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Interesting Skateboard Quotes For You

Known as an extreme sport, skateboarding is something a lot of people love. More than a sport, skateboarding is a form of art and lifestyle, which is why many find refuge to skateboarding as this sport gives a sense of freedom and self-discovery. 

Quotes are seen everywhere, but not all of them can touch everyone. Some might catch your attention, but there are also some quotes that you might only shrug off after reading. In skateboarding, quotes will inspire skateboarders to persevere, a reminder to be yourself always, and a driving force to go deeper. Wanted to hear the interesting quotes in skateboarding? Take your seat for a while and read some of the well-known quotes and interesting quotes in skateboarding just for you. 

“Once you pick up a skateboard, you’ll find out that it’s not a hobby, it’s not a sport, it’s a lifestyle” – Lil Wayne 

A quiet interesting quote indeed! If you’re just a starter or have only a limited idea about skateboarding, you might wonder why it became a lifestyle. Well, just like what they say, only skateboarders will understand the heat of a skateboarder. When you’re into it, you’ll soon find why skateboarding is more than a hobby and a sport but also a lifestyle. 

“I won’t quit skating until I am physically unable” – Tony Hawk 

This quote from one of the most famous skateboarders in the world is something everyone can understand. Yet, in some sense, it’s quite interesting to see such a simple and short quote but with a full heart in it. In this line from Tony Hawk, you will understand how much he loves this sport, which might give a lot of skateboarders a lesson. Skateboarding always has its ups and downs where failures are inevitable; however, this quote reminds you that as long as you are still able, there’s no reason for quitting. 

“If skateboarding ever gets too scary for you, then you were never meant to skate in the first place.” – Jake Phelps 

Do you ever find yourself falling in love with skating, but fear stops you from doing it? Well, this quote should interest you. Skateboarding is not an easy sport, yet it’s one of the best. Fear is inevitable, but the attitude of facing your fear is a choice every skateboard lover should have. If you’re scared, then skateboarding might not be for you; it’s for the souls with the spirit of warriors, though. 

“You can’t be careful on a skateboard” – Stephen King 

Skateboarding gives a sense of freedom. When you’re on board, being careful sometimes gives you the limitation to show off your skills and abilities. Stephen King might knock you off in this quote, but hey, he’s actually right. In skateboarding, being too careful is also playing with limitations. 

“Skateboarding is a poetry of motion” – Stevie Williams 

Stevie Williams hit it right. Skateboarding is an art in which self-expression is free while thrill and adventure are what you’ll meet along the way. 

The learning you gain from skateboarding is also the learning you need in life. As these quotes interest you, as you continue skating, you’ll be able to appreciate about skateboarding and share your thoughts through interesting and touching quotes.

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