Professional Skateboarders Who Started At A Young Age

Top 10 Professional Skateboarders Who Started At A Young Age

There are quite a few metrics to measure to be considered as a professional skateboarder. Skateboarding can be seen as a sport but it is also regarded as an art, a job or a recreational activity. Famous skateboarders are classified as the successful skateboarder of all time, hardest skateboard trick inventor, richest skateboarder and the skateboarder who grabbed the most awards in competitions.

The skateboarding industry is continuously evolving up to the present from the skateboards used to the complexity of the skateboard ramps. In this article, we have prepared the list of professional skateboarders that everybody wants to meet in person.

Tony Alva

He is an original Z Boy skate crew and Lords of Dogtown member that is from California, USA. Tony Alva is one of the pioneers who contributed a lot why skateboarding is still being recognized until now.  He is famous for its flawless combination of skateboarding stunts.

Practicing surfing when the waves were a flat paved way for him to discover skateboarding. Aggression, smash-mouth attitude, and raw talent is his trademark. He was recognized as the best skateboarder in the world in the 1970s which lead to his superstar status. Tony Alva celebrated his 60th Birthday last 2017 and he still has the grooviness to play whenever he gets a chance.

Jay Adams

He is considered as the original bad boy of skateboarding and he is widely recognized as the most stylish skateboarder. His passion for skateboarding since 1977 was influenced by his stepfather, Tony Alva who also introduced him to the Z-boys crew at the age of 13, making him the youngest member of the group. He grew up on skateboarding and surfing and considered it as his talents.

His spontaneous freestyle skateboarding style was influenced by his surfing moves with some gymnastic-style tricks. He may not be the greatest skateboarders of all time but he is considered as the archetype of modern-day skateboarding.

Rodney Mullen

He is considered as the Godfather of street skating and he is famous for inventing the Kickflip. He influenced a lot of teenagers in his hometown, Florida, USA. He grew up in a place surrounded with long stretches of smooth concrete and farmland or in short, few dry bowls to skate so he only practiced doing tricks in a limited space or in a far place which is skate-friendly.

Since he stayed in a remote place, he didn’t have any idea about the different stunts used by skateboarders so he was able to come up with his own tricks and style. He was given the chance to showcase his consistency and flawless ability in a local competition way back 1970 where he became famous because he was featured in different shows.

Nyjah Huston

He is considered as the most successful skateboarders in his generation between 2011-2016 for winning almost every competition that he joins. In 2013, he was nominated as Skater Of The Year for winning a total of 11 X Games medals and until now he brags to have won the most awards for skateboarding compared to other skateboarders. His natural talent combined with consistent practice lead to a successful product.

Every time he joins competitions, he would always surprise his opponents because of his new tricks that are hard to imitate. He even became famous because of the solo video production that gave him the title “the Best Video Part” award. As of the moment, he was considered as the highest-paid skateboarder in the world.

Ryan Sheckler

He started his stardom in skateboarding at the age of 9 years old. He is known for his gigantic airs using his skateboard. What made his career famous is its MTV reality TV show way back 2007-2009 which is The Life of Ryan that features his life and humble beginnings.

He shows professionalism in all aspects, he is always the life of the party and makes sure that at work, he’s always on time. He is a child-skate-star turned into a reality star. One of his skills that no one can surpass is he can do flipping on the stairs for 16 times.

Leticia Bufoni

She was only 14 when she started to compete in the X Games competition where she already won a total of 5 gold medals. Leticia Bufoni is the only Brazilian rider that is included in the list of famous skateboarders worldwide. She may not be a stylish skateboarder but definitely, her motivation and willingness allow her to on top.

She is currently preparing for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo for the year 2020. One of her greatest achievements is when she was titled as one of the most influential action sports athletes in the skateboarding industry and she became a titleholder in The Guinness Book of World Records in 2017 as the “Most Wins Of The World Cup of Skateboarding”.

Rob Dyrdek

He was the first skateboarder pro in an Alien Workshop at the age of 12 and is the founder of popular Street League Skateboarding competition which offers the highest purse in the skateboarding championship event. He starred in a TV show, Fantasy Factory that features his warehouse filled with skatepark items.

Until now, Rob Dyrdek is considered as one of the most famous skateboard artists on the planet and still holding the title, Skateboarding’s million-dollar man. In 2014, he was regarded by FoxWeekly most popular, and most famous skateboarders of all time.

Bam Margera

He was a professional skateboarder, filmmaker, musician and stunt performer. He has the most farthest-reaching and fair metric when it comes to skateboarding popularity. He started skateboarding at a young age and started making his skateboarding films that include stunts performances and skateboarding tricks

He retired as a skateboarding artist that joins the competition in the year 2016 but he continuously plays skateboarding whenever he has time to reminisce about the pleasure it gives him. He sponsors and teaches aspirants skateboard artists up to the present.

Theotis Beasley

He grew up in Hawthrone skatepark where he started his skateboard career at the age of 12 when Andrew Reynolds discovered him. He got the public’s attention when he started to do skateboarding community videos where he exhibits his stunts to show other players across the globe.

At the age of 20, he was promoted pro deck at the Transworld Award by Baker Skateboards and Nike SB. He may not be an active player now but he continues his skateboarding legacy through doing films and recording songs about the life and struggles of a skateboarder.

Paul Rodriguez

He was born and grew up in California where his parents introduced skateboarding to him. He already won a total of eight medals at the X Games competitions and is still continuing to compete at a higher level of competition. He owns a private skate park in California where he teaches her daughter to follow his footsteps.

He launched his own skateboard brand in the year 2014 which is the Primitive Skateboarding. He is still an active skater at the present even though he recently got an injury. He said that skateboarding and fatherhood are his greatest stress and worry reliever.

Tips on How to be an Excellent Skateboarder

Know the basics

This is the fastest way for you to learn different kinds of tricks. You must be comfortable with how you step on a skateboard. You can’t be creative in learning different kinds of tricks and stunts if you don’t know the basics.

Improve on your balance

Skateboarding is all about balance while navigating your craft. If you have the right balance injury while playing can be avoided. Balance can be practiced consistently.

Learn from your peers

Friendly competition is important in skateboarding to learn the competitive attitude especially in joining competitions. There are things that are mastered by your peer that you are not familiar with that is why don’t be afraid to ask them so that they could help you.

Leave your comfort zone

If you get used to playing in a small ramp for a couple of years already, it is time to start out trying to get out of your comfort zone. You will never learn new tricks and ideas if you limit yourself.

Train your core strength

For you to be able to skate longer with more accuracy you must increase your core strength by means of exercising at home or in a gym. If you have a stable core strength then it would be easier for you to balance.

Improve your style

Every skateboarder has its own style. Your goal every day is to master and improve in your style so keep on practicing to have unique moves.

Final Thoughts

A lot of people are hooked about skateboarding because of the fun and excitement that can be experienced.  For some, it is a way for them to release their frustrations and worries. Determination, attitude, and willingness are the key factors to becoming a successful skateboarder.

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