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Best Skateboard Company Logos of All Time

Skateboarding is recognized as authentic. A regular brand thrives through tests and struggles. To prosper in the market, you have to gain sales.

So skate brands made ways to stay in business. It’s wise to start with the identity as it can create distinction and popularity. 

The identities of these companies are shown in a logo. It was easy for them to portray the authenticity of their product as well as giving information to attract buyers. 

They made it an attractive small niche market that reaches youngsters and skateboarders in the entire world. Thanks for the ideas and creativity of icons such as Ron Cameron, Vernon Courtlandt Johnson, Marc McKee, and Jim Philips. 

It has contributed a lot to the skateboarding industry. Logos are more than a mere product of creativity. They’re formed from the tears and sweat of the designer. 

They are derived from good ideas, a concept, or a story that has been honed in time. Some designers were turned down by companies as what’s being depicted in the logo seems unclear. 

But once a logo has received approval, it will be distinguished by the public not only for the present but throughout generations. 

So here is the list of best skateboard company logos of all time. 

Independent Iron Cross Logo

It is the well-known legendary Road Rider logo. Jim is the designer, as per the request of Jay Shuirman. 

Jim thought over the design, so he incorporated the genesis icon of skateboarding and surfer cross from the surfer culture of the ’50s. However, the cross came with so many issues.

The cross is like a duplicate of the cross that was made of Nazi. It was the sign that means their hatred towards Jews. So he made a different cross.

The Independent Iron Cross logo represents skateboarders, skateboarding, and quality. The round thing on the logo can stand for the wheels on boards. 

It also fits the iconic and strong character of the founder of Independent. This logo design has been with the company for four decades.

So, it’s no doubt the number one logo as it doesn’t only make the company prosper, but it has a strong connection that can’t be cut out with skateboarding.

Powell Peralta the Ripper Logo

The logo is from the design created by Vernon Courtland. The skull logo that he made was given meaning in many ways.

Due to some unavoidable criticism, Courtland came up with a skull that pops up through a wall after brainstorming with his colleague. He encountered two issues when making the Ripper.

The first one is the background due to the static positions. Another one is the eyes as they shouldn’t be too whimsical or dark. There should be enough light to minimize the horror effect.

Its main use was for the shirts produced by Bones. Since it became popular, Powell opted to use it on shirts, decks, catalog, and stickers. It is even on the pant label of Powell-Peralta and Powell-Peralta shipping boxes.

It was associated with Bones, The Bones Brigade, and Powell Peralta in the marketing war that happened in the late 1980s. This style is loved by many, as it is copied by many, as it has great participation in marketing. 

It is both a symbol of youth culture and skate business.

Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Logo

It is the logo that symbolizes youth and skateboard culture, and it is still recognized as it is from the moment Jim Phillips created it. It was born in the early 1980s.

It is creepy and whimsical at the same time. It’s just simple yet interesting, so it landed on the body of many skaters and even non-skaters as a tattoo.

Dogtown Cross Logo

Wes Humpston made this logo putting just three letters, DTS. He then hanged out with fellow designers, and they decided to call a brand Dogtown Skate.

The logo with three letters evolved. Wes added a banner. He added dragons and waves later on.

Rat Bones Logo by Powell Peralta

This logo was created by Craig Stecyk due to the infamous Venice pier. It was a hub of entertainment before.

Skaters and surfers claimed to lose ownership of that area. Stecyk sprayed an image on a wall there. He made two bones crossing each other, and it made an ‘X’ with an angry rat above it along with three S.

Stecyk suggested to Stacy to use it as a pattern for new boards and wheels. Stacy didn’t think much of it and just said yes.

It’s an unexpected thing that made Powell Peralta rise high due to this logo. It was at that time that skateboarding wasn’t taken seriously. But it became an iconic design.


Spitfire is known for selling wheels, but it’s also a maker of tools, grip tape, and bearings. It also produces clothing, stickers, and accessories.

It was established in 1987, and it is a part of the Deluxe Distribution network together with Krooked, Real, and Anti Hero Skateboards.

The original Spitfire’s bighead logo is made by Kevin Ancell. It is still the most iconic logo up to these days.

The logo captures the sense of excitement and wildness with its eyes and teeth. It looks intense from its black outline and red filling. It is malleable as it can be associated with many things.

The logo can have a chef hat with dripping sauce. It can also be in an American flag backdrop.

It’s another logo that made its way outside the skateboarding world.

Thrasher Magazine

Roger Excoffon is the designer of the Thrasher Magazine logo. Bold, all-caps, slanted letters are used. It is the opposite of the letters that look seems to be sketched by hand and flat brush.

Air France Airline used it. Not for long, the logo also reached bookshops, convenience stores, and windows of fromagers all over Europe. Later, it was on hotdog stands and grocery stores.

It was also linked with the album made by the group of Bob Marley, The Wailers. It’s the Natty Dread album that caused reggae to be a part of skate culture along with Thrasher as the bible of skate counterculture.

The logo can be seen in several variations and colors.

Alva Skates Logo

Tony Alva is one of the greatest skateboarders. He turned down all of the offers from companies because he wanted to establish his own. 

He called it Alva Skates, and it’s the first-ever skateboarding company built by a real skateboarder. Instead of using his signature as a logo, he asked Eric Monson to make it.

Manson created 19 ads within six months’ time. They were way ahead of the trend at that time as they exceed the style and sensibility of what’s known on skateboarding. The logos are all about attitude.

The design can still be appreciated up to these days. Alva Skate is still one of the badass companies up to the present day.

Dot Logo by Santa Cruz

It’s recognized as the most prominent iconic image to ever surface within Santa Cruz County. It is also the badge of pride of the locals.

It became the official trademark logo of SCS, and it was made by Jim Phillips in 1978. The AS in the word ‘Santa Cruz’ is a closed triangle then there’s a shadow for added color. The lettering remained the same.

The giant red dot is behind the lettering, and it is the idea of Jay Shuirman. It is from the usual sticker that you can just easily put on the wall.

SCS is known as a venerable brand name and one of the distinct sports innovators. But its logo has ventured outside the skateboard world.

Triple P Logo, Powell Peralta

The Powell Corporation started very small, along with naivety and risks. It was in a small factory owned by George Powell.

It has a triple P logo, and it shines as an example of graphic works. This company has made tons of logos, but this one got popular. 

From a scholarly perspective, the triple P logo is immediately identified, compact with some movement, effective in any size, and playful enough to relate with. It’s suitable for promoting the identity a skateboard company wants to project.

Vision Street Wear

This company is known to sponsor several popular and great skaters. It has a reputation for producing bold, face graphics on shirts, sneakers, and skate decks. They also use bright and fluorescent colors and hypnotic patterns.

The logo is not the typical one that implies counterculture. It has mostly mainstream characteristics, and it’s the visual applicable in the ’80s.

But at the moment, true skaters are not interested anymore in wearing mainstream skating clothes. So far, Vision remained a big company as they are patronized by wanna-be skaters. 

Santa Monica Airlines

SMA or Santa Monica Airlines is made by SkipEngblom. This guy is the godfather of Z-boys. He is a gifted and talented surfboard shaper.

He shaped most of the skateboards sold by his company. SMA is still in the business of providing people hand-stained wood decks of skateboards. They come in different sizes and shapes.

The logo of SMA asks people for the team, history, quality, and the company it represents. You can see its logo waving after three decades of operation on SoCal pools.

Vans ‘Off the Walls’

Vans are known to produce shoes. It made a connection with skateboarding as it created the first-ever skateboarding shoes. 

The logo of this shoe company is only with the word ‘Van’ at first. It was the time that they didn’t start selling skateboard shoes.

The next logo was created by Mark Van Doren at the age of 13 years old. He is the son of James Van Doren, one of Van’s creators. 

The design was first made in the form of the stencil, and it was seen on Mark’s skateboard. Van ‘Off the Walls’ first appearance was on the heel tab of the first-ever model, Style 95 shoes.

This logo was made official on March 18, 1976. The fantastic detail is the square-root-like emblem. ‘Off the wall’ are words that were usually used by pool rider skaters in California.

Vans put a red and white logo on all vulcanized skate shoes’ heels. Skaters were able to customize the colors of their shoes.

Girl Skateboards

Its logo is so plain that it looks like the sign of a female restroom. Despite the name and the logo, their products are not exclusive for women.

The boards that they made have attractive and scantily clothed women images. Thus, the name and the logo. 

Shut Skates

In 1986, skateboarding was anti-social, and Shut Skates was known to be the subculture of the skate-punk movement. 

This company was the first-ever legit company in New York, and there the number of skaters didn’t reach a hundred. The team working for it is different from West Coast idiosyncrasy.

Skateboarding seems to be connected with California. But Shut Skates proved it to people that you can build a skating company away from sand and surf. The goal is to focus more on local characteristics.

Their logo was made by Eli Morgan Gesner when he was just 14 years old. It’s crest. 

Toy Machine Logo Design

This logo doesn’t go with the abstract image. It shows a monster that can be scary enough to be edgy and cool. 

But the font of the words balances it out as it appears to be fun. It can be commonly seen in skateboards.

Logo of Element Skateboard

Element Skateboard is one of the reliable manufacturers of skateboard and surfwear in the finest quality throughout the years. It is based in California, and it started in the industry in 1992. It went through tough times, but it ended up triumphant as it is popular now.

The logo of this company shows two circles inside a square box. There’s a tree in the inner circle.

The meaning that they want to relay to people is simple. They want to motivate people to safeguard or protect the environment.

There are shades of red and white, which means harmony, strength, and success. The font used is Avant Garde Gothic, which goes well with other parts.

Skull Skates

It was established in Saskatchewan, Canada, in April 1978. It was originally called the Great North Country Skateboard with a logo of Yin and Yang in black and white color.

Peter Dudommun changed the logo when the company’s name was changed to G.N.C. Skates. The new logo is called Skull Skates.

They decided to get rid of G.N.C and just go with Skates. The skull looks jagged, and it is made from cutting out the grip tape. 

The skull may appear outdated at present, but that’s the sign that it has a notable history with it. 

Four Arrowed Logo of H Street

The creation of this logo has a purpose. It embodies the skateboarding’s soul, and it represents the original idea of the sport.

The creators of H Street are Mike Ternasky and Tony Magnusson. It quickly became well-known due to its groundbreaking riders and videos. 

The four-arrowed logo was made by Francesco Albertini, a skater, and an artist. He made a design that is related to the street, and it can also mean ‘each street,’ which is like going on a crossroad or any direction when riding aboard.

H-Street was called T-Mag before. Tony Mag didn’t consider the idea of Albertini at first. 

But the designer explained the meaning further. He pressed that skateboarding can act as a universal sign of friendship and peace.

Skaters from different races and countries connect right away as they have the same interest in this sport. T-Mag likes the idea that their company is a representation of skateboarding as a universal icon and expansion of cultural phenomena.

Up to this day, it is one of the distinguished icons in the skating industry. 

The logo was derived from H-Street patron, Saint Andrew. He was a martyr on Saltire Cross. H-Street. ‘Only the faithful’ goes the words.

The logo stands for three meanings. 

  • Skate everything
  • Skateboarding lives forever
  • Skateboarders bringing peace and friendship to the world through skateboarding

Zero Skateboards

Zero is a valuable skating company, and its OG skull logo has reached cult status. The company was founded by Jamie Thomas in 1996.

Two decades after it was established, the Zero Skateboard army is one of the leading companies in terms of advancement in gap annihilation and oversized rail. The kids of that generation knew the ‘Skull & Sword.’

Therefore, Jamie Thomas made a company that is respectable and formidable as it started first at the bottom. 

The skull seems so common, and it is even similar to the skull on the shirt worn by Sid, a character in 1995 animated film entitled Toy Story. 

In 2000, Zero made a blood skull shirt for supposed to be a one-time use. Then CillyCorgLofan of The Smashing Pumpkins sported this shirt and helped Zero to increase their popularity.

Fans of the band got busy to get the clothing like shirts and hoodies with the Zero logo. 

Final Thoughts

It’s good to know the meaning behind the logos that you can see around you. You can’t comprehend the meaning behind it if you don’t know the story in the past.

These logos also bear the signature of skateboarding.

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