why do skateboarders hate rollerbladers

Why Do Skateboarders Hate Rollerbladers?

Have you ever wondered why do skateboarders hate rollerbladers? Skateboarders have a natural dislike for the sport and the people who practice it. It’s unmistakable and undeniable that skateboarders hate rollerbladers, especially when these two meet in skate parks. Expect rowdy behavior and even fights if no one intervenes! And there are possible reasons for this hatred among skateboarders. Let’s find out why.

Reasons Why Skateboarders Dislike Rollerbladers

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Let’s break down some of the reasons why skateboarders hate rollerbladers. You’ll notice that some of these reasons stem from facts, while some came from completely absurd thinking. In the end, it’s for you to judge if skateboarders hate rollerbladers is worth it.

Skateboarders Think Rollerblading is Too Simple

Skateboarders have this natural dislike over rollerbladers because they think that the sport is too simple; anyone can do it. Actually, this is one of the most popular reasons attested by the fact that almost anyone can rollerblade.

In sports shops and toy stores, you’ll indeed find rollerblades for kids, even for toddlers! This is because rollerblades are designed to be easy to wear and easy to use. It’s like putting wheels on your shoes! All you need is to learn how to balance, and you’re ready to go!

And because rollerblading is very simple, anyone can do it. You’ll find rollerbladers on streets, pavements, parking lots, and bridges. These people may even ride their wheels on skate parks, and this is where the problem starts.

Skateboarders who are busy perfecting their craft, practicing for an event, or learning a new trick will not tolerate rollerbladers blocking their way. A rollerblader scooting around, doing their thing is a nuisance for serious skateboarders. And this is not just in the skate park but also on the streets.

The thing with rollerblades is that you can easily make quick turns with your equipment. You can turn right or left as you please and even make quick stops. These erratic movements can affect skateboarders as well as drivers and pedestrians. They can cause accidents as often; they won’t bother to signal if they want to change lanes or make abrupt stops.

And because of these, skateboarders don’t like rollerbladers around. They don’t want them in the park, and they don’t want them on the streets.

Skateboarders Think Rollerblades are for Young Riders

As we said before, rollerblades are so mainstream that they are already available for riders of all ages. You’ll find rollerblades for teens, school-age kids, and even toddlers. Imagine someone as young as a toddler working their way out in the skate park!

And what is the most irritating quality of young riders? They lack experience and disregard rules which is something you can’t do in the skate park and on the road.

At the skatepark, you’ll notice that everyone seems carefree, free to do things they want to do. You’ll find skateboarders, skaters, rollerbladers, and scooterists coexisting, but actually, this is not the case. Skateboarders prefer that young rollerbladers go home and practice in their driveways instead!

For skateboarders, rollerbladers are just wasting their time. They don’t have time to worry if a rollerblader suddenly crosses their path. They don’t want to care about young rollerbladers falling on their backs, crying, and ruining the mood.

And how do you deal with young rollerbladers with their parents? This is a dilemma that’s impossible to solve. Skateboarders will likely abandon the park rather than deal with protective and angry parents.

Skateboarding is Safer Than Rollerblading

Skateboarders agree that rollerblading is just too dangerous in the skate park. There are many instances to prove this point. First, you just need to jump off to stop while on a skateboard. There’s no switch or button and no special moves to stop your board.

You need to move quickly and apply your brakes to stop on a rollerblade. It takes a few seconds to do this, and only when you’ve used the break correctly will you be able to stop your rollerblades. If you do this incorrectly, you’ll be out of control. The only way to stop at this time is to find a safe spot to land and keep your head, hands, and arms safe.

Because of safety issues, skateboarders prefer to ride or practice away from rollerbladers. Skateboarders consider all the odds whenever they are on the road with a rollerblader, which is not good if you want to concentrate well on your ride.

If a rollerblader can’t stop their rollerskate for any reason, riders, drivers, and pedestrians nearby are in for many problems. In short, any mistakes made will cost so much on the road and the skate park. This is one of the top reasons why skateboarders don’t want to do anything with a rollerblader.

Skateboarders Consider Their Sport Very Seriously

Skateboarders are very dedicated sportsmen and consider their sport very seriously. It’s rare for a skateboarder to overlook practice, skateboard maintenance, and competitions. Whether you’re new or experienced in skateboarding, you’re likely invested in regular exercise and regularly taking care of your equipment. You’re also into competitions and follow famous skateboarders on social media.

All of these behaviors show how skateboarders are serious about their craft. They would do anything to grow their skills and enhance their talents. They will consider everything to practice in a safe environment like a skate park, skate bowl, or a safe street. Any nuisance like a rollerblader or a scooter rider can affect their concentration and ruin their practice sessions.

Skateboarders have this idea that the skateboard was invented before rollerblades. Because of this, they think they should be given priority at the skate park and on the road. But this is incorrect. Rollerblades were invented before the first skateboard.

The first rollerblade design looked like inline skates, which were invented in the 1970s by the Dutch. Wooden spools were attached to solid wood strips and installed on their shoes using nails. The first roller skate was created in 1863 by an American inventor. The design of this roller skate had the wheels installed side by side. And this conventional design became the choice among users.

The inventors of the modern rollerblades were Scott and Brennan Olsen in 1980. The brothers found an old inline skate and used this design to create rollerblades that hockey players can use during the off-season. The new method was used for the Rollerblade inline skates. During this time, skiers and hockey players preferred the Rollerblades design.

In 2021, there were about 60 inline skate brands, but the Rollerblade was the first to come up with polyurethane wheels and boots. The Rollerblade rollerblades were the first to have first heel brakes and the first to use active braking technology. With these features, stopping is more accessible and safer.

So How Can Skateboarders and Rollerbladers Co-exist?

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Why can’t skateboarders and rollerbladers just get along? The vast difference between the two sports is enough for each one to detest the other. But there is hope for peaceful coexistence. Here are some strategies to do it:

  • Create a skate park schedule for skateboarders and rollerbladers.
  • Formulate clear skate park rules about following schedules, wearing protective sports equipment, etc.
  • Observing proper distance and using correct traffic signals to alert rollerbladers on the street.
  • Practice in safe and well-maintained skate parks.

Final Words

Skateboarding and rollerblading are fun activities, but things become complicated when the two ignore safety and decency on the road or in skate parks. If you’re a skateboarder, consider your differences from a rollerblader. Keep to these strategies to coexist with rollerbladers and other riders no matter where you go.

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