Top 5 Best Longboard Bearings

All pro longboard riders know how to look for the best longboard bearings and how to find the best ones for their boards. And whether you’re new to buying longboard bearings or you’re looking for an updated set, we recommend these five top longboard bearings. Check them out.   

Reviews of the Best Longboard Bearings

  • High –quality bearings in a complete set

  • With removable rubber shield for easy maintenance

  • Reduces friction 

  • Made from high precision techniques

  • Made using quality materials

  • Customizable seals

  • Will work with longboards.

  • Very fast and reliable longboard bearings.

  • Cool red and silver color bearings.

  • High-quality bearings 

  • With a money-back guarantee

  • More value for your money

  • Comes pre-lubricated

  • With reinforced design

  • Reliable and precise

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings 

(Best Overall)

Bones is one of the most trusted names in longboard bearings, and the Reds Bearings are one of their most popular sets. This is a bearing set that includes eight sets of bearings (two for each wheel) and some installation instructions and stickers for your board.  Also, a part of this set is four spacers and eight washers so you can properly install these bearings as soon as they arrive. 

Each bearing set comes with a non-contact and removable shield made of rubber, so these are easier to clean. These bearings ensure that there is less friction, and you can move at high speeds. A nylon ball retainer enhances strength and speeds.

The Reds are very durable bearings and require no special maintenance. Just clean this by placing it in a small container with alcohol. The covers may be cleaned with paper towels. Thorough cleaning of these bearings should be done at least once a month or depending on the environment that you skate on. 

Key Features

  • Complete set of 8 bearings 
  • With spacers and washers 
  • No contact design
  • Removable rubber shield
  • Nylon ball retainer
  • Comes with complete instructions 
  • Come with a logo sticker
  • USA –made longboard bearings


  • Eight bearings, two for each wheel 
  • With 4 spacers and 8 washers included
  • Measures 4 x 2.4 x 1 inch
  • Weighs 4 ounces
  • Non-ABEC bearings 
  • Comes with speed cream


  • High –quality bearings in a complete set
  • With removable rubber shield for easy maintenance
  • Reduces friction 
  • With improved strength and speed


  • Complaints about spacer sizes

Yellow Jacket Premium Longboard Bearings 

(2nd Choice)

Yellow Jacket Stingers are bearings that were created using German techniques in manufacturing bearings. These were made from top quality premium steel that makes smooth and precise bearings. These bearings come in different color seals so you can customize your board according to your color theme and protect your bearings dirt, dust, and rocks. Well-protected bearings will perform well longer and will maintain precision movement. These bearings are head to head when it comes to quality and price with the Bones Reds Bearings but are covered by a no-question asked money-back guarantee. 

Key Features

  • Manufactured using German technology.
  • It is made from the best quality steel.
  • Customizable, available in different colors.
  • With seals to protect the bearings from dirt and dust
  • High quality, affordable bearings
  • With a money-back guarantee


  • Made from premium steel
  • With seven different color seals
  • 8 bearings, two for each wheel
  • ABEC 11 
  • Weighs 5.6 ounces


  • Made from high precision techniques
  • Made using quality materials
  • Customizable seals
  • Protects bearings from rocks, dirt, and dust
  • Affordable and high-quality bearings
  • With money-back guarantee


  • Complaints that it does not last long enough

esKape Abec-9 608-RS Longboard Bearings 

(3rd Choice)

The esKape ABEC -9 are longboard bearings in a complete set. This comes in eight bearings ideal for longboards with plastic steel shields. These shields may be removed so you can clean the bearings. Take note that clean bearings are very important, so your wheels will run smoother and easier. 

This set of bearings comes with lube to enhance bearing performance and improve durability. Some people even use this kind of bearing in inline skates. And compared to Bones Reds and Yellow Stingers, these are high-quality and more affordable. 

Key Features

  • A set of 8 bearings
  • For longboards
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Comes with lubricant
  • Very fast bearings
  • Easy to install


  • 8 bearings in one set
  • Red and silver color
  • With plastic shields
  • With speed lubricant
  • Measures 2 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weighs 3.2 ounces


  • Will work with longboards.
  • Very fast and reliable longboard bearings.
  • With plastic shields to protect the bearings from dirt, dust, and grime.
  • Cool red and silver color bearings.


  • Complaints that it does not spin fast.
  • Complaints that it was too greasy out of the box.

Yellow Jacket Premium Longboard Bearings 

The Yellow Jacket longboard bearings are ABEC 11 and ABEC 9 bearings. These are made using top precision manufacturing techniques, which are known to be the most precise manufacturing techniques from anywhere. This is made from premium steel, which is the highest kind of steel. Because of these best materials, these bearings are able to spin faster, and according to users, these are unmatched by other bearings as well.

There’s something with the Yellow Jacket Stinger’s different colors. You can choose from seven different seal colors, including Black Mamba, Bomber Blue, Jungle Green, Racer Red, Tropical Orange, White Lightning, and Yellow Jacket bearings. The cover helps protect the bearings from dirt, dust, and oil that you collect when you ride your longboard on the street or in the skate park. 

Key Features

  • Made using German techniques
  • Precise and fast bearings
  • Made from premium steel in the world
  • Moves smoothly on any kind of surface
  • Available in seven different seal colors 
  • You can customize your board with different colors
  • Seals protect the bearings from dirt, dust, and grime
  • Top-quality longboard bearings
  • With no questions money-back guarantee
  • Designed to be used longer and last longer


  • Made from premium steel
  • Color seals to customize your board – 7 different colors
  • Weighs 2.4 ounces
  • Money-back guarantee


  • High-quality bearings 
  • Made by using top-quality German techniques
  • Available in 7 different colors for customization
  • Seals protect the bearing from dirt and dust
  • Affordable than other bearing brands
  • With a money-back guarantee
  • More value for your money


  • Good only for longboards

Heady Shake Pro Longboard Bearings

The Heady Shake Pro is a set of longboard bearings that’s smooth and fast. You’ll get your set of bearings that are pre-lubricated using a special lubricant. This extra coating of lubrication helps make these bearings lightning-fast and will last for a long time.

This set of bearings comes with unmatched accuracy and design. You will love how quiet these bearings are and have the highest spinning speeds. This is also more durable and thus will support your longboard for many, many hours of use. And aside from longboards, the Heady Shake Pro also works for roller skates, kick scooters, kiddie scooters, and electric skateboards. 

These longboard bearings have a sleek and awesome design, fit for skaters. The set you purchased comes with 8 pro-grade bearings, longboard spaces, and fun stickers to amp up your board’s design. These bearings will enhance your satisfaction, is reliable and comes with a no-questions’ asked money-back guarantee.

Key Features

  • Very smooth and very fast bearings
  • Comes lubricated to provide the fastest movements
  • Moves quietly with the highest speeds 
  • Can be used on skates, kick scooters and kiddie scooters
  • Comes in a set with top-quality bearings, spacers,  and stickers
  • It comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Money-back with no questions asked


  • 608 RS skate bearings – 8 piece bearing set
  • ABEC-9 rating bearings
  • With a reinforced design
  • With titanium-coating
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Can work well in temperatures of -320 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Double-strengthened nylon retainers 
  • Rubber, single-sided shields that are completely sealed
  • Coated with premium speed-oil
  • With 8 bearings and longboard spacers
  • Waterproof stickers
  • Compatible with cruisers, inline skates, kick scooters, roller skates, and longboards
  • Measures 3.1 x 3.1 x 1 inches 
  • Weighs 4.6 ounces


  • Comes pre-lubricated
  • With reinforced design
  • Reliable and precise
  • Compatible with other wheeled rides 
  • This is a complete 8-piece set
  • Very smooth and fast
  • Gives more value for your money


  • Comes only with one seal
  • Complaints that it is not as fast 

Buying Guide and FAQ

No two longboard bearings are the same. Even if these have almost the same size and design, some bearings are just faster, more durable, and more stable. Find out what makes some longboard bearings better than the other, while some may not be as good with this buying guide. 

What to look for when buying longboard bearings

When buying longboards bearings, remember the following:

The material used

Bearings are mostly made of stainless steel, but the case and cover may be made of hard plastic or other strong, durable material. You should use only very strong, dependable bearings because your longboard wheels will perform better when these are durable, intact, and reliable. 

Removable case

Some longboard bearings come with removable cases while some don’t. Non-removable bearings can protect your bearings, but most skateboarders reveal that despite the non-removable cover, dirt, dust, and oil still manage to seep through and ruin the bearings! So it’s still best to use bearing cases with removable covers so you can clean or maintain your bearings properly. Remember, well-maintained bearings equal easy-moving, safe, and efficient longboard wheels. 

ABEC ratings

While shopping for longboard bearings, you may have read about ABEC and may have also wondered what this was. The ABEC rating is a system that rates bearings for their precision. The grades are 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, and the higher the grade or rating, the tighter it is. The tighter the bearing, the more precise the component is. Very precise bearings with small tolerances are needed for bearings to perform at a very high RPM. 

So when shopping for bearings, look for a higher ABEC rating or a grade that’s perfect for your needs. 

Resistance to pressure and temperature

A bearing should never crack under pressure. It must work well despite cold or very hot temperatures. These changes in temperature can affect bearings because all kinds of metals can crack and bend when severe pressure and temperature are applied. A bearing manufacturer that can promise a temperature or pressure-resistant bearing is a good sign.


A bearing that can be installed or used in different rides is a versatile bearing, a kind that won’t fail even under pressure. Don’t be afraid to use a bearing that’s also compatible with longboards, in-line skates, pedal scooters, and the like. 


Do you need bearings for your longboard?

Bearings are very important in a longboard. This component allows the longboard wheels to spin on a fixed axle or truck. Using a good quality bearing will enhance your riding experience, but you don’t have to spend more to get the best bearings. Always check the features, specs, and weigh the pros and cons. 

What does ABEC mean?

ABEC is short for the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. This group grades all kinds of bearings using a set standard used to measure the tolerance of bearings. ABEC ensures that all quality bearing manufacturers in the world make products that will qualify for at least ABEC 1 rating.

How do you maintain your longboard bearings?

Maintaining the bearing of a longboard is similar to bearing maintenance of skateboards or in-line skates. First, remove the shields or cover of the bearing assembly. Remove the bearing case and place these in a container filled with isopropyl alcohol. Soak these for at least an hour. This will remove all the dirt and grime that coats the bearings. 

You may need to brush these with a soft or old toothbrush to remove tough or hard to remove dirt. Once these are clean, place these on top of paper towels for at least 30 minutes. Lightly lubricate the bearings with a small amount of longboard lubricant and place the cover or shield back. 

How do you replace longboard bearings? 

First, turn the board right side up with the wheels upwards. Work on a table so you can easily and safely change your bearings. Use a tool to loosen the axle nut. Once you have removed the nut, remove the wheel from the skate’s axle.

Remove the old bearings and replace these with new ones. Place the wheels back in the axle and use a tool to tighten the nut. Check if the longboard wheels are turning correctly or without any problems. You may need to adjust the nut if necessary. 

Is WD40 good on longboard bearings? 

WD40 will only dry the bearings and will just attract dirt, dust, or oil; therefore, it is not good for longboard bearings or for other kinds of bearings for that matter. Use silicone-based lubricants instead. This will help keep the bearings run smoother and faster. 


Our review of the five top longboard bearings has led us to the conclusion that Bones Red Bearings are the best of the best. There are many reasons why. First, it is made by Bones, which means you are getting the best quality longboard bearings. Red Bearings is a bearing set that includes everything you need with eight sets of bearings, installation instructions, and stickers to decorate your board.  

Also, every bearing set has a non-contact and removable shield to make it easier to clean the bearing assembly. This is very important for any type of bearing. Finally, these bearings ensure that there is minimal friction, and therefore, you will move at very high speeds. You’ll go fast on any surface, on the road, or in the skating park. 

If you think that the Bones Red Bearings are the best longboard bearings, check this product out from this link.

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