Skateboard or Longboard For Transportation

Skateboard or Longboard For Transportation: Which is Better?

Skateboarding and longboarding are two relative sports. Many people have a difficult time identifying. While a debate between sports enthusiasts which is the best among these two is still going on, one thing is for sure, skateboarding and longboarding are sports which are both good for your health. 

More than a type of sport or a simple hobby, a lot of people today are already choosing skateboard and longboard for transportation. But which one is really better for transportation, skateboard or longboard? 

The Difference between Skateboard and Longboard

They were confused, what makes them different? Well, a longboard is just a traditional type of skateboard. Manufacturers produce this type of board with different styles for different purposes. It was in the 1950s when skateboarding became famous. As time pass by, people who love surfing tried to look for another option in times that they can’t surf anymore. Thus, longboarding was born as people produce longer skateboards with similar movements with skateboarding. 

From size, shape, wheels, balancing, and ways of cruising as well as tricks in using, longboarding has some differences with skateboarding. 

The Best Choice for Transportation 

There are many types of skateboards, and all can be used for transportation. However, for different cruising, different types of skateboards are more suitable to use. In fact, there are things you may put into consideration in choosing a skateboard or longboard for transportation. As you consider these things, it will give you hints which are the better choice. 

Where are you going to ride? 

The place is a big factor when it comes to commuting with skateboard or longboard. Longboards are not suitable to use in crowded areas. These places require something easy to maneuver and respond easily; with this, skateboard fits well. 

However, when you happen to ride in asphalt, big and soft wheels and something that gives a great balance works better. At this point, a longboard is your only option. 

The distance 

For short distances and in cities, you need to choose something light, easy to control, responsive, and portable. Considering this factor, a longboard is a hassle, and the skateboard is an excellent choice. 

On the other hand, when it comes to long distances and flat surfaces, longboarding is the one that fits. It gives comfort in your ride as long as you don’t pick it up more often. 

The Pros and Cons of Longboarding and skateboarding in Transportation

The Pros 

Many love both skateboarding and longboarding because it is a fun, full-body workout. Of course, it’s a faster choice compared to walking or jogging to your destination. More than that, you can use or play this sport on sidewalks, which makes it a better option compared to using a bike. Lastly, you can carry them everywhere. Well, this is a real advantage compared to other modes of transportation. 

The Cons

While there are many advantages, disadvantages are also something that skateboarding and longboarding has. 

First, not all places are accessible. Roadways with so much traffic or with rough and crack pavements are not suitable for skateboarding and longboarding. In addition to that, it can also be unsafe. This is especially to those who are just starting in their journey in this field. Either skateboarding or longboarding, it requires enough time and practice to perfect a skill. 

On the other hand, both longboards and skateboards are not smart choices during the snow. Aside from that, when choosing it for transportation, you can’t bring something with you like other modes of transportation offers. 

In the end, longboarding and skateboarding are two extreme sports you can try even for transportation. However, it will only happen when you’re already a pro and skillful in this field enough to keep yourself safe.

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