Skateboard Trick Names

Ultimate List of Skateboard Trick Names

Skateboarding is more than street fun. But because of legends like Tony Hawk and Mitchie Brusco and events like X Games from ESPN, this pastime has become a passion, a true sport that requires physical strength, advanced training, and great skill. People learning how to skate for the first time are never contented with learning just the basic skateboarding tricks! 

Most beginners breeze through the easy skateboarding tricks and then afterward, try to master more advanced moves. So if you’re still a beginner and wondering which tricks are worth your while, check out our list of the most popular skateboard trick names voted by the skateboarding community.

The Ultimate Skateboard Trick List

540 Rodeo Flip – Bowl or Pool Trick

The 540 Rodeo Flip is a popular skateboarding trick performed in abandoned swimming pools or bowls. The skater moves along the walls of the bowl and then finally flies while grabbing a part of the board using his feet. He creates a perfect turn while still standing on the board. He descends on the ground still standing on two feet. A good grip tape is recommended for this trick. 

900 and 1260-Degree Flip – High Speed Trick

This skateboard trick is one of the basic skateboarding tricks involving air board flips from the end of the ramp. However, after seeing Tony Hawk’s 900 degrees flip performance at the 1999 X Games, this high-speed trick has become even more popular and more complicated.

Axle Stall – One of the Basic Tricks for Transitioning

One of the most popular tricks, the axle stall is a transition trick which means it will let you move on to the next stunt by improving your balance and pump. This trick requires the skater to stop for at least a second as the trucks are facing the coping. This is not a kickturn so practice well and you can use this transition trick more efficiently.

Board Slide Tricks– Fun and Exciting Skateboard Tricks

In a boardslide or railside, you must slide along the center of the board right between the wheels. The reason why it’s called railside is that you move on a raised and narrow surfaces like the rails of a flight of stairs or walkway. This is one of the very first trick that most skaters learn before they proceed to other tricks.

Fakie Heel Flip – Mirror of a Heelflip Skateboarding Trick

This trick is the exact opposite (opposite direction) of a heelflip as this one will require you to snap starting from the stance on a fakie heelflip. A lot of practice pays off when performing this trick as you must fake placing your legs on a heelflip with the toes hanging over just a little bit. 

Afterward, snap using your front foot and try to spin the board to create a heelflip. Slant slightly backward as the skateboard will start to twist. As the board moves to complete the heelflip, hold it and land.

Grind – Old Yet Timeless Skateboarding

The grind is one of the basic tricks where you move along the truck hangers or on any object that will fit between the wheels or the area where the trucks are located. This trick originated from backyard pools and then afterward spread to skate parks and bowls.

Halfcab Broken Fingers – Non-Airborne Yet Fun Skateboarding Trick

The halfcab broken fingers are more about foot placement than timing. It’s also better if you already know the straight nose hook from a stationary position before proceeding with this trick. Your board must be the right length with a steep tail. 

Heelflip Trick – Must – Learn Basic Trick

AKA the “heelie” is one of the popular flip tricks is the same as the kickflip. You start by performing the ollie and using the front foot to kick out diagonally. The front heel will flip the skateboard while in the air to complete a full rotation from the nose-tail axis.

Inward Heel Flip – Pop Shove It + Heelflip

The inward heelflip is the child of the regular heelflip and the pop shove-it. It offers trick variations where in the skater pops the board and do an ollie and afterward, flip the boar using your front heel as you scoop the tail so it can rotate. This is one of the advanced skateboard tricks so you need a lot of practice to master it.

Kickflip 360 with Truck Stand – New Version Trick

Another advanced trick, the kickflip 360 with a truck stand is for pro skaters and needs a lot of practice to perform well. You start to an ollie normal stance on the tail and then pop and drag your front foot on the grip of the nose of the board. This movement will make the board flip. This trick becomes harder with a truck stand before you finish.

No Comply – Old-School Trick

The no comply trick is a basic skateboarding trick performed on parking blocks and curbs. Check out videos by Rodney Mullen to give you a good idea how it’s done. It’s easy and effortless and is mostly used to change stance from the regular to switch stance. 

Nollie (Nose Ollie)– The Reverse Ollie

Another version of the ollie is the nollie skateboarding trick. In a nollie, the rider’s original position is opposite the ollie. The front foot pushes the skateboard nose downwards and the back is slid backward to lift you off the flat ground.

Ollie – The First Skateboarding Trick

The ollie is one of the basic tricks where the skater leaps into the air with his board without using his hands. This is the most important trick and is the first trick that most beginner skaters learn.

Pop Shove It (pop shuvit) – Spin 180 Degrees with this Trick

The pop shove-it is a trick where the skater spins the board 180 degrees or more with the tail not hitting the ground. A rider may find many shove-it variations but all of these are the same. The front foot is at one spot but the back foot shoves the board.

Wallride Trick – Complicated But Fun

The wallride is a trick where the skater moves parallel to a flat wall. The wheels of the board are on the wall side and they ride as if they’re defying gravity. Most skaters try hard to learn this trick because they love how graceful it looks. 

Other top skateboard tricks that we know you’ll love are the handstand flip, finger flip, forward flip tricks, the crooked grind, and the grape flip. Practice to perfect the basics; Becoming a professional skateboarder is to learn more advanced tricks.  Watch jumping, spinning, and riding videos of pro skaters, or watch the Ride Channel to learn more.


Almost every pro skater has a variation of these basic skateboard tricks. If you have other skateboarding tricks you want to add to our list of skateboard trick names let us know. Did you enjoy this post? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Like and share this list with anyone who wants to be better at performing skateboarding tricks.

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