why do skateboarders hate longboarders

Why Do Skateboarders Hate Longboarders? The Truth Behind the Rivalry

Have you ever wondered why skateboarders hate longboarders so much? Both sports indeed use a skateboard, but getting into the absolute truth of why this rivalry exists will help you understand why. Let’s find out the real deal about skateboarders vs. longboarders.

The Top Reasons Why Skateboarders Loathe Longboarders

Before we learn the different reasons why skateboarders hate longboarders, let’s first highlight the difference between these two pieces of equipment.

Skateboards have a Popsicle shape with hard wheels. There are different skateboard shapes, but the most common one is this shape. The wheels are hard to allow riders to move through different types of terrain and, at the same time, perform various tricks. A skateboard deck is more durable and less susceptible to warping and folding.

The longboard is a kind of skateboard with a broader and longer body. It is a type of skateboard with a unique shape so riders can ride for longer periods. It comes with softer wheels so you can ride over pavements for an easy commute. The longboard is for commuting, while the skateboard is for tricks and stunts.

These differences between these two boards have attracted different types of riders. Skateboarding attracts more serious riders or those who want to engage in stunts and tricks. These riders are focused on perfecting their craft and improving their skills and thus, would prefer if they have the whole skate park area to themselves.

On the other hand, longboarding attracts free-spirited riders or those who would rather ride, explore, and have fun. These riders are not avid skate park users as these places are too limited. They would rather ride streets, parking lots, and even green areas. Longboarders are also known for racing downhill with their boards. Some longboarders use their boards in dancing as longboards are more expansive and easier to dance on.

Skateboarders Think That They are Superior to Longboarders

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Skateboarders have this natural arrogant attitude which often gets them in trouble. They hate rollerblades and scooters the same way they dislike longboards. Their superiority attitude closes their minds and keeps them from considering others’ opinions and takes.

They think that longboarders are lazy, unskilled, and untalented as they don’t ride to perform tricks and to join contests. They also believe that skateboarding is the ultimate extreme sport as this surpasses the skills and talents of other board riders.

If they spot a longboarder on the road, they will likely ride elsewhere to avoid trouble. If they find a longboarder in the skate park, they will confront the rider and ask him to find another place to ride! They need to work on their tricks and practice. They can’t afford a lone longboarder ruining their day!

Skateboarders Think That it’s Easy to Ride a Longboard

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Another reason skateboarders are not cool with longboarders is that they believe that this skill is too easy to master. And this is where skateboarders are correct. It is easy to ride a longboard than a skateboard as you hop and ride. Because of the bigger, longer, and broader deck and softer wheels, riders can easily ride a longboard.

These decks also come with big trucks which support the weight of more extensive and heavier riders. A strong deck will allow you to take your longboard anywhere. Compared to regular skateboards, longboards don’t require regular maintenance and parts changes because these longboard parts are the most durable and efficient.

Skateboards need time to learn. If you plan to perform tricks and be good at stunts, you need time and the right equipment to learn. And if you want to be as good as professional riders, you need to invest time, effort, and money in this sport. Thus, skateboarders are correct in saying that longboarders have it easy. Riding a longboard and maintaining one is more accessible than a skateboard.

Skateboarders Think That Longboarders are Dangerous on the Road

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Longboarders pose a significant risk on the road. Their carefree attitude prevents them from minding other people on the road. Imagine riding your skateboard on the road next to a racing longboarder! They tend to zip fast and overlook road safety and pedestrian safety.

This is why longboarders must ride only on less busy roads. They can use their boards for the commute but be respectful and mindful of others who want to use the road as well. If you’re a skateboarder, it would be best to remain in the skate park to master your skills. Longboarders are indeed dangerous on the road!

Skateboarders Want Longboarders to Keep Away from Skateparks

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As we mentioned before, skateboarders prefer that longboarders stay on the streets and keep away from skate parks. If no one interrupts their practice sessions in parks or bowls, they would prefer.

Although most longboarders get this divide, some still insist that they ride in skate parks which is unacceptable for skateboarders. If this is happening in your local skate park, it would be best if your community started a schedule of skate park use.

You can designate a day or days for skateboarders and other sports like rollerblading and scootering. It would also be for everyone’s safety to wear appropriate safety gear to avoid mishaps and accidents in the skate park.  

Skateboarders Think Longboarders Want All the Attention

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Skateboarders hate longboard riders because they believe that the latter prefers more attention. They picture longboarders riding and dancing on top of their decks which are things that a professional skateboarder won’t’ do.  And because of this need to get more attention all the time, it’s not safe to ride with longboarders.

Final Words

Skateboarders hate longboarders because they think they are inexperienced, unsafe, and distracted on the road. They want nothing to do with longboarders and would rather skate elsewhere if these riders are present at the skate park.

With this intense emotion towards longboarders, skateboarders may not be ready to accept longboard riders yet. Therefore, keeping to their areas and scheduling in skate parks can help prevent disagreements and fights. Let’s spread positivity and remove the hate so everyone can enjoy the park and the open road.

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