What is Pintail Longboards Good For

What is Pintail Longboards Good For

Longboards are becoming a hype and trend either as a hobby or sport. It is gaining so much attention, especially among teenagers. The aim behind the creation of longboards is that sea surfers and snow surfers wanted to have surfing boards that can be used to cruise on land. Thus we have longboards who look like surfboards but smaller and with wheels.

Pintails are very versatile longboards that are best for cruising and carving. These types of longboards are perfect if you are cruising below 25mph. This type of longboard has a classic design that is surfboard-inspired with a pointy “pin” thus; the name was obviously derived. 

Reasons Why Pintails Are Good

Pintails have been around for quite a while, and they are among the first type of longboards that have been established. Pintail longboards can be easily recognized because of its surfboard-like appearance, with its wheels sticks out on both sides of its deck but not very far. Here are distinct characteristics of pintails that make them versatile and good.

  • They ride higher off the ground, which makes it very stable, especially if you are cruising at a higher speed.
  • Pintails are also top-mounted; it allows your foot to sit on top of the front truck resulting in greater truck leverage.
  • Because the wheel cutouts are not as large as the other longboards, you can normally stand on the wider part of the deck and has lesser chances of touching the wheels.
  • Pintails have a flat deck for grip.
  • Pintails also have flexible decks. 

Why do riders choose Pintail Longboards?

What draws riders to pintails is its classic and cool look and vibe. Pintails can give you a relaxed and comfortable along boardwalks or bike trails. For new riders, pintail longboards are perfect for you. 

Learning to ride a longboard using pintail will allow you to learn the basics with ease and safety. This is a great board if you are starting to learn your balance and how to move with the longboard. It can cruise at a lower speed, which will allow you to master the feel of the longboard against your body.

Learning with pintail will keep you safe as it has a wider deck, and it will run under 25mph max. When you are learning your stance, different tricks and moves, using pintail would be the best option. Pintails longboards are not ideal for downhill, distance, freeride, or distance pushing. It is also not recommended for highly advanced tricks.

A pintail longboard is an awesome choice if you want to enjoy a mellow and stylish cruise along the road or the sidewalk. It is the perfect choice for beginner rider who is starting to learn how to control their balance, moving forward and backward, practically moving with the board, or learning basic tricks with longboarding.

If you want to enjoy longboarding, it is best to start from the basics. No short cuts. This will not only enhance your skill, but it will, most of all, keep you safe. Starting with pintail longboards will help you go through the learning process perfectly. If you want to want to cruise at minimal speed and enjoy a relaxing and smooth ride, then a pintail longboard is perfect for you. Happy cruising!

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