SKL Skateboard Review

SKL Skateboard Review [2021]

Skateboarders rely on good quality, durable and flexible boards. And when it comes to top-quality skateboards, SKL is one of the brands to check out. The SKL Skateboard 31 x 8 inches is a complete skateboard that’s made from heavy-duty but flexible materials. It is a standard-sized skateboard that promises a smoother ride. Let’s find out if this brand is true to its word in this SKL Skateboard review.

Pros and Cons


  • Made from tough materials
  • Smooth and durable bearings.
  • Safe flashing wheels
  • Offers great control, easy to stop
  • Easy to carry around
  • Comes with tools


  • Limited color options

Things to consider before buying a skateboard

This SKL skateboard is a one-size-fits-all board that may be used by young users and adults as well. You don’t need to worry about finding the right size skateboard for your needs. This is a skateboard for beginners as it’s easy to ride with a forgiving shape and weight. It is also a good skateboard for people who are still learning how to perform stunts and various tricks because of its standard shape and ease to carry weight.

Before you select a skateboard, consider the following factors:

  • Style – for boards you can ride anywhere go for a cruiser board with wide and soft wheels. Classic-shaped boards are best for skateparks and ramps.
  • Size – full boards are 7.5” or wider for 13 years old and above, mid boards are 7.25” to 7.375” for 9 to 12 years old, mini boards are 7” wide for riders 6 to 8 years old and micro skateboards 6.5 to 6.75” wide are for riders 5 years old and younger.
  • Grip tape – this is the material on top of the skateboard which is sandpaper-like. It is always grippy so you’ll stay safe as you ride your board.
  • Deck – decks are made from different materials and professional ones come with 7 layers of veneer maple. High-end ones have 9 layers of maple while cheaper ones have 3 layers of wood held together by cheap glue. 
  • Trucks – skateboard trucks are the metal parts of your board. Most are made from aluminum alloy but some boards have a combination of metals.
  • Wheels and bearings – these are made from hard polyurethane that absorbs vibrations and can go over small bits of sand and pebbles. Wheels are measured in durometers and different durometer is best for a particular riding style. On the other hand, bearings hold the wheels in place and allow them to turn.  Bearings vary in quality and price.

Features and Benefits

The SKL skateboard has many features that you may find handy.

Made from high-quality materials

This skateboard is made of 9 layers of maple wood. Layers have been compressed to create a crash-resistant, very durable board with a capacity of 220 pounds. The deck is made of very grippy carborundum which improves friction.

The bracket is made from magnalium, an impact-resistant metal. It’s painted black so it can resist scratches and corrosion. The bushings are polyurethane which protects the wheels from abrasion.

Offers a smooth and stable ride

The wheels are high-quality 55 mm wheels with 88A PU, ABEC – 11 steel bearings, and PU bushings. You’ll get smoother rides and the best carving movements to give you speed as you move around for a long time.

Comes with flashing wheels

Make your rides fun with flashing wheels. These light up as soon as you ride which helps you stay safe especially when you’re riding in a dark place or when there’s limited lighting. This is a feature that you can never turn off.

Safe to use by beginners

This SKL skateboard is for experts and is great for beginners too. It is stable to use and comfortable. It will never bend even when your braking or sliding. If you want to stop, simply place your foot on the ground. You may also lean in the reverse direction to gradually slow you down before you place your foot down. This comes with a double-kick design for enhanced control especially when braking. Meanwhile, professionals can use this board to perform stunts and different tricks.

Great design

This skateboard has a simple yet stylish design. The top is a plain black grippy material with the SKL logo in the middle. The back of the deck has a blue, light blue, dark blue, and black design. The board is waterproof, will never bend and change shape, and is indestructible.

Social Proof

Here are some testimonials from consumers who have purchased this SKL skateboard.

Many consumers were happy with their purchases. Most agreed that it’s a durable, good quality skateboard and have used it for different stunts and tricks.

Some users were very happy with the light-up wheels. These made them feel safe when riding their skateboards in the dark or at night.

A lot of users say it’s a standard skateboard for its size, design, and shape but it was comfortable, fun to ride, and looks great. They loved that this board came with a carrying bag.


People new to skateboarding will find the SKL skateboard a good skateboard to help them learn and train. This is designed for beginners, children or young riders, and adults as well. This skateboard is made from durable materials so expect your purchase to last a long time. We recommend this skateboard for its

  • Very strong 9-ply deck
  • Durable, light-up wheels for nighttime safety
  • Great design that’s not too flashy or over the top.

If you’re looking for a beginner skateboard or a board to replace your old one, we recommend the SKL skateboard. If you think that this skateboard is for you, check this out from this link.

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