what is bodyboarding

What is Bodyboarding?

Bodyboarding is undeniably a prominent water sport that is enjoyed both by experts and beginners nowadays. It can even be enjoyed by people of different ages, which means that even kids can try it. You should seriously consider trying this sport if you haven’t done it before.

But before anything else, have you ever thought if whether your insight about this sport is correct and sufficient? What is bodyboarding? This article will tackle the common facts about this water sport. Later, you will realize the kind of fun that this kind of water sport can give.

Understanding Bodyboarding

Thrill lovers will surely enjoy bodyboarding as it can give them both a stimulating and exhilarating experience. Aside from this, this sport can also work to improve the coordination skills and muscular performance of the body. Others may think that this activity is simply the easier version of surfing. But in the assessment of the experts, this sport can be as challenging as surfing. In fact, bodyboarding includes plenty of movements as compared to surfing, and the moment you familiarize the techniques of seizing the waves, you will find the surge from drifting the waves unsurpassable.

Bodyboarding is the act of riding the waves while lying down on the bodyboard. You can tell its distinction from surfing since the latter involves a standing position while drifting the waves. Even though bodyboarding is recognized for its riding position, other disciplines such as stand-up and drop-knee, are also performed today.

There is no certain discussion that supports the commencement of bodyboarding. However, it was perceived that the kind of discipline needed for this sport is somehow taken from the first form of surfing. The theory says that the bodyboard was made from the archaic Hawaiian Paipo surfboard.

Different from surfing, bodyboarding entails plenty of stunts and one of the challenging tricks is drifting in a straight line. Basically, you will have to ride up the face of the wave at an incredible speed then followed with sending off into the air to execute tricks.

While many of the surfing spots may not be ideal for bodyboarding, you will be glad to know that there are several places in the world where you can enjoy bodyboarding to the fullest. Such various places as Japan, Spain, Brazil, and the United Kingdom have several spots that offer perfect bodyboarding conditions.

You may also witness bodyboarding competitions, with a lot of unceasing enthusiasts joining. Just like with other kinds of water sports, bodyboarding demands form, style, sharpness, and strength. Some competitions are fitted more for beginners, while other competitions focus on expert bodyboarders.

What are the Good Things in Doing Bodyboarding?

Learning the basics of bodyboarding can be useful especially if you are in the stage of still grasping the mechanisms. However, it can be quite inviting if you also know the good things about performing bodyboarding.

Beginners, in particular, will adore the simplicity of this sport. They love the idea of lying on the board while riding the wave. Since you wouldn’t have to go up and stand on the board, you can immediately begin bodyboarding even if you are still in the process of learning. Bodyboarding will also give you access to the waves. This includes fast-break, shore breaks, and super-hollow waves.

Bodyboarding also contributes to the conditioning of the body and mind. It helps boost the muscular strength of the arms. And since it demands balance and concentration to keep standing on the board, you will eventually improve your coordination skills. Even the combination of the fortifying waves and the sea air can help reinvigorate the mind.

Bodyboarding Gears

What is bodyboarding gear? Those who wanted to know more about bodyboarding know that there are several gears involved when doing this sport although it is not as demanding as the other water sports.

Obviously, a good bodyboard is imperative to make sure you attain comfort while drifting the waves. The best bodyboard ensures maneuverability and control. These boards are built from different materials, although the lightest and the most affordable one is the polystyrene bodyboard.

Other than the bodyboard, you will also have to secure a leash, fins, socks, and wetsuit. These are important accessories that couldn’t be taken for granted. Every bodyboarder is advised to use these gears to secure their safety.


What is bodyboarding? Bodyboarding is one of the most interesting water sports nowadays. Whether you are an expert or just starting to learn, it is a gratifying way to enjoy the waves in the ocean. Learning its movements and tricks can feel more rewarding, fun, and astonishing.

The moment you familiarize the basics of bodyboarding; you can create a combo move by merging various moves. Nevertheless, although the joy in doing bodyboarding can hardly be contained, you must never forget to secure your safety.  

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