Ultimate Guide to Installing Your Skateboard Camera

Skateboarding is a sport or a hobby the gets the adrenaline rush. With different risky styles and tricks, the satisfaction it brings to the rider is immeasurable, and you may want to capture that moment. But how?

A rider can spice up his skateboard experience by taking videos. The question is…is that even possible? With the help of advanced technology, the answer is YES.

Are there cameras for skateboards?

Taking a video while riding a bicycle may sound impossible or not safe. But most riders would like to capture the exciting moment whenever they ride their skate, especially when they execute difficult stunts. Thankfully there are skateboard videographers that use digital cameras to capture the moment and also their cameras that can be installed on the skateboard itself to capture the ride. Cameras like Go Pros can be mounted in your skateboard to capture your moment up close.

Installing a Skateboard Camera

Mounting an action camera on your skateboard is relatively easy. They are small and light cameras that can be placed or mounted on your skateboard to capture closer shots. These cameras can be mounted underneath the skateboard capturing the front view.

  • The things that you need are your camera. Go Pros are usually used or anything that comes like this type of camera, duct tape, or a gaffer tape and, of course, your skateboard.
  • For safety purposes, make sure to put your camera to a case that can protect it from humps and bumps. It is wise to invest in a hard and durable case as protection to your camera.
  • Before attaching your camera on your board, make sure that your phone and camera are connected. Check that the settings are working on your phone.
  • Use duct tape or gaffer tape to attach the camera on the skateboard. Duct tapes are cheaper compare to gaffer tape. The problem with duct tapes is that they leave residues on the surface of the board. Gaffer tapes may be a little bit costly, but they hold more and do not leave any residue.
  • Place the camera underneath your skateboard, usually place it in between the back wheels so that it will have a better view captured during the ride.

For professionals or those who are required to film their ride often, there is specialized equipment used to mount a camera on the skateboard. They use a short piece of concrete and then attach the camera to it. Then this piece of hard plastic is attached to the skateboard either at the back part of the front or even both.

The important thing that you have to take into account is that the camera should have a reasonable gap between itself and the ground, and it should stay unmoved as the skateboard does its tricks.

Filming your skateboard ride is such a fun way that would also let you see how you have done a particular trick and record the whole ride. It is also a very good way of sharing information with others, especially to those who are new to skateboard riding. Mount your camera carefully and safely on your skateboard to have a close shot of your ride. As soon as you are done, you may start rolling!

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