World’s Fastest Skateboard Ever Recorded

8 World’s Fastest Skateboard Ever Recorded

Skateboarding enthusiasts are drawn to the power and speed of electric skateboards. This is also a reason why most skateboarders only search for the fastest skateboards out there. Even though the convenience and ease of accelerating at a simple push of a button are possible with electric skateboards, it is the speed that sets the difference for many skateboarders.

It seems that there is something exciting at riding at high speed. If you are a skateboarder who wants to push your boundaries, here are 8 of the world’s fastest skateboard ever recorded.

  1. Carvon Evo 4WD

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This skateboard is an electric skateboard that rides at a speed of 50 mph or 80 km/h. It is designed primarily for speed from the ground up. It is innovative, featuring some ground-breaking designs which allow it to attain its maximum speed.

The Evo 4WD’s speed comes from combining together powerful drive systems, the 4 wheel drive system, grip wheels, and a powerful battery pack. This skateboard also uses the SpeedDrive Racing Sensored motors which comes with a total of 10kw power output, enabling riders to reach a high speed.

Aside from speed, this skateboard also promises a stable and silent riding experience. The motors have been designed to run smoothly and silently, while the drop-down deck of this skateboard lowers the center of gravity. In terms of the coasting experience, it also has an excellent coasting overall performance.

  1. Enertion Raptor 2.1

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This skateboard is an upgraded version of its earlier sibling, the Enertion Raptor 2. This upgraded model strives for power and balance. It features improved stability and high-speed ride qualities as promised.

As part of its overall upgrade and improvement, the carry handles are repositioned in order to ensure better distribution of weight while carrying this skateboard. It is considered as one of the fastest out there, with a maximum speed at 31 mph/50 kph. This is made possible with the use of the FOCBOX unity, which is one of the best ESCS out there.

This skateboard also features some stiff bushings which are designed to reduce speed-wobbles, most especially at higher speeds. It has a concave deck which hugs the rider really well. The large wheels help in smoothening out the bumps, thus improving comfort.

  1. Fiik Spine

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The Fiik Spine electric skateboard features a maximum speed of 30 mph or 45 km/h. It features a dual-motor setup, along with lightweight construction, making it a model which is designed for speed that delivers.

The exceptional speed of this skateboard comes from the use of a powerful motor. This further increases the power to weight ratio of the skateboard. As such, it can achieve high speeds quite easily. Unlike other skateboards out there, this model is not just created for speed, but also for its lightweight stature.

With this, this skateboard is much easier to hold and handle, despite the fact that it does not come with a carry handle. In terms of rider experience, its flexible deck makes this model easy to carve. Also, it comes with an advanced braking system which improves rider safety.

You might, however, have to deal with some issues which are common among skateboards that use a belt-drive system. It can be noisy. Aside from these issues, however, you can get the speed that you expect out of the Fiik Spine.

  1. Meepo NLS Pro

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The Pro model is an upgraded version of the NLS skateboard. The former model was also very capable in terms of speed, but this time, with the Pro model, you can expect a skateboard to be more comfortable to use for everyday use, while still being able to use for drag races.

The speed and performance of this model are largely due to its dual motors, combined with a powerful battery pack. It has a combined output of 1080 watts, thus able to attain a maximum speed of 32 mph/51 kph.

As a bonus, this skateboard also comes with a silky-smooth speed curve and Hobbywing ESC that allows it to speed up to its top speed. Comfort and overall rider experience have also been improved, thanks to the addition of a bamboo fiberglass deck, neoprene griptape, and 100mm wheels that makes it comfortable for cruising, touring, everyday driving and carving.

  1. Exway X1 Pro

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This model is primarily built with commuting in mind. It is designed for an overall comfortable riding, with huge 85mm wheels as its standard, a thick shock-absorbing griptape, and a concave deck. With its pricing, build-quality and balanced performance features in comparison with its weight, the Exway X1 Pro has achieved mass appeal for daily drivers.

The X1 Pro model is amazingly fast. With a maximum speed of 29 mph, it offers good speed despite its weight. One reason for this is its powerful drive system. It ships with dual hub motor that rates at 1200W in every motor. The dual belt riot drive system which is compatible with the board can also be ordered.

Aside from speed, this model is also balanced on braking and acceleration. On top of that, you may also customize its performance through the mobile app, which is available for both iOs and Android. The acceleration and the deceleration curve can also be specified from the app.

  1. Arc Boards Aileron V2

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The Aileron V2 skateboard is one of the few electric skateboards currently available on the market that uses a geared drive. Its deck is manufactured using 121C pure carbon filter. As a result, the deck becomes thin and light while making it easy to use every day and nimble.

Unlike other electric skateboards, the Aileron V2 model is a shortboard, which means that it is very easy to carry by hand, or can be strapped to a backpack. It is designed for daily driving, while exhibiting an exceptional speed, thus allowing it to earn a spot in this list.

Despite having only one motor unlike others, the Aileron V2 model has a higher maximum speed compared with other skateboards that feature dual motors. This speed is achieved, therefore, through a combination of a lightweight setup and huge motor.

  1. Skatebolt S2 Tornado Electric Longboard Gen 2

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This mid-tier electric skateboard is one of the best out there. Everything that these skateboard features epitomize real value for your money. Even though there are a lot of faster skateboards out there, all built with amazing features, only very few can really match the value offered by the Skatebolt electric skateboard

This skateboard is versatile enough to be used for cruising around for leisure or can be used for everyday riding.  This model features a high speed, thanks to its dual motors. It uses 400 W dual hub motors to power this motor to a maximum speed of 25 mph.

Among other things that you can expect out of Skatebolt is smooth acceleration, which is very important for safety. In terms of handling, this electric skateboard can handle pretty well. The company also provides amazing support whenever you need it.

  1. Koowheel Kooboard D3M

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Compared with others on this list, this model may lack a bit in terms of speed, but it is definitely faster than others out there. In fact, it even outperforms many average models currently on the market. Its value proposition comes from its affordability.

The above-average speed of 24.8 mph of this skateboard is a result of its dual motors in action. The motors feature a 350W power rating each, working together to come up with a respectable power of 700W.

On top of the speed, it is also manufactured robustly. The motherboard uses epoxy and is potted. The D3M battery is also hot-swappable while featuring an effective battery security system.


When it comes to skateboarding, one thing should also be understood. While the actual skateboard plays a huge role in the entire experience, the skill counts too. This means that if you have already selected the best skateboard that fits your speed requirements, you should now start working on your skill as a skateboarder.

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