Where to Paddleboard in Maryland

Where to Paddleboard in Maryland

Taking your paddleboard to Maryland? If you’re wondering where to paddleboard in Maryland then we have the answers for you.

Maryland is one of the best states to engage in various water sports like paddleboarding. The Old Line State has lakes, beaches, bays, and many other natural water features that paddleboarders will surely fall for. Let’s take a look at the top paddleboarding locations in Maryland.

Assateague Island State Park in Berlin

This island state park offers plenty of water access points for paddleboarders to enjoy. It has the Atlantic Ocean on its east side and the Sinepuxent Bay on its west side. It’s also easy to get to Assateague Island. It’s located in the south of Ocean City making it the best oceanfront park in the state.

Paddleboarders will have a chance to ride along the most picturesque water spots in the state where they can enjoy the water and the view. This park is also home to hundreds of local bird species and wild horses.

Because the island state park is on the Atlantic, you can ride your paddleboard out in the water and surf. These waters are perfect for all skill levels from beginners to experts. And while you’re headed to the water, you must visit Assateague Island State Park for more adventures.

The Assateague Island State Park gives you 205 average clear days in a year. Thus, you have a lot of days in a year to plan your trip. This location has easy access from Ocean City plus you can drive your vehicle to the island. If you don’t have gear, you can always rent one from paddleboard rentals available on shore.

Canton Waterfront Park in Patapsco River

Looking for a great paddleboard location near Baltimore? Then you must go to Canton Waterfront Park on the Patapsco River. Riding along the beautiful waterfront will help you meditate, relax, and alleviate stress.

You will not just enjoy the park waters but you can enjoy so many amazing sights like Fort McHenry, Locust Point, and of course, the Maryland National Aquarium.

The Canton Waterfront Park is best for intermediate to expert paddleboarders. Here, they get a chance to ride next to expansive commercial ships! You’ll move just inches away from ships which is the highlight of paddling in the open ocean. The wind can pick up so be sure to have your surfing gear ready.

Fishers will adore paddleboarding while swimming in Canton Waterfront Park. There are plenty of fishes in the water like sunfish, shad, and smallmouth bass. You’ll get an average of 213 clear weather days in a year in this area so plan your trip.

From Baltimore, you can go straight away to this park. You can take your car with you to the park and if you don’t have gear, a lot of local vendors and rentals will be happy to help you out.

Chesapeake Beach

Chesapeake Beach is the most popular paddleboarding destination in the state. This beach is very beautiful with lovely waters and light-colored sand. From the north of the area, you’ll get a stunning view of Annapolis city. Go south of the beach and you’ll get a fantastic place to launch your paddleboard.

Instead of a regular paddleboard, use a touring board so you can travel to Tilghman Island where you’ll find a small town just 11 miles away. There are numerous places to go to from the bay and you can explore these on a paddleboard too.

Chesapeake Beach gives you 208 days of clear weather per year and it’s just 45 minutes from Annapolis. You can take your vehicle to the beach too. And if you don’t have paddleboard gear, you can always rent one from vendors near the shore.

Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County

Deep Creek Lake is one of the best spots to paddleboard in Maryland. This water feature is more than 60 miles of open coastline along an expansive manmade lake. This lake is in Garrett County in the mountains of Maryland where you can find numerous rivers and lakes.

Deep Creek will give you hours and hours of fantastic paddleboarding adventure. You can do standup paddleboarding or use a larger board to hold two people or your pet. This area is also home to many birds and forest animals which you’ll surely see as you cruise near the bank.

This is not just a place for paddleboarders. There are lots of water fun activities to enjoy all year round in Deep Creek Lake. You can ride your canoe, go fishing, swim, or sail across the lake. This area is not too far from the highway and is accessible from Baltimore and Washington DC.

You can engage in paddleboarding plus other leisure activities too like shopping, dining, and visiting other tourist attractions. Also, you don’t need to bring your gear along as there are shops and rentals nearby.

Homer Gudelsky Park in West Ocean City

Locals call Homer Gudelsky Park Stinky Beach but don’t be put off by the name! This is a fantastic place to go paddleboarding but we recommend this only to expert riders. The waters are choppy and may be too much for beginner riders.

The surroundings are picturesque plus the boardwalk is a favorite among tourists. There are plenty of water sports aficionados in the area so you must watch out for other boaters. It would be best to arrive early, especially during summer time as there is limited parking.

Visit this park on a weekday and you’ll have the area to yourself. You can ride your board in any direction and even engage in a SUP and have a clear view of the entire park and marina. This park has a list of rules so be read on before you visit. Also, bring your gear with you as there may not be rentals or shops nearby.

Jonas Green Park in Annapolis

If you just want to settle in Annapolis to ride your paddleboard then we recommend visiting the most popular Jonas and Anne Catharine Green Park or simply Jonas Green Park. This peaceful park is a paddleboarder’s dream with calm waters and a lot of vendors and rental shops where you can get your gear.

Jonas Green Park is the gateway to the Severn River to be close to the city’s commercial area. From this spot, you can head east to check out Chesapeake Bay Bridge. But if you prefer to paddle near the land, you’ll get a chance to see local birds and other water creatures.  Moving towards the bridge is where you’ll get a nice wind to allow you to wind foil or sail.

This serene park gives you an average of 208 clear weather days a year. It is very near Annapolis so it’s an easy ride. You can take your vehicle with you near the park and water area.

Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis

As the name suggests, Quiet Waters Park is lovely and serene. It is a spot for beginner paddleboarders as the waters are not as choppy and the wind is still almost all day. Meanwhile, vendors and paddleboard shops line the area with amazing gear. There are also paddleboarding schools and training available.

Quiet Waters Park is in between the South River and Harness Creek. It is also a place for hikers, picnics, nature lovers, and kids. There are concerts held here almost every season plus, you can also rent pavilions and events areas for weddings and photoshoots.

Rocky Gap – Lake Habeeb

Lake Habeeb is another paddleboard location that’s great for beginners. This place is beautiful and calm with no motor watercraft and boats that can disturb your ride. This lake is part of Rocky Gap state park and resort allowing you to explore around 243 acres of water.

You will share the stunning blue waters of Lake Habeeb with fishers who are looking for the best fishing spots. This area is best for bluegill, redear, trout, and catfish fishing. Fishers on SUP will likely have a great fishing day in these waters!

Aside from paddleboarding, Lake Habeeb is also best for camping. There are three beaches and campgrounds in the area where you can take a break from your busy work schedules. Paddleboarders stay the weekend to enjoy the waters and the peaceful camping grounds.

Lake Habeeb has limited clear weather days at only 165 days a year so plan ahead. It is just 30 minutes to Frostburg and sadly, vehicles are not allowed in the park. There are paddleboard rentals available in the area so you don’t need to take your gear when you visit.

Final Words

Maryland is a fantastic paddleboarding destination with stunning beaches, lakes, and waterfronts. No matter what type of paddleboarding or SUP you prefer, you can bet that there are places that you can visit and remain for the weekend.

And you don’t need to travel far to get to these areas as most are accessible from nearby cities. But no matter where in Maryland you wish to visit, remember to wear your safety gear as most of these waters are deep, especially for beginners. 

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