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12 Best Skateboarding Movies in Netflix to Watch Right Now

One way to dive into skateboard culture is by watching skateboarding–themed films and videos. There’s so much stuff to watch online but if you’re into movies, you can certainly watch skateboarding movies on Netflix. From the Z-boys 1970s flick to the classic Back to the Future series, you’ll enjoy watching endlessly on this streaming app. And most of all, you can take your movies with you wherever you go as you can stream movies from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. So, without further ado, here are the top 12 must-watch skateboard-themed movies on Netflix.

The Top 12 Skateboard Movies About Skateboarding From Netflix

Dogtown and Z-boys

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Dogtown and Z-boys is a Zephyr Skateboarding documentary that was set during the glory days of skateboarding. This skating film was set in Venice, in an area called Dogtown where a group of extraordinarily talented and determined skateboarders skated through a drought. 

The drought dried up pools and the friends saw this as an opportunity to practice their skills. Critics admired this documentary because of the way it raises adrenaline. They also appreciated the efforts in creating the skating film and credited the film for helping revolutionize the skateboarding industry and the rise of skateboarding all over the world.

Back to the Future 

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The three Back to the Future movies featured Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly who travels back in time and also forward in time on a time machine car. Although most of the scenes focused on the Delorian, there were breathtaking skateboarding stunts as well. 

Marty has the skills of a pro-skater and no wonder it was easy for him to use a hoverboard when he traveled to the future. Back to the Future is one of the most inspiring skateboarding movies and has inspired many to take interest in the sport.

Paranoid Park 2007 – Blake Nelson

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Paranoid Park is a drama flick based on Blake Nelson’s novel. The film tells about the adventures or misadventures of a determined high school student skateboarder who’s running away from authorities. He accidentally killed a security guard as the man tried to attack his friend.

Audiences who watched Paranoid Park agreed that it kept them at the edge of their seats. It’s one of the well-made and relatable skateboard movies, especially for skateboarders and teens.


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Thrashin’ is an American drama film starring Josh Brolin. Many who saw this film compared it to West Side Story as it focuses on romantic stereotypes and not really about skating. Corey, the protagonist young man is an aspiring skater who joins ramp locals group called The Local Ramp who competes with the Daggers.

Corey falls head over heels with a girl who is the sister of the leader of the Daggers and thus, the romance begins. Thrashin is an all-around skater film with cameos from top skaters like Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi. 


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Kids is an American movie by Larry Clark and one of the most popular skateboarding flicks on Netflix. The film is about Telly, an out-of-control skateboarder who is tested HIV positive. Kids portray teenage skaters as people admonished by society because they used drugs and focus on sex without any regard for the sport or friendship.

This skateboarding film serves as a wake-up call to young people and parents about the alarming state of the skateboarding culture.  This is one of the best skateboard movies on Netflix.

Gleaming The Cube

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Gleaming The Cube features Christian Slater as a 16-year old skateboarder Brian Kelly who loves Vinh, his adoptive brother who supports his skateboarding despite landing in serious troubles with authorities. One day, Vinh was murdered and Brian decided to find the one responsible and bring him to justice. 

Gleaming The Cube is an eyeful for people who want to witness the skateboarding culture in the U.S. in the 1980s. One of the top skateboard movies, it also features top professional skaters including Mark Rogowski, Mike McGill, Tony Hawk, and Lance Mountain.

Skate Kitchen

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Skate Kitchen centers on Camille, a skilled young skateboarder who loves the sport and the culture. One day, she suffered a fatal injury after skateboarding and this led her mother to forbid her from skating again. But this did not stop Camille; she eventually came up with an all-girls skateboarding group that remained friends through thick or thin. This is one of the most popular girl skateboard movies.


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Mid90s is the first ever directed by Jonah Hill and it stars skateboarder Sunny Suljic as Stevie that’s fascinated with skateboarding. Stevie wanted to rise the ranks so he buys a skateboard and joins a gang but he has to accept that the group is also involved in alcohol, sex, and pot. This skateboarding film was received with positive reviews and a lot of praises for Hill and Suljic. 

Wassup Rockers

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Wassup Brothers is a 2005 skateboarding film about Guatemalan American / Salvadoran American teenagers who admire the Ramones and lived their lives in adoration for the band. The group loved to skate and they used skateboarding to deal with racism issues in their communities.

Street Dreams

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Street Dreams is a film about a skateboarder Derrick Cabrera played by Paul Rodriguez. Derrick wants the respect of his family and his girlfriend when it comes to skateboarding and uses the negative remarks he receives to motivate him and improve his skills. This is one of the most popular skateboard movies of all time.


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Skateboard is a sports/drama film in 1978. This is a story about a Hollywood agent that’s in debt to a bookie. He arranges talented skateboarders to enter a race with a prize of 20 thousand dollars so he can pay off his debt. The film features cameos from many popular skateboarders and famous skaters including Tony Alva as Tony Blue-Tile. 

Skateboard Madness

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Skateboard Madness by Stacy Peralta is another movie that takes a close look at skateboard culture in the 1970s. This is a story about a reporter for a popular skateboarding newspaper who is so laid-back that he puts his job on the line. One day, he was told that he could choose between writing a good skateboarding story or lose his job. Just like the movie Skateboard, Skateboard Madness also features top skaters and pros. 


The best skateboarding movies on Netflix are here to inspire aspiring skaters and those who wish to learn more about the skateboard culture. So, it’s time to subscribe to Netflix and grab some popcorn and binge-watch these awesome films this weekend.

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