Watch these Incredible Skateboards Made of Recycled Materials

Watch these Incredible Skateboards Made of Recycled Materials

Skateboards are traditionally made from Canadian maple plywood. With the large demand to produce plywoods, it had already caused deforestation. Good thing there are a lot of support groups that influence manufacturers to at least have a recycling facility where instead of using newly cut trees, they’ll make use of sustainable recycling materials in creating skateboards.

In using recyclable materials, the goal is to make sure that the final product provides the same quality like that of a board made from a Maple tree and that there will be a reduced-priced of the final product. In this article, we’ll know more about how skateboards are made through recyclable materials and what kind of materials are used.

The use of plastic

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Different kinds of recyclable plastics can be used as a base ingredient for the board but the usual plastics that are used are plastic bottles, plastic caps, and plastic bags. These plastics are shredded and melted down through the use of high-density polythene with a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius. As the melted plastics cool down, it becomes malleable and soft like clay. It is then molded into a solid object where all the air pockets are removed to have strong and concrete-like material.

Aside from the mainboard the axles and wheels can also be made from plastic making a polyurethane wheel. The use of plastic in recycling uses less energy compared to another scratch. The process is more cost-efficient and it reduces CO2 emissions.

The Use of Fishing Nets

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At least 10% or about 640,000 tons of marine pollution is caused by fishing nets abandoned in the oceans causing the destruction of the coral reefs. The use of nets in creating skateboard involves an easy and quite simple procedure. The nets are crushed and melted and then molded into a skateboard shape.

The use of fishing nets in creating a skateboard is both safe for both humans and the environment. It is a guarantee that it will be a durable material since it is made from nylon which is known to be a sturdy material.

Steps in Making Skateboard Out of Scratch

Forming and pressing the materials for the board

Step 1: When the chosen recyclable material has been crushed, melted and molded in a skateboard shape, it is polished through the use of sandpaper to make the edges smooth. To ensure its durability, 6-9 layers of these recycled boards is needed.

Step 2: These boards are pressed and glued together and dry for several hours to create a deck. The desired weight and flexibility would depend on how thick your deck is.

Step 3: In making the base of the deck, you will be needing at least 6-7 pieces of plywood, since we’re recycling you may need to mold another batch of melted material to produce a 30″x10″ board for the base of the deck.

Step 4: Attach the main board together with the board for the base using wood glue and lightly push the two materials together. Make sure to evenly spread the glue where you would attach the base of the deck.

Step 5: You can use masking tape to make sure that the board is secure in a styrofoam mold or a professional press. Just lay the pieces into this mold. You can use an old board to deck to have a shape that curves upwards. The vacuum bag used should be airtight to mold properly.

Step 6: It may take around 8 hours to finish this process of molding the material. Make sure to suction air every 2-3 hours.

Step 7: Open the vacuum bag to allow the air in. Carefully remove the wood into the mold

Carefully remove the wood. For you to cut the board into the right shape, you may use a .old board again and trace the edge to be cut.

Step 8: Make use of a chainsaw to cut your bored into the pattern maker. It would be easier to use a bandsaw to cut.

Step 9:  Smoothen the edges through the use of the sandpaper. You can now stain, paint your board.

Tips in Creating Skateboard Out of Recycled Materials

  • Know the components of a skateboard (deck, trucks, bearings). In using recycling materials, decide whether you are using a whole recycled skateboard or you just want some recycled parts.
  • Decide whether you are using a longboard, it means that you will be using a lot of recyclable materials to be molded. The shape and size of the skateboard would depend on the way you are going to use it.
  • A wider board would give you a smooth ride but it would give you some difficulty in doing some tricks because its harder to control. Make sure that the shape is concave so that it is more stable but if doing tricks is what you prefer, make a flatter board.
  • It would be hard if you would still prefer to have a recycled truck unless it would come from an old skateboard. The trucks are the metal pieces that attach the axle and wheels to the board.
  • Choose the right kind of wheel. The wheels to be used can be recycled, especially if the materials used has polythene. It is advisable to start with wheels that are 52-55mm, 99A so that it would be easier to balance in almost all terrains. For experts, they may use 70mm, 78B because it is much more intended for different kinds of tricks.
  • Before melting your recyclable materials, make sure that it is clean, free from debris and dirt.

Final Words

The waste turned into a constructive thing better known as recycling can be a fun activity that will still let you create a more attractive piece. No one can tell that the skateboard that you are using is recycled.  The use of recycled materials in making skateboards aim to decrease the negative impact of these materials into a more creative and positive impact.


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