them know and they will respond in the most professional and prompt manner, fixing any problems with the product. If the product received is found to be faulty, then they will also replace it for you immediately.


  • Lightweight and rigid
  • Improved strength and speed
  • Superslick bottom   


  • Some issues with durability   

4 EVER Inflatable Surf Body Board with Handles

Rating: 4/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 29.6 in x 20.5 in x 6 in
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 180 lbs.
  • Material Used: Polyester

Product Specification

  • Large Buoyancy

This surfing bodyboard is constructed using high-density fabric that is buoyant, combined with anti-leakage nozzles. This combination of materials makes this bodyboard safe for use even by children. It also offers the durability needed to ensure that this board can last for a long period of time.

The air will also stay intact for over a month if not deflated. It can be used in swimming pools, as a beach floating mat, or a board that can be used in learning to swim kickboards, producing large buoyancy. It can carry children and even adults up to 180 lbs.

  • 2-Color Double-Sided Design

This bodyboard features a cool summer 2-color double-sided design. This offers a bright and positive spirit in the summertime while giving you two styles into one. There is no need to buy two boards just to have two of different colors, as this will give you such an option without having to spend more.

  • Extra Portable and Handy Design

This bodyboard is only less than 1 pound in weight, with a small size just like that of a book when it is folded up and flat. This means that it will not consume too much space in your suitcase or backpack. The use of non-slip material, along with woven handle strap design also improves grip. Your child will no doubt enjoy the breaking of the waves within the shallows while gliding on those slips and slides.

  • Ideal for Beginners and Advanced Users

These swimming boards can be used for doing workouts on the swimming pool, warm-ups, and even between laps just to give you a breather. While doing your workout, you can enjoy less pressure, as you can focus on your kicks in order to discover what works out best for you. This can serve as a good aid even for beginners.


  • Ideal for beginners and advanced users
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Portable design   


  • Not really suitable for adults

BPS ‘Storm’ Bodyboard

Rating: 4/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 33 inch, 37 inch, 41 inch
  • Weight Capacity: ~ Up to 65 lbs., Up to 120 lbs., Up to 188 lbs.
  • Material Used: HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

Product Specification

  • Super Light Board

The BPS storm board is a super light bodyboard that features a high-speed, slick surface, along with an EPS core that ensures buoyancy, crescent tail, and bottom rear channels for maximum performance. This board is ideal for use in all conditions of the wave, as it is built to offer perfect balance, speed, and overall maneuverability.

  • Durable Materials Used

This board is constructed using a slick and hard-wearing HDPE (High-density Polyethylene) bottom part which helps in amplifying the performance of the board to ensure the ultimate ride experience. The use of HDPE does not just add strength but also offers a resistance-free riding experience for enhanced speed and control.

  • Safety Features

This bodyboard features a coiled leash that is designed to stop you from potentially losing your board. It also has fin tethers that ensure that you will also not lose your swimming fins in the waves. To be safe, the fin tethers are located at the bottom and safely wrapped in a tight bundle beneath the plastic wrap.


  • Durable materials
  • Built for speed
  • Safety features included   


  • Some issues with durability   

WOOWAVE Bodyboard

Rating: 4.5/5

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 33-inch, 37-inch, 42-inch
  • Weight Capacity: ~
  • Material Used: High-speed HDPE

Product Specification

  • Lightweight and Durable

This bodyboard is extremely light in terms of design, featuring a high-speed HDPE slick bottom surface, along with an EPS core that ensures maximum performance. It also comes with a coiled wrist leash which ensures that the user will not easily lose the board while using it. It also offers durability, strength, and control, while offering good buoyancy and increased speeds. As lightweight as it is, you can easily bring it to your next water adventure, and not be worried about having to carry something that is bulky or inconvenient on your trip.

  • High Quality Material

This board is designed to allow boarders to enjoy dependable control of the board. It also has a cuff that is extremely comfortable. It also comes with 60/40 rails, along with a water-resistant core, making this board well suited for all types of waves conditions. With high quality materials used on this board, there is an assurance of an exciting surfing experience whether in a river, beach, or the sea. All of these are made possible by the use of high-quality material that is not just designed to serve its purpose of use.

  • Dynamic Design

This board features a stylish design with sizes offering 33-inch, 37-inch, and 42-inches. Aside from the size options, it also features different bright colors to choose from. This will allow kids to feel the summer vibe, and be spotted right away while using the board. It is not just for beginners, but even for experienced boarders who would like to use it as support while taking a break from performing tricks in the water.


  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Water-resistant core   


  • Quite pricey 

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to getting the best bodyboards for kids, there are very important things that need to be taken into consideration. After all, the option on a bodyboard could make our break the experience for your beloved child, making a huge impact on the way they would eventually view water sports.

Size of the Child

Bodyboards usually have limits in the height and weight of the user. As such, it is very important to pay attention to the specifications listed in the label of the board when choosing the best board for your child.

Note that bodyboards may not perform really well if they are being weighed down. Your child may also find it hard to maneuver a board that may be too wide for their own wingspan. It is recommended to use the specifications of the manufacturers to help you in finding the right size.

Purpose of Use

There are some questions that need to be answered before selecting a bodyboard for your child. How serious is your child with boarding? Will the board be used occasionally? Or all summer? Will it be used in the ocean? Or swimming pool?

More advanced models are ideal for individuals who are more serious about boarding, especially in the open water. Toy models, on the other hand, are more appropriate for swimming pool use.


In terms of price, bodyboards are generally inexpensive when compared with surfboards and paddleboards. There are more affordable ones, while there are also others that are store-bought, and generally more expensive.

They usually come with high-tech features including leashes and bottom slicks. Children do not really need fancy features unless they are really into boarding. What they usually need is a boarding float, encouraging them to like water sports.

The shape of the Tail

Most models of bodyboards come with a tail with bat wings or crescent shapes. These boards also tend to have crescent shape because it is often more comfortable and beginner-friendly.

Models that come with curved shape nicely wraps around the torso, making it easier to climb on top. There are also models with an occasional rounded square tail, making it more kid-friendly and functional than a standard board.


Another important feature that should be taken into consideration when selecting the best bodyboards for children is the handles. This feature will help your child to securely hold on, making sure that they can keep the stability of the board. It is also useful when it comes to avoiding the plank from slipping out of the kids’ hands, drifting away.


Is it possible to sit on a bodyboard?

Children will do whatever they want with a bodyboard, even sitting on top of it. By design, it is possible to do so. Since there are no fins, bodyboards can offer flexibility that will allow children to sit on top of it. With this in mind, it is important to choose the right bodyboard with the best material used to ensure durability.

Are bodyboards good for children’s exercise?

Bodyboarding is observed to improve the arms’ muscular strength. Strong directional paddling is needed at times. It also develops the muscles in the legs, with legs propelling and pushing the bodyboard into the water. It also helps in boosting coordination skills, with the balance and concentration needed to stay on top of the board.

How important is the bodyboard leash?

Similar to that of a dog leash, the leash on a bodyboard keeps the board within your reach all the time. If you are concerned about your child losing their boards as they get distracted or fall, a leash is a feature that should be present on the bodyboard. This will help make sure that the bodyboard will not be separated from your kid.

Is the slick on the bodyboard an important feature?

The slick refers to the material that is located at the bottom of the bodyboard. This part is usually slippery. A slick helps in reducing friction against the water, even allowing you to gather more speed. It also offers durability and support to the bodyboard.

Should a kids’ bodyboard have channels?

Yes. They are indents that are molded into the board’s bottom. This helps in distributing weight over the water much better than that of a flat surface. These channels ensure a good grip of the board wave, helping you to move in the direction intended.


Choosing the best bodyboard for your kids is very important. As mentioned at the onset, it is a make-or-break experience for them. Choosing a good one will encourage them to love water sports. Using the wrong one will easily discourage them further, which may even lead to hating water sports. The good news is that there are a lot of options out there, as seen in this list. While choosing the best one can turn out to be challenging, this buying guide can help you make a wise purchasing decision.