Shortboard Skateboard

What is a Shortboard Skateboard?

Skateboards come in different styles and sizes. Longboards are best for commuting and performing stunts. But for some, longboards are too heavy and cumbersome especially when they use them to move around in long distances. Thus, they prefer the light, easy-to-use shortboard skateboard

Let’s find out what shortboard skateboards are and why it’s the hottest types of skateboards. We’ll also get to know the different types of shortboards and a little about the hybrid short longboard.

Answer the Question

A shortboard skateboard has a similar structure to a longboard only shorter. A longboard is any kind of skateboard that’s 33 inches and longer. Shortboards have many varieties compared to longboards which is why it’s important to select the right one that will match your riding style. A shortboard is preferred for vert skateboarding or for a smoother ride across vert ramps.

Different Types of Shortboard Skateboards

Shortboard skateboards come in many varieties. Depending on your style, manner of riding, and personal preferences, you can find the right one for your needs. 

Cruiser skateboards

Cruiser skateboards are best if you’re looking for a board that you can take to work, as you run errands, or just for going around town. Most boards are the same as street skateboards but these come with thicker decks, larger yet softer wheels. With these components, cruiser skateboards can go faster even on rougher or uneven terrains. 

The tail of a cruiser shortboard may be used as a kicktail which is best for performing tricks like kickflips and ollies. You can pop off from any obstacle such as humps, curbs, etc.

Double-kick skateboards

A double-kick board is a typical skateboard that possesses the classic popsicle style of the common street boards however, the front and rear parts of the nose are curved upwards. With this design, it is easier to work out different freestyle tricks as you ride. 

Double-kick boards come with a thicker deck and harder wheels. These are important for boards used in performing tricks as hard wheels and thick decks can easily accommodate impact as you land on the ground. 

Mini skateboards

Mini skateboards are the smallest types and are mostly used by new skaters and younger riders. It’s just the right size and won’t be too heavy to carry around. Mini boards are also a hit among experienced skaters because they are very portable. This type of shortboard is great for traveling and for people who don’t have enough space to keep a large longboard.

Mini cruiser skateboards

Mini cruiser boards combine the great features of a cruiser board and a mini-board. The wheels are larger and softer and have a narrower or smaller deck. This type of shortboard is for first-time riders especially kids because the large wheels offer better stability while the size is just perfect for smaller and inexperienced riders. 

Old-school skateboards

Old-school skateboards look like surfboards with a flat tail and a pointed nose. This type of shortboard is regarded as a collector’s item with expensive vintage boards sold at a premium price. These boards are not available in regular skate shops.

Penny or nickel skateboards

Penny or nickel boards are plastic boards and thus, are lightweight, smaller, and shorter compared to the regular shortboard. Penny boards are easier to take anywhere because of their weight. 

Penny boards have the shape of an old-school complete skateboard but there are also penny boards that are variations of the classic mini cruiser and street boards. These boards don’t have grip tape and may vary in size depending on your weight, height and shoe size.

Steep kick skateboards

Steep kick shortboards possess ta taller or steeper ends ideal for more experienced skaters. This type of shortboard is great for skateboard tricks which require the rider to jump higher from the ground. Since steep kick skateboards are not your ordinary type of board, you won’t find them in any other skateboard shop. 

Street skateboards

Street shortboards are more versatile than any other skateboard. Riders use street skateboards to ride from skateparks to the street. Street skateboards have a distinct popsicle shape with a tail and a nose with the same shape but there are other variations of this type of board. You’ll also notice that street boards are thinner and lighter than other shortboards. 

Is A Short Longboard the Same as Shortboards?

A short longboard is a special kind of board that has a 25 to 33-inch length. The term is quite confusing as to how can a longboard be short? Longboards, like downhill longboards come with the classic popsicle shape with a double-kick style. Short longboards are similar to street skateboarding models but are a little bit larger. 

Short longboards come with reverse kingpin truck which are larger compared to regular-sized skateboards. The flexible truck is higher which is ideal for cruising and rolling or easy carving. Also, the wheels in a short longboard are large and soft compared to street boards. The board trucks and skateboard decks are ready to take larger wheels to reduce wheelbite or to prevent your toes from hanging on the edge of the board.

Like shortboards, short longboards also come in different types. 

Mini-cruiser short longboards

Mini–cruisers look like small surfboard with a directional shape. These come with a wider deck and pointed nose with a slim tail. Some mini skateboard decks are round while some come in different shapes like diamond, square, or swallow-tail.  

Drop-through short longboard skateboards

Drop-through boards are from 36 to 45 inches (mid to full-size length). These have a drop-through shape with mostly a symmetrical shape with wingtips. The trucks are found across the deck to make it lower for a stable and faster ride. 

Hybrid type short longboards 

Hybrid short longboards have an oversized deck but are still too short according to longboard sizes. Most hybrids have a distinct popsicle shape while some have a cruiser shape. This type of board is comparable to a mini-cruiser but the hybrid is more comfortable to ride and is designed for cruising and street skating.

How to Select a Shortboard?

There are so many factors you must consider when shopping for the best board.  Take note of your riding style, if you prefer to perform tricks or you just want to cruise the streets. Consider your shoe size and your height as most brands have special size guides according to these factors.


Now that you have an idea of what is a shortboard skateboard, you may now confidently shop for the right shortboard type to suit your riding needs. How do you find this article? Did we miss anything about the shortboard? Let us know from the comments section below. Also, if you like it, share it with anyone who wants to learn more about shortboard skateboards. 

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