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Shove It Skateboard Trick: How is it Done?

Related to the iconic “pop shove it”, the shove may not be as popular but is a challenging skateboarding trick to learn. The shove-it takes the same direction and moves of the pop shove it, minus the pop. This is regarded as an old-school trick but it looks impressive especially when performed by a pro. So if you’re done with basic skateboarding tricks and you want to try something more challenging, try the shove-it skateboard trick. Here’s a tutorial on how to shove it.

Things You Need for This Tutorial

You need the following to start learning how to shove it. 

  • A good quality, well-maintained skateboard – you must use a good, well-maintained board to learn and practice any skateboarding trick. 
  • Proper skating attire – we recommend loose and comfortable clothing. Wear grippy shoes to improve traction.
  • Safety gear and accessories – wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. Use a reflector if you’re learning the trick in a dimly lit area.
  • New grip tape – use new grip tape for practice. Combined with your grippy shoes, you’re more stable on the board.
  • Safe and clear practicing ground preferably with rails/railing


1 Wear your safety gear

Before you begin, wear your helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. Loose, comfortable clothing is the most important thing for skating. Your footwear must be grippy so you’ll never lose traction as you learn this trick. 

2 Practice the shove it stance

A practice ground with railings is the best place to learn the shove it skateboard trick. Hold onto the railings for support as you go through the different steps. Other skaters practice the shove it while sitting while others remove the trucks and wheels. Just ensure that you have a lot of space for your board to move freely. 

Now the shove it stance is necessary to start the trick. Put the front foot over the front wheels; your toes should be slightly at the edge of the tail. Place your body weight in the middle of the board. At this point, you’ll feel more stable as all your body weight is at the center of the board with the front foot poised to perform the trick.

3 Get used to the motion

The shove it skateboard technique mostly relies on friction. Each foot moves in the opposite direction with the front foot position creating pressure on the tail and the back foot pressing the center of the board for movement.

Just enough force from the front feet on the tail will cause a 180 degrees spin of the board. If the trick is performed correctly, the board will spin and land on a straight line. Practice as you hold on a rail to help you get used to the motion. Remember, your back foot controls most of the spin. The front foot only initiates the spin. Practice and at the same time check for foot placement before and during landing.

4 Take control of the board spin

Once the board spins, you need to make sure it lands after it has made a 180 degrees move. You must check where you will land because if you don’t, you might fall. Practice watching how the board spins and lands to the same position. 

While landing, balance by putting each foot at each end of the board. Pop with the back foot but lift this foot in the air so it remains higher than the board before attempting to land.

5 Do the trick while in a stationary position

After you’re done practicing while holding on a rail, you may attempt without holding on to anything. Although it hurts to fall, this is a part of learning. Practice until you can perform the trick smoothly. 

Once you’ve finally performed the trick on a stationary position, it’s time to do it while rolling. Many skateboarders believe that you’ll learn faster as soon as you hit the pavement.

6 Perform the shove it by building speed

Practice in a clear and flat area, with no distractions or obstructions so you can focus. Start rolling slowly after two pushes. 

Place your feet in position. The front foot should be on top of the front bolts or farther forward if you can manage without losing balance. The back foot must be over the back bolts and the tail of the board. 

Assume a crouching position before the trick so you can jump higher. Some skaters have their preferred pre- shove it position and may not exactly bend their knees before the trick.

If you prefer different footwork or a setup that you are more comfortable with then try it. As long as you’re able to shove it comfortably then you’re ready to proceed with the trick.

7 Start the shove its move

Don’t stomp on the tail of the board; use the back foot to move the tail (shove the tail) to the heel. The front foot turns the board. As the board starts to spin, jump high, and as the tail comes around, land on the board.

Your legs must be spread to land your feet on each side of the board. You will fall if you land both feet on just one side of the board.  

8 Practice regularly

You may not be able to complete the shove it in one go or even after ten tries but regular practice can help. By practicing, you can modify your technique and see where your weak points are, and correct them.

Embed YouTube

Bungabled Skateboards offers a cool tutorial about how to shove it. This YouTube guide has more than 9K views with great comments and recommendations. You’ll also find other skate tricks videos on this channel.


Learning the shove it skateboard trick adds a cool trick to your skateting trick list. If you can’t do it right the first time, practice and try again. Many pro skaters find it difficult to perform this trick the first time but once they’re ready, the trick becomes second nature. Also, the shove it is a precursor to other more advanced tricks and stunts like the pop shove it, fs pop shove it, frontside pop shove it and many other tricks and techniques, so you must perfect this beforehand.

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