Worst Skateboarding Crashes Caught on Cam

10 Worst Skateboarding Crashes Caught on Cam

Skateboarding has been existing for decades already. But it cannot be denied that this kind of sport can also be associated with some dangers. Usually, the victims of skateboarding crashes are young kids and teens, a statistical which is specifically trained to this sport as an alternative for transportation or recreational activity. But what is something to be known is that even the professional skateboarders may also suffer from skateboarding crashes.

Worst Skateboarding Crashes Ever

Throughout the years, a lot of videos showing skateboarding crashes were posted. These videos have both earned respect and criticisms. But if this interests you, here are some of the worst skateboarding crashes caught on cam.

  1. Way back 2007, Jake Brown was seen to do the most horrible fall ever caught on cam. Jake Brown is an Australian expert skateboarder. He is young in his 33 years. He has been doing professional skateboarding for already 11 years. In fact, in the year 2005, he was recognized to be the “Best Vert Skater” by the Transworld Skateboarding Magazine.


Video Source: Youtube.com

August of 2007, Brown participated in the 2007 Summer X Games held in Los Angeles. He was set to compete with other great skateboarders. During his 5th and last execution, Brown touched down the first-ever 720 on an imposing ramp. Sadly for him, he did not have so much time to seize this moment and celebrate because just a few moments after that he failed to manage well his board in the air and had him fell 45 feet directly to the ground of the ramp! Brown’s fall was comparable to slumping off a 4-story building. Stunningly, Brown was able to gain back his composure and managed to get back on his feet – this was after being in the ground for a few minutes.

Although he is more than lucky being alive after that fall, that did not save Brown from scratches. Aside from getting liver and lung swelling, he also had a stress rupture in his one vertebra and had his arm broken. Brown had to be confined in the hospital for 3 nights to undergo treatment and for further observation. However, his injuries were found minor.

  1. Skateboarder Darrius Biggs grieved from a frightful fall ending in swelling and 5 fractured vertebrae. In a video caught on cam, it was noticed that his friends did not respond quickly. Perhaps it was more of an illustration that they do not have any background or knowledge on medical aspects.

It all happened too fast, Biggs managed to get up and went to a hospital. It was fortunate that Biggs survived the accident. However, his back has been hit badly. There was a concussion and there were 5 broken vertebrae.

Video By: eric b

Video Source: Youtube.com

  1. Corey Duffel went through so much. In his years of existence, half of it has been counted in his skateboarding life. And although Duffel has earned more recognition than others, he too had some setbacks.

Foundation’s entitled “That’s Life Flick (2004)” gives an absolute example. The first exhibition in the whole video was the quiver-persuading slam after doing an unsuccessful 50-50 down a handrail. Before Corey Duffel’s face hits against the concrete, the frame stops and the opening riff resounded. Minutes after that, the same frame that stopped swiftly went back to its ordinary speed, delivering the face of Duffel from the concrete and delivering the rest of his body in descending. He managed to go up though, demonstrating that he was not hurt that badly.

  1. Famous Dan Pageau had an unlucky body bash at the vicious El Toro Rail. This place is very popular in skateboarders all over the world. Amazingly there were several exhibitions and tricks delivered there.

In 2005, Pageau concluded to give it a try and change the front board, El Toro. That is when he learned how it feels to fall. Pageau admitted that he slammed hard on his attempt to switch fs board. But then he said that he was lucky that the accident has not caused him serious injuries. He needed not to go to a hospital because he felt fine at that time and he was conscious. So he decided and chose to go home directly after that incident and take a rest. Not too distant after that incident, Pageau went on a month-long tour for demo in Canada through Underworld.

  1. That frightening instance when a skateboarder was tilled into with a truck was captured on cam by his friend who is in-charge in shooting one of his exhibitions.

Serges Murphy went through and recover from the collision which made him sent down the street after he immediately boarded straight to the direction of the van. Murphy was riding on his skateboard on Lowell streets of Massachusetts when the wreck with the truck took place.

Video By: ThrasherMagazine

Video Source: Youtube.com

  1. Andrew Allen happens to choose his stunts and spots to magnifies the probability of a good slam occurring – which created enthralling camera footage at least. Allen slammed on one of his skateboarding stunts but that portion was fascinating and is scattered with demonstrations of what occurs when something goes not well in high speed – most remarkably the opening and concluding hill bomb fails.
  2. Mark Gonzales from footage of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971 film, also had his skateboarding crash. Gonzales went skating a large variety of places including basketball courts, car parks, plazas, half pipes, ditches, and street. Quick and quiet fragments of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory do show all through this part. The part lasts when the front side of Gonzales boardslides the rails and lost his board. You will then see in the footage that a British girl interrupted the video and thanked all the viewers and said that she hoped everyone had fun watching the skateboarding.
  3. You have to be when you are positioned close to the activity of skateboarding. No one can tell where a trick can be thrown if a skateboarder is not able to deliver as planned.

In a video where Mark Baines is doing skateboarding trick, you will see how painful it can be if an accident happens. The stateside handrail stunt went wrong which ended in a split dome for the cameraman.

  1. Rowan Zorilla yells from America. However, as the captured video showing his slam taking place in Liverpool, it is believed that it will be crazy not to put it in the list of worst skateboarding crash.

New Bird is notably difficult to skate for the unskilled, and although he looks smoothing flowing around the surface with comfort during the earlier part of the session, his gap to lipslide attempt ended him in Liverpool A+E with his chin split. You can only imagine how painful the injury was when you take a look in his video. You can never tell when an accident is bound to happen.

  1. One ultimate piece of classic bloodshed is included in the list. Way back year 1997, the Wembley Arena was the host to one of the largest admissions ever done in British soil. This was in the form of G97 or Generation 97 for short.

The admission has gone down in the books of history for many interesting reasons. However, one of the most remarkable moments was no doubt the brutal collision in mid-air from Pat Duffy and again, Mark Gonzales. How these two men managed to walk away from this slam is already beyond us. It could have been one of the most challenging events in their skateboarding career.

Video By: russelljonesbitch

Video Source: Youtube.com


An accident can happen to anybody at any time. Thus, any skateboarder needs to come ready with his safety gear. Before you begin your skateboarding adventure, do not hesitate to buy and secure yourself the necessary gears such as helmet and elbow and knee pads.

Use a helmet that suits well. Make sure that you are using a helmet that is specifically designed for skateboarding activity. Wear wrist guards too to help support the wrist in case you fall. You must also be particular with the shoes you are wearing. Closed-toe shoe which has insoles that do not slip is always the best one to wear. It will be helpful too if you wear shatterproof glasses or goggles to protect your eyes.

But aside from that, he has to be extra careful when delivering his stunts. It is understood that being able to deliver a new stunt and exhibition is an achievement to a skateboarder, but then one must not take for granted the safety of delivering the stunts. There are known safe places to ride your skateboard. It is not a good idea to skateboard in a place where the crowd is large.

Before riding on your skateboard, always inspect the condition of your board to see if it is working well and free from any damage. See to it that the wheels are rolling well. Kids and teens are not advised to do skateboarding stunts because this may only expose them to getting crashed and be injured.

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