Types of Skimboards

Types of Skimboards: Get Acquainted with The Boards

Many would agree that skimboarding is a combination of surfing and skateboarding. This idea gets backed up by the two categories of skimboarding. The first one is wave skimming. Like surfing, this gets done with waves. However, this time, it’s on the smaller and cut in waves near the shoreline. The second is flatland, almost like skateboarding, but done in shallow and still water like puddles or rivers.

Based on the different locations and types of waters one can skimboard on, it is no wonder there are also several types of skimboards available. These types of skimboards depend on the type of skimboarding. In each category, the skimboards have different designs and are made of distinctive materials to support and cater to the kind of skimboarding. Knowing which category of skateboarding is the first step in identifying the best choice in all the types of skimboards.

Different Types of Skimboards

The different types of skimboards get categorized into two main options. First is the type of skimboarding, and second is the material used for the skimboards. Because of this, it is easier to know the different sorts of skimboards and their uses. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to each kind. Their common ground is their assurance of safe and fun skimboarding.

According to Skimboarding Categories

Foam Core Boards

Source: https://obx.oceanatlanticrentals.com/wp-content/uploads/skimboard20-foamy.jpg

For wave skimming, the best type of skimboard is the foam core boards. Since wave skimming is a little demanding than flatland, most professional skimboarders usually choose this type of skimboard. The first reason is that this type of skimboard makes it easier to learn different tricks. The skimboard glides smoothly on the smaller waves. These types of skimboards are thick but light and flexible. These are likewise the more expensive type of skateboard.

Wooden Boards

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The flatland, on the other hand, pairs well with a wooden board. Though some wooden boards are heavier, this design suggestively lets the wooden skimboard sink more naturally, making it perfect for shallow waters. Because of its weight and thickness, the board is durable and convenient to use for beginners.

You might want to be careful when using wooden boards. The chances of getting hit are high, particularly when practicing for the first time. So, be cautious in case you hit the board. The hit might not be good. But of course, always adhere to the necessary precautions.  Most beginners choose this skimboard because it is cheaper but still durable.

According to Skimboard’s Material

Carbon Fiber

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First, is the skimboard made of carbon fiber. These types of skimboards are the choices of advanced to professional skimboarders. This skimboard is light and powerful, yet it has a stiff surface. It makes it harder to bend compared to the other types.

When using this skimboard, professional skimboarders effortlessly take control of how fast and balanced they are when doing more demanding tricks with multiple turns on the waves. Its physical feature covers a pointy nose with a narrow body or width. Since it’s for professionals, you can expect this type of skimboard to be the most expensive of them all.

Fiberglass plus polyester

Source: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71uDDoyzvPL._AC_SY606_.jpg

The next type of skimboard uses fiberglass and polyester. Skimboarders with enough experience will have fun using this skimboard. The materials used are cheaper than carbon fiber. Though it may not have the same durability as carbon fiber, this type of skimboard works for professionals as well. It has a stiff board, slightly less than carbon fiber once more, but stiff enough to match the harshness of any solid surfaces such as rocks or strong waves.


Source: https://bzproboard.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/BZ-Fiberglass-Skimboard-48-570×570-1-570×570.jpg

The last type is made of fiberglass alone. This type works best for beginners. It helps beginner skimboarders float readily and glide through the waves more smoothly. It’s the best type of skimboards for the first-timer who’s trying to test out waves with a manageable skimboard. However, since the material doesn’t react well with solid objects and gets easily dented, it’s better to use this skimboard on wet, smooth sand.

All of these types of skimboards present different styles and shapes as well. It is up to your personal preference on what to choose. The most important consideration is the category of skimboarding you’re trying. Then, all the others, such a height, weight, and level of expertise come second. Deciding the type of skimboard for you is easy once you know the different factors that will affect your choice.


There are different types of skimboards sold by numerous brands. These skimboards will surely give you the ride of a lifetime. However, it is knowing the types of skimboards first that make choosing one easier. Now that you have the general idea of what to look for in your hunt for skimboards, you won’t waste money and effort on the type that won’t suit the kind of skimboarding you’re up for.

Getting the chance to see and touch the types of skimboards will let you get to feel material and know right then which one suits your preference. How was your hunt for your skimboard?

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