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Skateboarding Tattoo Ideas: 30 Awesome Designs

Skateboarding is a fantastic sport. It’s daring, exciting, and fascinating; there’s this thrill that you’ll love to feel over and over again. And whether you’re into the sport or you’re an avid fan, you surely love this sport enough to get a skateboarding tattoo.

Let us inspire you with these top 30 skateboarding tattoo ideas. These tattoo designs stand out from other designs because of their cool and edgy styles. To make it easier to find the right tattoo design, we have divided our list into various tattoo body areas: arms, chest, back, legs, hands, and feet. We’re confident you’ll find the best design to suit your style.

Top 30 Best Skateboarding Tattoo Ideas

If you’re watching skateboard competitions, you’ll notice that many top skaters have tattoos on their bodies. Some just don’t have one but multiple tattoos on their bodies, like Nyjah Huston and Ryan Sheckler. For skaters, tattoos represent their love and pride in the sport. Tattoos also show their devotion to their families and friends. Here are some top tattoo ideas that show skateboarding’s adventurous and funny sides. 

Arms Skateboard Tattoos

Almost all famous skateboarders with tattoos have one or both arms inked. The arms are very common tattoo sites as these are mostly uncovered during practice runs and events. Also, arm tattoos enhance a skater’s form.

1. Broken Skateboard Heart Tattoo

An excellent skateboard tattoo design has been getting a lot of attention lately because of its fierce design. In this design, a skateboard was broken in two, but the two pieces combined to make a skateboard heart. The skateboard is noticeably broken with jagged edges symbolizing a skater’s deep love for the sport. Even if he falls and hurts himself, he will continue to ride until he becomes better with a trick or stunt.

2. Skateboard Roses and Thorns Tattoo

Roses symbolize love and devotion, while thorns are the challenges that you need to endure to be the best in your class. This design is very common but never grows old in skateboarding. Skaters deal with painstaking practice until they get their reward. They endure hardships, injuries,  pressures, and stress to perfect their ride and land their tricks. In the long run, they prevail just like the lovely rose growing amidst the thorns.

3. Skeleton Riding a Skateboard Tattoo

We all know by now that skateboarding is a dangerous activity, but skaters don’t mind looking death in the eye. This tattoo of a skeleton riding a skateboard tells it all. Skaters put their lives on the line by perfecting mind-bending tricks and stunts that seem to defy gravity! But even a tiny mistake can cause severe devastation! You may never know when you’ll meet this bony fellow on a skateboard, but we sure hope you won’t.

4. Cup of Coffee Riding a Skateboard Tattoo

Skateboarders need something substantial like black coffee to wake their senses, especially after a tiring day of practice. A coffee cup on a skateboard looks funny, but it can also mean skaters need to watch out as they ride their boards each time. Shake off that sleepy feeling first. Skateboarding is a very challenging activity, and only those who can pay attention can get the best results.

5. Baker Boys Tattoo

The Baker Boys was one of the most popular skateboarding brands. Since it launched in 2000, they have inspired millions of skaters who want to become big in the sport. And having the Baker Boys name inked on your arm means you want to be as great as the team. You love their merchandise, too, such as their caps, long-sleeved shirts, stickers, and complete skateboards.

Legs Skateboard Tattoos

The legs are perfect tattoo canvasses because of their huge areas. You can ink large intricate designs on the upper legs or small colorful ones on the lower legs. Just like the arms, the legs are mostly exposed and thus can be easily seen while a skater performs.

6. Grimm Reaper Skateboard Tattoo

The Grim Reaper is out to get skateboarders who have lost their way in this scary yet artistic tattoo. The Reaper rides on a hell-bound skateboard in this tattoo, something that you’ll want to have on your upper legs. If you’re interested in getting this tattoo, make sure to ink this on your upper legs, as the design is so intricate it needs a large area. Also, emphasize the Reaper’s fiery eyes, which means this sport is dangerous yet well-loved by riders.

7. Retro Sunset Skateboarding Tattoo

You may have seen this California setting sun retro design on an 80s T-shirt or a poster but as a tattoo? You’ll love to have this cool retro skateboarding design on your legs as it symbolizes your unending passion and love for skateboarding. The design is simple but classy, worthy of your first skateboarding tattoo. 

8. Funny Cat Skateboarding Tattoo

Take luck with you when you ride or perform tricks with this Maneki-Neko on a skateboard design. This excellent design keeps luck with you wherever you go. Just like the cat’s lucky charm, you’ll be attracting luck wherever you go! This tattoo is intricate, fun, and perfect for first-time skateboarders and those who are preparing for an upcoming competition.

9. Snake and Skateboard Tattoo

A snake tattoo symbolizes creativity, transformation, rebirth, and immortality. Having a snake with a skateboard as a tattoo means that you are creative and willing to face adversity and various challenges in skateboarding. You also want to be recognized as one of the best in the industry, to become immortalized in skating record books.

10. Screaming Hand Tattoo

The screaming hand is one of the most iconic tattoo designs in skateboarding. It means that you want to be recognized, to be the best in the sport and the hands screaming your victory says it all. Notice that the hand looks detached from the arm, and in most tattoo designs, this hand is blue, which could mean that it’s slowly rotting away.

Chest Skateboard Tattoos

Tattoos on the chest mean that whatever the design symbolizes is close to their heart. Although the chest is mostly covered, many skaters with chest tattoos show these off by riding bare chested. The chest area is vast and perfect for large tattoo designs. 

11. Eagle Clutching a Skateboard Tattoo

Instead of an eagle holding a skull, a rose, or a sword, like all other similar tattoos, this one is clutching a skateboard. This tattoo means you’re headed for victory with the eagle holding your skateboard for you. The eagle in this tattoo has spread its wings, something that looks amazing when inked on your chest or back.

12. Bleeding Heart and Skateboard Tattoo

A tattoo of a bleeding heart is a commemorative tattoo, usually the death of someone close to your heart. It also means deep and unconditional love for a person as well. A bleeding heart with a skateboard could mean the loss of a friend or a skateboarding legend. Having this tattoo on your chest means that you want to remember this loss forever, and not even death can make you forget.

13. Name Tattoo on Chest

Having the name of a person tattooed on your chest means that you deeply love this person. You want to show everyone and tell everyone how important this person is. The name of a person on a skateboard tattooed on your chest means you’re dedicating your skateboarding talents or career to this person. This could be the most inspiring tattoo on this list. 

14. Flying Skull Tattoo

As we mentioned before, the chest area is a broad canvass, so why ink a tiny design when you can have a large print like this flying skull design? This tattoo features a flaming skull in the center with open white wings. Artists say that this tattoo represents “Memento Mori,” a Latin phrase for “the remembrance of our own death.” This tattoo means a skater’s mortality or could represent a rider’s growth and character change.

15. Cross with Wings Tattoo

A tattoo of a cross with wings symbolizes freedom of religious beliefs. Skateboarding brings everyone together, even people from different walks of life, which explains why skaters love this tattoo design. This design could also commemorate a skater’s near brush with death or could be a remembrance of the death of someone who is very dear to you.

Back Skateboard Tattoos

The back is less seen as skaters are mostly wearing shirts during events and practice sessions. But when called for, a skater can show off his back to reveal colorful and intricate designs. The following back tattoo ideas are popular among young skaters.

16. Punk Skateboarding Tattoo

Skateboarders have this unimaginable attraction to goth and punk, which explains why many go for punk tattoos on their backs. Punk tattoos show off a skater’s spunky edge. It could also represent a rider’s dedication to his craft and his creativity. Skateboarding requires firm commitment and creativity. Having these qualities make you a successful skater no matter where you are.

17. Cross with Blood Tattoo

The cross with blood tattoo is common among skaters, which represents their very firm religious beliefs. This tattoo could mean you’re offering your life to God; you want God to guide you in your sport. The cross with blood design shows a skater’s dedication, humility, and faith in God.

18. Heart with Dagger Tattoo

Skateboarders with a heart and dagger tattoo symbolize that they have experienced extreme betrayal. This could be a betrayal of trust by a partner or by someone close to you at work. This is a strong emotion that you want everyone to know you’re hurting. Also, this tattoo may symbolize devotion, loyalty, and deep love.

19. Skateboard Skeleton Back Tattoo

A skeleton with a skateboard wedge in his chest cavity is a very intricate tattoo design you won’t find anywhere. The designer may have been inspired by the daredevil tricks that professional skateboarders perform. This design commemorates the skills of skaters, but it also reminds skaters that they must take extreme care while riding their boards if they don’t want to suffer from injuries or even death.

20. Skate or Die Tattoo

The Skate or Die tattoo phenomenon never dies. You’ll find this edgy phrase in various tattoo designs, including a skeleton on a skate, a skull with a skateboarding cap, or a crashed broken skateboard. The Skate or Die tattoo can also stand on its own, something you’ll see in minimalist tattoo designs.

Hands Skateboard Tattoos

Hand tattoos symbolize hard work and devotion. This means you want to work hard to achieve your goals. Having a skateboard hand tattoo means that a skater wants to be the best in his field.  He wants to show everyone how dedicated he is to skateboarding.

21. Simple Skateboard Tattoo

This is probably the most straightforward skateboarding tattoo yet. It is a small half-inch tattoo of a skateboard. It’s great for people who can’t decide which tattoo design to get. This cute tiny tattoo is so easy to create that you’ll probably spend only minutes in a tattoo station. You may also use variations of this tattoo which are still easy to ink on your arm or hands.

22. Stick Person on a Skateboard Tattoo

Simple and cute, this stick person on a skateboard tattoo is perfect on your hands or wrists. This is a fun tattoo that you’ll love to show off to your friends. If you’re still undecided on the tattoo design to get, this small tattoo could be your first one.

23. Skateboard Trucks Reverse Engineering Tattoo

Show everyone how skateboard trucks are made through this reverse engineering tattoo. This is a clever design that you will surely want to have inked on your hands. But make sure that a professional tattoo artist can create every detail of this reverse engineering design.

24. Snake on Skateboard Hand Tattoo

A snake tattoo represents rebirth or transformation as snakes shed their skins. This tattoo could mean that the skater has experienced a life-changing event, a profound change that has affected his life and his career. And just like the adaptable snake, a skater can conquer any challenges and difficulties. This tattoo is more common on the hand as it could mean that this change was brought by hard work and perseverance.

25. Broken Skateboard Tattoo

A tattoo of a broken skateboard could mean that a skater has suffered extreme difficulties to the point that he has given up many times. But, because of his dedication to skateboarding, he has managed to return and to better himself. A broken board is also a worn-out board which means that he has had a lot of time practicing and participating in events to no avail. But his broken dreams won’t stand in his way as he will continue to try again.

Feet Skateboard Tattoos

Skateboarding involves a lot of footwork. With the proper foot positions, you can land tricks with ease. Tattoos on the feet spell simplicity, mysteriousness, and righteousness. The following are top feet skateboard tattoos for you.

26. Skateboard Shoe Tattoo

An appropriate tattoo design for a skateboarding tattoo on the feet. This is a small tattoo, hardly noticeable, especially when the skater is wearing shoes and socks. The shoe tattoo represents a skater’s passion for the sport. He respects skateboarding and wants to skate for years to come. A skater shoe tattoo could also mean that you want to go places with skateboarding.

27. Skateboard Silhouette Tattoo

A skateboard silhouette tattoo is simple and barely noticeable as well. This design means that you’re not as severe with the sport and are only riding to have fun. This tattoo design could also mean that skateboarding has been your passion since you were small.

28. Death on a Skateboard Tattoo

The cartoon version of Grimm Reaper riding on a skateboard is a funny tattoo. This is entirely different from the fierce Reaper tattoo on the arms or legs. This design could mean that the skater is busy having fun with skateboarding that he doesn’t care about how dangerous this sport is. He is reckless, spontaneous, and fearless.

29. Funny Heart on a Skateboard

A cartoonish heart riding a skateboard expresses a skater’s love for the sport. Skateboarding is a very emotional sport, and skateboarders often get too involved with skating that they do all they can do to better each time they go out there to perform.

30. Cartoon Man Riding an Alligator

Instead of a skateboard, this cartoonish man is riding an alligator like a skateboard! There are many explanations for this design, but the best one has to be skateboarding is as dangerous as riding an alligator. But no matter what this design means, it is funny and interesting to ink on your feet.

Final Words

Which skateboarding tattoo design fits you? Take time to decide so you can ink with no regrets. And no matter which tattoo design you select, you’ll surely stand out with these impressive skateboarding tattoo designs.  

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