What should you not do at a skatepark

What You Should Not Do at a Skatepark: 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Skateboarding is that one sport that can be described as inclusive. This means that there are not so many rules. However, in many locations, it is the skateparks that have rules. When you visit a skatepark, you will come across a sign that tells you the rules. On top of that, there are also the so-called unwritten rules that skaters need to know if they choose to skate at a park. As such, manners have it that there are certain things that should be avoided. What should you not do at a skatepark? Let’s find out the 10 common mistakes to avoid.

#1 Skating Without Checking

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If it is your first time to skate at a certain park, skating without checking first may pose some problems later on. It is recommended to spend a lot of time checking out the area before starting to wheel around. You would want to feel the vibe of the area, and see which parts are the trickiest. 

Check the layout and the terrain of the skatepark. Note that every part offers a different terrain. After checking around without your wheels, you can then start doing a general skate to see where you can start, and where you can enjoy a more demanding routine!

#2 Not Choosing the Right Skatepark

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This is particularly applicable to beginners. After all, it will be easier for you to learn the etiquettes and techniques of skateboarding at a beginner’s skatepark. A good place to start is a park with a terrain that is generally smooth, with small ramps and bowls. 

You may want to avoid tall inclines first. Smooth terrains will allow you to cruise around as you work on your basic tricks and skills. You can also observe what others are doing first to get the idea whether or not the park is ideal for you. Another thing to note is that it may not be the best time to visit and scout a skatepark at rush hours. 

#3 Avoid Doing Flat Ground Stunts in the Center of a Bowl

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If you are planning to do those Ollie tricks, you may want to find a flat place that is unobtrusive. You certainly would not want to do those flat ground tricks in the middle of a bottom of a ramp or a bowl. 

#4 Avoid Spreading Your Wax Everywhere

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While a waxed surface is ideal for your trick flips, but note that you will end up leaving a slippery surface afterwards. For you, it might just be what you need, but for others, it could be dangerous, and not to mention, annoying. It is reasonable to think that some skaters may need wax in their tricks, but it may also not apply to all. 

Why not try to apply some wax first on your trucks, as it will grace it with a bit of slide. If it is not enough for gliding, you can directly apply to the ledge. Make sure, however, that this is okay with other skaters. Another thing that you need to note is that it is generally safe to avoid spreading wax all over the skatepark grounds. Other skaters may not be fine with the spills from your wax. 

#5 Do Not Copy the Tricks of Other Skaters

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Copying the tricks of other skaters may only get you to their bad side. You may also want to avoid trying one-upping them by attempting to copy their moves, and be better than them. It would be best to get familiar with them first. This usually comes with time. Making friends with other skaters will allow you to enjoy the entire experience even better. If you would like to do other skaters’ tricks, you may want to ask them first, or do it at another place that would be far away from them so that they will not feel bad. 

#6 Do Not Be Silent About Losing Your Board

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If, in any case, you end up losing your board, make sure to go after it and yell, “board!” In fact, this is a very important practice in skateboarding at a skate park. This has to be done each time your board goes away from you, particularly if it’s moving with speed. When you say this, you would most likely prevent other people from getting hurt. 

In a skate park, people are doing their own thing, and they may not be able to look out for your board when its gone. In fact, other people may not really appreciate it if you don’t say anything if your board goes loose. Other skaters would certainly like it if you give them a heads up that a skateboard might just be on their way.

#7 Stay Away from the Way of Other Skaters

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After finishing a run, make sure to clear the way out so that you will not hit others, or be hit by other skaters. Make sure to follow the rules of the skatepark to avoid getting hurt. Accidents may easily happen, and you might end up running into somebody. After making sure that everybody is fine, you can simply move out from the area and allow others to skate. 

#8 Avoid Being a Snake 

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Snaking happens when other people cut you off rudely in the middle of a run. Since you are enjoying at a skateboard park, you need to be completely aware of the presence of other people. This includes waiting for your turn. If you lose your patience, you may end up getting hurt. Whether it is a mini-vert, bowl, or mini-ramp, the one person at a time rule applies. Allow others to enjoy their turn while waiting for yours. 

#9 Avoid Starting a Career at a Skatepark

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For beginners, you may be tempted to start your career in skating at a skatepark. Make sure to learn the basics beforehand, including the techniques on how to do a board stand, pushing off, and maintaining a balance. If you only do these things at a park, you may end up falling all over the place rather than enjoying a good, steady progress. You may want to start with some informal parking lots, driveways and side streets where you can learn how to skate properly. 

#10 Skate!

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If you are at a skatepark, it may not be best just to hang around with your friends. At a skatepark, skate! Avoid socializing in the center of the bowls, and avoid the edges as well. You may have some friends tagging you. Make sure that you choose a spot for them to stay around. Surely there will be benches around to watch and see everything in action.


In this guide, you have learned about what you should not do at a skatepark. As a skater, it is very important to respect the rules of the skatepark, and the surroundings. If you are not sure about skateboarding etiquettes related to the park, you may want to ask around from locals who always skate in the park. Fit like a local, and establish rapport with other skaters to enjoy the activity even more!

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